Dwelling Spirit

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The US Pentagon is the world's dwelling hall for a very vicious and terribly evil spirit. This dwelling spirit, or Pentagon spirit is always hungry for wars and any opportunity or excuse to spill human blood. Along with its hunger for endless war and unceasing spilling of blood, it also has a huge appetite for spreading big lies and falsehoods. The lies and falsehoods are necessary in order to provide disinformation and also to maintain some superficial justification for a continuous feeding of its nefarious and evil needs. This is why for this year alone 3.2 billion dollars was allocated for its cyber & propaganda operations. In addition to its hunger for war, blood, lies and falsehoods, the evil dwelling spirit in the Pentagon is also determined to hold onto its huge grip on political power in the US nation and thus political control over (most of ) the globe. The so-called election process in the US is a lie and complete dud. The guy chosen to be the chief executive is nothing more than a rubber-stamp leader or puppet figure. The spirit in the Pentagon is always the real authority. This hidden authority or spirit is worshipped and given life by the US generals and their supporters and allies. The famous photo taken inside the so-called situation room during the bin Laden raid very clearly showed who is this real authority. Now as we start entering the year 2012, the spirit in the Pentagon is truly proving to be more hungrier than ever. The generals are preparing for more new killing wars while at the same time making ceaseless noises about some vague anti-ship ballistic missile. It seems that the dwelling spirit in the Pentagon is commanding them to prepare to attack some foreign states and in the meantime to forbid others from acquiring any form or type of protection for themselves. This is how evil the dark dwelling spirit in the Pentagon is. Beware of this warmongering spirit !

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