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Emergency Management with 17 years experience looking for a Executive position.



VIET DAVE T. NGUYEN 108 Ling Lane, Cibolo, Texas 78108 830-624-4728 Email: [email protected] SUMMARY Offering a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education (minor in Compu ter Networking) with 15+ years experience managing key resources, personnel, sec urity, training and support systems. On a large scale, direct process improvement agendas, production enhancements, and training initiatives on behalf of multi-country teams, transportation logist ics, and inventory / equipment control criteria. Proficient experience within g overnment and military environments. Extensive expertise as a Senior Instructor and Train-the-Trainer responsible fo r authoring, developing, and implementing training programs pertinent to securit y, as well as chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) incident/emerge ncy response management. Project management talents integrate scope, cost, budget, scheduling, cross-fun ctional communications, safety, security, risk assessment, QA/QC and production troubleshooting actions. Top Secret TS/SCI Clearance (Current). Linguist and Translator with Pentagon ex perience. Fluent in Vietnamese and English languages. MS Office, Word, Excel; database and networking management skills, etc. EXPERIENCE Manager/Incoming Personnel, (RD 1st Sergeant) 14th MI Battalion, Ft. Sam Houston, TX. 06/09 to Present Manage all daily activities, training programs, and resources to support over 7 5 military personnel and military family members. Prepare the unit for deployme nt and redeployment to and from Iraq. Direct a full range of family resource pro grams including crisis intervention on a daily basis. Established fundraising p rograms for the units Family Readiness Group, to include care package drives for deployed soldiers. Coordinate training initiatives relative to numerous professional areas includi ng human resources, mechanics, interrogators, etc. Improved training and reduce d travel expenses by $300K+ by conducting local classes. 08/08 to 06/09 Manager, (S-3, NCOIC) HHD, 14th MI Battalion, Ft. Sam Houston, TX , Provided technical and procedural support to the Operation Officer regarding op erational and training issues to support 191 personnel. Planned and implemented ground-floor training and operations for a new interrogation unit encompassing 3 separate companies as the unit prepared for combat operations in Iraq. Developed and implemented new standards of operations (SOPs). Managed and ensur ed proper execution of extensive change-orders (FRAGOs) on behalf of high priori ty handling and timely synchronizing within operational areas. Directly supervised 5 Assistant Managers (NCOs) and several enlisted personnel in all aspects of plans, exercises and daily production, to include conducting e xtensive risk assesment and coordinating live fire ranges. Training Coordinator for 130 personnel on interrogation operations prior to fie ld deployment. Train-the-Trainer to all management staff. Field expert and Trai

ner to all-unit personnel regarding chemical, biological, radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) real-world incident handling. Conducted ongoing opearational assessments and troubleshooting. Managed operat ional logistics using best practice methodologies to achieve goals. Optimized li mited resources, and maintained accountability for $55K in equipment. 03/08 to 07/08 Senior Maintenance Supervisor, HHC, 86th Signal Battalion, Ft. H uachuca, AZ Selected over peers to manage the units consolidated maintenance facility suppo rting 4 companies (450 personnel), and over $100 million in equipment inventory including 150 vehicles, generators, shelters, and trailers, etc. Mentored 5 company managers and 30 subordinates on a daily basis, who were rate d as top managers and performers in the battalion. Administered user/operationa l accounts, prescribed load lists, and managed non-mission capable (NMC) report. Supervised inventory control and tracking issues on a weekly basis with no los s or down time on any equipment in the unit. Managed Equal Opportunity and Force Protection programs throughout all units. Developed and authored the Family Readiness Group Training for 4 separate compan ies, which was adapted and implemented by the battalion Commander. Devised a Drivers Training program to license 85+ personnel within 60 days retu rning from Iraq to home station. Directly responsible for reset/refit all old r eturned equipment from deployment in preparation for the next combat mission. S aved the government $2.3M by consolidating motor pool / equipment parts. 03/07 to 02/08 Force Protection Manager, (BN NCOIC) HHC, 86th Signal Battalion, Ft. Huachuca, AZ Managed Task Force Tiger Force Protection Cell deployment to Iraq, and authored Force Protection Standard Operating Procedures for training of 200 personnel pr ior to and while deployed. Directed and trained 20 Escort Guards and 29 safety/security personnel assigned to Victory Base Complex. Spearheaded an Antiterrorism Force Protection initiati ve and preparing the unit for all threats. Responsible for the procurement of c oncrete barriers, with the budget of 300K, to subordinate units throughout Iraq as the barriers were needed for Soldiers physical protection from rocket attacks . Conducted and briefed real world chemical threat analysis, to include base secu rity, on a weekly basis to the Task Force Commander. Key trainer for real world Chemical Biological Radialogical and Nuclear training for over 400 communication s personnel. Ensured all Soldiers are issued up-to-date Chemical Protection equ ipment and accountable for over $2M in chemical equipment. Monitored Custom Inspections to clear units for re-deployment back to the Unite d States; responsible for moving over 200 pieces of equipment out of Iraq and ba ck to the United States. Credited for saving the Army over $500K by recycling unused CBRN equipment upon completion of the Hurricane Katrina Relief Mission. 09/06 to 02/07 Staff Manager, (CBRN NCO) HHC, 11th Signal Brigade, Ft. Huachuca , AZ Supported pre-deployment training adhering to strict schedules for 1,500 commun

