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Term 3 is shaping up to be quite an exciting time. Year 8 class in our Middle College have been busy, moving into their new classroom and also enjoying an excursion to Lenthall’s Dam where they had the opportunity to kayak and swim. .....More details on page 4.....

Riverside Rap
Edition 13 2009
Friday 24th July
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Other major events happening this term include the Junior College’s entry at the Wakakirri competition. Mrs McGann has been kept very busy developing props and costumes. Rehearsals are now gearing up to put the polish on the performance. Fifty-four students are involved in the production and will travel to Caloundra on Wednesday 29th July. Departing at 9:00am, with the performance at 7.15pm and return to the College by midnight. Here’s hoping the judges enjoy the performance as much as we do!

The Fraser Coast Interschool Equestrian Competition will
be another huge event this term, in its fourth year and shaping up to be a highlight to our equestrian riders. Over 30 schools will join in the competition, hosted by Riverside Christian College and held at the Fraser Coast Show Grounds.

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Community Announcements

Nominations close on the 10th August.

DAVID UNAIPON – GOD’S MAN ON OUR MONEY Have you ever taken a close look at a $50 note? Have you ever wondered about the ‘man on the money’? David Unaipon was born in 1872 at the Point McLeay mission in South Australia. He went to the mission school, and then travelled around southeastern Australia for 50 years as a spokesman for the Aboriginal community. Although often refused accommodation and refreshment because of his race, he participated in royal commissions and inquiries into Aboriginal issues, bringing about significant improvements in the conditions of Aboriginal people. On the $50 note, you will see three things, representing three important aspects of David’s life: THE DRAWINGS – In 1909, David invented an improved mechanical hand piece for shearing sheep by changing the motion of the blades from circular to straight. He also conducted experiments involving the flight of boomerangs and, as early as 1914, he predicted the invention of the helicopter. He was called Australia’s own Leonardo Da Vinci and came up with ideas for a mechanical propulsion device, a centrifugal motor and a multi-radial wheel.

THE WRITING -David was the first Aboriginal writer to have his work published, when an article of his was printed in the Sydney Daily Telegraph in 1924. He won nation-wide respect for his articles and poems about Aboriginal culture. THE CHURCH – Probably the most important thing about David Unaipon is that he was a Christian. He didn’t just speak and write about Aboriginal affairs, he preached Christ! He preached in churches until he was 87 years old. David said, “In the Bible I learned that God made all the nations of one blood and in Christ Jesus, colour and racial distinctions disappeared.” He also said in his sermons, “Look at me and you will see what the Bible can do.” Isn’t it great to learn that God’s got His man on our money! Every time you hand over a $50 note, you can remember that God is interested in our economy- not just the economy of the nation, but in your personal economy! There are 3 things in particular that we can remember whenever we use a $50 note: Let the inventions remind you of God’s very creative ways of meeting our needs. Let the church remind us about the importance of financially supporting the work of the Kingdom. And finally, let the words point us to the Word of God, where we will find many examples of God’s supernatural provision, and many promises that He is willing and able to provide for us too! There is never a crisis in God’s economy!! (Taken from “You Can Be Another Great Australian” by Margot Ogilvie.)

WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND THE COLLEGE: - Earthmoving and construction is in full swing, please be aware of safety tape and stay clear of the construction areas. - A number of staff and students have been unwell due to seasonal colds and flu, we pray for a speedy recovery for all. - Special welcome to new students starting with us this term: Samuel Daffey, Annaliese Daffey, Kelsey Persal, Makayla Parry, Leetia Smith, Shanaye Charles, Mackenzie Redgwell and Alexander Redgwell. We trust you will feel at home very quickly and enjoy the learning environment here at Riverside. - Koorong Kids Book Club—Catalogue & Forms in this RAP edition!! Return form and money to the College by the 21st August. - The Dental Van will be on campus during August, please ensure all forms are returned by Tuesday 28th July. - Get those trailer loads of unwanted household items to the College for the August garage sale. See insert for more details.

What’s going on ...


Last week, Year 1 students had a visit from the Local Fire Department. The Fire Fighters showed us their protective gear worn in emergency situations. They also encouraged us to remember our fire safety rules and what to do in an emergency situation. Fire fighters are our friends to help keep us safe!

Junior College (Prep to Year 5) -Term 3
As previously advised, Values Education has been introduced across the Junior College. This is continuing in embracing solid consistent values in addition to delivering positive outcomes which are flowing through to the classroom settings. Areas that are being explored include: peer pressure and the impact on self & others communication skills – the importance and effective use of same understanding our emotions and emotions in others sense of belonging and community physical health and well being and the effects on our human rights and citizenship.

