Flea Market Guide - Flea Market Secrets Exposed

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Earn Money Week in and Week Out With a Flea Market Business You Can Run in Just a Few Hours a Week!This is not a theory or some pipe dream. There is no question if it will work. Its a proven winner for 20 years. I promise you that this won't be a waste of your time.



Flea Market Secrets Exposed

"Earn Money Week in and Week Out With a Flea Market Business You Can Run in Just a Few ours a Week!"

&is"lai#er: 'very e!!ort has been #ade to #a(e this do"u#ent as "o#plete and a""urate as possible% )o$ever* there #ay be #ista(es in the typography or "ontent% Also* this report "ontains the !lea #ar(et and shopping using "oupons in!or#ation up to the publishing date% +her!ore* this do"u#ent should be used as a guide only, not as a de!initive sour"e o! !lea #ar(ets or shopping using "oupons% +he purpose o! this do"u#ent is to edu"ate* and not to provide or i#ply su"h provisions o! any legal* a""ounting* or any other !or# o! business advi"e% +he authors and publisher do not $arrant that the in!or#ation "ontained in this report is !ully "o#plete and shall not be responsible !or any errors or o#issions% +he authors and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity $ith respe"t to any loss or da#age "aused or alleged to be "aused dire"tley or indire"tley by this do"u#ent: C- +' +S: C)AP+'R - ': Peanuts* Coupons And .leas C)AP+'R +W-: What /ou eed +o 0et Started C)AP+'R +)R'' 0reen -r 1u#bo C)AP+'R .-2R Step By Step Coo(ing C)AP+'R .34' +he Set 2p C)AP+'R S35 )o$ Mu"h +o Charge And What +o Serve +he# 3n C)AP+'R S'4' Pista"hios And Roasted Peanuts C)AP+'R '30)+ My Se"ret Ca6un Re"ipe C)AP+'R 3 ' 0ood e$s Begins )ere

C)AP+'R +' Shop S#art And Save C)AP+'R '7'4' Clip And Save C)AP+'R +W'74' +he Se"ret +o Shopping C)AP+'R +)3R+'' Produ"t '8a#ples C)AP+'R .-2R+'' Sell* Sell* Sell C)AP+'R .3.+'' '8tra +ips C)AP+'R S35+'' : )o$ +o 'valuate A Mar(et and More Produ"ts +o Sell C)AP+'R S'4' +'' : -ther +hings +hat Will Sell C)AP+'R '30)+'' : -!! 7ine & -nline Money Ma(ers C)AP+'R 30)+'' : 7ets Re"ap C)AP+'R +W' +/: +he Blue Widget AC9 -W7'&0'M' +S .3 A7 W-R&S

Chapter 1: Peanuts* Coupons And .leas:

+his is a phrase "oined by our granddaughter 9aren% 3t des"ribes $hat this business is about% /ou a"tually get a t$o!or $ith your pur"hase% +his $as t$o separate businesses !or over ten years and no$ is "o#bined into one and has "ontinued !or an additional eleven years% So you "an "hoose to operate one or both% +hey both #a(e #oney% My $i!e $as (no$n as :+he Cadilla" 7ady: and sold the staples that you $ill read about later and 3 a# (no$n as :+he Peanut Man:% She no longer goes out to the !lea #ar(et $ith #e but she is #y : in6a Shopper:% She buys and 3 sell% )er produ"ts still bring in the #oney% We (ne$ ea"h other !or over ten years be!ore $e started dating and then $ound up getting #arried thus the "o#bining o! the t$o% -ur grandson 9aleb $anted to #a(e sure $e told you :+he Cadilla" 7ady: #arried : +he Peanut Man: so there you go 9,bob% 3 sell boiled and roasted peanuts at the !lea #ar(et% Boiled peanuts is a big thing in the south and no$ 3 have a lot o! people !ro# the north* $est and east hoo(ed on the# too% 3 believe !ro# tal(ing to people !ro# di!!erent parts o! the 2%S% there is a real gold #ine $aiting !or anyone to start selling these peanuts% ot #any people are doing this% 3 $ould love to be the ne$ (id on the blo"( selling peanuts% 3 have people $ho buy the# and then ship the# all over the 2%S% 3t isn:t hard to do this business and as you $ill dis"over the #oney is real good% /ou "an buy a bag o! peanuts !or ;<2%00 then add $ater and salt and retail the# out on average !or ;=>?%00% 7i(e #ost anything the !lea #ar(et is seasonal% +here are eight good #onths $hen 3 sell on average t$o to three bags a $ee(,end and the other !our #onths 3 sell one or t$o bags a $ee(,end% So !or the !e$ hours 3 set up ea"h $ee( end you "an see that the pro!it is very good% So#e people loo( !or a busy interse"tion on $ee(,ends and !ind a pla"e to set up on the side o! the road% /ou "an set up right out o! the ba"( o! a van* pi"( up tru"( or

