Fairness Campaign Pride 2013 Newsletter

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PRIDE 2013
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ACLU/Fairness Dinner
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2012 Year in Review
"Friends of Fairness"
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KY State Fair
Fairness by the Numbers
2013 Fairness Rally photos by Johnna "Speaks" Photography
PRIDE Across the Commonwealth
Fairness is moving forward in more ways & places in KY than ever before
From Appalachia to Berea, Bowling Green, Murray, and beyond, Kentuckians are celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month in more ways than ever before—and making a diference across the
Hundreds of local residents have become deeply involved in civic and statewide anti-discrimination Fairness
movements spanning Bardstown, Berea, Bowling Green, Danville, Elizabethtown, Frankfort, Morehead, Shelbyville,
and more. In June alone, Shelbyville Fairness mobilized supporters to city hall, Bowling Green Fairness launched
"Fairness on Fountain Square," an initiative aimed at signing on local supportive businesses, and Frankfort Fairness
members have engaged in inspiring ways, leading to its Board of Commissioners' debate on Fairness.
The year certainly began with a bang—Berea's Mayor Steve Connelly announced executive orders extending
domestic partner benefts to city employees and updating the community's internal non-discrimination hiring
policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity. By all accounts, the Berea Human Rights Commission will
soon be recommending to the city passage of a full anti-discrimination Fairness law.
Add to Berea's progress Murray City Council's unanimous adoption of an LGBTQ-inclusive Bully Free Resolution that
created its ofcial "Bully Free Educational Campaign," and, of course, Vicco's historic passage of a Fairness ordinance,
which brought the Appalachian coal town the national distinction of smallest city in America with LGBTQ Fairness.
There's so much to celebrate this June, but as the 2013 Kentucky General Assembly acutely reminded us, there are
mountains of work yet to be traversed in our commonwealth. While it may be true House Bill 279, the so-called
"Religious Freedom Act," will likely have little afect on local Fairness ordinances—or any other law—in the immediate
future, the ideaological battle it began has set the stage for what's to come in Kentucky's fght for Fairness.
An article in the conservative National Catholic Register revealed the growing unease felt by anti-Fairness advocates
over the undeniable strengthening of our state's movement for LGBTQ-inclusive civil rights. The piece, titled
"Lessons from Bruising Passage of Kentucky Religious-Freedom Bill," laments the power that's been built by Fairness'
intersectional and inclusive organizing model. For one HB 279 advocate, "...the unexpected opposition to the bill
underscored the growing political strength of homosexual activists. The gay community...has allied themselves
with every progressive group in Kentucky." Indeed, we have—because it's the right thing to do. When LGBTQ
activists work to end racism, sexism, mountaintop removal coal mining, voter disenfranchisement, anti-immigrant
legislation, and discriminatory economic policies in Kentucky, we are helping build the collective power necessary
to efect systemic change, leading to the creation of the fair and equitable world in which we all wish to live.
“The governor has never vetoed anything in six years, except for a line-item veto,” another Catholic lobbyist noted.
“Groups that I thought would have no particular interest in gay rights couldn’t say 'No' when the Fairness Campaign
asked them to publicly oppose the bill. They are organized, well funded and infuential." Sounds like they're scared.
Jill Ackerman Jones
Natalie Bajandas, Keller-Williams Realty
Brooke & Matthew Barzun
Jef Been & Eric Graninger
Eleanor Bingham Miller
Emily Bingham & Stephen Reily
Brown-Forman Corporation
Becky Brown
Comfy Cow
Conlife & Hickey Insurance
The Connection
Mark England RE/MAX
Events, LLC
Heather Falmen, PNC Wealth Management
Festival of Faiths
Mary Moss & John Greenebaum
Bert Greenwell, Weber & Rose
Sandy Gulick
Susan Hershberg, Wiltshire Pantry
Clark Johnson & Diane Pecknold
Ed Kruger & Jef Rodgers
Jonathan Lowe
Tom Wallace Lyons
Magnolia’s Florist
Sam Marcosson
Ona Bass Marshall & Dr. Ernest Marshall
Moonshine Distillery
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC
Lisa Osanka
Eugenia & John Potter
Drs. Angela Singla & Aaron Satran
Drs. Michael Stillman & Steve Williams
Dorene Stein
Clif Todd
Carla Wallace, Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice (LSURJ)
Porter Watkins & George Bailey
Jane Welch
JoAnne Wheeler-Bland
Sherry Yeager, Regional First Title Group, LLC
13th Annual ACLU/Fairness Campaign Dinner
Susan Hershberg & her Wiltshire Pantry host another elegant, sold-out evening
ACLU/Fairness Dinner photos by Brian Hawkins and Johnna "Speaks" Photography
2012 in Review "Friends of Fairness"

$5,000 and up
Eleanor Bingham Miller
Brown-Forman Corporation
Ed Kruger and Jef Rodgers
Carla Wallace
Susan Hershberg and the Wiltshire Pantry
$2,500 – $4,999
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC
$1,000 – $2,499

John and Natalie Bajandas
Christy Brown
Mary Moss and John Greenebaum
Robert Greenwell
Patrick Hanna
Augusta and Gill Holland
Jane Hope
Jeferson County Teachers Association (JCTA)
Dorothy Joseph
Ed Lewis and George Stinson
Jessica Loving and Sheryl Snyder
Stuart Perelmuter, Perelmuter Consulting
John and Eugenia Potter
Angela Singla and Aaron Satran
Craig Spears, CPA
Dorene and Russ Stein
Porter Watkins and George Bailey
Terry and Morris Weiss
Nicholas Wilkerson
Catherine and John Yarmuth
$500 – $999

21c Museum Hotel
Luke Barlowe and Jim Meade
Jef Been and Eric Graninger
Marilyn and Alan Bornstein
Conlife and Hickey Insurance
Mark England and Michael Handley
Heather Falmen
Donna Fosberg and Jackie Lucas
Louis Giesel
Sandy Gulick
Roberta Hershberg
Diane Pecknold and Clark Johnson
Kentucky School Boards Association
Jonathan Lowe
Allison Maggiolo
Sam Marcosson
Ona Bass Marshall and Ernest Marshall
Randall McKenzie
Marta Miranda
Ellen and Michael O'Connell
Sheila O'Donnell-Schuster
Lisa Osanka
Jef Polson and Gary White
★Jan. 9: University of Louisville’s Jyler James
Donovan and Bellarmine University’s Brandi
Fulk join the Fairness Campaign as spring
★Jan. 25-29: Fairness Campaign Coordinating
Committee members and staf attend the
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force’s "Creating
Change" conference in Baltimore, MD.
