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United Dynamics Corporation
The most comprehensive boiler
training available today.for your
personnel at your desired
location 8 time
Call Today for
Additional Details
and Availability
Boiler !nspection Techniques
Boiler Outage Nanagement 8 Naintenance
Netallurgical Failures in Fossil Fired Boilers
Boiler and Failure Fundamentals
Custom seminar curriculums are also
available upon special request
Course Titles
Seminar Cost Detail
UDC Boiler !nspection Techniques Seminar
Seminar Duration 3 Day Curriculum
Tuition Cost $6/0.00 Per Attendee*
UDC Boiler Outage Nanagement
and Naintenance Seminar
Seminar Duration 3 Day Curriculum
Tuition Cost $6/0.00 Per Attendee*
UDC Boiler and Failure Fundamentals
Seminar Duration 3 Day Curriculum
Tuition Cost $6/0.00 Per Attendee*
UDC Course !nstructors:
John N. Cavote - CEO
Richard C. Evans - Educational Nanager
Netallurgical Failures in Fossil Fired Boilers
Seminar Duration 2 Day Curriculum
Tuition Cost $/50.00 Per Attendee*
DNF Course !nstructors:
David N. French, ScD - Technical Director
Steven Hiefner, PE - Netallurgist
*A fifteen (15) attendee minimum applies
to all available UDC and DNF in-house
seminars. Any number of attendees ex-
ceeding fifteen (15) will assume the tuition
cost per attendee rate. !nstructor and
equipment travel cost is billed at $1.00 per
mile. Airfare and material shipping fees
may apply in some instances.

!n recent years, the need for education has become more apparent given increased regulations,
equipment exceeding expected life, sophisticated technology, new testing procedures, new repair
philosophy, and company downsizing. Given the variables, UDC created educational seminars that
would cater to these needs and provide continuous education and training for those who function in
all capacities within the industry. Today, UDC trains nearly 600 individuals yearly in the disciplines of
Boiler !nspection Techniques and Nanagement. Each course offered by UDC is a three day seminar
and are either conducted at the designated locations sponsored by UDC or the location of your
choice (in-house).

Boiler Inspection Techniques Seminar
The Boiler !nspection Techniques Seminar provides a comprehensive overview of basic and ad-
vanced concepts pertaining to overall inspection procedure, failure mechanisms, component and
boiler fundamentals, NDT practices, welding procedure, outage preparation, and use of steel and
refractory materials. The techniques seminar will also provide all necessary information and facts to
establish and implement an in-house inspection team, clarify appropriate repair procedures, rein-
force an existing in-house inspection team, or as a tool for furthering personnel knowledge. This
seminar is an excellent educational experience for new and experienced personnel alike.

Boiler Outage Management and Maintenance Seminar
The Boiler Outage Nanagement and Naintenance Seminar is geared toward those who possess an
advanced understanding of basic boiler inspection principles and methodologies as covered in the
technique seminar. The management seminar is a continuation of the techniques seminar which
provides a more in-depth approach from a managerial standpoint discussing budgetary constraints,
availability issues, outage management, staffing and personnel, component replacements, method-
ology for acquiring capital for maintenance needs, and risk management fundamentals. Several
technical issues are also addressed including; boiler chemistry fundamentals, fuel considerations,
operational factors affecting failure mechanisms, etc.

Metallurgical Failures in Fossil Fired Boilers
The fundamentals of elementary metallurgy are clearly presented in this seminar enabling the non-
metallurgist to understand the root cause of failures, microstructures, and several aspects which
metallurgical reports contain when tube samples are sent for metallurgical testing. Real case studies
are used throughout this 2-day seminar to reinforce the fundamental topics. Such topics include
fundamentals of ferrous metallurgy, failures and high temperature microstructures, failure mecha-
nisms, gas-metal reactions, water treatment issues, welding problems and solutions, and remaining
life assessments. This course is sponsored by David N. French Netallurgists !nc. and is available as
both a publicly or privately held seminar.

Boiler Fundamentals Seminar
The Boiler Fundamentals seminar was created specifically for apprentices, journeymen, and sea-
soned welders alike. This course is equally beneficial to power producing companies which have in-
house maintenance staffs, The !nternational Brotherhood of Boilermakers, and independent mainte-
nance companies. This course is an excellent overview and highlights such topics as basic opera-
tional issues, failure mechanisms, repair methodology, welding technique tips, and much, much

Please visit our
website for seminar
curriculums and
additional info @ or call
Richard Evans, Edu-
cation Manager, at
502.493.0009 x10S
UDC `!n-House' Training Seminars
'Inc ^o.ì (on¡·cncn.i.c I·vininv /.vi[vì[c"

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