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Eco building




T H E H E A LT H Y H O M E P E R I O D I C A L F R O M B A U - B I O L O G I E

Post & Beam Construction Made Easy


nly a few weeks ago I
heard about ‘Wolf’s
Building System’. It
should be of great interest to
everybody intending to use post
and beam, but finds the
traditional system too expensive
and the enormous iron
connections in modern post
and beam structures ugly and
inappropriate from the Baubiologie point of view.
The patented ‘hook’ that he
developed allows one to erect
the framework in record time
without specialized skills or
equipment (one size wrench
will install the complete post
and beam framework).
The concept is based on fixing
a manufactured metal bracket
to the supporting member
using bolts. The supported
member is then positioned on
the bracket and secured using
a threaded rod. The beauty of
this concept is that there are
few holes to be drilled and
most of the cutting and drilling

is done in the shop.
Interior walls are non-loadbearing and can be moved
without inf luencing the

fact it has been found to be
earthquake resistant.
In order to get an idea of price,
one can say that this is

structural integrity of the frame.
For the exterior wall, anything
can be used that would
normally be used in post and
beam construction, i.e.
strawclay, straw bail, brick or
prefabricated panels. The
system has been tested in
Canada and also by a structural
lab in Japan and the stability
was found to be very good, in

comparable to a ‘stick’ building
The substantial savings are due
to the short time it takes to
build the frame. For instance, it
took 5 unskilled people only 4
days to erect a 3000 square feet
The framing members could be
made of laminated wood which
has more advantages than
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Fluoridation Law Ought to be Reversed



Box 387
Clearwater, FL 33757
[email protected]

I found good news in Health
Freedom News on Fluoridation
which I‘d like to pass on to you.
It says that EPA scientists, engineers and attorneys have gone
on record against the practice
of adding fluoride to public
drinking water. Quite a bit of
action is needed, not only to
reverse the existing law in this
context, but also to prevent
fluoridation from becoming
national law.
In my opinion, the prevention
of fluoridation will have a beneficial effect on the health and
well-being of people who drink

city water. “....there is substantial evidence of adverse health
effects and, contrary to public
perception, virtually no evidence of significant benefits.”
Data from studies “...over the last
eleven years, including animal
and human epidemiological studies, indicate a causal link between
fluoride/fluoridation and cancer,
genetic damage, neurological
impairment, and bone pathology.
Of particular concern are recent
epidemiology studies linking
fluoride exposure to lowered IQ
in children.”
Based on this information and on

other data we have collected, we
support the idea of getting rid of
fluoride in our drinking water.
It seems that the idea of fluoridation of city water is not based
on scientific evidence, but rather
a political and economical issue.
There are also indication of
fraudulent conduct in this context And if it is true that data on
this topic were never corrected
and scientists were fired because
they uttered their concern then
all of us should really consider
helping the Citizens for Safe
Drinking Water to collect the
500,000 signatures they need.

Comments from the Editor


et me start with wishing
all of you a happy
new year in addition
to a lot of success with environmental issues. Ten years after I
started Bau-biologie in this
country many things have
changed for the better. I am
proud to say Bau-biologie has
been directly or indirectly involved in many of these
changes, and so have many of
you. Unfortunately, this is not a
point to rest and enjoy the
Helmut Ziehe, founder of IBE.
He introduced Bau-biologie to
achievements. I think that we
the US and many other English
as the earth population are still
speaking countries.
digging our hole deeper. And
if we want to reverse this trend,
we will have to actively do more about it.
I am sure you have many things on your goals list for 1998
like not using fragrances anymore, replacing detergents with
agents that do not pollute, stopping smoking, maybe even to
build a healthy home, etc. Here are a few more ideas: bring one
or better two new students to IBE either to start on a home study
course or participate in a seminar, and support IBE on your own
by buying a book, a course or by participating in one new
seminar. You are aware that changes start with education - and
we need lots of changes. If you could help in one or the other
above mentioned ways, your impact would be very noticeable.
We could actually ‘unshelve’ a few projects such as the produc-

tion of a real Bau-biologie magazine, more seminars, a minibook series and we could also
employ a couple more people.
By reading this newsletter
you must have noticed that
changes have taken place. It is
not only the format of this
newsletter which will appear
bimonthly but also my intention to publish a Bau-biologie
Magazine and the creation of
more seminars.While the seminars of environmental inspectors (BBEI) continue, we will
present two new seminar
• Feng Shui/Bau-biologie
• Bau-Home Seminar.
The first one fulfills a need that
suddenly presented itself. Feng
Shui practitioners found out
about the usefulness of Baubiologie data. I think both fields
are a perfect match. The first
seminar will be held in Clearwater, FL in March. We could
bring this type of seminar to
your area. If you want to help,
please contact IBE.

