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Escape a is non-fiction. It expresses theway community with its the people engageyouths against its peace. It mirrors the roleof culture, customs and tradition incharacter formation and how such lures itaction against opposing set of people in thecommunity.It also brings out hidden spiritual activities,practised locally by certain ignoble peoplein our contemporary society.



holds PhD, B.A (Hons) English, Bsc.
marketing, ACIA, MCIA, a consultant of
high reputation and his professional
qualifications in Lagos. He is a budding
scholar and his leuristic artistry is
passionately projected in his motivational
book, non-fiction, fiction, poetry and drama
text. He is a rare committed African literary
writer who believes in societal emancipation
through sound moral etiquette.
He is an avid writer, a seasoned publisher, an
administrator, an astute businessman, a
public motivational speaker, preacher of the
gospel and happily married and blessed with
Escape a is non-fiction. It expresses the
way community with its the people engage
youths against its peace. It mirrors the role
of culture, customs and tradition in
character formation and how such lures it
action against opposing set of people in the
It also brings out hidden spiritual activities,
practised locally by certain ignorble people
in our contemporary society.
Copyright © 2012
By Chukwunyere S.D. Chukwu
Published by:
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by Apple Junction, Opp. RCCG
along Okota Road,Lagos, Nigeria,
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ISBN: 978-978-922-491-3
For further information
Dr. Chukwunyere S. D. Chukwu
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am indebted to the following people who
contributed in one way or the other to the
Iachievement of this great goal:-
The encouragement and support of my wife (Edna
Chukwu) and my beloved father, late Richard
Marcus Chukwu Amakiri and my beloved mother
Ugoma Chukwu Amakiri and the entire people of
Amakiri in umuohuru Okaiga in Nkwoegwu in
Ohuhu clan especially Mama Nsima.
Great thanks to Ex-Governor Chris Ngige of
Anambra State,
Arch-bishop (Dr) God-Do-Well Avwomakpa,
Bishop David O. Oyedepo,
Late.Samson Eyewunmi Obire (Ass. Compt.
Customs Rtd) . Elder Bitrus Kafas (ASCON) and
family who have contributed to the success of my
former works. I also thank D.C.N Sunday Anweh,
(ASCON) for his spiritual concern over me.
Wonderful thanks to (O.C NAFDAC) Stanley
Atbor and late Mr. Emeka Obi and Kingsley
his work is dedicated to the
Almighty God for inspiring me to
go into this work, His gift of T
perseverance in pursuit of my life career,
His guidance and protection during this
work and my entire life. “To him alone be
the glory, that kept me alive in a robbery
incident on 31st March, 2008 in Badargy
Union Bank”.
I also dedicate this work to our great and
wonderful security officer.
SCAPE is a literary genre that mirrors the ills
of the society with a view to producing an
Eideal society devoid of evil infected
In writing this didactic book, the author is strongly
inspired by the rich cultural and African belief systems
where virtues and vices are handsomely rewarded by
the gods of the land. The author therefore, believes that
we can live harmoniously in a society if only
individuals could be morally upright and guided with
conscience which is an open wound that could only be
cured if man allows it to judge his deeds.
It is therefore believed that the book will serve its
educative, morale and entertainment function for
anybody who lives in our global village and has a
modicum of common sense.
I strongly recommend this book for the younger
generation whose hearts are still pure to engrave
morality on their hearts. And it is also recommended
for the older generation to embrace ideal lives.
Adeyemo, J. A.
Lagos State University,
Igbokwu for your tremendous support may God
continue to bless you and your entire families.
And to my humble and wonderful mentor Dr.
Gabriel Osoba, including Mr. Pius.I. Of Lagos
State University Great thanks to Head of
Department. (H.O.D) English Literature Mr
Adeyemo, ot her Engl i sh Depart ment
Literatures. (LASU)
Oke Endurance Durie and Priscilla Onome.
I also give thanks to the Head of Academic,
Professor J.C Okeke and Ron Chinyern
Onwubuya PGD Journalism and my fellow
exemplary students in the above mentioned
institutions. And to you who have contributed in
one way or the other, and whose prayer and
contribution is beyond human comprehension.
May God bless you all.
LOG: Chief Priest
And others
VINDA: Director of Operations
WEGA: Police
BAGA: Police
YEDU: Police
OWATU: State Security
Officer for Operations.
ADEOMA: Deputy known as Mopol
GOLY: Informant
AYO: Interpreter
WASO: Known Walo Best
Shooter and must always kill in any operation.
