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act of God acts of vandalism adjuster against all risks - full cover all-risks policy annual premium annuity annuity due annuity policy to to assess a damage assess the value assistance branch to to to be covered by the insurance be insured bear all risks bilateral agreement block insurance burglary insurance car insurance cargo underwriter casualty insurance ceding company certificate of insurance change of profession civil commotion

insurance franchise insurance in favour of another insurance policy insurance premium to to to to insure insure against all risks insure baggage against loss insure one's life insured to issue a policy lapsed policy level premium level premium insurance liability insurance life assurance life policy to make out a policy malpractice insurance marine insurance marine insurance company marine underwriter master policy multiple-line underwriter multi-risk policy non-cancellable policy

claim form claims department claims manager co-insurance co-insurer compensation for damages comprehensive motor policy to cover all risks credit insurance damage in transit damage survey dangerous activities deferred annuity deferred premium disability disability insurance to to disallow a claim draw up a policy endowment life policy endowment policy estimate of damages extended coverage extended guarantee extended term insurance fire insurance

non-medical policy obligatory insurance open policy ordinary life assurance partial disability period of insurance permanent disability perpetual annuity policy policy holder policy to bearer policy to order premium adjustment private insurances recovery of damages to to to redeem a policy refund for a loss refuse to settle a claim registered policy reinsurance re-insurance company to reinsure reinsured reinsurer retirement annuity

fire risk only first premium first-loss policy fixed annuity fleet policy fortuity general insurance goods-in-transit policy government subsidised insurances green card guaranteed annuity hail insurance hidden damage householder's policy hull underwriter hybrid annuity in case of theft increasing annuity to indemnify - to refund industrial accident insurance insurance insurance againt damages insurance company insurance contract insurance coverage

riots risk evaluation risk spreading self-insurance to settle a claim settling agent single premium single-premium policy social security insurances spontaneous combustion standard policy step-rate premium insurance sum insured temporary annuity theft theft policy time policy total disability uncovered underwriting variable annuity voluntary insurance voyage insurance war risks whole life assurance

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