Dynamics Gp Version Update To 2010 Notes From The Field

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Dynamics Gp Version Update To 2010 Notes From The Field
We tried to do the whole upgrade by migrating GP data from MS SQL Server 2005 to 2008. This
method allowed the customer to have two environments in parallel during post upgrade week to
ensure the quality. Our customer was on version 8.0. As you may read from upgrade path to 2010
(find this document on Customer or Partner Source) if you are moving away from 8.0, there are two
options (in one intermediate step) either to 9.0 and from there to 2010 or through 10.0. In our
opinion version 10.0 has advantages, as it is compatible with all three versions of SQL Server: 2008,
2005 and 2000, where 9.0 only 2005 and 2000. Plus additional advantage of 10.0 is longer life time,
being the newest and we believe that in Service Pack 5 most of the known upgrade bugs are fixed.
Lets review the whole process and some nuances:
1.Upgrade from 8.0 (the Service Pack was one of the latest available for this version) to 10.0 Service
Pack 5 went without problems. This client has over twenty companies with small to moderate size
(up to 1GB for the largest company DB). Historically we have several Integration Manager routines
(SOP Module) for each company. Plus, when we created the companies, we used company template
of the production company and cleaned Work, Open, Historical and Master Tables (except Account
Master). Plus, data was partially exposed to SQL Update and Insert statements. There was just one
problem, but we were able to catch it, as we enabled logging in Dex.ini file
was difficult to see the progress via remote desktop connection to the server, so we were able to
gauge the progress of the upgrade process by reviewing in Duinstall.log file in GP Data subfolder
(this is very simple, open this file in Notepad and search for Starting Company exact phrase, it
should be followed by Dynamics or Company Database name)
2.Upgrade monjas guatemala news from 10.0 SP5 to 2010 Service Pack 1. We used DVD with 2010
SP1 (April 2011, if you are reading this paper in the future, please try to get info on the recent
service packs for 2010). We undertook one discovery. Client used backup, initially made on SQL
2000 to load Great Plains databases on SQL 2005 back in 2006. As you may know 2010 version is no
longer compatible with SQL 2000 and each Dynamics GP and Company database should have
compatibility level 2008 (100) or 2005 (90), in our case we changed compatibility level in Options
from 2000 (80) to 2008 (100)
3.New Security Model transfer for each user. What we did we copied Program Files -> Microsoft
Business Solutions -> Great Plains folder on the Server C drive from one of the users 32 bit Windows
XP workstations and specified Dynamics.set file, and Security roles were created accordingly for
each user
4.Dex.ini. As we already mentioned above, it is always good idea in version update to switch on
transaction logging into DexSQL.Log file, by setting the following options: SQLLogSQLStmt=TRUE,
SQLLogODBCMessages=TRUE, SQLLogAllODBCMessages=TRUE. Upgrade is data quality and
integrity sensitive process and if data is partially inconsistent, you can catch exactly what happened
by reviewing timeline related records in DexSQL.Log file
5.ODBC Driver is still 32 bit one. If you would like to create it manually on your Windows 7 64 bit
workstation, please open your C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ and locate odbcad32.exe program create
your 32 bit version of Dynamics GP System DSN there
6.Notes on FRx on Windows 7 64 and Windows 2008 64 based System Data (Sysdata) directory with

FRx catalogs (FRxRpts.f32 file, which is in fact in MS Access password protected database). We tried
FRx on guatemala city news today not recommended Windows 7 64 bit platform and not
recommended for connection to SQL 2008 database. But the results were positive FRx produced
exactly the same data without visible issues. With this customer we also tested Microsoft
Management Reporter and it looks like working pretty much the same way as old-good-days FRx
(please, make your own judgment, as MMR is only one year old application, some bugs might be still
there, we recommend you to conduct your own comparisons and tests: MMR versus FRx)
7.The whole DB upgrade process was done directly on Windows 2008 R2 64 bit Server Standard,
where we had remote VPN connection (we actually were able to copy all the installation media, such
us ISO of Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack5, 2010/11.0 with SP1, MMR, FRx 6.7 and its Service Pack
11 by connecting to E$ driver of the server specifying its 10.0.0.X internal IP address, as security is
really tight and it is not recommended to do MSDN, Partner Source or FRP download directly on the
server console)
8.Report Writer SOP Invoice Reports with company logo versus DOCX Word Template Invoices. This
is our next step. Here the customer has to serve twenty plus companies by loading their SOP Invoice
form from RW report package to current Reports.dic. Word Templates allow you associate individual
company and even individual customer logo with the Word document. The security is based on
traditional concept of standard and modified RW reports (superseded by Word Templates)
9.Exposure to the Internationalization and multicurrency. This specific customer had some exposure
to Canadian Dollar and Mexican Peso. No problem at all, but we would like to mention the issues
from real Corporate ERP life. One of our Great Plains Mexican customers had to do historical data
reopening to erase incorrect Peso Revaluation. The project was successful and if you need help, let
us know. Historical currency revaluations are possible for Great Plains Customers in Chile,
Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela,
10.Discarding Dynamics GP, Great Plains or GPA for DOS, Windows or Mac. We are sorry to hear
that news, but we are still happy to help you with such issues as data export, reporting and
migration. We provide ODBC connection service to such ERP as Great Plains for DOS, Dynamics
Select on Pervasive SQL or Ctree
11.Intellisol. It was popular in late 1990th as Advanced Purchase Processing and Project Accounting.
We cannot position ourselves as insiders to GPS negotiation with Intellisol and Match Data on who
could provide better condition to become incorporated into Great Plains Dynamics Core Product
Offer. What happened in 2000 Match Data got a winning notification, while Intellisol International
went out of business. This is good lesson for the future business owners
12.If you feel that your concerns are not addressed or your question is not answered, please feel free
to contact our office. Support guatemala news sinkhole domestically in the USA, Canada, Mexico
and internationally. This option is possible via Web Sessions, Skype or Phone conferences and direct
visits onsite (in the case of the large scale project). Our consulting team speaks English, Chinese,
Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Filipino. Feel free to call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904, or email
[email protected]

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