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The Pledges Are Now People
The brothers at Upsilon Deuteron are excited to have 5 new brothers this past January in Michael Watson, Taner Kiral, Dylan Mayer, Dan Miller, and Beidou Cheng. Snaps to everything they have/will accomplish during their time here at Wabash. Here’s a little something about the newest additions to our family.
Michael Watson

My name’s Michael Watson; I’m president of Best Buddies, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Political Science. I have a half sister and a smokin’ hot fiancée. In his words, “I am the captain of douches.”

Taner Kiral

I spent my childhood in the suburbs of Chicago, but consider myself a Seattle native. I went to high school in Seattle and, while there, developed a passion for skiing. I'm a math major and I'm minoring in computer science and economics. After college, I plan to go to Wall St. to apply my math skills to make money. Dylan Mayer

My name is Dylan Mayer, and I'm from Evansville, Indiana. I plan on majoring in Psychology with a minor in Classics. My hopes are to attend law school and graduate school for forensic psychology after I graduate from Wabash. Dan Miller

I’m Dan Miller from Akron, Indiana. I play baseball at Wabash College. I am also heavily involved with the First Christian

Church in Crawfordsville. I also enjoy participating in the paintball club. Sports and hanging with friends are basically what I do in the little free time I have. Beidou Cheng

I am Beidou Cheng, and my English name is Carson. I am an international student from China. At the moment I am a freshman at Wabash College. My hobbies are drawing, making game mods, and making inventions. I plan to be a Chemistry major and Art minor at Wabash College. I also plan to use my after-class time to keep working on my inventions and start my own business about cell phone apps and art. I want to be an engineer or a designer after graduation, and at the same time I will figure a way out to start my own company.

PI in Arizona, Mini-PI in C-Ville
Graham Redweik ’16 and Steven Peters ’16 represented Upsilon Deuteron at PI this year, which was held in Scottsdale, AZ. This was a fantastic experience for both individuals. Also, Kyle O’Keefe ’08 and Jacob Surface ’11 worked as facilitators during PI, giving their perspectives to the Theta Delt undergraduates. Upsilon Deuteron hosted Mini-PI for the second year in a row this year on February 1st; accompanying us were our brothers

from IU as well as Joel Bustamante ’11, Kyle O’Keefe ’08, Jim Leuck ’09, and Bill Birch ’11. It was a good experience having the IU Theta Delts come up, and hopefully this experience will help solidify their charge’s future. Also, this was a great experience for our freshmen to see what being a leader is all about.

Another Upsi Deut Rhyne
It is a distinct pleasure of mine to announce Graham Redweik’s acceptance by the Sphinx Club as a Rhyne this spring semester. He is really cool so it is no surprise he got in.

Upsi Deuts Heard ‘Round the World

Three brothers at Upsilon Deuteron were previously accepted into the Study Abroad program at Wabash College. Eddie Pingel is currently studying in Rome this semester, and Joe Sukup will be leaving soon to study in Peru. Fritz Coutchie just returned this semester from Paris, France, and has been generous enough to write about his experience over-seas.

Last semester I had the opportunity to study Economics and the French language in Paris, France. I took an Art History class as well that met in the various museums throughout the city. During my time there I fully realized the importance of immersive learning. Studying the French language while using it to communicate with native speakers, allowed me the necessary practice to commit my lessons to memory. Admittedly the classes lacked much of the rigor I am used to at Wabash, so I made use of my time by exploring the city, and visiting many of the city’s watering-holes. I vacationed to: Barcelona, Spain, Brussels, Belgium, Geneva, Switzerland and a couple of cities in France. All of the cities I visited were more enjoyable than Crawfordsville. However, by the end of the semester I was ready to return to Wabash and face more challenging courses.

Waddles Being Waddles
Adam Wadlington ’16 performed excellently at the University of Indianapolis Invite this past weekend, finishing second and breaking the school record in the heptathlon!

President Boston: He’s a Big Deal
Zac Boston ’15 was elected Student Body President this year; he has high expectations and will surely leave Wabash better than how he found it.

Upsilon Deuteron Officers Spring ‘14 PresidentFritz Coutchie ’15 Vice-PresidentJD Burns ’15 TreasurerJames Fritz ‘16 Corresponding SecretaryGraham Redweik ‘16 Recording SecretaryBryce Kilian ‘16 Rush ChairmenSteven Peters ’16 and Graham Redweik ‘16 Social ChairmenCorey Egler ’15 & Adam Wadlington ‘16 Philanthropy ChairmenCorey Egler ’15 & Steven Peters ‘16 Student Senate RepDan Miller ‘17 IFC RepMichael Watson ‘16 IM ManagerAdam Wadlington ‘16

House ManagerDylan Mayer ‘17 Risk ManagerJD Burns ‘15 Website ManagerTaner Kiral ‘17 Scholarship ChairBryce Kilian ‘16 Executive Council Contact Addresses: Fritz Coutchie: [email protected] JD Burns: [email protected] James Fritz: [email protected] Graham Redweik: [email protected] Bryce Kilian: [email protected]

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