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Autodesk® Vault 5 Autodesk Vault Deployment Addendum Add the Autodesk Vault to a Deployment
After you create a deployment following the steps outlined in Use the Deployment Wizard, you can add Autodesk Vault as part of the administrative image that is distributed to users. The Vault software includes Autodesk Vault Explorer. The Vault Explorer is a standalone application that provides tools you use to access data stored on the Autodesk Data Management Server. For more information about Vault and other Vault tools, see the Vault documentation provided by each of the design products. NOTE: Before you add the Vault to the deployment, write down the name of the deployment you plan to modify and the location of the administrative image folder. Following is the recommended procedure for adding the Autodesk Vault to a deployment. To add Autodesk Vault to a deployment 1. In the administrative image location, locate the INI file (which has the same name as the deployment you created using the Deployment wizard). Example: \\Server1\Autodesk\AdminImage\Deployment.ini 2. Save a backup copy of the INI file in case you need to view or revert to the original file. 3. Open the INI file in a text editor, such as NotePad. 4. In the text file, add the word VAULT to the end of the SETUP_PRODUCT_NAMES list. Example: SETUP_PRODUCT_NAMES=MSI DOTNETLANG DIRECTX MDAC VIEWER FLASH ACAD VAULT NOTE: This string may vary based on the design product. 5. Add the following lines of setup code to the end of the INI file: [VAULT] PRODUCT_NAME=Vault INSTALL_CMD=\\<your server name>\VE\bin\acadfeui\Vault\Client\setup.exe INSTALL_CMD_ARGS=VAULTROOTDIR=”c:\Program Files” VAULTSHOWS=1 passive=yes INSTALL_IGNORE_FAILURE=NO


Autodesk Vault Deployment Addendum
6. (Optional) Do either of the following: To disable the display of the Vault desktop shortcut icon: Change VAULTSHOWs=1 to VAULTSHOWS=0. To install Vault silently: Change passive=yes to quiet=yes. 7. Save the INI file. You can now distribute the Autodesk Vault as part of the deployment. NOTE: The Autodesk Vault installation process may stop if some applications (such as Microsoft® Outlook® or virus-checking programs) are running. To avoid data loss, make sure all running applications are closed on the users’ machines when they install the deployment.


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