★Jan. 26: Bereans for Fairness host a reception
welcoming the newly appointed Berea Human
Rights Commission.
★Jan. 26: Director Chris Hartman celebrates
three years with the Fairness Campaign.
★Feb. 1: Fairness Coalition leaders conduct
lobby training for University of Louisville’s
LGBTQ student group, commonGround. (The
Fairness Coalition consists of the ACLU of KY,
Fairness Campaign, Kentucky Commission on
Human Rights, Kentucky Fairness Alliance, and
Lexington Fairness.)
★Feb. 10: Following a racist social media post
by the owner of the local LGBTQ bar Tryangles,
the Fairness Campaign works with Kentuckiana
Black Gay Pride Association and Tryangles to
hold a peaceful “Procott.” The owner issues
a sincere apology and Fairness supporters
peacefully patronize the bar bearing stickers
and signs with messages like, “Racism, Sexism,
Heterosexism: Make the Connections,” and “No
★Feb. 13: Fairness Coalition launches
a statewide paid television commercial
campaign highlighting the lack of
discrimination protections in employment,
housing, and public accommodations for
LGBTQ people in Kentucky.
★Feb. 14: Fairness Campaign supporters join
thousands in Frankfort for “I Love Mountains
Day” against mountaintop removal coal
★ Feb. 19: First annual Catholics for Fairness
Pilgrimage is held at the Cathedral of the
Assumption to call on Archbishop Joseph
Kurtz’s support of statewide Fairness.
★Feb. 22: Hundreds of Kentuckians descend
upon Frankfort to participate in citizen
lobbying, a statewide Fairness rally, and the
frst-ever Faith Leaders for Fairness Prayer
Breakfast in the Capitol.
★Feb. 22: This is My Heart for You, a play by
Appalachian author and Bereans for Fairness
member Silas House that deals with an
incident of LGBTQ discrimination in Hazard, has
its world premiere at Berea College.
★March 8: Fairness Campaign supporters join
allies from across the state calling for voting
rights restoration for former felons.
★March 13: Parents of three teenagers, who
took their own lives to end the incessant
bullying and harassment they faced at
school, join the Fairness Coalition to testify
for Rep. Mary Lou Marzian’s (D-Louisville)
anti-bullying/harassment bill, “The Sam
Denham and Miranda Campbell Stand Up for
All Students Act.” Despite tearful testimony
from Covington’s Mrs. & Mr. Denham, who
lost their 13-year-old eighth-grade son, Sam;
Hopkinsville’s Mr. Campbell, who lost his
14-year-old high school freshman daughter,
Miranda; and Cincinnati’s Mrs. & Mr. Logan,
who lost their 18-year-old daughter, Jessica,
the Kentucky House Education Committee
votes 13-10—two votes shy of the necessary
15 to pass committee, where it received near
unanimous support the previous year.
★March 17: WAVE Country with Dawne Gee
airs a special episode about bullying, featuring
members of the Louisville Youth Group and
Fairness director Hartman.
