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The Project Plan was made with the following assumptions: Note: Business Unit refers to a company in GP terms 1. Availability of Hardware and Software for both testing environment and the GO live databases 2. The workshop document the GP output: a. Process flow of the GP tasks b. Setup changes for the mock ups c. Customization for mock up (if any) d. Document and Management Report lists e. Customization and approval for reports (if any) 3. SHT does not implement Manufacturing and uses Service items 4. The Implementation of the GO-live is in a phased approach The reasons for this recommendation are: a. There are several steps that take place when companies are going live. Each step has to follow a set sequence. Doing these steps simultaneously for six companies will require more resources, each assigned to a single company. b. Support needs to be provided to each Business Unit and the departments within each business unit.

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