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Brecon Connection  The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.



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Volume 16, Issue 1

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 February/March 2014

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While they were eating, Jesus took bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to the disciples and said, "Take and eat. This is my body.”   Matthew 26:26

The scripture from Matthew 26:26 is the framework for our Holy Communion liturgy and also for themes for Annual Conference 2013 and the next three years in the West Ohio Conference. The four primary action verbs in the scripture are “took,” “blessed,” “broke,” and “gave.” The Annual Conference theme for 2014 is “blessed.” Henri Nouwen, a Dutch priest, focused on these four verbs as metaphors for our lives serving Christ. We are all chosen (taken), blessed, broken, and given to the world world for service and ministry in the name of Jesus, sharing God’s healing love with others.   One of my seminary assignments assignmen ts was to write about my own o wn life in light of the themes of “chosen, blessed, broken, and given,” reflecting on how God has chosen me, blessed me, broken me, and given me in ministry to the world. As I thought about my life in light these themes, Ithat recognized the ways in loved which in I was chosen, broken, andofgiven —knowing I was “chosen” and my family asblessed, a child, “blessed" by ongoing love, support, and opportunities growing up, “broken" sometimes at the hands of others, and shaped to be “given" to the world in service and ministry. Brecon United Methodist Church also has a life story that can be viewed through this same lens. Founded in 1875 in the community that was then called “Bethel,” Brecon was “chosen" by God for ministry to the growing farming community in this area. The local church was a place of worship and also a community center. Brecon was "blessed” for many years of fruitful ministry in this area, continuing to be a beacon of God’s light for the local and global community. Many children were baptized here, families have been served through Samaritan’s Closet, rummage sales, Christmas plays, Whiz Kids, Vacation Bible Camps, Live Free, and other ministries too numerous to count.  As we move into this season of diminishing finances and preparing for a congregational vote on merging, we might consider this to be a season of being “broken." Just as Jesus broke the bread and allowed his body to be broken in order to be given for others, so we, too, can take heart that even though a time of brokenness does not feel good right now, God can use this brokenness for good — God can use this brokenness in new ways to serve the local community. Merging with a larger, healthier church will allow Brecon UMC to once again be a beacon of God’s light for the local and global community. New ministries and outreach activiti activities es for serving the community can be born so that Brecon UMC can be ”given” for others.   What ways can you think of the lifecycle and ministries of Brecon UMC in the context of “chosen, blessed, broken, and given”? Let’s be sure to celebrate what God has done and what God will do through the future of Brecon UMC. Soft bread in God’s hands with you,  

Pastor Linda


February Sermon Topics February 2—Sin Is Real February 9—Saving Grace February 16—Can We Know Our Sins Are Forgiven? February 21—Perfecting Grace

Church Conference on March 2 Recent snowy weather has emphasized the seasonal changes of life. Whether it iis s our ow own n lives, the life cycle of creation, or the life of the church, change is inevitable. This past fall many of us gathered to hear Rev. Doug Johns, the Assistant to the District Superintendent, speak to us about Brecon UMC’s future. One of the things he discussed was the llife ife cycle of a church. This cycle is similar to that of a human lilife fe cycle. A poll was taken of those present, and most agreed that Brecon is in the empty nester, retirement or death phase of life. What does this mean about attributes of Brecon? According to one of Rev. John’s handouts, when a church is at this stage of life, the vision or mission of the church is lost or gone completely. Relationships are not growing or adding new people. Ministries are losing members and growing smaller. Usually there are a few who control everything in the church, and unfortunately the common emotions are despair, disappointment, fear and perhaps bitterness. The pastor is expected to be a chaplain rather than a visionary, and the focus is on the current members. Any change is met wi with th significant resistance.  All of this sounds really negative and hard to hear. There is, however, good news! For those who follow Jesus, death is not the end!  As Christians, we believe in the Resurrection! We believe in life after death! Remembering this, we can withstand the depressing and


painful, knowing that God is with us throughout the changes and cycles of life. Right now we are caught in the midst of winter’s cold grasp, but we know with certainty that spring will arrive, to be followed by summer. On Sunday, March 2 at 11:30 am, we have a Church Conference.  At this meeting, Rev. Doug

Johns will lead the members of Brecon UMC in a vote about the desire or possibility of merging with a larger, larger, healthier church. Merger does mean a death to what we know now, but it is not the end. It is a resurrection into new life. We will be taking a vote from the members who are present at the meeting. A 2/3 majority vote of members who are present at the Church Conference will take Brecon into the next phase of seeking to merge. If the vote is to merge, our District Superintendent will seek a church for us to merge with. with. Both churches will then vote about merging with each other. If you have any questions regarding the report from Rev. Johns or about the Church Conference, please see Pastor Linda or Pastor Beth Anne. As always, please be in prayer for the lay and pastoral leadership of Brecon UMC as we seek to follow God’s will for this time and season of life.

