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1. LAYOUT 1. Put your your addr addres es at the top top right right of of the the page page 2. Write Write the date date under under the addres addresss 3. Under the the date, on the the left of the the page, write write the nae nae and address address of the the person or or !opany you are writing to ". Lea#e Lea#e a line line and wri write te your your gree greetin ting g $. At the the end of the letter letter print your nae nae under under your your signature signature 2. Addre dres % dat date a. In the top left corner.. Address and date of the person&!opany you are writing to  '. In the top right corner... Address and date (lea#e a line 'etween the address and the date) *+aple -ill!rest e!ondary !hool, P.O /o+ 0"$3, Li#ingstone, A/4A 111 5th 6e'ruary 2" 3. alutation The ost !oon salutation in an inforal letter is 78ear9.:  ;ote that it is followed 'y a !oa.  Dear Mr / Ms Harkness (if you know the name) / Dear Sir or Madam Madam NOT Dear  Manager (if you do not know the name). ". /ody Topi! 6oral reason *n!losure <onta!t $. <opl <opli ient entar ary y !los !losee 4 loo= forward to hearing fro you. Yoursfaithfully Yo ursfaithfully,, (if you do not =now the nae) Yours sin!erely, (if you =now the nae). 0. tyle Use foral language 8o not use !ontra!tions Use odals su!h as would, should, !ould 8o not use !ollo>uial language 5. t tru ru!t !tur uree and !ont !ontent ent You Yo u ust always gi#e a !lear reason for writing Lin= senten!es with and / but / because •

• • • •

• •

• • • •

8i#ide the letter into !lear paragraphs


?. Usef Useful ul La Lang ngua uang ngee @reeting  8ear r & s -ar=ness (if you =now the nae) & 8ear ir or ada ;OT 8ear anager (if you do not =now the nae) eason for writing  4 a writ writing ing to apply & to as= you & to !oplain a'out9 6oral e+pressions 4 would li=e .. !ould you send e .. 4 a afraid9 *n!losure  4 en!lose y <B •

• •

<onta!t  please !o !onta!t e if if you ne need an any ore inforation <losi osing  4 loo= forward to hea hearing fro you. Yours faithfully, ly, (if you do not =now the nae) & Yours Yours sin!erely, (if you =now the nae)

6orat /usiness Letters (Offer e>uest Letters and espons) 1. Write Write address address target target will you you send, under COP(T COP(Tuli uliss alaat tuDuan tuDuan yang a=an anda anda =iri, di  'awah =epala surat). 2. Then address address and and in!lude in!lude date (etelah (etelah alaat alaat dan teras terasu= u= tanggal). tanggal). 3. Put the 'ody 'ody of the letter letter in the the !enter and and in!lude in!lude the salutati salutation on (enepat=a (enepat=an n tu'uh surat surat di tengah dan terasu= sala). 4n!lude r. for en or s for woen, unless the re!ipient has a title su!h as 8r. erta=an r untu= la=iEla=i atau s untu= perepuan, =e!uali  peneria eili=i gelar seperti 8r ". eferen!e eferen!e reason reason for your letter letter with referen referen!e !e to our...(al our...(alasan asan referensi referensi surat surat anda ya=ni ya=ni dengan enga!u pada ...F) $. @i#e the reason reason for writin writing g to you to !onfir our order order... ... (e'er (e'eri=an i=an alasan alasan untu= enulis enulis yaitu aya enulis =epada Anda untu= =onfirasi pesanan =ai ...G) 0. a=e any re>uest re>uest you you ay ha#e would would 'e grateful grateful if you !ould iin!lude n!lude a 'ro!hure 'ro!hure...G ...G (e'uat perintaan apapun yang ung=in anda ili=i yaitu Gaya a=an 'erteria =asih  Di=a anda 'isa enyerta=an 'rosur ...F) 5. <lose the the letter letter with a than= than= you Than= Than= you for for your propt propt help...F( help...F(enut enutup up surat itu itu dengan u!apan teria =asih yaitu GTeria GTeria =asih atas 'antuan propt ...G) ?. 6inish 6inish the letter with with a salutation salutation GYours GYours sin!erely sin!erely,F ,F (elesai (elesai surat surat itu dengan sala (ya=ni (ya=ni G-orat =ai,G) H. Write Write your full full nae and title title (Tulis (Tulis naa naa leng=ap dan gelar). gelar). ign the the letter 'etween 'etween the salutation and the typed nae and title (enandatangani surat antara penghoratan dan naa) KINDS OF BUSINESS LETTER  1. 4n>uiry letter I surat perintaan inforasi 2. Offering&sales letter I surat penawaran 3. eply to in>uiry I 'alasan in>uiry ". Ordering letter I surat pesanan $. eferen!e letter I surat referensi 0. *+e!ution o off or order I surat pe pela=sanaan pe pengirian 'a 'arang 5. <oplaints letter I surat =eluhan ?. AdDusent lleetter I penyelesaian pe perihal = =eeluhan H. <ir!ular letter I surat edaran 1. Telegra&!a'le I telegra