Remember, get down low and GO, GO, GO!

Integration of Year 1 students to general Junior College areas
The successful transition of students from an environment designed specifically for very young students to a broader more global area is something that is very much on everyone’s mind when the time comes.

This term, Year 1 is exploring the living world around us. We are planting our own seeds and caring for them until the end of the year. Each seed is a surprise lucky dip and we will not know what it is until it sprouts!

I am happy and confident in advising that, the Year 1 class is commencing the transition by making a structured, timed and planned movement into the general population of the Junior College during Terms 3 & 4. The first stage of the progression has commenced with all Year 1 students having relocated their Eating Area at the beginning of Term 3. The introduction of the Junior College Playground on Tuesday & Thursday is a great point of excitement for students and staff. Term 4 will see the next phase of transition into the general Eating Areas and Play spaces of the Junior College. I am mindful that some may be concerned that this is not happening “fast enough”, but powerful and positive new experiences are our most desired outcomes for our students. Safety is paramount as I know you will agree, so in this instance as with all things good – solid and purposeful planning and delivery is the key to a fantastic learning outcome.

Don’t tell me how old you are ... But if you follow these instructions it will reveal how old you are. Your age by chocolate math. 1. Pick the number of times a week that you would like to eat chocolate (more than once but less than 10). 2. Multiply this number by 2. 3. Add 5. 4. Multiply by 50. (I will wait while you get the calculator). 5. If you have already had your Birthday this year add 1759. If you haven’t, add 1758. 6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born. You should have a three digit number left. The first digit tells how many times you want to have chocolate each week, and the next two numbers are your age. (This is the only year this calculation will ever work).

Celebration of STAR students
This initiative has been progressing well. Students are now focussing in on the key criteria that will assist them to achieve success and to Celebrate being a STAR. This is a regular topic in most classrooms with students and staff encouraging the strengths of: Initiative; Perseverance; Consideration of Others and Being an Enthusiastic Learner What a great opportunity for you to talk with your child about your hopes and dreams for their future.

Life is like a coin. You can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once.

Prep & Junior College News & Notes



The Australian Driver Trainers Association (Qld) Inc. is giving all Queensland school age “Learner Drivers” the chance to win 10 professional driving instruction lessons. Drivers are responsible for the safety of all their passengers and there are times when a passenger can directly and indirectly encourage risk taking behaviour, and this can significantly increase the risk of an in-experienced driver crashing. Whether intentional or not, young drivers take more risks on the road than any other drivers. With the introduction of 100 hours of log book driving required for school age learner drivers, 10 lessons with an accredited driver trainer can equal 30 hours in a log book. To enter...we are asking school age learners (with a valid learners license) to put together a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) focusing on the topic “Attitude Behind The Wheel Can Kill”. Three winning entries from across Queensland will each be given 10 professional driving lessons with an Accredited ADTA (Q) Inc Driver Trainer of their choice compliments of the ADTA (Qld) Inc. The 10 lessons can be shared if more than one person participates in your project. Video can be emailed, or posted to the ADTA (Q) on CD or DVD. The competition closes on the 7th August, 2009 with winners notified by the 10th August, 2009. The winning entries will be uploaded onto U-Tube and will also be used to support the ADTA (Q) Inc nomination for the CARRS-Q Road Safety Awards 2009. Contact the ADTA (Q) office on 3343 2117 for more information on the Association Email [email protected] Web: www.adta-q.com.au

Never take anyone in your life for granted, one day they could disappear like a lightening flash. Live each moment you have like it will be your last, remember who created you and who loves you more than anyone. Ask yourself would you give up your life for your best friend? Well God did, for me, for you and everyone. Once someone is gone they don’t return, keep this in your mind always. You only have one life, you can’t rewind. There are always things you regret or you wish they never happened. No one can see what you see, feel what you feel. Help the people you can, teach the people you can, never let anyone go out of your life without letting them know how you truly feel about them. You only get one try at this. When it’s done it’s done no more chances. Each day is a gift not a given right. Thanks to a song I heard, these words have never left my thoughts. I want them to never leave yours either. If you see an opportunity take it, it may never come around again. These words are very strong and I want them to be shared with your friends.
Submitted by Jillaine Simpson

