Environmental management in hotel industry

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Environmental Management for Hospitality and Tourism

Lecturer: Ajarn Pisit Tuntipisitkul Group Assignment Members

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Hotel and Airline Business with the Appliance of  Environmental Management

 Introduction  Introdu ction


Environmental is everything surround us that included things that have figure and

abstract. Things we can touch and see are mountains, forest, sea and countless number of other things. Also there are thing that cannot be touch and see such as belief, ethical and moral. The environments provide and satisfy us for many things such as water supply, electricity supply or atmosphere. The environmental can create the activities, attraction and destination for tourism industry. In the recent decade, population keeps increasing and requires infrastructure and industry that affect not only the environment but include also the economic and social. Human have relationship with environment, both as a part of nature and while to use the nature for life. The human brought natural resources apply with life seamlessly such to take it for food and shelter. Including apply with the tourism industry, hotels, airports, restaurants, etc. These things do not happen if lack of the primary factors that is the environment that can make the quality of life tto o be good or bad that depending on the adoption is correct. So everyone have to participate to improve and maintain for reduce the risk that concerned from fr om unhygienic environment  

The environment that we want to learn is about environmental management in the

Hotel and Airline business. Now a day, have many problems that have an a n impact on to the environment, economic and make people dissatisfaction. The environment that related to hotel  business and airline business is so much but we will let you know know about resources for the hotel and airline business, how the hotel and airline business create impact, how to solve the  problem for maintain, the advantage & disadvantage and why hotel and airline business important to the environment and economic. e conomic. Moreover, you will know how the environment and economic related to hotel business and airline business. Before you build the hotel or airport, you have to realize the location, where are the best location. You see that it is about the geography, geography, demography and surrounding. So, when you try to think about this, of cause that you have the reason; why you choose that place. The good reason is come from the environment and economic. If your hotel is located in the private land, no earthquake, and famous city, you can gain more profit, easy to cheer up the guest to spend their money more. For the airline business, the location is also very important.




You will know how it is important because it relate to all energy such as gas, water, oil

and petroleum that come from the environment. You know that we can't live without energy. The energy is the most important thing. You will know that why it is the most important for hotel industry and airline industry. The reason that they make the condition is not only for  protect and prove the environment that they use, but also for their industries or economic system. So, you will know how the industries protect the environment. The last thing, we suggest you to know about our opinions that related in this topic that is the environmental management issues in hotel and airline business. We sincerely hope that this project will prove to be useful to lecturer, student and another that interesting about environmental management issues in hotel and airline business.

 Hotel industry and the environment 


Hotel business is very important for the tourist. They want accommodation that allows

them to experience a beautiful, clean, peaceful destination they chose. Hotel business is influence to the economic, environment and tourism industry. The environment that related to the hotel industry is the environment has been related to hotel industry by direct action or indirect. Hotel must use environment to provide services and satisfy guest needs and wants. Hotel gets a lot of benefit from environment. It has many ways to get the benefit and good results. The main point that we see how they related r elated is pollution. Pollution is the introduction of a contaminant into the environment. It is created mostly by human actions, but can also be a result of natural disasters. Pollution has detrimental effect on any living organism in an environment, making it virtually impossible to sustain life. Hotel industry can make air  pollution, land pollution, water pollution and then it will cause of greenhouse effect and global warming. This because of it used lot of water and electricity in ways to satisfy its client. Hotel provides services, activities and facilities to guest. All things that hotel gives it to guest sourced from the nature. It will not happen if the environment is polluted. We cannot  produce by ourselves but only to manage how to sustain for future demand. Hotel industry makes a big problem of waste. They must over cook c ook for guest every day and every meal, but if the guest doesn't consume or eat a lot, all food must throw always and it is waste. To clear it up, we have to burn it and then what it is going on if it is not pollution. Even hotel is well known but it is business and it is process. Hotel has management or project to help the environment but it cannot solve the problem that they did already. Many hotels don't care aboutt this situation. abou situation. Not only hotel that must to response on this, it is the responsibilit responsibility y for 3