your "ar% 3 have a !riend $ho has been selling roadside !or thirteen years% )e also sells a little bit o! produ"e% )e sells ? days a $ee( and has #ade a !antasti" living % A !e$ other pla"es people set up are: Close to the !ootball stadiu#s on Sat% & Sun%%%7ots o! tra!!i"@ 3 (no$ a "ouple $ho have been doing this !or years at the gator ga#es and they #a(e a (illing on Saturdays% +hey get e# be!ore and a!ter the ga#e% Another person 3 (no$ labels* bags and puts the# in "onvenien"e stores !or sale% 7ittle league baseball ga#es is another pla"e you "an sell* !ar#ers #ar(ets* "ar sho$s* art !estivals* al#ost any outdoor event% 1ust loo( around !or good spots to set up% Be sure to !ind out $hat li"ense you #ay need to sell% /ou "an "he"( $ith your "ourthouse to !ind out $hat li"ense you #ay need !or roadside and the #anager at the !lea #ar(et $ill let you (no$ $hat you $ill need there% o$ (eep in #ind you "ould go to a !lea #ar(et or sell roadside every day i! you "hoose to% So#e people go to a di!!erent #ar(et every day% 3 have $or(ed the sa#e #ar(et !or 20 years% +hey are only open Saturdays and Sundays% +he #anage#ent has been very good to #e% 3 a# the only vendor allo$ed to sell boiled peanuts% +hey $ant good dependable vendors% Sho$ the# that they "an "ount on you and #aybe they $ill give you an e8"lusive% People $ill brag on your peanuts and #anage#ent $ill pi"( up on that* you then be"o#e a dra$ !or the#% 3 "hoose to 6ust $or( the $ee(ends% 3 usually stay ? or A hrs%depending on the tra!!i" Bpeople $al(ing byC and then go ho#e% So !or those !e$ hours a $ee( end the #oney is very good% +hats $hat #a(es the !lea #ar(et the per!e"t business% 3! you "hoose to $or( ? to > days a $ee( you $ill #a(e a very* very good in"o#e and i! its 6ust a "ouple o! thousand dollars you $ant to #a(e a #onth then 6ust do it on the $ee( ends li(e 3 do%

Chapter 2: Coo(ing 'Duip#ent,What /ou eed +o 0et Started: /ou $ill need to buy a A0 Duart pot $ith a lid% A !ree standing "oo(er* propane tan(* and t$o ? gallon bu"(ets $ith lids* thats it% /ou "an usually pi"( up all these ite#s at the !lea #ar(et !or less than a hundred dollars% /ou "an also go to $here they sell "a#ping eDuip#ent and buy ne$% As you start to sell #ore you "an buy additional eDuip#ent Bbigger pots & another "oo(erC to save ti#e but !or no$ thats all you need%

3! you have the !unds to pur"hase the e8tra eDuip#ent that is great% Chapter =: Choosing /our Peanut,0reen -r 1u#bo So#e people pre!er the green peanuts% +hese are seasonal and o! "ourse they are !resher% +hey "ost #ore and are sold by the bushel% 3 sell the dry ra$ 6u#bo peanuts% 3 !ind that #ost people li(e the taste and siEe o! the 6u#bo% Plus these are available year round% +here is also a dry ra$ peanut "alled the valen"ia% 3t has a very good taste but is s#aller% -! "ourse the "hoi"e is yours so try the# all% +he dry ra$ peanuts "o#e in ?0 pound bags and as o! this $riting are selling !or ;<2%00% 0o to any produ"e outlet to buy the#% 3! !or so#e reason they don:t have the# they "an order the# !or you% 1ust as( and then they $ill start to order ea"h $ee( !or you%