11. 12.

/usiness do!uen I do=uen perdagangan <olle!tion letter I surat penagihan



Appli!ation Le Letter I surat laaran p pee=erDaan *JAPL*  1. ** **B BAT4O; L*TT*  L*TT*  Petter Winterson Winterson /raga treet, outh <alifornia, UA Phone 5 $05?H  pwntKgail.!o   *ail pwntKgail.!o *ail 6e'ruary 3rd, 211 8ear ir or ada, 4 would li=e to 'oo= a single 'ed roo for two persons. We will stay in your hotel for 3 days. y arri#al date is on 6e'ruary 6e' ruary ?, 211 at 1 a.. <an 4 ha#e pa treatent in your hotel We are en!losing M2 as a deposit of y reser#ation. We are are going to 'e waiting for your !onfiration. in!erely, Petter Winterson 2. <O;6 <O;64 4A AT T4O; 4O; L*TT* L*TT*    Lestari -otel undu= #illage, /uleleng regen!y Phone 302 H?50 *ail leshotKyail.!o  leshotKyail.!o  We'site www.hoteles.!o  www.hoteles.!o  6e'ruary 3, 211 Nhon ith /raga streets, outh <alifornia, UA 8ear r. ith, Than= you for your reser#ation letter of 6e'ruary 2H, 211. We are #ery pleased to !onfir your reser#ation a'out 8elu+e Cing uite roo for 2 persons, as the !harge M$  per night, your arri#al date on ar!h 2, 211, the departure date on ar!h ", 211, you will !he!= in at 1. a., and !he!= out at 1. p.. 4f you need an additional inforation please let us =now as soon as. We are loo=ing forward to wel!oing you in our hotel.   in!erely,   8ara eser#ation anager 


3. *6U *6U AL L*T L*TT*  T*  r. arty 6riedan Purity -otel anager  taford treets, London 6e'ruary 1st, 211   8ear r. 6riedan, We are are #ery than=ful of your reser#ation letter of Nanuary 3, 211. We are #ery sorry to infor you that our hotel is fully 'oo=ed at that day. o we are not 'e a'le to a!!ept your reser#ation. We are respe!tfully to suggest you to loo= for another hotel whi!h !an a!!ept your reser#ation. We will 'e #ery pleased to wel!oing you in another day. @ood lu!=  6aithfully,   8ara eser#ation anager  ". <A;< <A;<*L *LLA LAT T4O; 4O; L*TT* L*TT*    i!= Thopson taford treets, London 1 3"520 ar!h 13th, 211 r. Anderson eser#ation anager  Lu+ury -otel /er!=a treets, /iringha <ity 23 $05"H 8ear r. Anderson, 4 a #ery sad to infor you that 4 need to !an!el y reser#ation for 3 days in your hotel ho tel starting on ar!h 1$, 211. 4 ha#e a Do' that 4 !annot lea#e. 4 ha#e to go to /rail to finish y proDe!t. 4 hope your hotel will find another guest who !an pay you. On!e again 4 a #ery sorry of the !an!ellation. Than= you for the ser#i!es and inforation. 4 will get 'a!= to you yourr hotel when 4 a not 'usy. in!erely,   Thopson


