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EPESaverTM Residential Evaporative Cooling Rebate Program
Improve Your Comfort. Save Energy. New Mexico
Did you know that evaporative air conditioning systems use less electricity and are less expensive to install and maintain than refrigerated air conditioning? In hot, dry climates evaporative cooling is a cost effective and energy efficient way to cool your home. Incomplete rebate forms will NOT be accepted. Did you:


The EPESaver Evaporative Cooling Rebate Program can help you reduce your energy bills by installing a high efficiency evaporative cooling system. The Program provides cash incentives to residential customers that install evaporative cooling systems. Incentives vary depending on the type and efficiency of the unit, and systems must meet the following requirements: • Be permanently installed (window units not eligible) • Evaporative Air Conditioners must be on the EPE approved list in order to be eligible to receive a rebate. To view the eligibility list, visit www.epesaver.com. • Have a single duct or multi-ducted distribution system (portable units not eligible).

* a copy of your dated Include
receipt or contractor invoice that details all installed equipment information, including brand, model # and serial #?

* your EPE account #? Include * Complete all customer
and installed equipment information?

* and date the rebate? Sign

The Knowledge You Need.
An evaporative cooler is essentially a large fan with water-moistened evaporative pads in the air stream. The fan draws warm outside air through the pads and blows the now-cooled air throughout the house. Refrigerated air conditioning is a closed system, taking air from inside a house and recycling it. For refrigerated air conditioning to function properly, doors and windows should be closed. Evaporative cooling is an open system and takes air from outside the house. For evaporative cooling to work properly, the cooled air must flow freely throughout the area to be cooled. By choosing which doors or windows in your home to leave open, you can direct the flow of cooled air to areas where cooling is needed.

Participation Made Easy.
1. Select a contractor of your choice. For a list of participating contractors visit www.epesaver.com. 2. Customers may also elect to pursue an EPESaver Evaporative Air Cooling rebate without the help of a contractor. 3. Purchase a unit that is listed on the EPESaver Evaporative Cooler Eligibility List. To view the eligibility list, visit www.epesaver.com. 3. Once a new eligible evaporative air conditioning unit has been installed, the EPESaver Evaporative Air Conditioning rebate form must be completed and mailed along with a copy of your receipt or invoice to the rebate processing center address. Additional copies of this form can be downloaded from the EPESaver website at www.epesaver.com.

For more information:
Visit: www.epesaver.com Call: (575) 523-3533 Email: [email protected]

4. Your rebate will be mailed directly to you from EPE. Rebate checks will be mailed within 4–6 weeks of receiving the rebate form.

Incentives for Evaporative Cooling Units**
Tier 1: 80 - 84.9% Saturation Efficiency Rating Tier 2: 85% and above Saturation Efficiency Rating
All rebates are subject to approval by EPE’s Program Manager.

Para más información
(Se habla Español):
Visita: www.epesaver.com Llama: (575) 523-3533 Email: [email protected]

$300/unit Rebate $500/unit Rebate

Rev. 5/13/12

** Refer to the Evaporative Cooler eligibility listing at www.epesaver.com. EPE will only pay rebates for eligible units.

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EPESaver Evaporative Cooling Rebate

Rebate Form EPE Customer Information
In order to be eligible for rebates, rebate forms with a copy of receipt or contractor invoice must be received at the address below. Rebate processing takes
approximately 4–6 weeks. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

New Mexico

Customer Name ____________________________________________________________________________________ EPE Account Number ________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone _____________________________ Applicant’s E-mail ____________________________________________ Account Address ___________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________ State_____________________ Zip Code _________________________ Mailing Address* (if different from above) _______________________________________________________________ City __________________________________ State_____________________ Zip Code _________________________ Property Type: (check one) Check one: Detached Home (Single Family) Owner Occupied Attached Home Condominium Mobile Home Apartment (Up to Four-plex)

EPESaver Rebate Center
1515 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 110 Austin, TX 78746
* Rebate check will be mailed to the account address unless a different mailing address is provided ** Rebate check will be made out to landlord if entered

Renter Occupied

Landlord Name (if renter occupied)** __________________________________________________________________ Project Completion Date _____________________________________________________________________________ Estimated Annual Gross Household Income: (check one) Number of Occupants in Home: _______ $0-$21,780 $37,061-$44,700 $59,981-$67,620 $21,781-$29,420 $44,701-$52,340 $67,621-$75,260 $29,421-$37,060 $52,341-$59,980 $75,261 or greater

Equipment Information
(Must complete all fields)

Manufacturer _____________________________________________________________________________________ Model Number ____________________________________________________________________________________ Serial Number _____________________________________________________________________________________ Purchase Date _________________________________ Installation Date_____________________________________ Where is the unit installed? Attic Ground Side of House


Other _______________________________________

What type of air conditioning system was replaced? Evaporative System Refrigerated Cooling System System Size ________________________ CFM

Contractor Information Applicant Acknowledgement
(signed by EPE customer if owner occupied or landlord if renter occupied)

Company Name __________________________________________ License # ________________________________ Contact Person _____________________________________________ Phone ________________________________ By signing below, I acknowledge that: (1) the equipment listed herein has been installed to my satisfaction; (2) if contacted by EPE or Frontier Associates, I agree to allow access to my property to inspect the equipment; (3) neither EPE nor Frontier Associates assumes any liability whatsoever relating to the equipment installed, its installation or performance and (4) all information provided in this rebate form is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Applicant Signature __________________________________________________________ Date _________________ By signing below, I am authorizing the payment of the rebate to the contractor (named above), and I understand that I will not be receiving the incentive payment from El Paso Electric. Applicant Signature __________________________________________________________ Date _________________

Optional Payment Release Authorization

(signed by EPE customer if owner occupied or landlord if renter occupied)

Rev. 5/13/12

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