Chapter <: Step by Step Coo(ing

Step 1: Cut your bag o! peanuts a"ross the top% +a(e t$o o! your ? gallon bu"(ets and !ill ea"h one to the very top% o$ ta(e $hats le!t in the bag and pour the# into another "ontainer% +a(e the peanuts in the bu"(ets and pour the# ba"( into the e#pty bag% A!ter doing this a !e$ ti#es you $ill (no$ the e8a"t a#ount 2 bu"(ets "ontain% +a(e the bag $ith the peanuts outside t$ist the top and pla"e the# into a =2 gallon garbage "ontainer% .ind a "e#ent blo"( or so#ething heavy and pla"e on top o! the peanuts to $eight it do$n% .ill the garbage "ontainer $ith $ater until the peanuts are "o#pletely "overed $ith $ater% Put the lid on the garbage "ontainer% 7et the peanuts soa( !or 1F,2< hours% +hats it !or day one% Step 2: +a(e the lid o!! the garbage "ontainer and pla"e it upside do$n on the ground by your side% +a(e the "e#ent blo"( out o! the garbage "ontainer and put it a$ay% 0rab the top o! the bag and push and pull up and do$n a !e$ ti#es as though $ashing% Pull the bag o! peanuts out and pla"e it on the lid% '#pty the $ater out o! the garbage "ontainer% Pla"e the bag ba"( in the "ontainer and !ill $ith $ater 6ust enough to "over peanuts% o$ rinse again% /ou #ight $ant to repeat this one #ore ti#e% 3ts i#portant to #a(e sure you rinse the dirt o!! GG A!ter !inal rinse pla"e bag o!

peanuts on e#pty lid% Step:= Pla"e pot on "oo(er% )oo( up your !illed propane tan( to the "oo(er% Pi"( up peanuts and e#pty bag into pot% Measure 2 pounds o! salt B roughly t$o separate "ontainersC and pour on top% .ill pot $ith $ater to "over peanuts% Pla"e lid on top% -pen gas line and light% Bring peanuts to a roaring boil and leave it at that setting% About every t$o hours go "he"( peanuts and !ill $ith $ater as needed% /ou $ant to (eep the $ater slightly above the peanuts%

3 "an soa( in about ? #inutes and it only ta(es about 1? #inutes to get e# "oo(ing% +he peanuts ta(e F to H hours to get done% +aste as you go along to tell $hen done% /ou $ant the# so!t but not to so!t%%%%3ts al#ost i#possible to over"oo(% So thats no $orry% Step <: When done get a s#all pot $ith long handle and s"oop peanuts out o! big pot into your !ive gallon bu"(ets% Ma(e sure you "over top o! peanuts $ith 6ui"e so they don:t dry out% +hats all there is to it% o$ you have !resh boiled peanuts that people are $illing to pay !or% o$ all you have to do is heat the# up $hen you go set up% 3 told you this $as easy%

Chapter ?: +he Set 2p When 3 set up 3 have a 2 !t% Wide 8 ? .t% long board% 3 pla"e t$o portable #etal legs underneath to hold it up% 3 have a light$eight double "oo(er 3 pla"e on the #iddle o! the board% Byou "an !ind these at the !lea #ar(et or buy at a "a#ping supply storeC 3 pla"e #y pots on top o! the "oo(erB !illed $ith peanuts* one has regular and the other is "a6un% Put your propan tan( under the board and hoo( up to "oo(er% Pla"e t$o #il( "rates sta"(ed one on top o! the other at one end o! board to hold your "ups* Byou "an use anything to hold your "ups C and a plasti" "ontainer on the other end%B!or your strainers* !or serving% 3 use ? gal% Bu"(ets%C Put a sign in !ront o! your "ups $ith your pri"es on it* open a !olding table* put your u#brella up and heat up your peanuts% 0et a "o#!ortable "hair* put on so#e #usi"

and get ready to #a(e #oney% A 2 8 ? board holds the $hole business GGG +hats about as portable as it gets% +hat:s the beauty o! this business% /ou "an ta(e it any$here and set up% 3#portant ote: /ou "an !reeEe your le!t over peanuts and bring the# ba"( out the !ollo$ing $ee(end or i! selling daily 6ust re!ridgerate and sell ne8t day% 2sually ta(es 2< hrs% to tha$ out a !ull bu"(et i! !roEen% 1ust be sure to taste be!ore serving as they tend to absorb the salts and spi"es% All you have to do is add $ater to the# and that $ill "ut the salty taste%

Chapter A: )o$ Mu"h +o Charge And What +o Serve +he# 3n:

