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False Imprisonment Attorneys Orange County: Methods to Reduce Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Work environment Orange County Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer Consultants
Insurance bad faith is said to occur if the insurance company denies to honor a covered claim of a policy holder. In another scenario, insurance bad faith happens when the company deliberately manipulates the process for its individual generate. For example, if a company intentionally commits deception by scamming the policy holder, the law will find the insurer guilty of bad faith. As such, consumers are always warned to conduct investigations themselves before purchasing a policy. It is rather hard to determine if the insurance company is performing good faith towards its policy holders. false imprisonment lawyers orange county There are times when the company falls short in estimating the damages but one can?t label this action as malicious. Just like the examples stated above, the result of a poor investigation can sometimes lead to under valuation of the claim however, it the action must be proven in the court to determine if it was only due to negligence or if it involves fraud. On the other hand, if the policy holder deliberately manipulates the investigation so it can avoid payment, the action can be seen as malicious. This must be proven in court and if the jury concludes that the company is acting fraudulently, it can pay the policy holder the amount of the policy plus damages. Here are some situations that would make the insurer guilty of bad faith. 1. An insurance company is said to be acting in bad faith if it denies claim because the amount involved in the damage is high. 2. Immediate termination of the policy is also considered bad faith even if the claim is within the provision or contract. 3. When a company uses inaccurate or incorrect information so it can deny, diminish, or impede payment of a claim. 4. Biased investigation of that which is supposed to be neutral and unbiased. 5. Blaming the policy holder so the insurer can diminish the amount to be paid is also considered erroneous. 6. Attempting to settle claims on the basis of an application and/or policy which were altered without notice, knowledge or consent of the Insured.

An insurance company is expected to act in good faith whenever settling its obligation to its policy holders. The law protects the well-being of insurance policy holders and any omission from the other party will be held liable. As such, both parties must act in good faith and must honor what was agreed in the contract. insurance bad faith attorney in orange county According to the U.S. Department of Labor, slips, trips, and falls comprise the majority of accidents that happen in the general industry. These components even triggered 15 % with the accident recorded final 12 months making slip, journey, and fall accidents 2nd to automotive incidents. It is always also reported that 25 % belonging to the documented damage led to personalized harm claims which amounted to hundreds of thousands in damages. The percentage is indeed alarming but there are ways to stop these mishaps from going on inside workplace. Here are some ways to stop slips, journeys, and falls in the workplace. In general, slip occurs when there is little traction or friction between the shoe and the walking surface. For example if the floor has water or oils spills, a person walking on that surface will probably slip because of the absence of traction. Likewise once the floor consists of smooth marble, terrazzo, or ceramic the individual may possibly slip for the reason that the tiles is missing traction. To prevent people from slip ups, the workplace must conduct precautionary measures like placing warnings and signs on areas that can be hazardous. For example placing barriers on the floor with spills while waiting for somebody to clean it happens to be the right issue the management can perform to shield the welfare of its people. For highly polished floor, it is important that tiles are changed with tiles that have more traction. The polished floor will be remedied by putting non-skid adhesives tapes to supply extra traction. www.ocinjuryattorney.com/ Subsequently, trips occur when the person?s foot contacts an object causing him to lose his balance and leading to fall. For example, if the floor has elevations due to cracks or the walkway is covered with things that shouldn?t be there, the person may trip in any of these areas because the floor is uneven and cluttered.

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