The Mitten Tree Extravagant Generosity was on display again this year with the wonderful success of the Mitten Tree. Thank you to the Crafters for heading up this outreach. The 16 hats, 28 pairs of gloves/mittens and 20 scarves were delivered to a local school and the school was very thankful. In the recent weeks of very cold weather, we can be assured that the hats, gloves and scarves are being used and keeping the children warm.


March Sermon Topics March 2—John Wesley’s "Means of Grace”  March 5— Ash Wednesday—What’s Lent Got to do with It?  March 9—Creeds of Faith—Creeds in the Bible March 16—Creeds of Faith—Nicene Creed March 23—Creeds of Faith—Apostles’ Creed  March 30—Creeds of Faith— Athanasian and Chalcedonian Creeds

Christian Sympathies We extend our sympathies to Debbie Berta, Shannon and Emre Clark in the loss of Debbie’s father Richard Freeman. Cards can be sent to: 30 Jamestown Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45241.

The Journey Continues... The Journey bible study has dived into the book of Ephesians. We are looking not only at our identity in Christ, but also going deep into the historyPlease and context of the Constantly why? join us for letter. this fun 7 week asking study.  After we finish this study, we will begin a study on the book of Job one of the more interesting characters and books in the Bible. We'd love for you to join us. We meet in the Journey room upstairs on Thursday nights at 6:30pm for Food, Fellowship and Study. It's always a yummy potluck dinner and discussion. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Beth Anne at 513.444.6566 or just come on in and join us!

Ohio River Valley District Training Day The 6th annual ORV District Training Day that was scheduled for Saturday, January 25th, was postponed due to inclement weather. It has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 15. If you can no longer attend on February 15, or would now be available to attend, please contact Pastor Beth Anne at 513.444.6566.

Finance Committee Update The Christmas Joy Offering raised $339 all of which was sent to UMCOR in support of disaster relief efforts around the w world. orld. Thank you for your generous support.

United Methodist Women & Men Eight women and two men gathered for lunch and fellowship on January 14, 2014. Pat Thomas and Ruth Sies were hostesses, serving ham and sweet potatoes. Lawanda Rodgers prepared a veggie dish and Jack Fitzgerald brought a pumpkin pie. It was all delicious. The minutes from the September 2013 meeting were read reporting on the various mission projects the United Women supportedMethodist during the year.




For a program, Ruth shared New Year’s traditions from various countries. Wishes for a “Happy New Year” were extended to all! 

In February, the United Methodist Women and Men will meet February 11, at noon with hostesses being Betty Lutterbei and Mickey Guiliani. The program, headed by Mary Zieli Zielinski, nski, will be “Pledging of Offerings.” People with names  A  –  L please bring a vegetable; M  –  R Dessert and; S – Z Salad. Looking ahead to March: the United Methodist Women and Men will meet March 11, at noon with hostesses being Mary Zielinski and Paul Gray. People with names A  – L please bring a dessert; M  – R Salad and; S  –  Z Vegetable. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Brecon Crafters  A welcoming group who meet on the 4th Monday of every month: sewing, painting, making blankets for the sick and having lunch together.

Brecon  A lunch group, open to allGroup who like to try different restaurants and enjoy good fellowship. We meet once every month except Nov./Dec.


Samaritan’s Closet Activities  Activities  To everything there is a season and a time to every  purpose under under the heaven. heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV)

Welcome to the New Year, 2014. Approximately 50 years ago, the women of Brecon felt a need to open up a closet to help make clothing available to the neighborhood. In the early days it was located upstairs in the church with Roberta Sies and Pauline Clutts as co-workers. It was later moved to the present building next door. Mary Long moved into the house, lived in it and kept a close eye on what went on. Mary was assisted by Betty Vandeveer and others. At some point in ttime, ime, food was offered to folks who were on assistance and lived in the immediate area. When my husband died, Betty Vandeveer decided I needed something to keep me busy and signed me up as a worker. That was 15 years ago and I’m still working. A wonderful group of volunteers has made this all possible! However, much has changed at the Closet as we provide for the next generation. We seek God’s will and guidance as we begin the New Year. Following is an accounting of last year’s activities:

