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Fingerplays and songs found at and used for Farm theme



Hens of a different color This little hen is BLACK (hold up black hens) She stands in the barnyard by a big hay stack. This little hen is RED (hold up red hens) She is very tired and won't get out of bed. This little hen is BROWN (hold up brown hens) She is feeling glad and wearing a crown. This little hen is YELLOW (hold up yellow hens) She's friends with the rooster; he's a handsome fellow. This little hen is WHITE (hold up white hen) She dance's and plays, oh what a sight. This little hen is PURPLE (hold up the purple hens) She spends her day running around in circles. This little hen is GREEN (hold up green hen) She is the silliest hen I've ever seen.

This little hen is BLUE (hold up blue hen) She lays eggs for me and you. This little hen is PINK (hold up the pink hen) She goes down to the pond to get a drink. All of these hens live at the farm Out in the big RED barn. Farm Sounds Sung to: "Wheels on the bus" The cow in barn goes moo, moo, moo, Moo, moo, moo. Moo, moo, moo, repeat All around the farm. The pig in the pen goes oink, oink, oink,........... The hens in the coop go cluck.......... The lambs on the hill go baa,........ The ducks on the pond go quack......

Ten Little Pigs Sung to: "Five Little Ducks Went Out To Play"

Ten little pigs rolled in the mud Squishy, squashy, felt so good. The farmer took one piggy out. "Oink, Oink, oink," the pig did shout! Continue with nine, eight, seven so forth, then... No little pigs rolled in the mud. They all looked so clean and good. The farmer turned his back and then, Those pigs rolled in the mud again. To The Farm Sung to: " Twinkle, Twinkle"

Chicken, kittens, piglets too,

Donkeys, horses, cows that moo. Fish that swim down in the pond, Ducklings quacking all day long. All these things you can see If you go to the farm with me!

Counting Pigs Sung to: "Ten Little Indians" One little, two little, three little pigs, Four little, five little, six little pigs, Seven little, eight little, nine little pigs, Ten are in the mud. All are pink with pudgy noses, They don't smell a bit like roses, Curly tails that look like hoses. Rolling in the mud.

Ten little, nine little, eight little pigs, Seven little, six little, five little pigs, Four little, three little, two little pigs. One is in the mud. Five Little Pigs Five little pigs went out to play. The first little pig said, "Let's go to the woods today." The second little pig said, "What will we do there?" The third little pig said, "We'll look for our mother." The fourth little pig said, "What will we do when we find her?" "We'll hug her and kiss her and kiss her!" Said the fifth little pig.

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