$. O66* 6* L* L*TT*  T*  /utterfly <opany  ;othingha treets, ;othingha, London Phone 11$ 3?5" *ail not.!oKgail.!o  not.!oKgail.!o  We'site www.not!o.org  www.not!o.org   Nune 3th, 211   Na!= Wilson 6lower <opany 223 /oston treets, /oston, UA 8ear r. Na!=, We would li=e to infor you that our !opany !opan y has 'een produ!ing new high >uality hotel  produ!ts and we would also li=e to offer you those produ!ts. u!h as guest fishing e>uipent, laundry a!hines, =it!hen e>uipent, et!. We produ!e the latest produ!ts with attra!ti#e designs, and we ensure that the produ!ts p rodu!ts are high >uality and will in!rease your !opanys appearan!e and 'y using our latest produ!t, we ensure that your !opany !an gi#e ser#i!es to the guests effe!ti#ely. We are are en!losing the 'ro!hure of our latest produ!ts. We loo= forward to 'e eeting you and an d dis!uss the details. 6aithfully yours,   Petter Par=er, ar=eting anager  0. APPL APPL4< 4<A AT4O; 4O; L*T L*TT* T*    /e=asi, April 5th, 25 Attention To -8 anager  PT. Pranata 4nforatindo Nl. aya udiran ;o. 15 /e=asi 8ear ir&ada, 4 ha#e read fro your ad#ertiseent at epu'li=a that your !opany is loo=ing for eployees to hold soe position. /ased on the ad#ertiseent, 4 a interested in applying appli!ation for *ngineer position a!!ording with y 'a!=ground 'a!= ground edu!ational as *ngineering Physi!s. y nae is 4swandi Lu'is, 4 a twenty three years old. 4 ha#e graduated fro *ngineering Physi!s 8epartent 4T; on ar!h 25. y spe!ialiation in *ngineering Physi!s is 4nstruentation and <ontrol spe!ialist. 4 !onsider yself that 4 ha#e >ualifi!ations as you want. 4 ha#e good oti#ation for progress and growing, eager to learn, and !an wor=


with a tea (tea wor=) or 'y yself. /eside that 4 posses ade>uate !oputer s=ill and ha#e good !oand in *nglish (oral and written). With y >ualifi!ations, 4 !onfident that 4 will 'e a'le to !ontri'ute effe!ti#ely to your !opany. -erewith 4 en!lose y  <opy of /a!helor 8egree (E1) <ertifi!ate and A!adei! Trans!ript <urri!ulu Bitae. <opy of No' Training <ertifi!ate fro Uno!al 4ndonesia <opany e!ent photograph with sie of "+0 4 would e+press y gratitude for your attention and 4 hope 4 !ould follow your re!ruitent test lu!=ily. in!erely, 4swandi Lu'is 5. 4;B4 4;B4T TAT4O; 4O; L*TT* L*TT*    Pri!i"t N#"ntr $octionl High School %ln.Lo&n no. '() Denp"r) Bli Telp. *+(,-'/

 ;u'er. "$&CP&B44&0 "$&CP&B44&0 u u'D 'De!t e!t  4nau 4naugur gurat atio ion n of Lan Langu guage age La'o La'ora rato tory ry

8enpasar, Nuly 15, 20

The 8esignation. -ead of egional Offi!e of *du!ation Offi!e of /ali Pro#in!e 8enpasar 8ear irs, 4n !onne!tion with the de#elopent of language la'oratories in our s!hools has 'een !opleted on Nuly 1", 20 and then, we here'y in#ite r -ead of egional Offi!e of *du!ation Offi!e of /ali to attend the inauguration of the la'oratory language of the Ar!hipelago Touris Touris Bo!ati Bo!ational onal -igh !hool !hoo l whi!h will 'e held a!!ording to plan as follows 8ay & 8ate  Thursday, Nuly 2$, 20 Benue  C Touris ;usantara Nl. Lodan no. 8enpasar 05 Tie  1 W4T 6or the attention, we than= you. -ead aster  Pariwisata ;usantara Bo!ational Bo!ational -igh !hool Putu Prin!ipal .Pd. Agustina . ?. 4;QU 4;QU4 4Y Y L*TT L*TT*  *  Lestari Billas


