Expression Boosters

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Expression Boosters



Opening phrases:
 It is often said / argued that ...
 It is a fact that ...
 Over the past few years, it seems that ...
 Recently, we have all become concerned
that ...
 In the past, people ... but now...
 These days, it seems that / people are
becoming aware that ...
 in contemporary times
 in modern times
 in antiquity
 since the industrial revolution
 since the dawn of time
 To exemplify, …
 In particular,
 For instance,
 Education, for instance, could be
Listing arguments:
 To begin with,…
 A second area to consider is ...
 Another point to consider is ...
 Finally, … should (also) be considered.
 Finally, it is clear that ...
 This, in turn, may lead to …
 One possible outcome of this situation is
that …
 Thus / Therefore / Hence / Consequently,

 This is bound to result in …
Problems & Negative Results:
 economic burden
 be at stake
 be in jeopardy
 the situation is getting out of hand
 people fall into the trap of doing sth
 serious (/negative) repercussions
 a negative impact on
Changing the topic:
 With regard to ...
 On the question of ...
 Another point to consider is ...

 However / Nonetheless / Nevertheless,

 Despite / In spite of …
 Although it is often seen as an insoluble
problem, there are viable solutions.
 be a(n) ardent (/fervent/passionate)
supporter of (doing) sth
 Many embrace the idea that…
 A bewildering number of people
advocate that…
 Many would go to any lengths to prove
the opposite.
 Many are conscientious objectors to the
idea that…
 Many take exception to the idea that…
 Many are at odds with this point of view.
 take austere measures
 the current situation requires /
necessitates immediate action
 put a ban on sth
 be banned from (doing) sth
 viable / feasible solution
 set a plan in motion
Adding to a point:
 Additionally / Moreover / Furthermore, …
 A further contributory factor is that …
 This problem is further exacerbated by

 Fortunately, there are solutions to this
problem, one of which is the idea of …
 There are many ways by which this
problem can be dealt with. Firstly, …
 There are several ways by which people
can deal with the problem at hand. One
idea is to … . Another is to … . A final
solution could be … .
 Those who are aware of the problem
are, by and large, determined to resolve
it. This can only be made possible,
however, by / if …
 reap the benefits
 an effective deterrent
 innovative ideas
 implement new policy / legislation
 instigate changes

 To recapitulate, it seems that …
 On balance, it appears that the
advantages far outweigh the
 To sum up,
 On the whole, …
Weighing up arguments:
 The benefits are offset by some major

While it is true that ..., it must not be
forgotten that ...
Although it could be argued that ..., it is
also a fact that … .
On the one hand ..., but on the other
hand ...
It is important to balance (a positive
point) against (a negative point)

 For my part,
 It is widely believed that…
 There is little / no doubt that…
 It goes without saying that…

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