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FLASH REPORT for  Proposed restructurng of  Under CDR mechanism

 Application Number   Application Date

Table of Contents Particulars Basic details Check-list Brief backgrounof backgrounof promoter(s) promoter(s) Composition of Board of Directors hareholding Pattern Details of listed shares Brief background ! histor" of the compan" ! borro#er  Borro#er$s business model% products and market prospects& Borro#nigs Borro# nigs ! Debt profile 'e" inancials and brief comments on past financials including contingent liabilities! Corporate Corporate uarante uarantees es Reasons for losses ! Need for restructuring Restructuring Restructur ing proposal including #a*ers and additional finance #ith +ustification acrifice% Promoters Contribution and sources thereof and Recompence amount Current and Proposed Proposed ecurit" #ith ACR including *aluations and basis of *aluations 'e" trength(s) of Borro#er #hich shall help turnaround ,a+or Risks and ,itigants Pro+ected inancials Ratio Anal"sis Brief comments on pro+ections and ratios *is a *is *iabilit" Details of non core assets if an" Details of roup Companies! ubsidaries and restructurings if an" proposed or alread" implemented for the same Details of past restructurings if an" ender-#ise debt profile as on C.D and date reference / Anne0ure A Pro+ected Balance heet / Anne0ure B Pro+ected P!-Anne0ure C Pro+ected Cash lo# tatements / Anne0ure D Cash Budgets for 1 months from reference date- Anne0ure 2

Page No.


3tem No&4 555555555555  2mpo#ered roup ,eeting Date4 555555555555 

Flash Report 1.

Basic Details:

Company Name


Registered office address


Constitution Year of incorporation Line of buiness / key products

: :

"#ant #ocation ($tate) %ey promoter(s) promoter(s) name terna# Credit Rating 



Reference made by  Date of reference Date of DCA Lead Bank (WC) Lead nstitution/Bank (!L) nsta##ed Capacites Credit rating &it' Lead Bank 


: :

: : : : :

: :

Checklist :

 Asset c#assification &it' #enders #enders Wi#fu# Defau#t (Yes / No) B*R / Non B*R  $ector + &'et'er nfra / Non nfra ndustry  posure + W'et'er commercia# rea# estate / capita# market  DR! suits fi#ed + No / Yes &it' re#e,ant detai#s Winding up petition fi#ed + No / Yes &it' re#e,ant detai#s -t'er cases against t'e company + No / Yes &it' re#e,ant detai#s Cases fi#ed by t'e company against #enders  + No / Yes Yes &it' re#e,a re#e,ant nt detai#s tent of promoter.s s'ar'o#ding in tota# euity s'are capita# tent of p#edge of promoter.s s'ar'o#ding !ota# CDR debt outstanding as on Cut off date (*B WC 0 N*B WC 0 !L) !ota# CDR debt outstanding as on date of reference (*B WC 0 N*B WC 0 !L) "roposed cut1off date "re !RA designated Bank  !ota# o,erdues of CDR #enders2 as on cut off date Dates of consortium meetings / 3L4s in 56 days preceding t'e date of reference

: : : : : : : : : : :  5556 of promoter$s holding  55556 of total e7uit" base :  55555 lenders lenders #ith #ith aggregate aggregate e0posure of Rs&555555 crore :  55555 lenders lenders #ith #ith aggregate aggregate e0posure of Rs&555555 crore : : : :

3nterest / Rs&555555 crore Principal / Rs&555555 crore



Brief b ba ackground o off Pr Promoter(s):


Com!osition of Board of Directors Directors




#ualificatio n


&ther Directorshi!

Promoter'nde!enden t 

*hareholding Pattern


No of *hares


"romoters  Associates -t'er Body Corporates nstitutions/Banks "ub#ic 


Details of listed shares

Particulars c'ange on &'ic' s'ares are #isted  !rading !rading * *reuency  reuency  Current 4arket "rice 4arket Capiti#isation 78 &eek 9/L "re,ious pub#ic/rig't issues and pri,ate p#acement  -.

Brie Brieff ba back ckgr grou ound nd ' his histo tor r of Com! Com!an an 'B Bor orro ro/e /er: r:


Borr Borro/ o/er ers s bu busi sine ness ss mode model l !r !rod oduc ucts ts and and mark market et !r !ros os!e !ect cts s :


Borro/nigs ' Debt !rofile: Rs& crore Number of  Limits -utstandin #enders sanctioned  g as on C-D

-utstanding as on date of  reference



CDR Debt : - ecured 8C - ecured 9 - Unsecured Total CDR


Non CDR Debt : 2CB from CDR lenders CCB Public D Unsecured loan ! 3CD (non promoter) Unsecured loan ! 3CD (promoter : friends ! relati*es) B!NB debt from other non CDR lenders ----------Total Non CDR Grand Total (CDR + Non CDR or lender-#ise details of CDR debt% please see Anne0ure A&




5e 6inancials :


Rs:crore 67 2414

67 2411

67 2412

78D 9 3',' mths ended  

Net ales ! 3ncome .ther operating income 2B39DA 2B3D9A (6) PA9 PA 9 9N8% e0cluding preference shares Preference shares capital 9otal Debt ! Borro#ings 8D; of i0ed Assets ((Net Net block) 3n*estments / 3n subsidiaries!group cos 3n*estments / .thers tocks Book debts 9rade Creditors (e0cl& for capital goods) oans and ad*ances to subsidiaries!roup cos 9otal Debts!9N8 9erm Debts! i0ed Assets 9o 9otal tal Debts!2B3D9A Debts!2B3 D9A Current Ratio

Brief comments on !ast financials including contingent liabilities' Cor!orate ;uarantees:


<eas <eason ons s fo forr llos osse ses s ' Nee Need d for for rest restru ruct ctur urin ing: g:

!" !"&& <estructuring <estr ucturing Pro!osal including /ai=ers and additional finance /ith  >ustification for the same


*acrifice Promters Contribution Contribu tion and sources thereof and <ecom!ence amount 

1. Current *ecurit and Pro!osed *ecurit /ith "sset Co=erage <atio includi including ng =aluations and basis of =aluation =aluation  





5e *trength(s) of Borro/er /hich shall hel! turnaround :


?a>or <isks and ?itigants :

Pro>ected 6inancials (<efer "nne%ure B C and D)

1-. <atio "nalsis




 A*erage Ad+usted DCR Return on Capital 2mplo"ed (R.C2) / A*erage ap bet#een 3RR < A*erage Cost of Capital Cost of Capital 3nternal Rate of Return (3RR) oan ife Ration (R)  Asset Co*erage Co*erage Ratio 10. Brief Comments on !ro>ection and ratios =is a =is =iabilit  =iabili t  

1. Details of non core assets if an  

24. Details of ;rou! Com!anies' *ubsidaries and restructurings if an !ro!osed or alread im!lemented for the same

'r#ef F#nan$#als of Gro%p Cos * S%bs#dar#es Part#$%lars

ales PA9 PA9 9o 9otal tal Debts 9N8 Net i0ed Assets Assets

21. Details of !ast restructurings restructurings if an.  an. 



Anne,%re A Lender-.#se debt prof#le as on COD and Date of Referen$e  

Anne,%re ' Pro/e$ted 'alan$e Sheet  

Anne,%re C Pro/e$ted P * L

Anne,%re D Pro/e$ted Cash Flo. Stateent Stateent  

Anne,%re E Cash '%d0ets for 1 onths fro referen$e date  

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