undu= Billage, Billage, /uleleng egen!y eg en!y Phone 302 5555 *ail lestariR##Kyail.!o lestariR##Kyail.!o   Nanuary 2H, 211   -iEfashion @arent Ltd Unit 3H? he= Cip ei 4ndustrial *state ir or ada, e>uest for !atalogue Please send us your !urrent !atalogue. Your !opany has gi#en us an interesting re!oendation that a=e our anager interested with your produ!t. As we read the ad#ertiseent, the high >uality, the proportional  pri!e, and good deli#ery a=e us #ery interested in iporting a range 1S !otton !lotha.   We are are loo=ing forward to hearing fro you. Yours,   Coang Tri 8ara, H. <OP <OPLA LA4; 4;T T L*T L*TT* T*    -oly Billas <aptown treets, outh <arolina, UA *ail holy#Kyahoo.!o  holy#Kyahoo.!o  Phone $ 123"$   ar!h 2", 211    ;atural 6ruit <opany taford treets, <alifornia, UA *ail nf!Kyail.!o nf!Kyail.!o   Phone 2 3"$05   8ear ir or ada, We are writing to infor you that we ha#e re!ei#ed the fruits in pre!isely tie. /ut after we !he!=ed, there are soe fruits that we ha#e not got yet, nael naely, y, ango and 'ananas. 4t a=es our estaurant !ould not use the fruits in the enu. 4t ay daage our reputation  'e!ause we !ould not ser#e what the guest ordered. Also it !an a=e our guest go to the other restaurant. Please send the fruits as soon as. We hope this pro'le will not happen again in the future to a#oid any appointents. We are loo=ing forward to hearing fro you as soon as.  


in!erely,   Coang Tri 8ara, Pur!hasing anager 1. APPO4;T*;T APPO4;T*;T L*TT*  P#ri 0l1 Bli $ill"  0""itnt 2nger  Der 2r Tho1")  S#34ect5 0ppoint1ent Letter 

This letter is in response to the telephoni! !on#ersation we had last aturday regarding our  'usiness eeting. 4 a writing to !onfir our appointent that we ade ade o#er the telephone th on 1$  6e'ruary 212 at 0 p in your offi!e. 4 a preparing for the eeting and 4 will 'e there for the eeting in your offi!e on 1$ th  6e'ruary 212 at 0 p. Please go through the eeting agenda on!e and suggest for any !hanges if re>uired. Please read all the en!losed do!uents do !uents and get all the inforation re>uired so that we !an a=e our eeting u!h ore produ!ti#e. 4f you ha#e any dou't or >uestion in related to our appointent, feel free to !onta!t e at ?5502111?$ or drop e eail at dreaerRandyKyahoo.!o. dreaerRandyKyahoo.!o. 4 a loo=ing forward for our eeting. Yours truly, Andi Ariasa Cade= 11. POTPO;* POTPO;* L*TT*  L*TT*  P#ri 0l1 Bli $ill"  0""itnt 2nger  Der 2r Tho1")  S#34ect5 Po"tpone Letter 

4 wish to infor you that we will not 'e a'le to ha#e our eeting at 11. a on onday, ay 0th. This is 'e!ause the new poli!y po li!y has 'een announ!ed 'y our offi!e whi!h does not allow eployees to tra#el for the up!oing three onths. We will ha#e to !oen!e our


 'usiness either through eail or phone fro now on. 4 a !onfident that this new poli!y will not effe!t y perforan!e on any le#el and you will re!ie#e the 'est >uality ser#i!e.