/ou "an !ind these supplies at Sa#s* Cos"o or a $holesale house% 3 use styro!oa# "ups to serve #y peanuts in% 3 then pla"e the "up in a bro$n paper bag and put a paper to$el inside% 2se a I< paper bag !or the s#all "ups and a IF bag !or the #ediu# and large "ups% Most people don:t $ant the bag but 3 li(e to o!!er one% A lot o! #y "usto#ers buy 2 or = large "ups at a ti#e !or ta(e ho#e% 3 put lids on these and pla"e inside paper bags and then $rap it up in a plasti" gro"ery bag% 3 use = siEes o! "ups% A 12 oE%* 2< oE% and a =2 oE% 3 "harge ;2%00 !or the s#all 12 oE%* ;=%00 !or the #ediu# 2< oE% and ;<%00 !or the large =2oE% Most roadside vendors only sell one siEe% +hey sell the =2 oE% !or ;?%00% 3! you "hoose to do this you $ill add another ;>?%00 to ;100%00 per bag into your po"(et% o$ you are pushing ;?00%00 per bag% 10 to 1 on your #oney% ot bad is itJ /ou #a(e real good #oney so try not to get to greedy% -! "ourse every pla"e is di!!erent so ad6ust your pri"es a""ordingly% When 3 !irst started 3 passed out !ree sa#ples% Cultivating your "usto#ers and repeat business* 3 "an:t stress that enough% Serve $hat they li(e at a good pri"e then the rest !alls into pla"e% 3! your produ"t is good then $ord o! #outh $ill do your advertising !or you% 3! you !ollo$ #y plan your produ"t $ill be good and you $ill su""eed% A!ter t20 years these strategies are proven% Chapter >: Pista"hios And Roasted Peanuts

3 do not (no$ the la$s in other "ountries or other states but in the state o! !lorida you do not need a !ood li"ense to sell peanuts i! the shell "overs the nut% So 3 added roasted and pista"hios to the #enu% /ou "an buy these at the $holesale house% /ou $ill #ore than double your #oney on these produ"ts% .ill a 2< oE% "up !ull o! roasted peanuts and pour the# in a I< paper bag and "harge ;2%00% .ind a s#all s"oop and !ill a sna"( bag !ull o! pista"hios and "harge ;2%00 or $hatever $ill double your #oney% Right no$ 3 pay ;12%00 !or < lbs and that #a(es 1< bags% 3 "harge ;2%00%% +his is 6ust so#ething e8tra that !its in $ith the boiled peanuts% 3 used to sell peanut brittle* !ried peanuts and trail #i8% +hen along "a#e the !ood poli"e% .or a !ood li"ense you need a separate building $ith triple sin(s and inspe"tions% +he list goes on and on% So 3 (eep it si#ple%

Chapter F: My Se"ret Ca6un Re"ipe

-ver the years 3 have had a lot o! people as( to buy #y "a6un re"ipe% So#eone even o!!ered #e ;100%00% 3 have never told anyone until no$% 3 have tried #any di!!erent re"ipes and have used this one !or the last F years% When you start to "oo( a bat"h o! peanuts bring the# to a boil and then add these ingredients% ?1 oE% o! Katarain:s "ra$!ish* shri#p & "rab boil% +hese = ingredients "o#e in 1> oE% bags or a >= oE% tub pre,#i8ed% 3! you buy the tub then 6ust #easure out !our o! your 12 oE% "up plus 6ust a pin"h #ore and pour it in% +hen you $ill add !our F oE% "ontainers o! 7uEianne "reole seasoning% Ma(e sure you only use 7uEianne "reole seasonings% +hey have the per!e"t blend% 3 have tried others and they 6ust don:t #easure up% +hats all you need to do to have really great tasting "a6un peanuts% +he "usto#ers love their hot and spi"ey "a6un peanuts% 1ust be sure to (eep the $ater slightly above the peanuts $hen "oo(ing% .or your "ra$!ish* shri#p & "rab boil spi"es you "an order the# at Eatarains%"o#* or "a6ungro"ery%"o#% .or your luEianne "reole seasonings go to L %"reole spi"es

Well* that brings an end to the !irst hal! o! this business% /ou no$ (no$ $hat to

