Electronic Voting

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AAA administers in-person elections using either traditional paper ballots that can be scanned
optically at the tally or touch-screen voting systems.
The touch-screen, similar to a bank’s ATM, is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Voters
have private access to a machine that guarantees the highest possible level of accuracy.
Using touch-screen systems, there are no lost votes, spoiled ballots, or over-votes. The voter
has ample time to check that the vote has been recorded accurately, and a paper trail is
provided as well, in the event of any issues that arise.
Touch-screen systems provide immediate election results.

The AAA developed a secure and automated telephone voting system that uses an
interactive voice response system and Oracle database to record, process, and tabulate
election results. Capable of handling thousands of calls per hour, the system provides
all the security protections of a mail ballot election.
The telephone voting system operates on a secure digital T1 line to protect
confidentiality and eliminate eavesdropping. Also, the AAA is the sole custodian of the
Oracle database that contains all data and election results. Voters cannot directly
access the voting data or tamper with the automated telephone script when calling in.
The AAA typically uses a two-PIN system for activating the telephone system to prevent
fraud and ensure that each voter is eligible.The voter is first required to enter a personal
PIN, such as an employee ID or social security number. Then the voter must enter a
control PIN assigned by the AAA, which has been sent directly to the voter’s home.
Should the control PIN end up in the wrong hands, it is unlikely that the system could be
activated without the personal PIN, which does not appear on any of the information
sent to the voter.
To avoid random attempts at guessing, the call is automatically terminated after three
failed attempts. However, in the unlikely event that voter fraud is committed, the AAA
has the ability to track the date, time and origin of each vote. Fraudulent or duplicate
votes can be easily purged prior to scrambling the voting data for final tabulation.
Telephonic voting provides almost immediate results.

The AAA has also developed a highly sophisticated, error-free, and secure online voting
This system contains an encrypted secure socket layer that automatically encrypts all incoming
data from the voter’s browser to the web server. It ensures voter confidentiality by preventing
anyone from viewing data en route from the browser to the server.
In addition, the web server is designed with a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to or from
the private network. All messages entering or exiting the system must pass through the firewall
that automatically examines each message and blocks data lacking proper security clearance.
In addition, the server containing incoming votes is separated from the web server, preventing
voters from having direct access to the data machine containing votes.
Similar to AAA’s telephonic voting system, the AAA online voting system uses a two-PIN setup
to guarantee secure voter access. After a vote is cast online, the two-PIN combination utilized is
automatically invalidated to reduce the possibility of fraud or duplicate votes.
The system is designed to permit three attempts at entering a PIN combination and limits
system access to 10 minutes before the user is automatically logged off. The AAA periodically
retains outside computer consultants to attempt to hack into the AAA online voting system. To
date, the consultants have been unsuccessful at accessing the system or casting invalid votes.
Internet voting provides almost immediate results.

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