* 628 grocery bags of food were gi given ven to our registered clients * 579 bags of clothing s sold old at $2.00 per grocery bag * $61.85 worth of toys, books, games and puzzles were sold * $70.50 worth of household items found new homes * 65 pairs of shoes, at $0.50 a pair, were sold   * 24 adult coats sold for $2.00 per coat * 7 children found warm coats at $0.50 per coat * $51.10 resulted from miscellaneous items * $101.32 represents donations These “statistics” are from the everyday activities at the Samaritan’s Closet. In addition, the Sharonville Woman’s Club adopted 2 families at Easter and provided complete meals for them. In December, 23 Christmas Baskets were provided for our regular

clients and the families Brecon Crafters provided baskets for 2 adopted from Stewart Elementary

School. Proceeds from the twice-yearly Rummage Sales have also been added to the mission of the Samaritan’s Closet. We wish to offer “Thanks” for generous donations from our Boy Scout Troop 803 which held a food drive at the Sharonville Kroger store in the spring and they collected and presented food to us at their Court of Honor tthis his C Christmas. hristmas. The Panera Bread Company continues to donate their overages on Wednesday night. night. Thanks to Abby, Melody, Kelley and Paul for transporting the bread. We are grateful for contributions from the Brecon Crafters, as well as donations from our church family, local businesses, Montgomery Community Church, relatives and friends. Also, we could not keep going without the help of our dedicated volunteers who serve at the Closet. Thank you, volunteers!

Thank you to all who have given time and talents to the Samaritan’s Closet. We begin the New Year 2014 with gratitude to God for our many blessings!

Boy Scouts  February camping will include a trip to Perfect North for skiing and tubing. Camping will depend on reasonable weather temperatures. We have 2 Scout Sunday activi activities ties scheduled. We will be here at Brecon on the 16th. We have been invited to participate with Pack 96 sponsored by St Michaels in Sharonville on the 15th. We will be receiving some new Boy Scouts transferring from Cub Scouting from both Pack 485 and Pack 96 both in Sharonville. We are looking forward to providing the Scouting experience with these youth. Camping in March will include a practice hike for those who will be going to Philmont Scout Ranch in June and July. The rest of the troop will also have a camping experience sharpening our outdoor skills. The Scouts are arranging a visit to the Sharonville Municipal Court during one of our weekly meeting in March also.


Mark Your Your Cale Calendars ndars February 15

February Birthdays

ORV Training Day 2/4

Anne Stewart

March 2 March 5 March 9

Church Conference Ash Wednesday Daylight Savings


Jane Carson


Betty Lutterbei

 April 13  April 20

Palm Sunday Easter Sunday

2/12 2/16

Katie Loomis Lucille Coleman


Ronald Zielinski


Geneva Bradford


Dorothy Robertson


Betty Wise

February Anniversaries  2/2

Prayers & Concerns 

Herbert and Joellen Sies

March Birthdays

Joyce Berry

Bill Gilbert

Dick Schroder

Evelyn Besco

Michael Gilbert

Harry Schueschner III


Elaine Henline

Brenda Bradford Donna Moak

Joellen Sies


Abby Moonitz

Keith Brosky

Jennifer Parry

Phyllis Strizak


George Roush

Chuck Cowan

Bill Robertson

Patricia Troy

James Favor

Kevin Schmidt

Owen Vonderhaar


Paul Gray


Bob Moak

Peggy Fountain

Amy Schottmiller Mrs. Wren


Marilyn Roush


Pastor Linda Troy


Harry Schueschner


Kevin Berry


Len Troy

** Please update the church office as prayer concerns change** If you have someone you would like to add to the Prayer List, please email Tonya Oriol, [email protected]

Military Deployed to a War Zone

March Anniversaries Anniversaries 

We are trying to keep this list as current as  possible, so so if you have have a family family member that is currently deployed please contact the church office and we will add them to the list. Thank you. 


