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Participants have mixed opinions on considering DCC as their child care provider.
Overall, no one has made his/her mind strongly for it. Almost all of them are untoward.
Even if agreed, that too hesitantly. Where mothers have given somewhat consideration,
fathers seemed somewhat against it.
An understanding could be developed from the FGD that DCC services though acclaimed
by the participants couldn't achieve credibility in Dhaka.
In contradiction, all of them see the concept of DCC as a positive change. They are not
out and out against the idea. They are in favor of rolling up the idea provided that all of
their concerns are taken into account.
This concern revolves around the quality of care provided to children at DCC. The
quality features that came up in discussion were - Security, sanitation, healthy diet,
hygienic environment, proper care and attention, proper behavior and mannerism etc. .
Where public DCCs fail to meet this criteria at large, office affiliated ones and private
ones were close to having met these according to the participants.
It was unanimously agreed that DCC can help the society through helping woman
When left with no other choice, one of the parents is willing to give up the rather than
exposing the child to an unsecured DCC. In the context of Bangladesh, it is mostly the
mother, since children are more attached to their mother and fathers are the main earner
of the family.
When it comes to entrust a child, parents are most comfortable with family members and
in their absence DCC and as a last resort maids.
Irrespective of DCCs’ quality or reputation, deprivation of proper family bonding for a
child was found out to be a reason for not preferring DCC.
Provided that, DCC can assure the proper quality, the factors that influence the need of
DCC are1. Proper behavior, mannerism build up and accelerated learning process.
2. Inability of family members to manage adequate time for their children.

3. Emergence of nuclear family.
4. Women Empowerment.
5. Proper concentration of parents in work.

It is also found that the role of dcc is at times "confused" with that of pre-school. The
structure of DCC is suggestive of this.
At last but not the least, there is no denying the fact that a child needs his/her family first.

What is the prevailing condition of Day Care Centers’ services in Dhaka city?
What does quality care/service means from parents’ point of view?
What is parents’ perception about the Day Care Centers’ services in Dhaka city?
What are the factors responsible for this perceived quality?

The objective of this report is to study the present condition of both public and private day care
centers in Dhaka city to make comparisons between them and to investigate the features that the
parents value most while deciding to receive the service. Finally, if required, to suggest some
measures to make the centers more effective and attractive to the customers.

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