buy* and $hat to do% As the slogan says* :1ust &o 3t:% o$ #y $i!e $ill sho$ you ho$ to buy things !or resale that people need% 3 sell $hat they li(e and she sells $hat they need% o$ this is the (ey that opens the se"ret !or !lea #ar(et su""ess% +hese are both things that people "onsu#e% 'at e# up and use e# up then "o#e ba"( !or #ore% 7i(e 3 said earlier its all about repeat business% .ollo$ this si#ple plan and you "an ta(e your business as !ar as you $ant to% 3 $ould li(e to add one #ore thing% +here are several reasons 3 love the !lea #ar(et business% +he #oney o! "ourse is real good* it:s also a Dui"( set up%%%in & out% /ou are your o$n boss and the !reedo# that "o#es $ith that* $hi"h #eans #ore ti#e !or other things you li(e to do% People al$ays tell #e :/ou are al$ays s#iling and see# so happy:% +hey are right% 0ood #oney and lots !reedo# $ill do that% So thats #y $ish !or you% 9eep S#iling GG )ere is so#ething else 3 "an not stress enough% 0o to $aynestanila%"o#% +here you $ill see pi"tures and read arti"les on #y blog !or a ton o! e8a#ples about $hat is in this eboo( espe"ially !or $hat is "o#ing up in the se"ond hal! o! the eboo(% o$ lets go to part t$o and !ind out ho$ to get those resale deals%%%%%%%

Chapter H: 0ood e$s Begins )ere As #y husband e8plained* 3 a# the :Cadilla" 7ady:, the "ounterpart to the :Peanut Man% 'veryone gets a ni"(na#e at the !lea #ar(et depending on di!!erent !a"tors% 3 $as so aptly na#ed having driven a Cadilla" than(s to starting #y o$n business $ith Byou guessed itC the help o! "oupons% 3 started "lipping and saving in 1HF=* !or #y o$n personal use* and by 1HFA 3 had a good sto"( o! #er"handise% A !riend urged #e to try a !lea #ar(et* be"ause 3 had so #any basi" ite#s everyone uses% +his turned out to be a very $ise de"ision% -ver the years 3 have saved thousands and thousands o! dollars% When 3 began #y !lea #ar(et business* #y li!estyle $ent !ro# #edi"ore to #agni!i"ent* hen"e driving a "adilla" as opposed to an es"ort%

Chapter 10: Shop S#art And Save% Anyone "an do $hat 3 have done using ti#e $isely and being ingenius% .irst* develop a syste# !or "olle"ting "oupons% /ears ago 3 began du#pster diving Bno garbage "ans* only re"y"ling binsC% /ou "ould still do this today in a sa!e neighborhood% +i#es have "hanged and "oupons are easier to "o#e by% Start this $ay: 1CSubs"ribe to the Sunday paper 2CColle"t "oupons !ro# !a#ily =C Colle"t "oupons !ro# !riends <C Colle"t "oupons !ro# your "hur"h !a#ily Bi#agine a large "ongregationC ?C Buy "oupons online at ebayB $hi"h is #y !avorite #ethod C A!ter you buy several ti#es !ro# one seller you "an start to "ut deals on volu#e buys% UPDATE: )ere are three a$eso#ene$ sites% So#e tell you $hats "o#ing out* $hat store to go to and ho$ to get the ite# !or !ree% /ou "an even print the# o!!% All you have to do is $rite in your google tab these $ords belo$: 1C$ho said nothing in li!e is !ree 2C#y "oupon hunter =Cthe "oupon #aster Soon you $ill have #ore "oupons than you (no$ $hat to do $ith and $ill be saving hundreds and thousands o! dollars% Chapter 11: Clip And Save: Start "lipping and saving* organiEing your "oupons% Re#e#ber $ith every "lip you are #a(ing #oney,,,its #indless% Choose the #ost basi" ite#s initially: 1C toothpaste 2C deodorant =C roo# sprays <C "leaners ?C sha#poos AC soaps

