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Welcomes you in the opening of this

years of research in innovation A wonder in fashion design

You see, it emanates a sense of womanliness. Here is every color, style and fit . Most remarkably it flatters your youth and charming body type.
every woman holds a hidden beauty of heaven. Her beauty glows most only when she is well dressed.

Our innovations bear mystic vision, that take care of change in your aptitude, choice of color, and texture. The original natural beauty & charm that your figure possess is highly enhanced being dressed with this blue skinny jeans, red top and the thin red veil. It is our promise to make you look great and be the center of attraction wherever you appear.

Today’s casual dress is no more casual. A pair of pants balanced from hip to heel, a red top designed to enhance & highlight the natural curves to expose the charming beauty of the body is everybody’s desire.

Silhouette SILHOUETTE, general outline or shape of the TEXTURE, COLOR, DETAILS,EXTRA costume. Extras
Trims Texture Texture, the feel Accessories of fabric contributes to appearance and performance

Color Important in design, and an emotional impact
Details Collars, sleeves, shoulder, waist that transforms the garments.

Our dress is of soft silhouette. We call it "body conscious". It is not tight-fit. Body conscious does not mean that a women have to have every indention in her body shown and exaggerated. Body conscious just means that the cloth knows where it's lying on the body. This dress is body conscious because it know where your curves are, it doesn't veer away. It enhances the shapely curves without exaggeration or low down. We know well, how a woman wants to present herself to catch the admiring looks from the eyes of other women & men in the surroundings.

general outline or shape of the fashion-d... -


URL (1), (2) Texture refers to the

The feel of fabric contributes to appearance and performance
Women’s skin is most tender soft smooth silky and touchfriendly. Women’s dress has to be skin-friendly so that when the dress is worn the skin gets a pleasant feeling, feeling of wind playing with the body, feeling of tender soft loving caress.

sensations caused by the external surface of fabric received through the sense of touch. This is of paramount importance to 3D design to get actual 3D feel of a surface to understand the extent of stretch. The actual surface texture needs to either be felt, or seen with light raking across surface to make the texture visible.

The dress is as pleasing as feather touch on your soft smooth tender skin. It is comfort that counts. We are confident that this dress will enhance your beauty & charm to a great extent .

Color is the byproduct of spectrum of light. Color is the visual perception. Our dresses hold colors derived from spectrum of light to interact with thousand admiring eyes. A well balanced color dress interact with tender skin & brightens your beauty to highest extent.

A dress with well judged combination of color makes woman princess of beauty. It keeps smiles in her rose petal lips and blush in twilight hue cheeks, fetch amazing admiring looks from every eyes all around. Color gives a woman a powerful radiance.

Every woman has own her beauty charm individuality $ delicacy. Every woman is unique. They need different colors to bring out their real beauty & enhance properties of their individual physical attraction. of that our dress Take care To have 17 sheds to choose and 99 from

Mother Nature has wonderful choice. She gives different shapes & looks to her daughters, but cares much to make everyone beautiful charming lovable and delicate, much more than any other creation.

sleeves, collars /neck line , cuffs / sleeve plackets, pockets, waistline treatment. We take care in Hems may be completed as a interlocking details to part of a component or as part fit every individual of final assembly. Stitches, seams, and / or bonding are fashion prone lovely done to give the garment final

Women are the highest form of creation. Every care should be taken to dress up them with highest sense The basic sections of all garments include top fronts & of perfection in design & style. backs, bottom fronts & backs,

To buy the right fitting dress needs measuring a woman's body where they usually curves in & out the most & exposes the real beauty. No need to be 34-24-36. Woman of any shape looks charming if her dress is befitting one. Mother Nature made them amazing beautiful, we just brighten the look.
Hip Stand straight with Bust your feet together. Waist someone measure Have a friend measure Bend over to one side. you with the tape over your hips and Find where your waist under your underarms, rear, be sure around naturally creases. around your back and the fullest part. Measure the area round. over the fullest It should be right part of your bust. under your navel. -

we take every care of
Distinctive, Superior Communicable, Affordable, Durable. They provide elegance & charm

our products are

* The Benefit you derive * Cloth for all occasion * Our Product attributes * Different classes users * Keep competitors at bay * Product Variations

They give you entire satisfaction

Product Quality & Design Best Features Brand Name Packaging, Services

Target Customers Intended Positioning

Price List Price Discounts Payment Period Credit Terms

Promotion Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Public Relations

Place Channels, Coverage Locations, Inventory Transportation Logistics

Product Price Place Promotion

Customer solution Customer cost Convenien ce Communicati on

Quality & Design: our product “Passion” is from the finest quality fibers, that does not lose its texture or smoothness and the design bears the latest innovation in the fashion industry. Best Features: Durability, Reliability, Performance, Taste. Random wash & use doesn't affect its performance or charm. “Passion’ fits you close, it touches your soft tender delicate skin as if morning breeze gently hugging your bare body, it gives you a feeling of silky smooth loving care that you deserve so much. Brand Name: The product being exhibited is Brand named as “Passion." You get “passion”, and know the difference. We promise you amazing looks in faces around you. Competition: Your support to “passion” left our competitors out of their wit. You presence made us confident to present before you more quality designs