BAYO: Manager
AGU: Deputy
TUNDE: Staff
fficers were on parade ground
while Makoo and Vinda inspect
their dressing and other things O
that make an officer look good before the
Makoo: My officers are becoming
extremely responsible and
committed in serving this
country unlike before.
Vinda: That's true but it's not all that
appears like this, that's interested
to serve others.
Makoo: How do you mean?
Vinda: When the boom shall be heard as
usual we shall know who shall
Makoo: Oh! I understand, is that what you
mean? Life has no duplicate and a
wise officer should know that.
Vinda: If that is the case, what is the
meaning of the responsibility and
commitment you are making me
to see in these officers?
Makoo: I could see, because you were shot
in your left leg by robbers, which
has affected you, appearing like
these handsome and beautiful
officer. Then expect every one of
us to also sustain a life time injury.
Vinda: I would not mean that, but then we
should give to this country more
than we presently do.
Makoo: Can't you see how Owatu, the
state security officer appears.
Oh! Something strucked Vinda, as he
replied so you could see him. As he
soliquized and said patiently I must deal
with him! I mean a change is good for him
Makoo: Can't you see him?
Vinda: He is looking good, I hope he
would not be among those
“bad eggs” in this command that
operates with official gun in
illegal place with illegal bullets.
Makoo: But when will senior officers
begin to respect junior officers
who are doing very well or must
we humiliate them always.
Vinda: Or what sir?
Makoo: Relegating junior officers to dust
has caused much harm than good
in this country. This British
colonial method of operations
should be jettison in our system,
so that officers could work and
smile while serving this nation.
Vinda: How do you mean sir?
Makoo: In other command officers don't
work while smiling like in my
own command”.
Vinda: Opinion defers, people have
different faces and we are
expected to act differently.
Suddenly, his voice became bold and loud
as he shouted on Mr. Owatu, to ask other
officers to leave the parade ground in
Owatu: Yes sir? Suspecting a foul play
against him is imminent.
Bada: Why did operation officer call you
to direct us to leave the parade
Owatu: I wonder o! When have the
sleeping eyes begun to respond to
the tenacity of the mosquito
without hearing it.
Bada: Nobody has ever wanted his
company, but if friendship would
exist by this, I would advice you to
tread with caution.
As they kept walking into their various
offices Yedie began to dance; as he says.
When there's this kind of friendship
somebody should be careful o!
He that fails to understand
Would not fail to cry
If it would last
Tread the path of quietness
As he continue to laugh.
Owatu: Why are you laughing?
Yedie: Your days are numbered in this
Owatu: Yes! You could think so but if
friendship is known as the evil
day approaches, then the prey
might turn a hero
There was a loud voice, screaming and
shouting police o! Police o! As Mrs. Ala
walked into the station with tears on her
Vinda: Madam! Please what' s the
problem? As tears continue to
flow down Mrs. Ala cheeks
Vinda: Can't you respond to my question
before it is too late!
Ala: Oh “Na thief people come to my
house and killed my husband
and took away our belongings
just few hours ago”
Vinda: What?
Ala: Am finished!
Vinda: Where's your house?
Ala: Just adjacent to the station.
Vinda: Oh! Are you not Mrs. Ala?
Ala: Yes, I am.
Vinda: Could you look into my eyes?
Ala: What has your eyes got to do
with my trauma?
Vinda: Could you look into my eyes and
remember who I am?
Ala: Oh! I never knew you are the one!
Am finished, what should I do?
She asked.
Vinda: Take it easy am the “big man here,
the oga of operation” I'll draft my
boys to the scene right now so that
investigations will commence
Ala: Investigation or no investigations
how can I get my husband back.
Vinda: “If a tree is chopped off from it's
truck will it ever stand?
Ala: How do you mean? Has my
husband gone forever? As she
began to cry, while Vinda asked
for Owatu to come forward and
lead the operation to unveil the
circumstances surrounding the
death of Mr. Ala.
Vinda: Death is irrecoverable episode that
linger long in the heart of the
victim. But with understanding
one can bear it and overcome it
with faith.
Ala: Oh! You mean I should not cry?
Vinda: Yes! What's happening again with
you, please take it easy.
Ala: How can a man born of a woman
that owns and shares the same
private organ with me kill my
husband and you said I should not
do anything?
ze ata holding a coconut while
seating under the “odara” tree with
Eother community leaders, ask Agba
to speak.