Achievements and Recognition


or years now, one week
after Thanksgiving, we
have been graduating
BBEIs. And this time it was a
very active and friendly group
out of which 7 became BBEIs
by having fulfilled all the requirements:
Dr. Heith Root, TX; Debbie
Zettner,TX; Jennifer Wollmann,
FL; Dana Hope, FL; Karen Ingram,
FL; Ernest Larson, MT; Jeanie

Compas, MO. Debbie LaFiura,NJ.
Another seven students only
need to complete the big correspondence course in the next
few months in order to graduate
to BBEIs. The picture below
shows the students of the December 97 seminar. This brings
us to about 50 BBEIs in North
America -very nice but not sufficient for about 300 Mill. people.

We also had ten completions of
the MCC1- the smaller home
study course - which is recognized for continuing education
credits by ASID and The Florida
Board of Architects. Very well
We at the Institute would like
to see more completions. So
make it your goal for 1998 to
finish what you have started.
And remember education is the
beginning of every change.

The Bau-Home seminar is presenting alternative building
materials and building systems.
We are planning to hold the
first seminar in April in
Clearwater and a second one in
Charleston, SC, in September.
The second one will be supported by John Knott, the driving force behind the Dewees
Island Project. He is committed
to make Charleston the second
GREEN CITY in America. And
we would like to be part of this.
The first-ever-trip of a Baubiologie group to Germany/
Switzerland/France will leave
on June 15th for two weeks.
This is going to be a lot of fun.
There is still space for a few
more people.
1998 is going to be a very
good year for the genuine
GREEN movement. Make sure
you participate so you can say
later that you helped to make
Gaia, the Mother Earth, a better
place again.
I would love to hear from you.
Love, Helmut

Bau-biologie (Bau) is the study of
1) how buildings and their environments impact our health; and
2) the holistic interaction between human life and our living
A Bau-biologie Environmental
Inspector (BBEI) is one who has
demonstrated proficiency in the
use of testing instruments, who
can identify hazards in homes
and offices, especially those that
derive from the presence of electromagnetic fields, VOC’s,
out-gassing chemicals from
building materials, household
chemicals, pesticides and insecticides, and can propose remedies.

As of February15, 1998, after 3 years,
the Institute is increasing the price
only for the correspondence courses
The Big Course (CC) will be
$ 1098.- (and NO installments)
Exam fee: $75 ($50 if paid with CC)
The MCC1 will be
$ 397.-

Calendar of Events

Book Review
Prescription for a
Healthy House

Seminar 1-A on
Electro Biology and Ecology

by Paula Baker, Erica Elliott,

Feb. 12-16, 1998 in Clearwater, Florida

and John Banta



o announce this title is a
special pleasure for me
because I know all three
authors personally. Paula is an
architect and John is an environmental inspector and consultant. Both of them are oldtime Bau-biologists. Erica is a
physician trained in environmental medicine.

This trio has written a
book which is unique on the
market. It takes the mystery out
of healthy house building by
walking the owner/architect/
builder team through the construction process. It explains
where and why standard building practices are not healthful,
what to do differently, and how
to obtain alternative materials
and expertise. This book provides information on how to
design interior and exterior
space, and select construction
materials that enhance and promote physical well-being.

Available from IBE

you need
Remote Controlled
Circuit Shutoff


or people who suffer
and for those who do
not want to be affected by
insomnia and other biological
effects, a cutoff switch could
be the answer. This device is
remote controlled and will,
when activated, eliminate
electricity on bedroom circuits
during the night hours, thus
eliminating electric and
magnetic fields.
For details contact IBE.

IBE Membership Coupon
Name (please print)______________________________
Phone, E-mail___________________________________
Yes, I would like to support the work of the nonprofit IBE with a donation of:
You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible
contribution, six of these newsletters over a period
of one year and one half hour free consulting.
Thank you for your help.

his is the first seminar in a series of 3 seminars spread over
the whole year for students who want to become Baubiologie Environmental Inspectors (BBEI). It is also open to
interested people who want to use this knowledge for consulting
and/or teaching purposes. It has been found that Feng Shui practitioners are using Bau-biologie knowledge in general and Electrobiology information in particular with great advantage in their work.
Some topics covered in this seminar: Definition of electrical and
electronic terms; AC & DC electric and magnetic fields; body
voltage - electro stress in bedrooms; the inspection of homes and
small businesses - a consulting career in Bau-biologie; instruments
needed for the inspections; identifying and eliminating electro
stress sources; working with clients, electricians, the public, etc.

