ESL Games for Kids

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Run And Get ItDivide the class into two teams and have them stand in
two lines facing each other. Assign each team member a number from one
to four. Place a few flashcards in the middle of the two teams. Call a
number and a flashcard, e.g. "Student three - rabbit". The students
assigned that number must run into the center and touch the flashcard
and shout "rabbit". The member who touched and called first can take the
flashcard to their side.
Scrabblerite a selection of letters on the board. !"#lain to the students
that the$ have to make u# as man$ words as #ossible from the given
letters. %odel one or two e"am#les on the board for them. &ive them a
time limit.
Shiri ToriThis is a #o#ular 'a#anese game. (ave ever$one sit in a circle.
The teacher sa$s a word and each student must add a word that begins
with the last letter of the word )ust s#oken e.g. a##le-egg-girl-lion-neck-
Slam(ave the students sit in a circle with their hands on their heads.
S#read the flashcards face u# in the middle. The teacher calls out a flash
card and the students race to touch it. The first student to touch it gets to
kee# the flashcard. *n the case of a tie, have the students +,ock, Scissors,
Spelling BeeThis can be done with the whole class or in two teams. The
first #la$er on team one is given a word to s#ell orall$. The teacher writes
the letters on the board as the$ are s#elled out loud. *f correct, the team
gets a #oint. *f $ou do a class com#etition, line the students u# and give
them words one b$ one. hen the$ make a mistake the$ must sit down.
The last student standing is the winner.
What's Missing?Scatter --./ flashcards face u# on the table. &ive the
students a minute to look at them, then have them close their e$es and
take awa$ one flashcard. Tell the students to o#en their e$es and ask,
"hat+s missing0". ,eward the student that guesses correctl$.
Alphabet Shout Out,andoml$ choose an al#habet flashcard and award a
#oint to the first student who shouts out a word beginning with that letter.
CharadesDivide and line u# the class into two teams. The first student
from each team comes to the front. The teacher whis#ers a word or shows
a flashcard to the two students and the$ act it out. The first team to call
out the correct word gets a #oint. !.g. slee#ing, eating, #la$ing soccer...
ance O! The OstrichesPair u# students and attach a flashcard to their
backs. The ob)ect of the game is to look at the other student+s flash card
and $ell out the word before the$ see $ours.
Go "ish(ave students choose two flashcards each. (ave the students
hold the flashcards face u# but not to show an$one. Choose a student and
ask "Do $ou have a cat0" *f the answer is $es, the$ have to give $ou the
flash card. (ave each student ask other students 1uestions. A student
with no cards is out.
Ma#e A SentencePut the students into teams and la$ out a selection of
flashcards or items. 2ne student from each team chooses a vocabular$
item and uses it correctl$ in a sentence. &ive each student ten seconds on
the timer. ,educe the time in the second and third round. As the item is
named, the teacher #uts it awa$ and gives the team a #oint. rite the
#oints on the whiteboard.
Memor$ Bu%%(ave the students sit in a circle and start building a
sentence. Student . sa$s "*n the classroom, * see a clock", student 3 sa$s
"*n the classroom, * see a clock and a ma#", student 4 sa$s "*n the
classroom * see a clock, a ma# and a chair" etc. 5or a variation, see
+6uestion Chain+.
Memor$ Tra$7ring in a tra$ of various review or new ob)ects. !licit the
names of the ob)ects and give the students a minute to memori8e what+s
on the tra$. Take the tra$ awa$ and see how man$ ob)ects can be
remembered. 2lder students should write a list of ob)ects. The student
who remembers the most ob)ects gets a #oint. Can be done with

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