Agba: Ezekwe o! kwenu o!
Then others responded while
the Igwe continued to look and
his servant kept fanning him
with smiles on their faces.
Ata: What is it?
Agba: Should we continue to keep
quite in this town till all our
people are killed?
Jaka: “Is only when water turns to
blood, and blood continue to
flow like pipe borne water that
we ought to talk about the
security of this community”.
Agba: Aru! Awo! Rashi Kyau!
Jaka: Olorun Oba! Whose portion
would that be?
Ata: Nobody knows when, how and
where it could happen but since
you've brought this cause to the
notice of the Igwe and council I
think it well proper justice
must be done to it now.
Logo: “Before the end of this
deliberation, as the thunder
both strike without consulting
anybody, and by the grace of
God; based on our own
among us we cannot stop what
will befall us now”.
Agba: God forbid! How can you say
such thing when we've come
to deliberate on issue bothering
our community?
Philomina ride her bicycle, greeted the Igwe
and council leader and continued to peddle
her bicycle when suddenly the chief priest
took permission and beckon on Philomina.
Philomina: Eze ndimoo! Good day Sir,
Logo: How are you doing?
Philomina: It’s okay with me.
Logo: As usual, is very important that
you summon those boys to kill
Agba immediately.
He has just suggested to Igwe and council
to beef up security in this community. And
this will cause us to starve in this
Philomina: What mouth did he use in
saying it?
Logo: If we should stop doing
nothing to stop them from this
useless plan they'll succeed in
inviting police to police this
communi t y t o our own
Philomina: God forbid! Rashi Kyau!
Abomination! Aru! It will
never work
Logo: Have just told them now, that
the God of the land has told me
Igwe: Why are your people speaking
i n t ongues when we' r e
supposed to inform the chief
priest on what we've discussed
so far.
While philomina continued to meditate as
she paddles on her bicycle on the bush path
she stole a glance; there was Adeoma
walking out from the bush path smiling.
Philomina: Where are you from? What are
you doing there?
Adeoma: Have you forgotten that you
said that the earth must open
before you arrive today?
Philomina: I suspect you went to defecate
in the bush, however you
should summon our boys to
Ajala tree, that's the odum tree
right away. The chief, the Eze
in council must be killed.
Adeoma: Why?
Philomina: He has suggested that the
community must be fortified
that we're going to mourn and
also we are going to loose an
Important personality in our
Philomina: That's good! Is that what you
told them? Already they're not
in their good sense while
discussing the matter.
Logo: Yes of course, and for me to
remai n rel evant i n t hi s
community, we must kill Agba
who suggested such thing
because if the hen stops by
beckoning on her chicks how
can they feed?
Philomina: We must eliminate him. Leave
the rest for me. (As Philomina
departed Ezemoo retired his
place of discussion!)
Agba: The chief priest is back, Igwe
you are welcome
Jaka: Kilo de ti ama je ki ole pa awon
eniyan wa.
Agba: Eseun o! Do you think you only
understand this language
looking for the black goat in the
Philomina: Instruct everybody to put on
mask please.
Adeoma: Okay ma!
Philomina: I will be waiting for you
people at the ichaka junction.
Adeoma: Yes ma!
They retired to their houses, as Philomina
was charging. She shouted how can I kill
my in-law? Then she decided to do
something, which nobody would neither
know nor the chief priest will be aware of it.
with security personnel for
security reasons and purpose.
Adeoma: Oh! It is now that he knows,
arm robbery case has become
the order of the day O! he
wants to remove food from our
table. Because it is only he,
that the death visits, knows
how painful it is to cry with
Philomina: Where is the gun?
Adeoma: We buried it under the plantain
plant behind Agba's house.
Philomina: Oh! Near my in- laws house
Adeoma: Yes, of course.
Philomina: Everybody should be harassed
but the king should be killed
I'll shoot the harassing gun, but
you must gun down the king.
Did you hear me?
Adeoma: Yes of course, but let's do
something before we start
Vinda: You did not allow other to see it
That's good that is why I said
you're a trained officer. You did
Owotu: I suspect one of those boys that
visited you two days ago are
t h e o w n e r o f t h e
complimentary card.
Vinda: Why did you say that?
Owotu: There's this cloth belonging to
one of them, which he was
putting on which I recognized
and it is torn either by Mr. Ala
when they were struggling to
kill him. Here is the cloth; but I
suspect Mr. Ala must be a
brave man because his house
was turned upside down mere
looking at the scene of murder.
