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bob ross emergency profts
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Emergency Profts
Although this may in fact be one of the shortest reports you may have read, I wouldn’t be
surprised if you told me it was one of the most valuable.
Now frst of all, in case you are misled by the title of this report, I’d like to clear up that it’s
not so much about how to create cash in an emergency for you. It’s about how to create
cash from the emergencies of others.
However, because I’m helpful by nature, I’ll actually give you my advice for how to
generate cash for yourself in an emergency.
I can’t think of a faster way to make money and deliver a result than by selling print &
design services. Hopefully you’ve read “The Print Profteer” or “Easy Print Profts” by now
to understand how it works in-depth, but I truly do feel that selling print is the fastest way
to make quick money.
I get more emails from my members with their frst success stories, about how they
fnally made money selling print & design services, than anything other method.
Get all the free samples you can order from sites like printplace.com, printingforless.
com, gotprint.com, psprint.com, uprinting.com, overnightprints.com, printpelican.com,
uvcards.com, blockbusterprint.com, and anywhere else you can fnd searching “online
printing free samples”.
Use those samples as your mock ‘portfolio’ and ask business owners if they’d like new
cards, fyers, or brochures designed. Outsource the design to an inexpensive designer,
use a cheap online printer for printing, and pocket the difference.
bob ross emergency profts
Page | Emergency Profits bobrossoffline.com 2
I believe that you can land multiple jobs per week with minimal prospecting effort. This
should net you somewhere around a couple hundred to maybe $300 or $400 per week
with ease.
That might not sound like much but you’ll now have your foot in the door with clients who
will want more and more printing done, and will want to print with you again when they
are out of brochures or business cards.
So... now you can’t say I deceived you on the title!
Now, I’d like to get back to the topic of my original meaning of “Emergency Proft”
Profting off the emergencies of others
Ugh that sounds so bad doesn’t it? It’s really not though, it’s something very admirable,
helpful, and can be very proftable.
I’m not going to go much in depth here but I’m going to be very clear about how much
money can be made doing this. A LOT. A sickening amount of money.
I’m going to give you two examples. One is not very proftable, but pretty cool, and the
other is WAY proftable.
People lose things all the time, but sometimes they lose something very important like
a beloved pet. I’m sure you’ve seen fyers posted all over on a continuous basis with
pictures of missing pets, rings, cameras, or even missing children and loved ones.
These are emergency situations that many people tend to be willing to take any action
possible in order to recover their lost person, pet, or loved one.
bob ross emergency profts
Page | Emergency Profits bobrossoffline.com 3
Flyers actually do bring in response, but they never penetrate the whole radius around
where the missing item or person is likely be or have been seen.
Someone might have seen or found the lost little beagle but doesn’t know where to
contact the owner. Maybe they even found someone’s lost wedding ring but they have no
clue where it belongs.
I know of one way to penetrate that entire radius without fail. I bet you know it too.
“Every Door Direct Mail” (or "unaddressed mail" outside the USA).
You can start your own emergency notifcation service today by placing fyers promoting
your service right where the emergency ‘victims’ are posting their notices!
I’ve seen online pet ‘detectives’ posting on craigslist and some of them look like they
have pretty good success, so I would assume craigslist would work as well.
The fyer you post next to the 'lost pet' fyers doesn't have to be fancy. Print it out on your
home computer or even better... Put it on a bandit sign!
Lost Pet?
I will mail a flyer to every single address in the
whole neighborhood they were last seen.
Use my special resources
to help find your loved one fast.
bob ross emergency profts
Page | Emergency Profits bobrossoffline.com 4
Print off a few fyers, post them up on telephone poles and bulletin boards and you'll get
desperate people contacting you. Ever lose a pet? It's a highly desperate situation.
You can also direct them to visit your website if you wish. A simple wordpress site and a
domain like “FindYourPet-Austin.com” wouldn’t be difficult to set up at all.
Now I’m NOT recommending you start gouging prices and taking advantage of people
in a dire emergency. This is not the point here. The point is for you to build a name for
yourself, get some results through mail, and offer a HELPFUL service for those in need.
This is more geared towards someone who just wants to make some convenient cash
here and there, offer a good service, or better yet... A great job for your teenage/college
age children to bring in some money and learn good entrepreneurial skills!
For the most part, you’ll be looking at covering two or three carrier routes, which should
total about 1,000 addresses, although some people may want to cover larger territory.
I suggest mailing with 8.5x11 glossy fyers, available through your preferred online
printing site (which should be printing4supercheap.com if you're in the USA).
1000 fyers would be about $175 total. (printing in 2 days, 2-3 day shipping).
EDDM postage is currently sixteen cents per piece, so you’re looking at a total of
anywhere from 34¢ for each one delivered. Royal mail UK is cheaper, as is most other
countries unaddressed mail programs.
Charge 40¢ to 50¢ each and make a hundred bucks or so in profit on each one.
bob ross emergency profts
Page | Emergency Profits bobrossoffline.com 5
Scaling these small proft emergencies up
If you spot the busiest areas where flyers are being posted, grab the contact info from as
many as possible, then offer to share a flyer between all of them, saturating a huge area
that can bring a ton of response in.
Understand that people are typically helpful. A flyer that comes in the mail with a bunch
of lost pets in the neighborhood WILL be looked at much harder than a flyer for gutter
cleaning services. People will go out of their way to help report any lost pet sightings.