2012 in Review
(l-r) Intern Jyler James Donovan, star volunteer Noah Heath, intern
Bandi Fulk, and supporter Ryan Cozort rally against mountaintop
removal coal mining
Tryangles "Procott"
Rep. Mary Lou Marzian joined by Mr. & Mrs. Denham and Mr. Campbell
Erin Kennedy
Kentucky Medical Group
Ronald Kestler
Kathy and Lew Lancaster
Travis Lay and Ren Scheuerman
Lexington Fairness
Anne and Tony Lindauer
Masters for Covington
Peggy and Irv Maze
Linda and Ronald Metts
Connie and Jon Meyer
Kay Milam
Leslie and James Millar
Joyce Miller
Mary Beth and Joe O'Reilly
Thomas Patteson
Margaret and Dr. Gary Pennington
Morgan Ransdell
Tom Ranz and Bill Trent
Patti and Martin Schiller
Richard Schwarz
Marcia and Edwin Segal
Lesa Seibert
Dr. Christian Settle Altman
Greta and Jacob Sherman
Donald Stern
Carla and K. Grant Taylor
Thomas Van De Rostyne
Charles Venable and Martin Webb
Sarah Walsh
Carolyn Weaver and Rita Simmons
Don Wenzel
Nancy Woodcock

$75 – $249
Gary Adams
Ton Ali and Dan Hourigan
Ann Allen
Debra Anderson and Gary Cusick
Tommy Arnold and Chris Napier
Elise and Allan Atherton
Attica Scott Campaign for Metro Council
Debby Barber
Bryan Bear
Edith Bingham
Michael Blair
Patricia, Erica, and Dennis Bricking
Keith Brooks
Vernon Broyles
Thomas Bruker and Craig Johnson
Philip Bryan
Mary Lou Cambron and Karen Compton
Mark Cannon and John Tederstrom
G. Brent Carter and Bob German
Susan Lane and A.G. Casebeer
Debbie and David Chervenak
Kristin Chervenak and Leila Faucette
Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church
Carol Cobb
Maureen Connelly
Linda Contarino
Brittany Cook
Martha Neal and Graham Cooke
Randall Correll
Kathleen Crawford and Cindi Ramm
Carolyn Cromer
Karen Cronin and Rosemary Smith
Felice and Robert Sachs
Barbara and E. Halsey Sandford
John Selent
Thomas Hurd and David Sickbert
Patrick Stallard
Susannah Woodcock and David Tachau
Clif Todd
Hal Warheim
Marilyn and John Werst
$250 – $499
Brent Ackerson
Steven Adams and Michael Miller
Grace Akers and Maria Price
Michael Aldridge and Matt Madden
Sean Allen and Stewart Hoertz
David Anderson
Rebecca Bazzle
Randy Blevins and Matthew Porter
Chris Botner
Steven Bourassa
Becky Brown
Brian Buford
Deb Burda and Linda Wemes
Michael Burris and Doug Pfendler
Gina Kay Calvert and I. Joel Frockt
Andie Camden and Todd Johnson
Campaign Fund of David Nicholson
Summer Auerbach and Brandon Coan
Timothy Combs and Jim Dickinson
Jacob Conway
Sarah Lynn Cunningham
Liane Dean and Sara Robertson
Ann Deibert and Martha Kenney
Patrick Draus
Michael Drury and Bryant Lewis
Alex Durall and Brad Hampton
Marshall Eldred and Andree Mondor
Dan Farrell
Donna Freeman and Jan Gable
John Gatton
Robert Graves
Laura and Brian Hall
Heather Hart
Mary Lynn Hartman
Anne and Smith Haynie
Rose and Ampelio Isetti
Karen Jarboe and Nanci Moore
David Johnson and Douglas Leezer
Dave Kaplan
Gloria Kemper-O'Neil
★March 19: Fairness Coalition leaders conduct
LGBTQ-inclusive anti-bullying/harassment
workshops at the Kentucky Center for School
Safety’s Bullying Symposium.
★March 21: Immigrants Rights Day draws
more than 1,000 Kentuckians—including
Fairness supporters—to lobby in Frankfort.
★March 21: The Alzheimer’s Association joins
the Fairness Campaign to host a monthly
LGBTQ-themed Alzheimer’s and other
dementias support group at the Fairness
★March 24: A sold-out crowd attends the
12th annual ACLU/Fairness Campaign Dinner
at the Muhammad Ali Center hosted by Susan
Hershberg and her Wiltshire Pantry.
★March 30-April 1: “Come Together
Kentucky”—an annual conference of LGBTQ
student groups across Kentucky—is hosted by
University of Louisville’s Ofce of LGBT Services
with support from the Fairness Coalition.
★April 19: C-FAIR, the political action
committee of the Fairness Campaign, makes
endorsements in fourteen primary election
★April 21: Louisville Showing Up for Racial
Justice (LSURJ), the Fairness Campaign, and
others organize a protest against the Neo-Nazi
National Socialist Movement rally in Frankfort.
★April 24: The Fairness Campaign joins the
Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission,
the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development, and Lexington Fair Housing
Council for a "Fair Housing Month" workshop
on LGBTQ-inclusive housing laws.
★April 29: True Colors Ministry and Highland
Baptist Church host a concert featuring openly
LGBTQ Christian rock musician Jennifer Knapp
with Fairness Campaign co-sponsorship.
★May 8: WFPL News launches a nine-part
documentary series, “Defning Fairness,” which
lifts the voices of Louisville’s diverse LGBTQ
Fairness community.
★May 15: Jeferson County Teachers
Association (JCTA) hosts a member meeting
on LGBTQ and Fairness issues.
★May 26: The Fairness Campaign takes part
in the inaugural "Bluegrass Art Experience" at
Churchill Downs.
Catholics for Fairness Pilgrimage | Eddie Davis Photography
Protestors of the Neo-Nazi rally in Frankfort
★May 26: Administrative coordinator Laura
Reece celebrates two years with the Fairness
★May 27: Fairness Campaign Coordinating
Committee member Maurice “Bojangles”
Blanchard is ordained by Highland Baptist
Church, making him one of only a couple
dozen openly LGBTQ U.S. Baptist ministers.