Vinda: That's true! I could remember
one of the fat boys among them
wore exactly this. How mighty
fall (he screamed)!
Owotu: Sir I hope there's no problem?
n the scene of investigation a
complimentary card belonging to
Vinda, boldly written operation O
officer was picked by Owatu.
Vinda: How did it go?
Owotu: Sir is nothing good to write
home about.
Vinda: How do you mean?
Owotu: At the scene very close
to the corpse of Mr. Ala, I
discovered this complimentary
Vinda: That's good, can I see it
Owotu: As he stretched his hand, he
Vinda: Screamed! God forbid! How
Owotu: I picked it without allowing
other officers to see it. But the
funny t hi ng i s t hat t he
complimentary card is socked
with blood
Vinda: Ther e' s pr obl em as he
ponders, but it's only the
lioness that knows how hard it
is to deliver a prime.
Owotu: When people fail to do the
right thing at the right time,
time becomes their enemy.
Vinda: Yes of course, how can Mr. Ala
be living adjacent to the police
station? He has become the
chief officer of operations.
There's nothing happening
here that he does not know. He
has turned his house into a
gossip centre.
Owotu: Sir that means what killed him
could be from us.
Vinda: Although, you are one of us,
but don't quote me; Mr. Ala has
offended so many people in
this station.
Owatu: Sir, he talks anyhow.
Vinda: Everyday I keep receiving
report concerning how he has
t ur ned hi s house t o a
house to monitoring center.
Thus, tells the community
leaders who and who t hat
came to the police station to
conduct one thing or the other.
Owotu: Is that why he was killed?
Vinda: I do not know, but I know we
officers are gentle dove and as
poisonous as scorpion.
Owotu: Count me out sir; I can't be that
foolish to eliminate my fellow
human being because of
ordinary talk that comes out of
the mouth. And peradventure
sir, that after investigation that
you are caught in this drastic
wicked act. What will you do?
“Because only the lizard that
falls from the peak of a tree
knows how painful it is after
shaking his head”
Vinda: You've started suspecting me
as a young officer.
Owotu: No sir,
(Bada walked in and Owatu was directed to
Vinda: How are you doing?
Bada: We're okay; the problem with
me now is that I've not been
paid my salary. The little I
got from the road block at
“Iwata” has been exhausted,
in fact; my wife has asked me
for a divorce.
Vinda: Can't you look for the man that
is deceiving her and kill him
just as we did to that useless
man t hat al ways t al ked
Bada: That's true, Mrs. Ala have been
reduced to nothing. She greets
these days, but those days she
couldn’t, she did not know how
much it cost to fuel a car, she sat
and talk ed a n y h o w a n d
looked down on people.
Vinda: If not for her and her attitude
nobody would've killed her
Bada: That man has come and gone
jaree! How do I solve my
problem o! What ' s the
Vinda: Did you know that these young
recruits that I thought would
do a dirty job went and did a
good job.
Bada: How do you mean?
Vinda: Owatu came back and brought
my complimentary card and a
torn cloth of your brother in the
scene of the crime.
Bada: What do you mean? And you
still allow him to see today. He
should be killed on his way to
work tomorrow.
Vinda: I don't have access to those
boys please inform them this
night. But what worries me
most is that once a policeman
is killed proper investigation is
carried out.
Bada: Don't worry, as an amateur
officer, he has tendered all
i mpor t ant evi dence t o
me. So he must be killed, if not
we'll loose all hard earned
benefits we're yet to earn.
Vinda: You could go and organize
them while I take your
Bada: Sir that is not my problem for
Vinda: What do you mean?
Bada: I want to work at “Atadoko”
Vinda: Can you remit the kind of
money these officers are
bringing back here. The junior
officers there are working like
elephant, but feeds like an ant;
you better have a rethink but
all the same after that
assignment I'll post you to a
new found place. Take one of
those envelopes there, but you
tell them to do a clean job. And
that reminds me you should
collect part of our own money
from them.
Bada: That's true sir, I remembered
there's money some where for
us. He smiled and left
i mmedi at el y wi t h t he
As he walked towards “Ichaka” junction,
philomina sighted him and walked
towards him after she unmasked herself.
Philomina: What's the problem?
Bada: You people acted wrongly.
How can you, drop the
complimentary card of the
Operation Officer and the
cloth of his brother at the
scene of Mr. Ala's house.
Philomina: Sir it is a mistake.
