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ninder Prep News
Februory News
Duning the t'ronth

Heele 1

of Fehruary tre uill confinue

discussirrg all about our bodies. From fhe anazirg things they cah do and hotl fo Feep thetq heqlth$, to qll qbout our teeth. hle vill finish the tqonth talFing about our Five Sehses.
During the r*eeF of President's Dqy (Feb l?th) ue r*ill be discussing Patt'iotiste.

Hoh. - Yogut'f Orahqtq CnEcFers t*Ied.

Fri. - Aninals CrqcFet's


2 Hoh. - Apple Slices hled. - Vqlentine's $nqcF
Ft'i. - Popcorn




This t ronth ue uill be having a Valentine's celebrqtion on February 13. Please plan on havirrg your child bring in a valenfirre for his/her classtqqtes.

Tue. - Patriofic $naeF hled. - Applesquce

Hon. -Apple Sfrat s hled. - Color SnqcF


Fri. - Celery w/ PB


- Popcorn

Irnportcrnt Dotes
HorrdAy, FebnnlTy X8 - There is No School in obset'\rqhce of President's Day. hIe will be having class on Tuesday, Febrrnry X9.

Februory Skilts
At fhe beginning of fhe nonth in our Liferacy/Lefter Time, I uill be revieuing
Big/t-ittle Curves. hle urill then be rrovirtg on to Diagonals and I uill be introduciry the letters Rr, FF, Aa, and Vv.
This tqonth in the mqfh Cenfer, I tlill he focusing on lqbeling. cot'rbining, taFing q\"qy, ahd sharing sets. This uill be Eccot'rplished with q vqriety of trqnipulatives and nurrber cqrds. This ttronth's charecter educqtion topic is patriotisrr. I tlill be intnoducirrg the characten trqit through reading booFs qbout Anerica ard fhe Pledge of Allegiance. This fopic ties in nicely r*ifh Pt'esidenf's Day, vhich tle uill also be fqlFing ebouf this r{onth.

hlednesday, Februqqy 2T is Red/PinF Show-N-Tell Day. I-lave your child cotqe dressed in red/pinF, shqre something red/pinF, ahd tre uill have a red /pinF shacF as well!


Odds ond Ends
ThqnF you


for your uillinghess to bring in color shacFs. I truly appreciqte your help!

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