7ater* your sto"( be"o#es endless* and anything you thin( people use* Eiplo" bags* trash bags* !oil* pet !ood* lotions* raEors* body $ash* any staple ite#s% Be "reative% 7oo( at all the produ"ts not only you use * but other people use as $ell% Chapter 12: +he Se"ret +o Shopping: 7ets 0o Shopping GGGG 3 asse#ble #y "oupons to the !loor layout o! the store% 3 then "ount ho$ #any "oupons 3 have !or ea"h ite#* ta(e the# o!! the shel!* put the# in the "art* and ta(e that nu#ber o! "oupons and pla"e the# in the top o! the "art% Pla"e so#ething on top to (eep the# in pla"e% +hen "ontinue on* "ount ite#s * "ount "oupons* et"%% 2se the botto# o! the "art !or large orders% 3! you have #ore than one "art !ull ta(e the !irst one to the "usto#er servi"e area and par( it% +hey are very ni"e and help!ul Band they love all the #oney you are spendingC% +hen go ba"( to shopping% +hey $ill help you to your "ar $hen you have #ore than one "art% 3 go to #any stores but #y !avorite is +arget% ot only do they have "o#petitive pri"es* but their red sti"(er sale ite#s are !antasti"% Plus you "an get a +arget "redit "ard and a!ter you spend a "ertain a#ount they send you a 10M o!! "ard% +his $ill save you a lot o! #oney over ti#e% +ry to use it $ith a big order% Al$ays give the "ashier your 10 M o!! "ard !irst% A!ter they ta(e that o!! the total* hand the# your "oupons% +hey $ill ring your order* s"an your "oupons* and o!! you go% Also go to Wal,Mart* Walgreens* C4S &rugs* Big 7ots and &ollar Stores% 3ts al#ost li(e being a dete"tive% 9eep Sear"hing G /ou $ill !ind "lose outs* and bargains% Start !illing your "art* $ith any lu"( you $ill !ind "loseouts due to pa"(aging* or a buy one get one !ree ite#% -ne day $hile at +arget* ea"h ti#e 3 bought three Pantene sha#poos a ;?%00 gi!t "ard auto#ati"ally "a#e out o! the register% Soon you $ill be loving to go shopping and re#e#ber $ith ea"h step you are #a(ing #oney% So#eti#es you $ill !ind a good deal that you don:t need a "oupon !or GG Buy all you "an o! these ite#s% /ard sales "an be a great sour"e o! produ"ts% -n"e 3 bought 20 .ar A$ay Per!u#es by Avon $hi"h retail !or ;10%00 ea"h% 3 bought the# !or ;1%00 ea"h% B 3 told you yard

sales are great GGC Wayne sold the# in one $ee(end !or ;F%00 ea"h% A Dui"( ;1<0%00 pro!it on one pur"hase% Also on"e you start at your #ar(et* you #ay !ind another vendor selling so#ething you "an double your #oney Bor #oreC on% Buy all you "an GGG /our #oney is #ade $hen you buy it right% 1ust to give you an idea o! ho$ #u"h #oney you "an save and #a(e on resale $hen you go shopping here are a !e$ re"ent re"eipts !ro# +arget% +hese nu#bers are the +he one 3 a# proudest o! $as ove#ber o! last year% +he total $as ;<?1%11% A!ter the "oupons and the 10M o!! the total $as ;AF%00% 3 had 2 !ull "arts% +hats the night the gi!t "ards popped out and the !inal total $as only ;<=%00% 3 really !elt 3 outdid #ysel!% /ou "an do this good or #aybe better% Re#e#ber you are reselling this #er"handise and the ne8t "hapter $ill reveal ho$ #u"h you "an #a(e% As the slogan says :1ust &o 3t:% 3 (no$ those are 6ust $ords $ritten above% Again go to $aynestanila%"o#% /ou $ill SEE a ton o! the re"eipts tal(ed about in the above paragraph% /ou $ill also SEE the produ"ts tal(ed about along $ith updates on ne$ $ays to sour"e produ"ts% +a(e a loo( around there% /ou $on:t believe the #oney you "an (eep in your po"(et and then ta(e these ite#s and resell the#% Chapter1=: Produ"t '8a#ples: +his is 6ust a !e$ e8a#ples o! ho$ #u"h 3 pay !or produ"ts and $hat they resell !or% Al#ost H0 M o! everything 3 buy retails at the !lea #ar(et !or 100,200M and #ore% +hese are na#e brand produ"ts not store brands% -lay* dove* "aress* "olgate* "rest* aDua !resh* nivea* panteen* herbal essen"e* vive* !usion* s"hi"(* !antasti"* $inde8* lysol* glade% +he list goes on and on% People al$ays as(* :ho$ do you get the latest produ"ts and sell the# "heaper than Wal,Mart:J With sales and "oupons heres $hat you "an do%% Mens & $o#ens Nuattro raEors% Paid %?0% Wayne sold so#e o! these on ebay on average o! ;2%?0 ea"h and ;=%00 ea"h at the !lea #ar(et%%% A = Pa"( o! dove deodorant* = pa"( o! degree deodorant and a = pa"( o! old spi"e deodorant% Pa"(aged very ni"e% Paid %1<%%%!or ea"h = pa"(% Bro(e