Look for every flyer you can. Fundraisers for sick citizens, lost pets, lost items, and
missing people.
Your goal is to get as many of them together as possible so that they don't have to
pay much to reach everyone in their community. Make sure they understand that
you're simply trying to help them all out by getting it cheap, but reaching the WHOLE
community instantly.
Five thousand flyers will only cost you around $375. Postage would be $800. Five
thousand addresses delivered will reach a population of roughly 12,000!
If you get a dozen of them together, you could charge only around $190 each, get this
community "alert" flyer to 5,000 residences and businesses, and you made yourself
around $1,000 bucks, delivering a highly admirable service.
There's a pretty good chance that rover, tom, and tweety is somewhere located within
the area that 5,000 homes cover. Imagine if you could recover 8 or 9 pets everytime you
ran the flyer, you'd be in the paper and the news for being the community pet savior!
bob ross emergency profts
Page | Emergency Profits bobrossoffline.com 6
If you're looking to make some money without having to pitch business owners, this
could be a great strategy for you. If this is not something profitable enough or worth your
time, share it with your grandkids or someone who could use some cash.
Now, let's talk about the BIG MONEY in emergency profits.
Take that same system... but apply it to a much more profitable situation.
Hail storms.
If you live in some of the areas where hail damage is frequent, you're likely familiar with
"storm chasers" that invade the area.
Storm chasers are highly organized groups of salespeople and contractors who swoop
in as fast as possible to hail-damaged communities and simply knock on doors all day to
sell roofs.
Let me tell you how profitable this storm chasing is. You can google all this and read
about it all you want if you don't believe me. Storm chasing organizations will come into
an area hit by hail damage and literally offer $100,000 in cash to a local business simply
to use their name for a couple months.
There might be 30 salespeople arriving, each making $100,000 or even $200,000 just
within those few months as they work the areas and simply write up roofing contracts all
bob ross emergency profts
Page | Emergency Profits bobrossoffline.com 7
"Chris Kamis of Absolute Exteriors said he has turned down
three similar pitches from storm chasers since last week's
hailstorm damaged an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 homes in
Northeast Ohio.
"The storm chaser wanted to do insurance-funded work in
Northeast Ohio under his business name and, in return,
Yourkvitch said, give him an 8 percent cut, which he was told
would amount to between $100,000 and $200,000.
One salesman visited his Parma off ice and offered him
$100,000. "He wanted to buy the use of our name until
Thanksgiving of this year," - Kamis said.
After a hailstorm pummeled Akron in 2007, the Ohio
Insurance Institute estimated insurance claims at $105
million. But an institute survey a year later found claims from
the storm had topped $288 million -- a 175 percent jump
Bonelli said indicated marketing rather than storm damage
was driving claims.
And marketing is what this game is about."
(link to original article here)
This is all because when hail damages roofs, homeowners are desperate to get them
fixed but don't know who to call and how to handle the insurance claim so that they get
their roof fixed properly.
Simply getting a message across to them is ALL IT TAKES.
bob ross emergency profts
Page | Emergency Profits bobrossoffline.com 8
In fact, one of my members is a career insurance adjuster and he told me recently that
many communities will shut out canvassers completely, leaving hail damaged territories
wide open for anyone who simply wants to market their roof-insurance-repair services.
Oh dear lawd!
So there, my fellow Print Profiteer, is the most dire, and ridiculously easy-to-generate
response rocketing postcard possibility possible.
Right now, I am in talks with an owner of just one of these storm chasing organizations,
and we're going to print 20,000 6.5x11 postcards to be sent out this month alone, and
next year (hail season apparently is may-september) will likely send out over 200,000.
These companies subscribe to 'hail swath' reports that update within minutes of hail
reports. You can literally have maps all over the nation of where hail is hitting right this
moment and how big the hail is. Golf ball size hail makes some serious damage!
Check what these hail reporting sites are like, it's insane! click here to view one
How it works for you, is that you hold the stock (you could hold it in your garage even,
or just order it on-demand, or have it all turnkey'd through me), and then as soon as an
area gets hit with hail, they tell you to send it out to those areas directly hit.
The calls just flood in like mad. Ask ANY roofer, contractor, insurance adjuster and they
will verify this. It's like a frenzy.
You can send them in flat rate priority boxes from any state in the USA, to Colorado or
Texas (big hail states) in TWO DAYS! Then it hits the damaged homes the next day.
bob ross emergency profts
Page | Emergency Profits bobrossoffline.com 9
The speed is incredible, especially when you're hitting areas that no one has even gotten
to canvass yet!
There are "hail mailing" companies out there online but none of them are using the
EDDM system's speed of delivery like this. So jump on this now and secure relationships
with roofers while you can.
I'm sharing this information with you because I know you can forge these relationships
with roofers in these hail-prone states.
Search the interwebs for "roofers hail damage [insert city or state]" and you'll find plenty
of roofers who can be prospected to. This is all easy money for everyone.
If you're not in the USA, just adapt the same system to your countries unaddressed mail
program, or simply target the USA and use me to do all your turnkey mailings!
Finally, I'd like to mention that it's not just roofers who go after hail damage. Auto-body
shops are ripe targets as well.
There you have it, profiting in an emergency!

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