in!erely, Andi Ariasa Cade= 12. <O;8OL*;<* <O;8OL*;<* L*TT*  Coang Tri 8ara e!retary <epa=a Art 6oundation @aDah ada treets, @ianyar, @ ianyar, /ali 6e'ruary 3, 211   r. Putra Clenting Art 6oundation Leader  ingaraDa <ity, /uleleng, /ali Phone H 3" 8ear r. Putra, Please a!!ept y sin!ere !ondolen!e for sudden loss of your wife u!i two da days ys ago. 4ts diffi!ult to iagine that you had 'een sho!=ing 'y the sudden loss. 4 still ree'er last wee=, she taugh y student a new dan!e in @ianyar. ;ot only you will lost your lo#ely wife, 'ut also you will lost a sart Traditional Traditional Artist. Artist. As you =now, u!i and 4 had 'e!oe an Art Partner sin!e 1HHH. 4 ha#e a lot of eories with her. u!i is a sart and powerful dan!er. he is also a faous dan!er. he will 'e a legend of dan!er in /ali. hortly, u!i is a sart, powerful, and faous dan!er who has a good inner !hara!ter as well. Please let e =now if !an help with anything at all. 4 wish you get a new lesson fro this  pro'le, and you will 'e stronger in the future.   in!ere <ondolen!es,   Coang Tri 8ara, e!retary 6ungsi urat udah diDelas=an pada uraian terdahulu 'ahwa surat adalah alat =ouni=asi tertulis yang sangat efisien =arena dapat diDadi=an 'u=ti autenti= (hita di atas putih). elain se'agai sarana =ouni=asi, surat dapat Duga 'erfungsi (terutaa surat resi) se'agai 1) Alat 'u=ti tertulis yang autenti=, isalnya surat perDanDian 2) Alat pengingat&'erpi=ir, isalnya isalnya surat yang telah diarsip=an 3) 8o=uentasi historis, isalnya surat dala arsip laa yang digali =e'ali untu= engetahui  per=e'angan asa lapau


") Pedoan&dasar 'ertinda=, isalnya surat =eputusan, surat perintah, surat pengang=atan peng ang=atan dan se'againya $) Nainan =eaanan, isalnya surat =eterangan Dalan 0) 8uta atau wa=il organisasi 5) /aroeter =eaDuan =antor  Penggolongan urat enurut ifatnya 1) urat pri'adi, dapat di'eda=an  urat pri'adi yang sifatnya =e=eluargaan, persaha'atan, dan per=enalan  urat setengah resi, isalnya surat laaran =erDa. 2) urat dinas, surat yang isinya enyang=ut enyang=u t segi =edinasan. 3) urat sosial, surat yang dipa=ai oleh organisasi =easyara=atan, isalnya per=upulan olahraga, organisasi =edaerahan, dan organisasi asyara=at lainnya yang sifatnya 'u=an en!ari =euntungan. ") urat niaga atau surat 'isnis, adalah surat yang euat persoalan niaga dan di'uat oleh suatu 'adan perusahaan atau perdagangan.  

<ontoh surat pri'adi Na=arta, 3 8ese'er 213 Yth. /apa= Pipinan PT *;TA4 Nl. 4a /onDol 2$ Na=arta 8engan horat, Yang 'ertanda tangan Yang tang an di 'awah ini  ;aa  8ra. ulsye Na'atan  e=retaris e'eritahu=an 'ahwa pada hari ini, elasa, 3 8ese'er 213, tida= dapat asu= =erDa seperti  'iasanya, =arena sa=it. Atas Atas =esediaan /apa= e'eri=an iin, saya u!ap=an teria =asih. -orat saya,

8ra. ulsye <ontoh surat dinas swasta P** OA; T*/ATA P**OA; T*/ATA CAT4;4 Nalan Nenderal udiran ;oor 1$ NACATA PUAT 3 8ese'er 213 Yth. /apa= 8rs. yahrullah


Cepala /agian Peasaran PT CAT4;4 Nalan udiran ;oor 1$ Na=arta Pusat 8engan horat, Cai engharap=an agar /apa= dapat enghadiri rapat dinas yang a=an diselenggara=an pada -ari&tanggal wa=tu te tep pat at