Bada: That's deadly one; therefore
the man carrying out the
investigation must be killed.
Philomina: A police officer
Bada: Yes.
Philomina: God forbid, but agreement is
that none of our gun-nussle
should fall down a police
officer deliberately.
Bada: Yes! But this cause demands
it, or else we'll be caught.
Philomina: Can I've his picture?
Bada: Here is his picture and he
al ways pas s es t hr ough
Owatarka junction to office
every early morning.
Philomina: I'll kill him myself.
Bada left smiling while philomina masked
herself and moved to “Odum Tree” where
the meeting is holding, as she left walking
towards the tree so does Viga the princess
try to recognize her as one of her school
Philomina: So you can recognize me, (she
shot her; asking Mopol) where
are you?
Mopol: Yes ma!
Adeoma: I've shot the king and the
The chief priest kept on shouting and
calling the villagers to come for help,
pretending as if he is not a party to the
Jaka: Where is Agba?
Logo: I don't know where he ran.
Jaka: He ran toward the forbidden
forest and I suspect he has
gone t o ki ss t he deat h
Jaka: We've lost the king, the prince
and princess in the land of the
Philomina, I was bribed to kill you, but
since you're my in-law, I decided to
accompany you through this wicked
bush path. Leave this village for now!
Escape for your dear life, till your enemies
are killed. Where ever you found peace,
always read this profound letter don't visit
your wife and children leave from here as
he stretched his hand and gave the letter to
agba and ask him to run .

Agba: I have heard you, God bless
you my in-law
Philomina: I'll always reach you for any
important message.
Agba: My in-law.
Philomina: Deface yourself in any place
you'll settle down for now, for
your own security.
Agba escaped and settled in “tagada”
which is far from his hometown with a
defaced tattoo.
he bank was deserted; people were
shouting and crying while Bayo lay
Tdead with Agu on the floor.
Tunde: I can't remain here,
Florence: They have gone please let's
run away before they come
Tunde: They've broken the save and
all the money have been taken
Florence: Let' s leave that for the
Gozy: Os anobua Mwen! We' ve
succeeded. And the salaries of
wor ker s , whi ch wer e
deposited there, has been taken
Waso: Emi ko ni f iota bon mi sho
fobii igba ti o ko ja.
Ayo: Oda! It is good! He said, he
never wasted bullets unlike he
did in the last mission.
Mopol: But we recorded few death and
in fact I suspect that, this is
more skillful than we need to
Philomina: How much did we steal from
the bank?
Adeoma: Is up to twenty million naira.
Philomina: Twenty million key is there
anyhow, that we will spend all
these money without being
caught by the security agents.
Mopol: I suspect well but we've
already done the damage
Ayo: When success leads to abuse,
the four corners of the eyes
share the tears
When life flows like River
It bent's at will
No one can stop it
We're chaff before the grave
It can come!
No one resist it but escape!
Life is beautiful!
Adeoma: But we should stop fearing
and discuss how this money
should be shared.
Philomina: Do you think that this money is
enough for us? Have you
forgotten that they are many
powerful men and women
who sent us on this money am
ready to travel outside the
country with my own share.
Adeoma: Oh! You think if the bobble
burst you won't be caught?
Ayo: Before then, I would' ve
invested very well.
Philomina: But we've to leave this place,
to the “Odum Tree” for more
discussion. Vinda has just
called and told me that some
security men have been
detailed at the scene of the
crime; and he has informed me
to take proper step of making
sure that we' re not ten
kilometers around the place
Ayo: Is true, but does married
women care about stolen
Mopol: Don't mind her
Ayo: Is it their fault?
Mopol: That's their life, even if it will
t a k e h u ma n k i n d n e s s ,
openness to cheating the
p o w e r w i t h p r o p e r
or ga ni z a t i ona l a c ume n
against the collective will of
the people. I don't think my
wife will support me, once it
does not attract her comfort.
Mopol: I don't know where my wife
came from; she will never
support an infamous action like
this even if it attracts her
comfort. Is that what we've
come to do this place?
Philomina: Are you people not hearing me
or am I talking to stones.
Mopol: We're listening to you.
Ayo: How do we share this money
when the chief priest is not
around? I've never heard that a
chief priest is involved in
stealing and killing.
Mopol: If we share this money without
giving reasonable amount of
money to the chief priest, he
could kill us.
Philomina: I suspect that, he is a stupid
priest, who had used us to
execute his plans, but it will be
better for us to kill him.
