Examples of Force, Motion and Acceleration

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EXAMPLES OF FORCE  An example of force is pushing a cart up a hill. The force you used to do that is called energy. Force times distance moved in the direction of the force is one form of energy  a push or pull is needed is a vector  Mechanical Energy  Gravitational Energy  Kenetic Energy  Static load  Dynamic load  Shear force EXAMPLES OF MOTION 1.soldiers in a march past. 2.motion of the earth around the sun. 3.motion of a swing. 4.motion of a pendulum. 5.pedal of a bicycle in motion. 6.hands of an athlete in a race. 7.bullock cart moving on a straight road. 8.motion of a branch of a tree. 9.motion of a blade of an electric fan. 10.motion of a top. EXAMPLES OF ACCELERATION 1. The gravitational field strength, g, is a common acceleration that comes from the gravitational pull of the earth. 2. Whenever you ride in a car and make a turn, the phenomenon you feel is an outward acceleration. 3. When cars start from rest, you might feel a push backwards into the seat. This is also an acceleration.

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