 Cais, $ 8ese'er 213  1. E selesai  uan uang g ida idang ng PT Cart Cartin inii La Lant ntai ai $ =a =aar ar ;oo ;oorr 2$ Na Nala lan n Nen Nend. d. u udi dir ran an  ;oor 1$ ENa=arta Pusat a!ara tunggal  e'ahas harga Dual eDa =antor  elanDutnya, harap dipersiap=an dataEdata ong=os ong=o s produ=si eDa =antor terse'ut. Atas perhatian /apa=, =ai engu!ap=an terirna =asih. -orat =ai,

8rs. /ayu a!hatho 8ire=tur  <ontoh surat dinas peerintah C**;T*4A; P*;8484CA; 8A; C*/U8AYAA; *COLA- *;*;@A- C*NUUA; ;*@*4 " NACATA NACATA Nalan aya PeDaten ;o. 1", Na=arta elatan IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII UAT [email protected]  ;oor  5$2&@.11.2&44&213 Cepala C " enugas=an =epada  ;aa&;4P Na'atan Untu Un tu= =

 upardi & 131"331$  Pela=sana Perpusta=aan C " Na=arta  /ert /ertug ugas as =e' =e'al alii en enge gelo lola la perp perpus usta ta=a =aan an C C ", =are =arena na $ (li (lia) a) oran orang g sta staff yang lain engi=uti penataran Perpusta=aan [email protected], tanggal $ s.d. 12 8ese'er 213.

8ei=ianlah, surat tugas ini di'eri=an =epada yang 'ersang=utan untu= dila=sana=an dengan  penuh tanggung Dawa' dan ohon yang 'ersang=utan endapat=an end apat=an 'antuan dala ela=sana=an tugasnya.


Na=arta, 3 8ese'er 213 Cepala C "

8rs. -endriansyah  ;4P 13335$$2

Penggolongan urat enurut en urut WuDudnya 1). urat 'iasa urat 'iasa adalah surat yang penulisannya tida= engguna=an le'aran =husus, !u=up =ertas surat 'iasa dan pengiriannya tida= pada =esepatan pertaa =arena tida= ea=ai 'iaya  pengirian =ilat atau =ilat =husus. <ontoh a) surat per=enalan,  ') surat =eluarga, !) surat u!apan selaat  elahir=an,  eni=ah,  enepati =antor 'aru. 2). urat eo urat eo (eorandu) adalah surat yang diguna=an d iguna=an untu= =ouni=asi se!ara tertulis di ling=ungan =antor&organisasi itu sendiri dan sifatnya inforal. /agianE'agian dari eo a). Cepala eorandu, terdiri dari  naa instansi yang engeluar=an eo,  petunDu= eo,  noor, tanggal eo di'uat,  =epada dan dari siapa eo di'uat,  perihal,  logo&la'ang ('ila ada).  '). 4si eo, se=alipun 'ersifat tida= resi, resi, uunya enyang=ut =edinasan. !). Ca=i eorandu en!antu=an naa dan tanda tangan pe'eri eo.   

     

L*/[email protected] P*;8484CA; *C*TA4 A;@CAA Nalan Tanah Tanah erde=a ;oor J Na=arta Tiur  *OA;8U Cepada 8ari Perihal

 8ra. Astrid 4sa'ella  8rs. Natni=o  iste Peneriaan ahapeserta didi= /aru

-arap ewa=ili saya dala rapat penetapan siste peneriaan ahapeserta didi= 'aru pada tanggal 2$ ;ope'er ;ope 'er 213 di Aula Le'aga Pendidi=ari e=retaris A;@CAA pada Da 1.3. 1.3 .


Teria =asih. Na=arta, 2 ;ope'er 213

8rs. Narni=o Cepala eo


/entu= lurus penuh (full 'lo!= style)

/entu= lurus ('lo!= style)


/entu= setengah lurus (sei 'lo!= style)


/entu= le=u= (indented style)


/entu= alinea enggantung (hanging style)


/entu= resi (offi!ial style) /entu= surat resi 4ndonesia laa


/entu= surat resi 4ndonesia 'aru enurut depdi=nas


1) Penulisan huruf 'esar  -al yang harus diperhati=an pada penulisan huruf 'esar dala penulisan surat terutaa untu=  penulisan naa orang, naa Dalan, =ata ganti orang, naa le'aga, naa organisasi. <ontoh a) 8ra. Lilis uswani  ') Nl. angga ;o. 123 Na=arta Tiur  Tiur  !) Atas perhatian audara, =ai u!ap=an teria =asih d) 8ewan Perwa=ilan a=yat e) PT Anugrah Naya f) <B Naya Per=asa