Please contact IBE regarding cost, etc. at 813-461-4371

FengShui & Bau-Biologie


his two-day workshop comes in four parts: the first day will
cover an introduction to Bau-biologie in the morning and
in the afternoon a practical demonstration of the various
aspects of a Bau-biologie home inspection. You will learn about
electromagnetic radiation, body voltage, indoor air quality problems as caused by outgassing chemicals from synthetic building
materials, mold and mildew, etc. On day two, Feng Shui knowledge is relayed in a way that both old-timers in Feng Shui and
newcomers can benefit because situations in homes and offices
are looked at from both the Feng Shui and Bau-biologie viewpoint.
The afternoon of the second day is reserved for a home inspection
in which both aspects are being discussed.
• Active Feng Shui practitioners will find out how valuable it is to
include Bau-biologie in their work.
• Bau-biologists will discover an aspect of life that might improve their
life very much.
• And people who don't know much about either of them might find
something extremely exciting that can be used, not only for their own
benefit, but also as a start for a new business.
Class size: 15-20 students; Date: March 21-22, 1998
Time: 9:oo am - 5:oo pm;
Lecturers: Carol Cannon, William Spates, Helmut Ziehe
Cost: $ 351 Early Bird price $ 324 if paid before Feb. 21
Location: IBE Clearwater, Florida

Other Events
Feb.21&22 Feng Shui workshop with Katherin Metz in
Boulder, CO; The Five Element Theory. For details call
Feb.28-March 8, International FengShui Research Centre
in Boulder, CO: Intergrate Classical Feng Shui with
contemporary Architecture & Design with Hank Reisen,
AIA and Howard Choy, Sidney Australia. For details call
May 4 - 13, International Feng Shui Week with William
Spear, Carol Anthony, Martin Lee Berlinger, Roger Green,
Karen Kingston, Pamela Laurence, Jon Sandifer and
Helmut Ziehe. For details call 860-567-8801


IBE • BOX 387 • CLEARWATER, FL 33757

Important new information
for those who want a
healthier home

Address Correction Requested

Post and Beam
Made Easy

The BauBioDataBank - Update

Continued from page 1

ince I announced the
BBDB in our ‘old’ IBE
Newsletter VOL9, #3/4, a
few things have happened with
regard to this extremely interesting and valuable computer
program. Bosco Bueler, the
originator of it and the
leading figure of the
Bau-biologie activities
in Switzerland visited
the US and Canada in
September 97. He installed this program
on my computer and
gave me instruction
how to run it. While I
was busy investigating
the BBDB, he started already making changes necessary
for the American version.
Let me briefly recap what
the 10 subdivisions of this program contain: names and addresses of people, manufacturers and organizations; country/
zip code/city; building cost
classification list based on the

There is more information

vailable. So feel free to contact
IBE. Eventually there will be
info available through the
I feel quite confident
incorporating the Wolf System
in our Bau-biologie way of
thinking and acting.
The picture shows the Hook and
the beam-to-collumn connection.


US MASTERFORMAT™, Products/Materials, Substances/Elements, Specialists, Keywords,
specifications, Documents/
Books. All ten files are
interlinked.The program is designed for four languages and

the 5th (Spanish) is considered.
Bosco demonstrated the BBDB
to the National Park Service in
Denver, Colorado where representatives of the local AIA
chapter and the Colorado State
University were present.
From what I heard, everybody was impressed to the extend

that help was offered to adjust the
European version to satisfy the
American and Canadian market.
Who could be interested in
using this program? Architects,
engineers, interior designers,
builders, manufacturers of
building materials, libraries, universities/
colleges. Some students had the idea of
writing their thesis using the BBDB and by
doing so making more
data available for the
US/Canada market. In
Canada then, Bosco introduced the program
to a Bau-biologist who,
over the next few months finished the Master-Format™.
The BBDB will help to disseminate the sustainablility idea
Interested people or organizations should contact IBE. ¤
The picture shows from left: Helmut
Ziehe, Bosco Buehler, Will Spates

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