everyone. You are guest and come to get services but you can pay attention on this. High quality of food, good food, and good ingredients can make a lot of money to the hotel because the guests need the best thing for themselves. They can pay their money without thinking if they impressed in foods. Moreover, the benefit that hotel can get from the environment is about the finance. If the hotel is good in located, hotel can sale the room easily. The weather and season is also related to the hotel. Low season, hotel gets less guest but high season gets guest a lot. Good located and good weather are the basic things that guest needs for making the decision in the place to pay their money. It is worth or not. The population around the world increases in every year. It effects to the environment. More population is good for the hospitality industry but not good for the environment. Because the human will consume, use, waste, produce and destroy more and more, and the resource or environment can't satisfy for all of human needs. Finally, all above is only some example that wants to show you how the environment related to hotel industry. It is easy to lose but difficult to turn it back and protect the environment. The factor that make the environment becomes badly is from human or human activities, both of direct action and indirection. Time, technology can be the factor of the environment.  

Resource is the asset used to produce goods and services that meet human needs and

wants. Resources that hotel industry needs, include all materials, money, services, staff or other assets that are transformed to produce benefits. Most of these are provided by natural resources. Hotel used the resource to satisfy guest needs and wants. The resource can accord to the economy and society such as cost of oil, gas, wood, iron, and the overpopulation etc. Hotel needs many things and many resources since to build the hotel until it opens for all guests around the world. Some resource is used and cannot be renewed. People try to look for new one. So, the resource is related to environment and it is related to hotel industry. Everything has the relationship between them. We need environment and we need resources. If we lost something, maybe it won't succeed.  

In hotel industry, industry, energy and food resource are easily over consumed. After using

resources this industry, like others, produce waste. This create a huge impact both the business and environment because wasting these means was money and energy to produce the services and product.  

In term of energy, energy, including electricity for lighting, cooling or heating and natural gas

for cooking, is crucially important. Accommodation client tend to use more energy than normal resident because of the featured facility like hot and cold water supply, supply, HVAC HVAC system, mini bars, pool, lighting for spacious room, etc.




Tourists and residents alike require a clean and dependable supply of water for

survival including drinking, cooking and cleansing. However, water is integral to the amenities usually expected by tourists, such as swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and golf courses. Water also supports industries such as agriculture that support the tourism industry. Thus, tourists demand more water than local residents on a per capita basis.

There are many factors that contribute to the appliance of Environmental Management approach for hotel business. One of the reason is to manage the expenses for the business. Unnecessarily or over consumption of energy and water supply by clients is really hard to control by the staffs because the main priority is to maintain high satisfaction for the guests. Most of them come to enjoy their vacation, vaca tion, stay relax without worrying anything. So it is really important to control their behavior with technology while giving a modernized feature of the hotel. As many hospitality organization now a day have already installed energy efficient equipments and devices. One of those is changing the old fashion incandescent light bulb into Compact fluorescent lighting which use up to 5 times less energy. The lifespan also last around 7 times longer that the older generation. However, the problem is when it reaches its age it will  become a major harm to the environment. The reason is it contains mercury that is a toxic element. Since this kind of lighting can save energy at the same time await to clash with nature, scientists have found a new generation of lighting technology that has no toxic material with longer life span. Light Emitted Diodes or just simply LEDs, it is called. The most important thing that interest and encourage the industry to adopt this new product is that it can produces much higher brightness and consumes much less energy. Therefor, the organization can purchase with a smaller amount and later pay much less for energy expense. Even though, there are many good side of this product, the cost of LEDs lighting is still high, which hold back this option. Despite the aid from technology on reducing electricity consumption, human action also considered important. A common issue is not sure which switch for which light. Both guests and a nd staffs need to try turning on until they get it right. The thing is it would be much better to label the switch so there will not confuse about turning on and off the one that is not needed. In day time, lighting for some area of the hotel should be turn off especially the external area ar ea and off peak hour. It must be fully in controlled by assigned group. Again, If preferred technology, daylight sensor auto-switch can be a good option but it still need human to regularly check its working state. The reason we need to consider more about lighting is that it creates the beauty and appearance for the hotel. It create c reate the first impression and attraction especially for luxury, luxury,  boutique and up scale hotel. In the lobby, lobby, corridor, kitchen and occup occupied ied room; light in turn on 5

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