2) Penulisan =ata turunan Penulisan =ata turunan adalah =ata dasar yang di'eri=an pada i'uhan, sisipan, a=hiran, dan ga'ungan i'uhan. <ontoh, =ata beri tahu Di=a di'eri=an a=hiran =an enDadi beri tahukan isalnya pada =aliat 8engan ini =ai 'eri tahu=an 'ahwa =ata 'eri tahu Di=a endapat ga'ungan i'uhan ditulis serang=ai enDadi satu =ata, yaitu e'eritahu=an, di'eritahu=an. 3). Penulisan =ata ulang Penulisan ga'ungan =ata ditandai dengan tanda hu'ung (E) terhadap unsur =ata yang diulang, tida= 'oleh engguna=an ang=aEang=a. TuDuan penulisan =ata ulang adalah enyata=an  penDaa=an satu =ata dengan !ara diulang 'u=an dengan ena'ah=an =ata 'ilangan tida= tentu, seperti seua, segala, para, seluruh, 'e'erapa, dan se'againya. <ontoh  'arang diulang enDadi 'arangE'arang 'u=an seua 'arang, seua 'arangE'arang. "). Penulisan ga'ungan =ata Penulisan ga'ungan =ata 'iasanya disatu=an 'ila 'erupa =ata aDeu= dan ung=apan yang sudah dianggap senyawa, <ontoh  !enu"isan serangkai !enu"isan ter#isah dari pada teria =asih perihal dengan horat =epada horat saya andai=ata horat =ai =endatipun walaupun  'agaianapun apa'ila $). Penulisan =ata ganti Penulisan =ata ganti orang yang diguna=an se'agai sapaan ditulis dengan huruf 'esar. <ontoh a) Atas perhatian audara. saya u!ap=an teria =asih.  ') .......'ahwa perusahaan /apa= e'utuh=an tenaga adinistrasi. !) Cehadiran /apa= &4'u&audara&i sangat =ai harap=an. 0). Penulisan =ata depan Penulisan =ata depan selalu terpisah dengan =ata yang engi=utinya. ;aun untu= penulisan =ata depan di dan =e terdapat =etentuan tersendiri, =arena =ata depan didan =e selain 'erfungsi se'agai =ata dengan Duga 'erfungsi se'agai awalan. Penulisan di dan =e se'agai =ata depan ditulis terpisah dari =ata yang engi=uti, sedang=an di dan =e se'agai awalan ditulis serang=ai dengan =ata yang engi=utinya. <ontohnya di dan =e se'agai =ata depan dan awalan Cata depan Awalan di sini =e sini diteria =esatu di saping =e saping diDawa' =eluar  =e se'elah =e 'awah diper'ai=i diantar  di luar dilapir=an 5). Penulisan unsur serapan <ontoh penulisan unsur serapan $ua"ity % =ualitas


management % anaDeen  standard % standar   system % syste

urat laaran odel ga'ungan Na=arta, 15 8ese'er 213 Yth. anaDer Personalia PT Pria ;ingru Nl. awaangun / $"3 Na=arta Pusat -al Laaran Pe=erDaan Pe =erDaan e'agai Tenaga Tenaga Adinistrasi 8engan horat, etelah e'a!a i=lan perusahaan /apa= yang diuat dala harian Copas tanggal 12 8ese'er 213, dengan ini saya engaDu=an laaran pe=erDaan se'agai tenaga adinistrasi. ad inistrasi. e'agai 'ahan perti'angan /apa=, di 'awah ini saya !antu=an =ualifi=asi dan riwayat hidup saya se'agai 'eri=ut Dt Pri3&i  ;aa  Asri Asri 6iantini Tepat&tgl.lahir Te pat&tgl.lahir  Na=arta, 1? epte'er 1HH2 tatus  /elu eni=ah ALaat  Cople=s 8osen 4C4P /lo= 111&1H 111&1H Nati'ening, /e=asi Pen&i&i6n Ta Tahun hun 2H taat A CAP4; Na=arta Ta Tahun hun 212 taat 8 444 A=adei A=untansi A=untansi /oro'udur Na=arta Ta Tahun hun 213 taat ta at =ursus =oputer  Pengalaan 'e=erDa /elu ada Keterngn lin Cegearan  e'a!a dan .=orespondensi eferensi  1. 8rs. 6arisi 8harawan Pipinan Pusat Cursus Coputer 8harawangsa Nalan Pepaya ;o. 1H Na=arta 2. anti a!hawati Cepala /agian Peasaran PT P4A ;4;@U