ications system management personnel in conflict zones. Responsible for schedul ing/reserving training sites in multiple states for the entire Brigade consistin g of over 1500 personnel. Directed over $5M in chemical defense equipment. Supervised 4 managers. Cooor dinated the Joint Warning an Reporting Network (JWARN) training, to include the procurement of the software for over 30 managers in the Brigade. Key responsibilities in areas of Equal Opportunity, Inspection Programs, Enviro mental Protection, and Systems Control. Conducted twice a month professional de velopment training for all CBRN managers. A key advisor to the Brigade Commande r on all CBRN ralated matters. Managed 60 personnel and equipment totaling $750K . 09/05 to 08/06 Manager, (1st Sgt.) B Company, 86th Signal Battalion, Ft. Huachu ca, AZ Key coordinator and manager tasked with supporting an 85-member team working wi thin 25 occupational specialties. Supported 10 communications / signal equipment valued at $40M. Dual-hat also as the Brigade Chemical Staff Non-commissioned Officer, and manag ed daily administrative systems and protocols for training / personnel issues as the companys 1SG. . Assertively pursued personnel retention and re-enlistment resulting in a 100% r etention rate. Actively encouraged Soldiers to further their education by 25% o f personnel in the unit enrolled in college. Selected to a 1SG position above peers. Recognized by the Battalion Commander as the top 1% of managers in the entire unit. Performed ongoing assessments, planning, and logistical support resulting in ze ro losses for equipment totaling $40M. Achieved 100% CBRN defense readiness fo r the Brigade. Received certificate of appreciation from Network Command (NETCOM), Commanding General, for the overall contribution to the success of NETCOM. 09/03 to 08/05 Manager, (BN CBRN NCOIC) HQ, 212th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, Europe Managed dual supervisory responsibilities for the only 36-bed Mobile Army Surgi cal Hospital (MASH) unit in active army. Advisor to upper management on CBRN cri teria. Managed CBRN competency training, for 190 personnel. Directly responsibl e for a 34 personnel platoon. Supervised a 200 personnel Medical Task Force in Normandy to commemorate D-day invasion in France. Reorganized the units Force Protection program and achieved 100% target goals. Continously being sought out for advise on CBRN related matters from personnel outside the unit. Designed and implemented the MASH CBRN War Time train-up, rat ed as among the best. Directed and managed logistics to deploy a Level III hospital to Iraq in only 3 days with minimal support, which consisted of over 50 vehicles, equipment, and 190 personnel. Organized a 20-person unit to assist the annual Special Olympics program. Volu

nteered over 100 personal hours assisting wounded troops. 02/02 to 08/03 Manager, (Platoon Sgt.) 62nd Chemical Co., Unit #15721, Korea Planned, employed, and coordinated CBRN defense systems in support of joint and combined arms operations including CBRN reconnaissance systems, biological, obs curant systems, CBRN decontamination systems, and other CBRN hazard detection an d warning systems. In addition, coordinated assets and efforts for weapons of ma ss destruction (WMD) force protection programs, CBRN defense support to civil au thorities, CBRN vulnerability analysis, and CBRN sensitive site assessment/explo itation. Trained a multi-nation platoon to provide fixed site, and terrain decontaminati on in a wartime situation. Ensured training, safety, and production were accompl ished in a timely manner. Monitored and complied with host nations rules and re gulations. Promoted harmony, team work among Soldiers from two different countries and cul tures into one cohesive fighting unit. 01/00 to 01/02 Linguist / Translator, HQ SVCS Washington DC. Expert translator for the Vietnamese Commandos Compensation Commission Support Staff for Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (International Affairs (DUSA-IA). Collaborated with the CIA by reviewing and assessing the authenticity of Vietna mese language documents for fraudulent claims. Translated over 3000 documents t o English. Conducted interviews with Vietnamese persons via telephone. Selected to serve as Commission Web Site Master. Selected as quality control manager on behalf of processing $7M in payments. TRAINING: Battle Staff Course, 2006; Equal Opportunity Leader, 2005; Sr. Leader Course (SLC), 2004; Chemical Accident Incident Control, 2004; Antiterrorist Adv isor, 2003; Advanced Leader Course, 1997; Airborne, 1990 EDUCATION: Graduate Cum Laude, Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education, ( minor in Computer Networking) Wayland University, TX. 2008, GPA: 3.73

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