★May 30: Hanover College student Morgan
Rumple joins the Fairness Campaign as a
summer intern.
★June 3: Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church
dedicates its Sunday service to Pride Month.
Former Fairness Campaign community site
volunteer Chris Rothbauer leads the service
with a refection from Fairness director
★June 6: Kentucky Department of Education
invites Fairness Coalition leaders to attend a
board report from the Kentucky Center for
School Safety on bullying in the state.
★June 6: First Unitarian Church invites Fairness
director Hartman to deliver youth and full
congregation refections on LGBTQ issues for
Pride Month.
★June 11: Fairness Campaign Coordinating
Committee member Rev. Derek Penwell, senior
minister of Douglass Boulevard Christian
Church, joins Fairness director Hartman in
a televised KET Kentucky Tonight debate on
same-gender marriage against Kent Ostrander,
executive director of the Family Foundation of
Kentucky, and Rev. Hershael York, senior pastor
of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort.
★June 13: Sister Cities of Louisville hosts a
dialogue on LGBTQ issues between Fairness
Coalition leaders and representatives from
Perm, Russia.
★June 14: The Fairness Campaign participates
in Brown-Forman Corporation’s annual Pride
★June 15: Nearly 75 volunteers march in
the Kentuckiana Pride Parade as part of the
Fairness Campaign’s human foat, themed
“Dream in Color.” Faith Leaders for Fairness
co-chair Rev. Maurice "Bojangles" Blanchard is
named honorary grand marshal of the parade
alongside Louisville Youth Group's executive
director Donald Taylor.
Rachel Cutler and Curtis Staufer
Betsy Dailinger
Cherie Dawson-Edwards
Helen Deines
Lisa DeMaio
Julia Dietrich and Barbara Powers
Elizabeth Dinkins
Diva's House of Style Salon/Day Spa
Andrew Downey
Kathleen and Gary Drehmel
Claire Drucker and Seymour Slavin
Jean Edwards
Jerry Eifer
Jane Godchaux and Bert Emke
Patria Fielding and Virginia Forest
First Unitarian Church
John Fischer and Jon Hamby
Marjorie and Richard Fitzgerald
Cathy Ford and Everett Hofman
Jef Franklin
Sandra Frazier
Harriette Friedlander
Friends Meeting of Louisville, Inc
Rus Funk
Michael Eli Garton
Susan Gibson
David Gill
Nancy and Sheldon Gilman
Tony Glore
Rebecca Grant
Kimberly Greenwell
Steve Grover
Suzie Hackmiller
Beth Haendiges and Kurt Metzmeier
Angela Stallings and Kenneth Hagan
June Hampe
Patti Bell and Jeanne Hanley
Vincent Hatton
Laura and Bob Hawley
Patrick Hayden
Nancy Martin and Fred Hendler
Jacob Hogg
Karen Horan and Judy Pugh
Holly Houston
Peter Howard
Alan Huelsman
Margaret Hyland
Joni Jenkins
Jane Jenkins
Jennifer Starke State Farm Insurance
Joyce Jennings
Susan Johns
Jo Ann Kalb and Deborah Thompson
William Kearney
Kathy Kearney Schell
Shaun Kenney and Brian Walker
J. Timothy King and Kevin Noland
John Kleber
James Klump
Forrest Kuhn
Marian Lancaster
Jane A. Lapinski
Dawn Leach
Stephen Lebder
Michael Lewis
Neal Linker
Barbara Luckett
Sally MacDonald
Doug Magee and Anne Marie Regan
Denton Marr
Allen Matlin and Scott Nussbaum
Bob Matson
Morgan McGarvey
Pamela McMichael
Theresa and Martin Meyer
Kate Miller
Ellen Mink
Timothy Mitchell
Jennifer Moore
Beverly and Gerald Moore
Jenny Morse
Alice and Stuart Nef
LaDonna Nicolas
Mark Niehaus
Laura North Reece
Kevin O'Brien
Annie O'Connell
Robyn Ochs
Dana Oliver
David Partin
Derek Penwell
Marci and Mark Perelmuter
Nancy Peterson
Jan Phillips
E. M. Ramirez
Nancy Rankin and Whitworth Stokes
Jeanne and Robert Reed
Sarah Reed
Linda Remington
Josephine Richardson D'Amato
Charles and Michael Robertson
Teouline and John Rose
Pam Ryan
Ryan for Commonwealth Attorney
Genny, Cindy, and Owen Scheldorf
Robert Simpson
Stephen Spanyer
Sue Speed
St. Williams Church
State Campaign Fund for Mary Marzian
Julie Steinau
Robert Straus
James William Svendsen
Nancy Theriot
John Tompkins
TSL Construction, LLC
Russ Vandenbroucke
Bonnie and Cliford Vatter
Dona Wells
Stephen Wesley
Michael Neumann
Dawn Wilson
Thomas B. Wine
Bob Woehrle
Fawn Wujick
Mary Zink
Intern Morgan Rumple and Pride Parade balloon engineer Terry Fultineer
Fairness Campaign in the 2012 Kentuckiana Pride Parade
★June 16: The Fairness Campaign participates
in the Kentuckiana Pride Festival on the
Belvedere in Downtown Louisville.