Lenthall’s Dam Expedition Last Friday twenty Year 8 students enjoyed an excursion to Lenthall’s Dam. The day included canoeing, water tag, dodge ball and team building games. Students had the opportunity to experience both 1 seater surf kayaks as well as 2 seater racing kayaks. While the weather was not ideal for a day of the water, lots of fun was had by all involved. A big thank you to Mrs Kerryn Ferguson for organising the event, Mrs Wendy Cunningham for driving the bus (on her day off), Miss Kristy Matthew who stood in for Mrs Deb Blane and Mr Andrew Rach for volunteering to help after a shift at work the night before. E.S.C. (Emergency Service Cadets) are looking for new members to join. High School age (12—18years). Activities include: Weekend camping, land search, radio communications, state rescue competitions, district competitions and challenging games. Meetings are at the SES grounds in Reed St, Maryborough. Friday afternoons starting at 4:00pm. Contact Ian on 54 846 745.

Scholarships and Grants in Tertiary Studies in 2010.
In 2010 the Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT) are expecting to give financial assistance for up to 65 students under many different scholarship schemes. All schemes help the selected children in need of the Australian veteran community with the costs of tertiary education. Applicants are considered for all schemes Middle & for which they are eligible. Applications open on 18 Senior College August, 2009. For conditions and applications visit News www.accsoft.com.au/~vvt or call 1800 620 361. 4

Mikhaela Roos placed 5th in the Pony Club State Championships for Combined Training at Maryborough over the holidays. She then travelled to Warwick and competed in the QISEA State Championships for Showjumping, Combined Training and Dressage. Mikhaela and her pony received Reserve Champion in the Combined Training, 70cm Primary age group, which means she will be invited to compete at the National Interschool Championships which will be held in Werribee, Victoria on the 29th September to 1st October. Well done Mikhaela and all the best for those upcoming competitions!

Sign on for Junior Basketball will be held on Friday, July 24th at 3:30pm onwards. The season will commence on Friday, July 30th. Training will be held every Thursday 2nd Break for Under 12 teams and Thursday 3:15pm – 4:00pm for Under 14’s and Under 15’s. Mr Mc Gann was the Wide Bay Boy’s Team Manager for basketball and is very keen to train our students. FUTSAL Riverside 9 The team put in a solid performance against an adult team. Katelyn McGuigan* gave an assured performance and showed good positional sense on the field. Anieka was determined in the middle. In the second half, Jillaine did well in 1-on-1 situations to deny opposing attacks. Riverside 11 Kassandra Barrett* finally discovered her scoring touch, posting 9 in a clinical 11-1 win, and so winning her bet with Mr Lovejoy (*sigh*). Tamara organised the team well and Alanah impressed with some clever positioning in only her second outing. Maddy posted some nice saves in goal. Riverside United Won on forfeit but played a scratch game against assorted Riversiders keen for bragging rights. Mr Lovejoy *= Mr L's pick for player of the game. FREE SQUASH WORKSHOPS For interested students there are Free Squash Workshops each Friday 4.00pm - 6.00pm at Hilltop Squash Courts at 19 Boys Avenue for players wishing to learn the game of squash. The workshops are sponsored by Qld Sport & Recreation with Level 1 coaching available and cater for levels from beginner to advanced. All equipment is provided by Hilltop Club except runners (joggers). Squash is a great fitness sport. Hope to see you this Friday.

Cross Country A huge congratulations to Emily Rockemer who will compete at the Wide Bay Secondary Cross Country Championships held at Toowoomba this weekend. She ran an exceptional race at the Wide Bay Trials to earn 5th place and a spot on the team. A fantastic effort.

Tiaro Field Day held on the 11th July The Riverside Agriculture students attended with our cattle and spent the day learning about cattle breeding, grooming, leading, presentation skills and other helpful hints and tips within this industry. “Trotter” came 2nd in the Lead Steer under 300kg. It was his first time in the public arena. A huge thank you to Brian Dodd, Tina Leishman, Vicki Barrett and the students who attended on the day. Without your support, organisation, hard work and dedication, events like this could not be possible.

Athletics Secondary College - Fraser District Trials 20th and 21st August. Training is being conducted at Riverside on Thursday afternoons and Wednesday lunch times. Junior College- Maryborough Zone 7th August. Theebine and District representatives will be announced at the end of the week.