open so#e o! the pa"(s and sold ea"h individual pie"e !or ;2%00%%%Sold the = pa"( !or ;?%00%%%7ysol .resh Mati" Air .reshner%%Paid ;1%A0 ea"h sold li(e hot "a(es !or ;F%00 or 2 !or ;1?%00%%%Suave sha#poo and "onditioner: Paid %2A !or both%%%Sold !or ;2%00% Right no$ 3 a# buying dish detergent !or ;1%00 at the dollar store and it resells !or ;2%?0%%%%% o "oupon needed* its a "lose out% 3 bought 1A0 bottles% )ere is a s#all order $ith a total o! ;F1%A> !ro# +arget% A!ter "oupons 3 paid ;=2%0>% +he #er"handise $ill resale !or ;H>%00% /ou #a(e = to 1 on your #oney% 3 6ust $anted to tell you a !e$ o! the deals out there by using this #ethod% As you "an see the pro!it is very good% 9eep your tables !ull $ith these produ"ts and you $ill do really $ell% +his syste# is so si#ple% -rder the "oupons* go buy the produ"ts* then sell the#% Rinse and repeat% /our $hole seller is +arget* Wal Mart* &ollar Stores* C4S% +hey never run out o! produ"ts !or you to sell% Chapter1<: Sell* Sell* Sell: o$ its ti#e to go and sell GG +his is $hen it gets really e8"itingO+i#e to #a(e #oneyGG 0et yoursel! a "ouple o! light$eight !old up tables* pa"( your "ar and go% Set up your tables in seDuen"e* all toothpastes Byou $ill have several brands*C sha#poos* "leaners* all in one area and (eep your set up the sa#e ea"h $ee(% /our repeat "usto#ers $ill be ba"( to grab the sa#e produ"ts% Al$ays #ar( the pri"e on your produ"ts and this $ill (eep you !ro# having to say it hundreds o! ti#es% Ma(e it !ast and easy !or the#% Al$ays be !riendly and "ourteous% A!ter they #a(e a pur"hase as( the# i! they $ould li(e to leave their #er"handise $ith you $hile they $al( around the #ar(et% Bso#e o! this stu!! is heavy and a lot o! ti#es they $ill buy so#ething else $hen they returnC% Be sure to have a starting ban( $ith lots o! ones* !ives and ten dollar bills% 3n the good season #y husband and 3 had #any ;1*=00%00 to ;1*?00%00 $ee(ends $ith pro!its on average o! A?M% ot bad !or a $ee(end is itJ

Chapter 1?: '8tra +ips: Start $ith #ini#al !unds% B ;100%00 C should get you started and $at"h your ban(

a""ount gro$% A !riend o! #ine too( all the #oney he saved $ith "oupons and put it in the ban(* and used it !or a great !a#ily va"ation ea"h year%/ou $ill #eet ne$ !riends* great people and i! you are lu"(y li(e #e !ind the greatest husband ever% +hen you "an "o#bine businesses* double your #oney and your !un% ' 1-/GGG Chapter 1A: )o$ +o 'valuate a Mar(et and .ind More Produ"ts: 3 !eel as though you "an ta(e $hat 3 sell* "opy the syste# and go into any #ar(et and #a(e #oney but #aybe you don:t $ant to sell $hat 3 do% o$ $hatJ 3ve got you "overed but !irst 3 $ant to tal( about ho$ to evaluate a !lea #ar(et and then give you #ore than enough pla"es you "an !ind produ"ts to buy and resell%
My !irst suggestion is that you get a !lea #ar(et dire"tory and lo"ate all the !lea

#ar(ets in your vi"inity% +a(e so#e ti#e and $al( ea"h one% +hese are the things that you $ant to loo( !or% )o$ #any vendors are there in ea"h #ar(etJ What are they sellingJ &o a lot o! the# sell the sa#e thingJ Co#petition is good but only up to a "ertain point% Are there a lot o! people shoppingJ What do you see people buyingJ Most i#portant is WHO is #a(ing sales and doing business% +a(e a note pad and $rite these things do$n so you "an "he"( the# later% +he one thing you don:t $ant to do is !or"e a produ"t in to a #ar(et% 'a"h #ar(et is di!!erent and has its o$n personality% What #ight sell $ell at one #ar(et $ill not sell at another one% Stop and tal( to the vendors% As( the# their pri"es% As( ho$ business is% Al#ost all o! the# $ill be !riendly and #ost love to tal( about their business% +his $ay you start to get a !eel !or ea"h !lea #ar(et* their ite#s and pri"es% 3! you see produ"ts that you $ant to sell you $ill need to !ind a true $holeseller to sour"e these ite#s% Real .a"tory AuthoriEed Wholesalers !or the #ost part do not advertise on line% +hese are large $holesale "o#panies* and they don:t believe it:s $orth their ti#e and e!!ort to advertise to s#all ho#e,based business o$ners% +hey WILL $or( $ith you on"e you tra"( the# do$n% 3 have !ound t$o "erti!ied $holesale dire"tories $ho do the resear"h !or you to !ind Duality produ"ts at true $holesale pri"es% 3 have been a #e#ber $ith both o! these "o#panies !or a nu#ber o! years% 3 use the# !or selling on 'bay but you