★June 19: Young Professionals Association of
Louisville (YPAL) hosts a “Power of Partnerships”
panel discussion at YUM! Brands that includes
Fairness Campaign leadership.
★June 20-22: Fairness Coalition leaders
conduct a fair housing workshop with the
Kentucky Commission on Human Rights in
Danville, Morehead, and Murray, Kentucky.
★June 29: Fairness Campaign leaders conduct
an LGBTQ workshop for Family Scholar House.
★June 29: The Fairness Campaign celebrates
its 21st anniversary.
★June 30: Fairness Coalition leaders
participate in Lexington and Cincinnati Pride.
★July 7: The Fairness Campaign Coordinating
Committee attends a strategic planning retreat
at the Louisville Zoo.
★July 7: Iconic Louisville LGBTQ band “Yer
Girlfriend,” comprised of former Fairness
Campaign staf and leaders, reunites for a one-
night-only concert at Uncle Slayton’s.
★July 10: National Blind LGBTQ Pride meets
in Louisville with a presentation from Fairness
director Hartman.
★July 13-15: Fairness Campaign leaders and
volunteers manage a charity drink truck at the
Forecastle Festival.
★July 13: The Fairness Campaign hosts
Indonesian visitors for an LGBTQ issues
dialogue with the World Afairs Council of
★July 13: Fairness director Hartman meets
with openly gay Mainz, Germany City Council
member Brian Huck as part of the Sister Cities
of Louisville program.
★July 18: Over 100 Richmond residents rally
in front of City Hall to protest the actions of an
E.C. Million Park attendant, who kicked a young
lesbian couple taking maternity photos of the
★July 20: The Fairness Campaign launches
“Fair Filet,” an online protest aimed at Chick-
fl-A’s corporate donations against LGBTQ
★July 21: C-FAIR, the Fairness Campaign’s
political action committee, honors outgoing
co-chairs Nick Wilkerson and Dawn Wilson,
while welcoming incoming chair Eric Graninger
and vice-chair Lisa Cartier-Giroux.
★July 24: Dozens of Richmond residents
crowd the city commission meeting calling for
a local Fairness law.
★ July 25: The Fairness Campaign hosts
members of the World Afairs Council of
Kentucky’s Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange
Program for a dialogue on LGBTQ issues.
★July 26: Fairness Coalition leaders conduct
LGBTQ workshops at the Kentucky Educational
Collaborative for State Agency Children's
(KECSAC) 11th annual Alternative Strategies
for Educating At-Risk Youth Conference.
★July 27-29: Fairness Campaign staf and
leaders attend Showing Up for Racial Justice’s
(SURJ) frst-ever base building conference at
the Highlander Center in Tennessee.
★ July 31: Fairness director Hartman helps lead
a Kentucky Commission on Human Rights/
Lexington Fair Housing Council workshop with
the Berea Human Rights Commission at Berea
City Hall.
★Aug. 3-5: Fairness Coalition leaders are
trained as GLSEN anti-bullying workshop
facilitators through a program hosted by
Lexington Fairness.
★Aug. 6: The city council in New Albany,
Indiana passes an anti-discrimination Fairness
ordinance 8-0.
★Aug. 9: The Fairness Campaign hosts a
dialogue between Fairness Coalition leaders
and a delegation of Mexican elected ofcials,
journalists, and LGBTQ activists through the
World Afairs Council of Kentucky.
★Aug. 9-12: The Fairness Campaign supports
the second annual Kentuckiana Black Gay
★Aug. 11: Faith Leaders for Fairness bring
together supporters from many faiths for a
Chick-fl-A "Pray-in" opposing the company’s
anti-LGBTQ positions at one of their St.
Matthews restaurants.
★Aug. 16-26: Kentucky Fairness Alliance
and the Fairness Campaign host a booth at
the Kentucky State Fair, where thousands of
Kentuckians show support for LGBTQ civil
rights, sign legislative action cards, and send
petitions to Kentucky Farm Bureau opposing
their discriminatory policies. More than 130
volunteers staf shifts at the booth.
Friends of Fairness
(Up to $75)
Amanda Abell
Holly Akridge and Tonia Arnett
Bonifacio Aleman
Charlena Andrews
Tania Avalos
Merle Bachman
Christene Baldwin
Mary Ann Ballard
Betty Banton
Corrie and Kate Barkman
Laura Baron and Ann Rudrauf
Melissa and Tim Barry
Steve Bass and Davis Edwards
Sarina Benn and Adam Lyons
Linda and Dale Billingsley
Mary and Elzie Ray Bird
Vee Boblitt and Barbara Cambron
Rachelle Bombe
Judy Bowen
Robert Bozeman and Rajesh Shah
Michael Bryant
Jared Burton
Kathleen O'Neil and Jim Busch
Carol and Craig Cadonic
Joan Callahan and Jennifer Crossen
Michael Canales
Cynthia Carlson
Lisa Cartier-Giroux
Robert Caruthers
Sherry Castetter
Helen Claiborne
Sam Connally and Bob Warner
Cheryl Conner
Madeline and Dario Covi
Rachel Crist
Cassandra Culin and Kyle Ellison
Krysta Curl
Kate Davidson
Carol and Deborah Davies
Sonja De Vries
Stacy Deck
Caroline Deutsch and Carl Webster
Jennifer Donlon
Joan and Tom Dubay
Kathi E.B. Ellis
Patrick Englert
Sarah Exner
Barbara Fabricant and Richard Slone
Rachel Firkins
Ted Fleischaker and Ivan Howard
Billy Flood
Shannon and Andy Frey
Mary Alex Rohleder and Paul Fridell
Joan Frisz
Joyce and Gordon Garner
Fairness Campaign Coordinating Committee retreat at the Louisville Zoo
★ Oct. 1-7: The Fairness Campaign sponsors
University of Louisville’s Ofce for LGBT
Services’ annual Pride Week.
