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Madison's Qualified team of Family Lawyer or Personal Injury Lawyers, who represented a wide array of cases. Contact Clifford & Raihala is serving throughout Wisconsin.



Family Law Clifford & Raihala
Our law firm frequently represents people involved in complicated contested divorce actions, custody disputes, and all other family law matters regarding child support and visitation. Our firm has represented people in cases involving simple uncontested divorces in which the parties have few assets and no children. But we have special expertise in complex divorce actions including divorce trials involving custody battles, large marital estates up to $28,000,000.00, business valuations, and other complicated issues. We are committed to helping our clients resolve all issues as amicably as possible. However, when the spouse or other parent fails to be reasonable, we are recognized for our ability to take the case to contested trial to let the judge decide the best interests of the children, property division, support and maintenance issues. At Clifford & Raihala, we handle all aspects of contested and uncontested divorce and legal separation cases:
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Property Division Debt Distribution Child Custody & Visitation

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Child Support Spousal Maintenance

We assist in determining the value of assets, including business property. We make sure that assets such as retirement plans subject to a plan administration contract are appropriately divided. Contested Divorce Contested divorce cases are often a difficult, emotional experience for our clients. In these cases our clients need compassionate and caring legal representation. We understand. If you are thinking about divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce, contact one of our skilled family law lawyers at Clifford & Raihala. Uncontested Divorce In most cases, spouses come to the decision to divorce under circumstances that require no litigation. Rather, parties are able to agree on most issues such as property division, child support, maintenance, and distribution of marital debts. We frequently represent clients in uncontested divorce matters and are always willing to assist in resolving divorces through amicable negotiation or alternative dispute resolution.

For more details visit us at Address: 44 E. Mifflin St., Suite 800 Madison, WI 53703 Call us at: 608-257-7900 Toll Free: 888-791-8422 Mail us at: [email protected]

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