Emergency and Disaster Preparedness in Nursing

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1. Identi Identify fy the nec necess essary ary com compon ponent entss of of an an emer emerge gency ncy operations plan. 2. Di Disc scus usss how how tria triage ge in in a disa disast ster er dif diffe fers rs from from tria triage ge in in an emergency. 3. Dev Develo elopp a pla plann of of care care for a pati patient ent exp experi erienc encing ing sho shortrtterm or long-term psychological effects after a disaster. 4. Eva Evalua luate te the the dif differ ferent ent leve levels ls of of pers persona onall prote protectio ctionn and and decontamination procedures that may be necessary during an event involving mass casualties or weapons of mass destruction.

5. Descri Describe be iso isolat lation ion pre preca cauti utions ons nec necess essary ary fo forr bioterrorism agents. 6. Identi Identify fy the the dif differ ferenc ences es amon amongg the the vario various us chem chemica icall agents used in terrorist events, their effects, and the decontamination and treatment procedures that necessary. necessary . inj 7. are Determ Det ermine ine the injuri uries es ass associ ociate atedd with with varyin varyingg levels of radiation or chemical exposure and the associated decontamination processes.



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