Fake Mark White Letter to Fake AGs

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Matt Hart, Fake Assistant Attorney General
Van Davis, Fake Acting Attorney General
State of Alabama (supposedly)
Montgomery, AL 36104
I am writing this letter to protest the unconscionable and illegal grand jury leaks coming out of
your office. Obviously the grand jury must be thrown out toot-sweet and my client should be
exonerated and paid a large monetary sum by the state (eight figures at the very least - $13
million appears to be the customary amount per Paragon Source and the Mississippi Choctaws).
I was discussing this issue just yesterday on a conference call with Cliff Sims, Dale Jackson,
"Matt Murphy" (Robert Ray), Leland Whaley, Rob Riley, and Kim Chandler. This matter took
up so much of the discussion that I was barely able to tell them about that day's Lee County
testimony. Hopefully they are all on Sonny Reagan's e-mail list. Scratch that last sentence - of
COURSE they are.
Your illegal and unethical grand jury has already done irreparable harm. Already, John Kirtley
and Bob Riley have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars that are rightfully theirs because our
corporate backers think that Bob might be a target of this rogue investigation. Don't you dare be
the reason my next paycheck bounces.
I propose this solution to your abominable acts:
1) Luther Strange throws out the grand jury, resigns and apologizes
2) Both of you apologize while admitting that you CANNOT resign because you are NOT
3) Before Luther resigns, he gives Bob Riley a $13 million no-bid contract
4) Mike gets the previously agreed-upon $13 million
Well, that will do it for now. Please acquiesce within 24 hours or I will tell Kim Chandler that
both of you and Luther Strange are BARRISTERS - just like OBAMA. Notice how many letters
that has in common with TERRORIST? I'll make sure Kim does.
With all seriousness,
Mark White, Counsel for Speaker for Life Hubbard

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