★ Oct. 2: JustFundKY awards Clif Todd
Endowment Fund grants to both the Fairness
Campaign and Fairness Coalition.
★ Oct. 11: The Fairness Campaign’s political
action committee, C-FAIR, endorses candidates
in 13 general election races, including JCPS
School Board, judicial, and state competitions.
★ Oct. 14: Fairness director Hartman joins the
Denham family in Covington, Kentucky to
speak in memory of their son, Sam, on the year
anniversary of his bullycide.
★Oct. 14: Fairness Campaign volunteers, staf,
and leaders participate in the Louisville AIDS
★Oct. 18: NECCO hosts a foster and
adoption orientation at the Fairness ofce for
prospective LGBTQ parents and caregivers.
★Oct. 21: Jessica Underwood returns to the
Fairness Campaign Coordinating Committee
following two years in Malawi with the Peace
★Oct. 25: Leaders from the Fairness
Campaign, Connected Voices, Louisville
Showing Up for Racial Justice (LSURJ), ACLU-
KY, and Mayor Greg Fischer’s ofce begin
meetings with the Cordish Company over
alleged racial discrimination at Fourth Street
★Oct. 27: For the frst time ever, an LGBTQ
workshop—conducted by Fairness Coalition
leaders—is hosted by Kentuckians for the
Commonwealth at their annual meeting.
★Nov. 2: Fairness Campaign and Louisville
Showing Up for Racial Justice (LSURJ)
co-founder Carla Wallace is honored at
a Muhammad Ali Center “Daughters of
Greatness” breakfast.
★Nov. 5: Elizabethtown residents propose a
local anti-discrimination Fairness ordinance to
their city council—a frst for the community.
★Nov. 18: Transgender Day of Remembrance
is held at University of Louisville’s Red Barn to
commemorate lives lost by anti-trans murder.
★Aug. 18: Dozens of University of Louisville
freshmen volunteer at the Fairness Campaign
ofce as part of the campus Student Outreach
Uniting Louisville (SOUL) program.
★Aug. 20: A daytime vigil, themed “Pinwheels
of Hope,” is held by the Fairness Campaign to
remember local transgender murder victim
Nakhia “Nikki” Williams.
★ Aug. 23: Fairness Campaign leaders launch
a silent, peaceful protest of the Kentucky
Farm Bureau’s (KFB) discriminatory policies
at one of the company’s largest annual
events—the Country Ham Breakfast—held
at the Kentucky State Fair. The protest draws
attention from many media outlets, forcing a
KFB spokesperson to address their policies on
the record.
★Aug. 23: The Fairness Campaign’s
Community Building Committee launches a
free “Dinner and a Movie” series at Fairness.
★Aug. 25: “Bellarmine Knights in Action” bring
dozen of freshmen volunteers to the Fairness
Campaign ofce.
★Sept. 6: The Fairness Coalition hires its
frst employee, Eastern Kentucky organizer
Katherine Grigg in Berea.
★ Sept. 6: Students from Egypt, Libya, and
Tunisia visit the Fairness Campaign ofce for a
discussion on LGBTQ issues through the World
Afairs Council of Kentucky Youth Leadership
Peace Program.
★ Sept. 19: Fairness Campaign wins “Best
Non-proft” in the LEO Weekly "Readers’ Choice
Awards" for the third year in a row.
★ Sept. 20: Fairness Coalition leaders conduct
an LGBTQ 101/anti-bullying workshop at
the Kentucky Teen Pregnancy Coalition
★Sept. 22: Fairness Campaign leaders help
celebrate Metropolitan Community Church’s
40th anniversary in Louisville.
★ Sept. 28: C-FAIR, the Fairness Campaign’s
political action committee, hosts a fundraising
event for Senator Perry Clark, who goes on to
win reelection by nearly 20 points.
★Sept. 29: The fourth annual “Fairness Over
Louisville,” presented by Brown-Forman
Corporation, is held at Whiskey Row Lofts
with special guest Dr. Marci Bowers, a world-
famous gender reassignment surgeon. Ofce
volunteer and legislative database manager
Pat Kidwell receives the "Jef Rodgers Unsung
Hero Award."
★Sept. 29: WFPL News launches "Strange
Fruit: Musings on Politics, Pop Culture, and
Black Gay Life," a radio show hosted by Fairness
leaders Dr. Kaila Story and Jaison Gardner.