Bernard and Tonya Oriol



February 2014 Sun






Sat 1 10am Samaritan’s  Closet

3 2 3:45pm Whiz 9:45am Worship Kids 9:45am Children’s Sunday School 11:00 am Adult Sunday School

5 4 7pm Choir 10am Bowlers 10am Samaritan’s Closet 7pm Boy Scouts

6 10am Samaritan’s  Closet 6:30 pm Journey

8 7 11:30am Let Live 10am Samaritan’s  Closet meeting

10 9 3:45pm Whiz 9:45am Worship Kids 9:45am Children’s Sunday School 11:00 am Adult Sunday School

11 10am Bowlers 10am Samaritan’s Closet Noon UMW and Men 7 pm Finance 7pm Boy Scouts

12 7pm Choir

13 10am Samaritan’s  Closet 6:30 pm Journey

14 15 11:30am Let Live 10am Samaritan’s meeting Closet

17 16 9:45am Worship 9:45am Children’s Sunday School President’s Day 

18 10am Samaritan’s Closet 7 pm Ad Board Board

19 20 6 pm Worship 10am Samaritan’s  Committee Closet Meeting 6:30 pm Journey 7pm Choir

21 22 11:30am Let Live 10am Samaritan’s meeting Closet

25 10am Samaritan’s

26 6 pm Visitation Meeting 7pm Choir

11:00 am Adult Sunday School 24 23  3:45pm Whiz 9:45am Worship Kids 9:45am Children’s Sunday School 10 am Crafters 11:00 am Adult Sunday School

27 10am Samaritan’s  Closet 6:30 pm Journey

28 11:30am Let Live meeting


March 2014 Sun






Sat 1 10am Samaritan’s  Closet

3 2 3:45pm Whiz 9:45am Worship Kids 9:45am Children’s Sunday School 11:00 am Adult Sunday School Church Conference

5 4 7pm Ash 10am Bowlers Wednesday 10am Samaritan’s Worship Closet 7pm Boy Scouts

10 9 3:45pm Whiz 9:45am Worship Kids 9:45am Children’s Sunday School 11:00 am Adult Sunday School

6 10am Samaritan’s  Closet 6:30 pm Journey

8 7 11:30am Let Live 10am Samaritan’s  Closet meeting

11 10am Bowlers 10am Samaritan’s Closet Noon UMW and Men 7 pm Finance 7pm Boy Scouts

12 13 6 pm Worship 10am Samaritan’s  Committee Closet Meeting 6:30 pm Journey 7pm Choir

14 15 11:30am Let Live 10am Samaritan’s meeting Closet

17 16 3:45pm Whiz 9:45am Worship Kids 9:45am Children’s Sunday School 7 pm SPRC 11:00 am Adult Sunday School

18 10am Samaritan’s Closet 7 pm Ad Board

19 7pm Choir

20 10am Samaritan’s  Closet 6:30 pm Journey

21 22 11:30am Let Live 10am Samaritan’s meeting Closet

24 23  10 am Crafters 9:45am Worship 9:45am Children’s Sunday School 11:00 am Adult Sunday School

25 10am Samaritan’s

26 6 pm Visitation Meeting 7pm Choir

27 10am Samaritan’s  Closet 6:30 pm Journey

28 29 11:30am Let Live 10am Samaritan’s meeting Closet

Daylight Savings

31 30  9:45am Worship 3:45pm Whiz 9:45am Children’s Kids Sunday School 11:00 am Adult Sunday School



You are invited to worship with us!

Brecon UMC Ministry Team

Worship Service: 9:45 am

Office Phone: (513) 489-7021, Fax: 489-3139 Office Email: [email protected] Web site: www.breconumc.org

Children’s Sunday School: 9:45 am   Adult Sunday School: 11:00 am

Checkout Brecon UMC on Facebook Ministers: All people in the con congregation. gregation. Pastor: Rev. Linda B. Troy (pa ([email protected] [email protected]) g) Associate Pastor: Pastor B Beth eth Anne Crego ([email protected]) Office Administrator: Administrator: Tonya Oriol ([email protected]) Director of Musi Music: c: Sunny Kim Media Team: Team: Donna Moak Moak,, Len Troy Nursery Staff: Jeanette Byrne Administrative Board Chair: Mary Zielinksi Staff Parish Relations Chair: Abby Moonitz Trustees Chair: Finance Chair: John Crego Treasurer: Donna Moak Samaritan's Closet Chair: Ruth Sies Trustee of the Month: Bud Schottmiller (Please take any trustee/building issues to the trustee of the month)

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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  4   1   0   2  h   c   r   a    M   /   y   r   a   u   r   b   e   F

  t   s  i  d   o   h   t  e    M   d   e   t i  n    U  n   o   c   e   r    B

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