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Cleanse – At first, cleanse your face. You may use any cleanser of your choice. But I
personally prefer raw milk with a pinch of turmeric or a paste of besan and milk as they
clean the skin in an amazing way.

Scrub – Make your favorite chocolate scrub by using a spoon of cocoa powder, a spoon
of brown sugar, a spoon of olive oil and a pinch of vanilla extract. Mix them together and
exfoliate your face with it.

Chocolate cream for face – To make a nourishing face cream, take a cup of cocoa
powder and add six spoons of cottage cheese to it. Whisk them together. Now, add halfa-cup honey. Blend them well. Massage this mixture on your face with gentle upward
motions. Let it stay for 15 minutes and rinse with plain water.

Chocolate face mask – Take a bar of organic dark chocolate, two spoons of oatmeal, five
spoons of salt and organic milk (1/5 cup). Melt the chocolate and allow it to cool. Mix it
with milk and salt. Alternately, you can make a face pack by combining half-a-cup of
cocoa powder, 8 spoons of yoghurt, 4 spoons of honey, 2 capsules of Vitamin E and
sufficient rice flour. Apply the mask on face and allow it to stay on for sometime, till it
dries off and gets hard. Rinse with tepid water.

Finally, dab a face toner of your choice.

Chocolate facials offer you a luxury experience. Whether you do it at home or you get it
done at your favourite salon, you would surely love the rich feeling it offers.

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