Patrick Garvey
Mike Gatton
Carl Ryan Goepper
Linda and Stuart Goldberg
David Goldsmith
Joanna Goldstein
Tif Gonzales
Katherine Greenwood
Noelle and John Gulden
Mary Ellen and Pete Gunterman
Adam Hall
Terence Hart
Chris Hartman
Michael Heise
Louis Helman
Ray Schweri and Maria Hines
Cathy Hinko
David and Mary Horvath
Joe Hughes
Benji Humphries
Russell Ihrig
Elizabeth Jent
Perry Johnson
Wendy Jo Johnson
Helen Jones and Thomas Pike
Nathaniel Jones
Joe Kaplan
Kelly Kapp
Casey Kimball
Tim Kitchen
Mary Kitley
Rita Knowles
Avery Kolers and Karen Christopher
Mary Ann and Michael Lambert
George Lane and Mark Tatum
Tim Lawson
Rebecca Lecron
Sarah Ann Ledford
Melanie Levin
Belle and Philip Levy
Erwin Lewis
Mary Mudd and Natashia Lindsey
Valencia Lopez and Robert Strong
Michael Losavio
Sarah Lyons
Charles Maddox
Heather Mahoney
Jessica Martin
Mary Lou and William Marzian
Angela McCormick-Bisig
Marta Means
Heather Miller
Jan Miller Arnold
Tom Mofett
Alana Montgomery
Nicole Moody
Curt Morrison
William Morrow, IV
Mary Margaret and Edward Mulvihill
Faith Leaders for Fairness Chick-fl-A "Pray-In"
Fairness leaders protest Kentucky Farm Bureau's Country Ham Breakfast
★Nov. 20: Fairness leaders are invited to help
train the Louisville Metro Police Department’s
recruit class for the frst time.
★Nov. 20: Bereans for Fairness approach their
city council once again to request a local anti-
discrimination Fairness law.
★Nov. 20: Scores of Bowling Green residents
request a Fairness law at their Board of
Commissioners meeting.
★Nov. 27: Richmond residents again approach
their city commission, which has ignored
repeated calls for Fairness.
★Nov. 29: Another frst, dozens of Shelbyville
residents propose an anti-discrimination
Fairness law to their city council.
★Dec. 5: Fairness director Hartman joins
other Kentucky leaders at the White House for
a meeting on the looming “fscal clif.”
★Dec. 5: Fairness allies and the Center for
Women and Families present “Trans Voices:
Invisible Victims,” a workshop at the 14th
annual Ending Sexual Assault and Domestic
Violence Conference in Lexington.
★Dec. 6: “PNC Proud,” the company’s frst
employee afnity group in Kentucky, is
launched with an LGBTQ focus.
★Dec. 12: Visitors from 22 diferent countries
join Fairness Coalition leaders at the Fairness
Campaign ofce for a meeting on LGBTQ issues
through the World Afairs Council of Kentucky.
★Dec. 16: Fairness leaders join hundreds
of others in a “Celebration of Life” for former
C-FAIR secretary Russ Stein at Unity Church in
★Dec. 17: Fairness Coalition leaders join the
Vicco City Council for a frst reading of their
historic anti-discrimination Fairness law, which
passes 3-1 on January 14, 2013, making the
Appalachian coal town—population 334—the
smallest city in America with LGBTQ Fairness
★Learn more about the Fairness Campaign's
work across Kentucky with the Fairness Coallition
by visiting www.FairnessCoalition.org.
★Want a Fairness Coalition meeting in your
town? Simply contact [email protected] or
502.893.0788 to schedule a gathering near you.
Megan and Eileen Murphy
Mike O'Leary and Elwood Stroder
Debra Osofsky
Dianna Ott
Dave Pafundi
Elizabeth Perkins
Richard Popp
Robert Prather
Jovelino and Joan Ramos
Rocky Robinson and Ron Randolph
Pam and James Ratterman
Edith Rein
Gil Reyes
Charles Robert
Virgil Rosell
Siddy Rosenberg
Paul Rowe
Stephanie and Charles Sarasohn
Elizabeth Sawyer
Zan and Mark Sawyer-Dailey
Bettye and Gilbert Schroerlucke
Louise Schulman
Attica Scott
Harriette Seiler
Paige Shank
Sue Simon
Mike Slaton and Jake Souder
Trisha Anne Smith-Kolb
Kelsie Smithson
Colin Spitler
Amanda Stahl
Judy Steer
Amy and John Stemmle
Meg Stern
Kimberly Stocking
Donna Stone
Roxanne and Elwood Sturtevant
Jonathan Sydow
Tall Trees, LLC
Patricia Taylor
Ike Thacker
Janet Tharpe
Dorothy Thomas
Emily Thomas
Mickey Thomas
Donald Thomas II
Darcy Thompson
Tricia Tinsley and Phil Thomas
Rose Mary Toebbe
Suzanne Vance
Mary Jean Varble
Jeanie Walker
LaQuita Washington
Bobbie White
Clara and Robert White
Katherine Whiteside and Barry Zalph
Becki Winchel
Max Wineinger
Kristen Zappalla

Gifts Were Received in Honor of:
Ton Ali and Dan Hourigan
Benny Alvey
Katie Allison Dailinger & Andrew L. Dailinger
Becky Burke
Alex Durall and Brad Hampton
Christopher James Rowzee Engelhardt and his
mothers Chris and Novia
Peggy Feher
Tif Gonzales
Eric Graninger
Debbie Hall
Donna Hall
Chris Hartman
Kevin O’ Brien
Chrisanna Roberts
Dorene Stein
Carla Wallace

Gifts Were Received in Memory of:
Mark R. Brown
Pat Platt
Regina Randall
Russ Stein
Dorothy Marie Thomas
Thank you for your support! Only because of
donors like you are we able to move Fairness
forward in Kentucky!