List Price: Very small negligible difference in texture, color, design makes difference in price making “Passion” affordable for top class to the lower-middle class fashionable women. We care for women - the wonder creation of dear God. “Passion” comes in 17 sizes ( for every possible shapes ), in 99 color. Price range from $ 54.00 to $. 181. Discounts: Resellers get encouraging discounts. Moreover they make proper use of demand-supply-price situation to raise the price. We have not yet experienced such situation when “passion” or any of our products have been sold below price. Any order for five gets 10% off. Payment Period: Our Payment period are very flexible. But the more period you take, the more you delay the next supply to your store. So we suggest that you take a reasonable period. Even buyer of one gets 15 days satisfaction grace period or return “Passion”, however used. Credit Terms: We make shopping even more pleasant with

Advertising: Our advertisements through print & electronic media develop attitudes, create awareness, & transmit 100% accurate information for evaluation and trial by the prospective buyers and we proudly say, we get favorable response from the target market. Personal Selling: Our person to person customer relationships are enviable. Our sales girls represent the organization perfectly & are well mannered & friendly , and deliver “passion” at your doorstep. Sales Promotion: Along with “Passion” you get charming gift items for your baby, coupons for reduction price in next buy, & many more. Public Relations: We value deliberate, planned & sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between us and the people. Communication mails are sent to prospective customers from our database. Your presence, as always is inspiration for us. Sponsorships: We sponsor countrywide games & sports , medical camps, education stipends to help underprivileged , disadvantaged men women and children. They are our country folk. We belong to them, they belong to us. We definitely belong to each other.

Channel: We work together with wholesalers & retailers. Besides, our valued individual customers are our wonderful reliable channel. Coverage: Our distribution network is spread all over the country through chain stores, wholesalers & retailers. You need not get a car to find “Passion”. Take some steps, enter any good fashion garments store, pick as many as you like. Don’t forget the gift items, or % offs. Locations: Major departmental stores in Gulshan, Mirpur, Elephant rd . New market, Eastern Plaza, Bashundhara Market, Rajanigandha, Md. Pur , & other major shopping malls in Dhaka & other major cities. We have our stores in Delhi, Kolkata, Lahore, Karachi, London’ Sydney. New York & more. Anyone can order through internet and get delivery. Transportation: Most of our transportation to wholesalers & retailers are carried through covered trucks. We also use air cargo planes. Logistics: Our logistics management is the finest one. Facilitating the flow of our products right from the

Customer value is the sum total of benefits a vendor promises its customer will receive in return for his associated payment. It includes Product Value, Service Value, Personal Value, Image Value.

Total Customer Cost is the bundle of costs that customers expect to pay in evaluating, obtaining, and using the product or service. It includes Monitory Cost, Time Cost, Energy Cost, Psychic Cost

Company Oriented to People Oriented Corporate : Decides the needs and value drivers of customers in achieving its goals Department: Technical department : seeks innovation Production department: seeks efficiency Personal : Purchasing department: seeks Judge the personalmaterials value of lowest priced needs and individual customers and clients.
ECMRG Fall Meeting September 2004

Product Oriented to Customer Oriented FEATURES of an offering


ECMRG Fall Meeting September 2004

Total customer value

It is the relationship between attributes by performance of the product and service in meeting customer needs (the gap between present and desired ) . it says how features, qualities, etc. of the product or service meet the customers (present and desired & expected & unanticipated) needs as much as possible. It is the bundle of benefits customer get measured in terms of will and ability to pay. The purpose of the organization is to create Total customer cost value for the consumer. It is the bundle cost consumers expect to incur in evaluating, obtaining and using the product or service. Costs include the value of money that will be exchanged for the value of the product, the time spent in making the purchase decision search for information & understand, establish and compare important criteria, the energy required in securing the information & comparison shopping, and the psychic cost of making an informed

First of all we assess your needs & the goods & services our competitors offer. We design better goods and services to meet your valuable taste choice & looks. We price goods & services which reflect cost, competition & your ability to buy. We communicate information of those goods & services to you & other buyers. We make the goods & services available at your most favorable times & places. We provide services and follow ups to ensure your satisfaction after purchase.