Aviation Careers Expo 8th August—10:00am to 4:00pm 15-25 Boronia Rd, Brisbane International Airport Precinct. (07) 3860 0900 or www.aviationaustralia.aero/expo/

Health Career Information 7th August—4:00pm to 5:30pm UQ Centre on the St Lucia Campus RSVP 3rd August to [email protected]

Achievements Sporting Notices


Human Swine Influenza Update
In line with Commonwealth Government practice, Queensland will no longer be reporting numbers of cases. Since the implementation of the PROTECT phase measures, laboratory testing has been targeted to vulnerable groups and moderate to severe cases of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 infection. Therefore, the number of confirmed cases is a reflection of cases tested and is not a reflection of the number of cases in the community. Vulnerable category = indigenous people of all ages, pregnant women, those with respiratory disease (asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), heart disease, diabetes, renal and liver disease, obesity and immune-suppression.


A. Keeper

A number of students are unable to locate their College navy jackets.

PARENTS: A number of unnamed jackets are in the lost property box. Could you please check your child’s name tag to ensure you have the correct jacket. Should you have a jacket belonging to someone else, please return to the lost property area at the College office. Thank you.

The best way to protect people from this flu is to take proactive seasonal flu measures including:
Staying home when you are sick Washing your hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol based hand gel Washing your hands prior to touching your eyes, nose and mouth When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues which should be disposed of immediately Not sharing items such as glasses or cups, toys or anything which could be contaminated with respiratory secretions Maintaining at least one metre distance from people who have flu-like systems such as coughing or sneezing Consulting your doctor if you have a cough and fever and follow their instructions, including taking medicine as prescribed.

Meat Pies were a big hit at lunch-time today! The best part about this is that we can now purchase stationery and hygiene items for 160 students in Fiji. A big thanks to all those who purchased pies. If you missed out this Friday, you might like to know that we will be repeating Pie Day in Weeks 4 and 6. Therefore, keep an eye out for those Pie Day slips and send them in!

Get yourself a team of 8 people and meet at the Nazarene Church in Richmond Street on the 7th August. Cost: $5 per person (age 5+)

Riverside Christian College has implemented all necessary procedures to prevent the spread of this disease. We ask all parents to please keep children at home if they are displaying any of the above symptoms and to seek medical assistance if required.

The game begins at 6:30pm. You can register teams before hand, phone Nisha Van Wyk 4123 1031 – otherwise just show up on the night. Cash Prizes – the more teams the higher the prize money.

Consultant Offers To Assist Fiji Fundraising

Nutrimetics consultant, Nicki Hutley will donate 50 cents for every order over $10, larger orders = Interschool Equestrian Competition Meeting larger donation! Offer starts now and will Wednesday 29th July at 3.00pm in the Staff Room. continue until the mission trip. Nicki has two sons Welcoming anyone who can assist at the event or in any of the preparations leading up to the day. attending Riverside Christian College. Collect a Needing volunteers for the canteen etc. catalogue from the College or phone Nicki on 0437 461 783. Why not host a relaxation spa with four 2008 Annual Report to Parents has now or five friends to increase the amount donated! been compiled and a copy can be collected June special—Lipsticks $10. from the office or alternatively it can be New catalogue every month, plus viewed online at http:// General www.riverside.qld.edu.au/college/ Winter clearances.
publications/newsletters/docs/ AnnualReporttoParents2008.pdf




Bring Your Cartridges From Home … Riverside Christian College is a member of the 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program. To help you make your home a little greener, you are invited to bring the cartridges you use at home and drop them into our collection box. The boxes are located at the two main entrances to the college outside the Year 1 Room and outside the Administration Office. (Boxes will be placed outside each Friday). Important Note: Please keep all packaging out of the cartridge collection box. This program collects and returns inkjet, toner cartridges, toner bottles and other consumables from printers, fax machines and photocopiers for reprocessing and recycling. If the box is full please notify Mrs Stevenson in Year One or Mrs Hickey at the front reception. Some of the cartridges are returned to the original producers to be remanufactured while the remainder will be dismantled and used to make products as varied as pens, rulers, outdoor furniture and white goods. To find out more what happens to the cartridges, visit the website http://cartridges.planetark.org or call the Cartridges Hotline.


Garage Sale

NOW is the time
to bring those items in for our annual Garage Sale. ALSO ... If you have any packing boxes they w ould be appreciated too. The sale will be held on Saturday 22nd of August. See Mr Vern Schultz for further information.