If you sent a donation in 2012 and your name
does not appear here, we are very sorry! Please
call the Fairness ofce at 502.893.0788 so we
may correct our mistake.
★The Fairness Campaign received the fnal
disbursement of a substantial estate gift from
George Koch in 2011; we were remiss not to
acknowledge this gift last year.
2012 by the numbers
value of volunteer labor donated
miles across the commonwealth
logged by director Hartman
post cards delivered to state legislators
in support of statewide Fairness
volunteer hours donated to Fairness
New Fairness Leadership
Three new members join the Fairness Campaign Coordinating Committee
Bonifacio "Flaco" Aleman is executive director of Kentucky Jobs with Justice,
has a bachelor's degree in Social Work from Spalding University, and serves on
the Board of Directors for the Hispanic Latino Coalition of
Louisville and the Sowers of Justice Network. In his spare time,
Bonifacio volunteers in the community, with the West End School, with organized
labor, and as a voice for the incarcerated and impoverished.
Kurtis M. Frizzell is a former Student Body President and
Trustee of the University of Louisville, where he focused a great
deal on diversity by helping with UofL Pride Week, PINK (UofL’s
annual student run drag show), and helped start the plans for a
future cultural center. Currently you can fnd Kurtis doing anything from studying
at the Brandeis School of Law to planning promotional events for Louisville’s
LGBTQ night life.
Katy Garrison is an activist, researcher, and recent graduate of the University of Louisville, where she
served as President of commonGround, UofL's LGBTQ student group. She currently works with UofL's
Trans* and Sexuality Teaching Advocacy and Research (T*STAR) lab. Katy believes her understanding of
the intersectionality of all forms of oppression has shaped her approach to activism and social justice.
Bonifacio "Flaco" Aleman
Kurtis Frizzell
Katy Garrison
KY State Fair is Coming!
Volunteer opportunities
August 15-25
It's that time of year again!
We need all the volunteers
we can get to help staf
our booth at the fair—
[email protected] or
502.893.0788 to help!
Frankfort Fairness is on the Move!
Over 100 Frankfortians have joined the movement to pass Fairness in Kentucky's capital city! Learn
more at www.Facebook.com/FrankfortFairness.
VOLUNTEER ALERT — KY State Fair Aug. 15-25!
Please mail/make checks payable to:
Fairness Education Fund
2263 Frankfort Ave. Louisville, KY 40206
$250 $125 $75 $_____
Plan to Attend These Upcoming Fairness Events Across KY!
★ DBSA (Depression and Bi-polar Support
Alliance) LGBTQ Meetings - Every Monday,
7:30 p.m., Fairness ofce, 2263 Frankfort Ave., 40206
★ Free HIV Testing - Every Thursday,
4:00-6:00 p.m., Fairness ofce
★ Bowling Green Fairness Meetings - Second
Mondays monthly, 6:00 p.m. CT, WKU Campus,
Cherry Hall, 203A, 42101
★ Elizabethtown Fairness Meetings - Second
Tuesdays monthly, 6:00 p.m., MCC Elizabethtown,
119 Brooks Street, 42701
Credit Card: Visa Account No._________________________
MC Expiration:________ Security Code:____
2263 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206
With the fght for Fairness heating up in the Capitol, the Fairness
Campaign needs your help now more than ever before! Career
politicians in our state legislature made it clear this year that
they will stop at nothing to halt the progress of LGBTQ civil
rights in Kentucky. Let's show them we mean business by
strengthening the Fairness Campaign fnancially, building our
troops on the ground, and making our voices heard!
★ Shelbyville Fairness Meetings - Third
Thursdays monthly, 6:00 p.m., Stratton Center, 215
Washington St., 40065
★ Morehead Fairness Meetings - Third Thursdays
monthly, 6:00 p.m., St. Alban's Episcopal Church,
415 E. 5th St., 40351
★ Lexington Pride Festival - June 29, 11:00 a.m.
- 9:00 p.m., Robert F. Stephens Courthouse Plaza,
★ Northern Kentucky Pride Festival - July 6,
Noon - 7:00 p.m., Goebel Park, 41011
★ Bereans for Fairness Pride Picnic -July 27, 4:00
- 7:00 p.m., Memorial Park, 40403
★ Louisvile Celebrates Collective Liberation -
July 28, 3:00-5:00 p.m., Carl Braden Mem. Ctr., 3208
W. Broadway, 40211 | Carmichael's reading Sept. 18!
★ Kentucky State Fair- Aug. 15-25, 9:00 a.m.-
10:00 p.m., KY Fair & Expo Center, 937 Phillips
Lane, 40209 | FREE KY State Fair admission for
volunteers! [email protected] or 502.893.0788
★ Fairness.org | Twitter.com/FairnessCamp |
Facebook.com/Fairness Campaign for updates!
*A monthly gift helps more than you know! $25 becomes $300!
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