Customer creation and relation building partn er advocate supporte r clien t custome r Prospec t

Annual sales to customer value lifetime

Year 01 year02 year 03
ECMRG Fall Meeting September 2004

year 04 year 05

The marketing environment perspectives that surrounds & impacts upon organization are the 'macro-environment,' the 'micro-environment' and the 'internal environment'. Micro Macro Interna

Environment factor Political, Economic Technological Socio-cultural

Environment factor Suppliers Customers Stakeholders

l Environment factor Men, Money Machine, Material Markets

The Traffic Light Policy

Red-STOP (1)Get rid of distributors that favor competitor over our own. (2) Withdraw our loss making products (3) Remove our branding from unappreciated clothing(4 ) Stop sponsoring low ranking products, enhance exclusivity of our brand.

Traffic light strategy can be run at any stage of marketing planning or creative process, at the beginning of marketing, during marketing campaign, and end of marketing programme as the producer reviews or controls marketing activities.

AMBER-MOVE WITH CAUTION, (1)make improvements. (2) Reduce distributors that have Serendipity agency agreements. (3)Back pro active winners, who make our products central to their business(4) Promote reposition products that are mature

GREEN CARRY ACTIVITY. (1)Reward best distributors, (2)develop relationship bases (3)Develop/enhance the products that are highly profitable (4) Continue to sponsor top distributors that enhance brand values, picks up and sets more retailers for our products.

Innovation is end result of a creative activity. We define ‘creativity’ as a process to develop & put into trial novel ideas. Our innovation results from intense efforts to develop new varieties, higher quality levels, with lower cost. Our innovations are something else, possibility or accomplishment, value beyond innovation itself. Life’s ultimate luxury is to Fashions have passed choose style and cloths to centuries of modifications in wear that fits individual design. The reason behind our personality.   Whether the popularity is that we never style is sophisticated luxury gave up anything (design, or inspired simplicity; rustic silhouette, etc.) but added all charm or old world comfort; modern technology with crisp, clean, modern or highest sense of aesthetics. casual elegance; the breath The charm and beauty of and depth of “Passion” help women is never ending. There create unique vision at is every possibility that women home or outside. We know will continue to go with the Style and trend are trend we set for some century distinctive ways of more. Women have become expression. Our dress not more and more tend to go for only expose the individual, fashion that exposes their

Customer value: "The perceived worth of the set of benefits received by a customer in exchange for the total cost of the offering, taking into consideration available competitive offerings and pricings." ------ Professor Mohanbir Sawhney 1. Customers define value in terms of quality (value), not Product or Value is not services. the same as price. 2. Value is only perception even to the customer. Raising or lowering the price 3. Value us contextual – end user, end use may change the and environment customers to incentive 4. Value is multidimensional-functional, purchase, but does not change emotional, economic 5. Value is a trade off between benefits the value of the and costs product 6. Value is relative to the next best alternative continued

James Anderson, James A. Narus, and Wouter Van Rossum in their article "Customer Value Proposition in Business Markets" in Harvard Business Review, classified value propositions into three types: All benefits: The organization list every perceived benefit delivered by their product or service. It requires a standardized list to be prepared for all customers in all scenarios; this leads to benefit assertion without any actual benefit to the target customers. Favorable points of difference: Based on the customer’s awareness of alternatives, the organization has to articulate (presume) the ways in which his offering is different and better to the alternatives. Resonating focus: The organizations need to demonstrate their offerings superiority on key elements of value that are most must clearly relevant to the customers. It

Value based pricing : funny !
“Selling only on price, where's You want best products, none the fun in that ?” We want to overpay. You know recognized that when there is how much our products are market pressure on price, we worth. It depends on how our respond by demonstrating that product stands up against we have something different to competing products. Our offer - something that will product gives you more provide superior value. value, so worth more & sold Assessing and truly for premium price. You don’t understanding customer value overpay us. You pay the value in business markets is our you perceived & we measured. beginning of Our specialty ? We can read - Customer value.pdf the path to profitable fun.” your heart.

Understand the customer

Improve customer value

Commit to the customer

Obtain customer feedback

Create customer value

ECMRG Fall Meeting September 2004

We don’t confuse customers with company’s services, capabilities, offerings or features. Value must produce measurable results that positively affect customer. Your need that we meet, your success with our products, people who buy our products, are important customer value that we strive for. We offer you lower spending, more comfort and improved look. Our statements are simple and short. These brief statements identify the customer need and show the results delivered.

Our performance last year saved millions of $ and helped price cut up to 30 percent. * Saved clients more than $ 30 million in use cost every year * Improved marketing time by 25 percent to 40 percent * Doubled customer retention for every client we serve * Reduced work force costs by an average of 10 percent

We are proud to be your integral part of everyday lifestyle. In our heart every moment we feel urge to see your smiling face. Our integrity and your support has inspired us to innovate designs you so graciously love & approve. We wont ever let you down in

we are proud to serve you

n o fi t ep t es on us


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