Want to expand your knowledge of other countries, cultures, languages or cuisines? Then consider opening your door to an international exchange student. World Education Program (WEP) is looking for Volunteer Host Families for International Students arriving in February 2010. Students from Belgium, Italy, Brazil, France, Japan, and Switzerland are looking for families that are prepared to welcome them into their homes. These young ambassadors are looking for life long friends and a place to call home during their stay. Apply now and start corresponding with your student upon approval. Getting to know them and their families before they arrive brings fun and joy to everyone involved! If you would like more information on becoming a Host Family, then please contact our National Office. Full support is provided to all host families. Nikki Medwell, Inbound Exchange Administrator World Education Program Toll Free: 1300 884 733 Email: [email protected] An information pack can be sent on request which includes student photos and profiles. It’s easier than you think and a fantastic experience for all!

News from the CHAPLAIN
Ask a silversmith how he knows when the silver is fully refined, and he will tell you he watches it and waits until he can see his image in it. God is the same, He has His eye on you and will keep watching you until He sees His Image in you.

Reminder: College classes commence at 8:40am each morning, please ensure that you are on time for form class.

Scripture Reading
Life isn’t tied with a bow ...

“He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver.”
Malachi 3:3

Chaplaincy News News & Notes


but it’s still a gift!

Construction on the 2 Storey Specialist building mentioned in the 25th June RAP will be starting in the next couple of weeks. Already the ground has been cleared for the construction site. Metcalfe Homes has won the tender for the building. Exciting times are ahead with the College having first rate facilities suitable for both Hospitality and Home Economics from the start of next year. We acknowledge the State and Federal Governments for financially supporting these buildings.

LADIES CAMP July 31st 2009 – August 2nd 2009
Campialba – 34 Hunter Street, Pialba, Hervey Bay QLD 4655 Ladies of all ages, growing daughters, young women, wives, mothers, divorced or widowed and grandmothers all welcome. Regretfully nursing babies only. For registration form contact: Mrs Kylie Marjoram, PO Box 907, Childers QLD 4660 Phone: (07) 4126 1912 Mobile: 0401 087 485 Email: [email protected]

Market stalls were attended during the June/July holiday break in both Howard and Biggenden, as well as a stall at the Port to Prosperity event. Local community members are now recognising Riverside Christian College and our stalls and are showing interest in our fundraising efforts. The markets raised $481.00. Mrs Vicki Barrett and her team of helpers cannot be thanked enough! Port to Prosperity — Maryborough’s Wharf Street went back in time to 1859, during the Port to Prosperity event. Reliving the early days of Maryborough’s historic port with an old-time lamplight bazaar complete with new settlers arriving as they would have 150 years ago. Riverside students were invited to attend workshops where they were able to learn about the past, including costumes, the personalities of various characters and the story surrounding the Aboriginal and South Sea Islanders. Flowers, mosquitoes, sea creatures and animals from the past were created as props and many of the costumes were sewed especially for the event. The event was a huge success, with many people inspired to make this event a more regular one. The following students will be highly commended for their participation and presented with certificates at assembly next week: Brittany Nordling – Stall Holder; Alexander Nordling – Shoe Shiner; Hannah Meldrum – Time Traveller; Kassandra Barrett – Time Traveller & M’bro Youth Choir; Jillaine Simpson – Time Traveller; Alastair Simpson – Deep Sea Diver & Entrepreneur; Alanah Clayton – Time Travelller; Jordan Storrs – M’bro Youth Choir; Annette Chapman— M’bro Youth Choir; Ellie-May Smith – M’bro Youth Choir and Verity Simpson— Helped to set up stall, selling items, packing up.

Other Projects in the pipeline ...
The Federal Government stimulus package has been very generous to schools. Under this funding Riverside will build a Multipurpose Hall. This hall will cater for activities such as sport, basketball, school based productions, small community productions, dance, assembly, chapel, hire for venues, awards nights, performing and visual arts activities, music productions. Construction should commence later this year. We acknowledge the Federal Government for financially supporting this building.

If you have been to the College recently you will have noticed various work being done around the College on concreting and gardens. In the very near future G Block will have a courtyard added to the back of the building allowing the classes using these rooms to operate between the outdoor and indoor environments. These wonderful improvements are also due to the Federal stimulus package and we thankfully acknowledge the Federal Government for this.

29th JULY—Wakakirri 7th AUGUST—Family Trivia Night 10th AUGUST—Nominations close for Equestrian Comp.

Riverside began planning for a state of the art Manual Arts Facility during last year making application for funding assistance for the building earlier this year. Construction of the facility will commence next year.

Community Notices Significant Dates This Term

http://www.riverside.qld.edu.au/news/calendar.html TAKE A LOOK AT OUR ONLINE CALENDAR


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