Environment - Hilton Malta Hotel, Portomaso, Malta

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As an industry leader dedicated to conscientious operations everywhere they do business, the Hilton hotel chain’s goal is to drive operational distinction while continuing their enduring commitment to reduce their hotels’ environmental impact. Hilton Malta is actively taking action on this global responsibility. Hilton Malta has challenged themselves to reduce energy use through conservation and to employ energy efficiency techniques, all while continuing to deliver consistently excellent quality and service to clients. The evidence is in the recognition: the Hilton Malta is the only hotel in Malta and Gozo to own the EU Eco-Label. Further to this, the hotel has recently been eco-certified for the third consecutive time over a span of six years by the Green Committee within the MTA. The certification involves 38 compulsory criteria and 62 optional criteria covering the aspects of environment management, waste management, product procurement, energy, water, staff training, guest information, local culture and preservation, as well as building insulation, amongst others. The eco certification is based on continual improvement in environmental performance, besides saving costs. An award ceremony was held recently, as part of an MTA seminar. The Hon. Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism Dr. Mario de Marco and MTA CEO Mr. Josef Formosa Gauci presented the Eco-certification certificate to Hilton Malta. Hilton Malta continues to strive to create awareness with its team members and to participate in various environmental activities, as an investment for a healthier and safer future. One of the most recent activities was participation in World Car Free Day. Hilton Malta encouraged their team members to act against pollution caused by the increase in motorised traffic by supporting the day. Although it was mostly an awareness campaign, team members supported the cause by pooling to work in one car, while others used a bike to get to work. Others, who had no choice but to use a car, were requested to at least drive safely and efficiently by cutting their average speed by 10Km/hr to burn up to 30% less petrol. They were encouraged to avoid unnecessary sudden acceleration and braking, as this only increases fuel consumption and wears out the car’s engine. Hotel errands by the driver where suspended for the day.

Another activity that was recently undertaken by Hilton Malta was the Nature Trust Clean Up event. This was a joint activity with Nature Trust (Malta) in the Clean up the World event at the Pembroke Ranges area. The event was part of the European Mobility Week event and the International Coastal Clean up day. The day began with a short talk on the ecology found at Pembroke from Nature Trust (Malta), which was followed by the Hilton team cleaning up an extensive part of the area. A truckload of garbage was collected from the site, which unfortunately included the usual dump left by human nature. NTM Executive President – Vincent Attard thanked Hilton Malta for their initiative and stated that with Pembroke being so close to a tourism site, it was commendable to see that such people working in the tourism industry were giving their time and energy to help clean the environment. Hilton Malta was the only 5-star hotel to participate in this worldwide event and Mr. Attard urged other hotels to follow the example and contribute to the environment protection in future.

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