Untu= eleng=api laaran ini, saya lapir=an foto =opi iDaah dan suratEsurat  penting yang diperlu=an. /esar harapan saya untu= dapat diteria di perusahaan /apa=. Atas  perti'angan /apa=, saya u!ap=an teria =asih.


-orat saya,

Asri 6iantini Lapiran 1. 6oto=opi iDaah A=adei A=untansi /oro'udur  2. 6oto=opi iDaah =ursus =oputer  3. 6oto=opi surat =eterangan =esehatan ". 6oto =opi surat =eterangan 'er=ela=uan 'ai=  $. Pas foto u=uran " + 0 ! (2 le'ar).

urat laaran odel terpisah Na=arta, 15 8ese'er 213 Yth. anaDer Personalia PT <4TA Nalan -aru ;o. 23 Na=arta Pusat -al Laaran Pe=erDaan 8engan horat, ehu'ungan dengan i=lan /apa= pa!ia harian Copas tanggal 12 8ese'er 213, dengan ini saya, Asterina -artini 22 (tahun) lulusan 8E444 anaDeen Per=antoran P er=antoran A4, engaDu=an laaran pe=erDaan se'agai tenaga adinistrasi PT <4TA. aya apu 'er'ahasa 4nggris lisan dan tulis, dapat engoperasi=an !oputer siste W, Lotus dan d/ase, enguasai steno 'ahasa 4ndonesia dan steno 'ahasa 4nggris. aya 'aru enaat=an pendidi=an. oleh =arena itu, saya 'elu eili=i pengalaan 'e=erDa. Walaupun Wa laupun dei=ian, dengan 'e=al ilu yang saya ili=i, saya ya=in a=an apu ela=sana=an tugas yang di'eri=an =epada saya. Untu= eleng=api laaran ini, saya lapir=an foto=opi iDaah dan surat =eterangan penting lainnya serta pasfoto ter'aru. Atas perhatian dan perti'angan /apa= saya u!ap=an teria =asih. -orat saya,

Asterina -artini lapiran H le'ar 


4WAYAT -48UP I. Dt Pri3&i  ;aa  Pria Puspa ;ingru Tepat&tgl.lahir Te pat&tgl.lahir  Na=arta $ April 1HH1 tatus  /elu =awin Alaat  Nl. Apel ;o. 23 Na=arta /arat 44. Ri!7t Pen&i&i6n Ta Tahun hun 211 taat A4 Na=arta, Nurusan e=retaris Ta Tahun hun 2H taat ta at =ursus =oputer  Ta Tahun hun 21 taat ta at =ursus 'ahasa 4nggris (PP4A Na=arta), le#el B III.Pengl1n Be6er4 6e'ruari 211EAgustus 212, se'agai se=retaris di PT <4TA *T4A, Nl. a'utan  ;o. 0$ Na=arta. /erhenti atas perintaan sendiri. I$.. Keterngn Lin I$ 1. -o''y  e'a!a, enulis !erpen, =orespondensi 2. eili=i sertifi=at seinar =ese=retarisan. $. Referen"i 1. 8rs. 6arisi 8harawan, 8ire=tur PT <4TA *T4A Nl. a'utan ;o. 0$ 0$

Na=arta 2. etiawati, Pipinan Pusat Cursus Coputer 8*W4.

Na=arta, 15 8ese'er 213

Pria Puspa ;ingru

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