Mopol: His antecedent continued to
betray the mind. Am in support
of killing him.
Ayo: I do, but others should be
allowed to come up with their
own suggestion. Since no man
h a s t h e mo n o p o l y o f
Mopol: Adeoma continued quietness
is emphatically undesirable.
Adeoma: No, whatever you people
agreed of is accepted by me.
“Subsequently the toad does
not know that there are two
kinds of wat er unt i l you
put it into hot water he
Philomina: That' s true. (as she
remembered and realized, that,
this is an opportunity she is
looking for.)
Ayo caught in sharply. This man could be
on his way to this place.
Mopol: If he could come and tell us
exactly what our plans are, I
think we could trust him and
suspend the plans.
Ayo: Tell us what, watch and see he
is a common criminal like us,
who cheats in the name of
Adeoma: Olukwu! How can he use us to
kill his enemy and be party to
the sharing of the money in-
fact he cannot be a chief priest
and a criminal.
Philomina: I support what “mopol” said,
that's being able to tell us the
right thing that we imagined
that should've fallen into his
Ayo: He thinks that it takes a dine to
be a criminal, as she laughed!
philomina; (She shot) Bullet shattered her
skull as blood gush out, while
others kept discussing waiting
for the chief priest.
Adeoma: Oh! I know you'll kill me one
day, because women are not in
the class of men who tolerates
other; we hate ourselves up as
far as power is concern when is
given to us we can mess
ourselves up as she pointed her
gun towards Philomina but lost
the strength to press the
trigger and subsequently fell
on the ground as Philomina
walked away with others.
The chief priest getting to the spot and
sighting Adeoma's body took to his heel.
mopol shot him twice and he fell down died.
chief priest: O! My God he screamed.
Philomina: I think is okay by you people?
Mopol: That's okay.
Ayo: I think these greedy ones have
died we can share our loot
Philomina: No questioning isn't it?
Ayo: Yes of course, but everyday is
for the thief one day is for the
Philomina: Who's the thief and who's the
As they kept talking, a man passed-by
looking at them with a defacing mask, as he
wal ke d and gr e e t e d Phi l omi na
passionately as Logo came along but
arrived late.
Logo: Well done oh!
Ayo: You came very quick
Mopol: What kept you this long?
Logo: Earlier, as I walked towards
here, I heard a gun shot and I
ran away.
Ayo: That was when “Oga” shot
Adeoma to death, and the fake
spi r i t ual l eader of our
Logo: I support that in totality.
Ayo: Is it true.
Vinda: whatever is the value of the
money is what we should give
to him and the chief security
officer. He is asking for sixty
percent of the total loot can you
(There were shivers that struck them in
their spines.)
Philomina: Who said that and how did you
hear of it, where were you
when you heard it?
Mopol: Let's invite the chief security
officer and kill him, so that he
lies among these ones.
Philomina: I support that, but what'll
happen to Vinda?
Mopol: Nothing, Vinda support us
b e c a u s e h e i s a l wa y s
complaining of how Oga has
been cheating him over the loot
Ayo: Let us not be caught in toils of
unpleasant feeling of sharing
this loot lets kill these officers
conceal this crime and look for
other officers that can assist us
in any business jaree! “But
remember what comes around
goes around” we ‘ll account
for this one day ooo!
Philomina: I made it, thank God my in-law
is not dead.
Officers were on parade
ground while Makoo and Vinda
inspect their dressing and other
things that make an officer look
good before the audience (1-7)
Eze holding a coconut
while sitting under the "Odum
Tree"with other community
leaders, ask Agba to speak (8-14)
On the scene of investigation a
complimentary card belonging
to Vinda, boldly written operation
officer was picked by Owantu. (15-25)
The bank was deserted; people
were shouting and crying while
Bayo lay dead with Agu on the
floor. (26-35)
Ezemoo!- Chief Priest.
Rashi kyan - Abomination.
Eseuno!-Thank you.
Aru! - Abomination.
Olorun Oba! - My God.
Ezekwe O! Kwenu O! - Greeting.
Kilo de ti ama je ki ole pa awon
eniyan wa. - Why have you allowed thieves
to kill our people.
Olukwu! - Foolish person.
Oda! - Is good.
Emi ko ni fi ota bon mi sho fo bii
igba ti o ko ja. - I will not waste my bullet
like I did before.
Odum Tree - "Meeting place" The Lion's Tree
Osanobua Mwen!- My God

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