"ould use the# to sour"e produ"ts !or your !lea #ar(et businessas $ell%% All their $holesalers have been s"reened and $ant to $or( $ith ho#e,based businesses% +hey also tea"h you ho$ to i#port !ro# "hina and around the $orld% Both o! these "o#panies "harge a one ti#e #e#bership sign up !ee% -ne doesn:t "ost to #u"h and the other one is a little on the pri"ey side% Both o! these "o#panies are 100M !irst "lass% Sale)oo is $orth 6oining so you "an get na#e brand produ"ts at $holesale pri"es !or yoursel! as you "an buy one or t$o ite#s at the ti#e% +he pri"e is de!initely a bargin% Che"( out both o! the# and then de"ide i! they are the right !it !or you% +he !irst "o#pany is WorldWide Brands% +hey have over F*000 veri!ied suppliers* $holesale and dropship% 3! you $ant to drop ship* buy light bul( or volu#e this "o#pany has dealers ready to do business% +hey also have liDuidation and instant i#port buys you "an use% +he video you $ill vie$ tal(s about online business but this "an be applied to any business% +o ta(e a loo( at this "o#pany 6ust "li"( LL Flea Market Wholesale% +he se"ond "o#pany is Sale)oo% +hey have over ?*000 legiti#ate suppliers% 'very produ"t i#aginable !ro# ele"troni"s* &4&s* "lothing* baby produ"ts* et"% +op brand na#es@ 0u""i* Sony* Apple* i(e* Prada* 7aCoste and #any #ore% +hey have "he"(ed out and veri!ied suppliers !ro# all over the $orld% +hey $ill also $or( $ith you one on one i! you as( the# to% +his is a true bargin here% /ou "an "he"( the# out by "li"(ingLL Flea Market Wholesale% e8t 3 $ant to sho$ you so#e "o#panies $here you "an !ind a ton o! produ"ts !ro# di!!erent suppliers% So#e are au"tion based and this ne8t "o#pany is a great au"tion house to deal $ith% /ou should "he"( in $ith LL 7iDuidation%"o# every day to see $hat they have !or sale% /ou "an get so#e super deals there% o$ lets go to LL http:PP$$$%liDuidationQthei#asd%"o# % )ere is $here you "an buy in very large Duanties% 0et it by pallet or a tru"( load i! you $ant to% /ou "an !ind al#ost anything you "an thin( o! to sell at this site !or the !lea #ar(et or on ebay% 3 in"lude ebay be"ause 3 have been selling there !or > years and the last "hapter is a bonus about ebay that you #ay $ant to !ind out about%

)ere is another one : pallets#art%"o# So there you have #ore than enough suppliers to !ind produ"ts to sell $hatever "ourse o! a"tion you de"ide to ta(e and all o! those "o#panies are 7'03+% Chapter 1>: -ther +hings +hat Will Sell: o$ 3 a# going to tal( about other !lea #ar(et ite#s that you #ight $ant to "onsider selling% +hese are di!!erent lines o! business that I KNOW also #a(e #oney 6ust li(e 3 do year in and year out% 1C Selling Produ"e: +his is a very good #ar(et to get into% +here are people $ho "o#e to the !lea #ar(et 6ust to buy their produ"e be"ause it !resher than the gro"ery store not to #ention a $hole lot "heaper% /ou $ill need to !ind a !ar#ers #ar(et or so#e outlet to buy your produ"e $holesale% /ou need to stay $ith the basi" vegetables% +o#atoes* onions* potatoes* peppers* lettu"e and then have your variety o! !ruits% Banannas* grapes* stra$berries* $ater#elons or $hatever is in season% More than li(ely you $ill need help doing this type o! business as it gets very busy $ith shoppers% 2C 0ro"ery 3te#s: +his is a very lu"rative business #odel% 3 (no$ 2 guys $ho are really doing $ell selling these ite#s% /ou $ill need a big tru"( or van and a pla"e to store a lot o! pallets as this is ho$ you get the best $holesale pri"es% /ou have to buy in bul( and you $ant to any $ay so you "an #a(e the big bu"(s% +hese guys pull in thousands a day% +hey beat the gro"ery stores pri"e on !oods* drin(s* sna"(s* personal ite#s* et"% by a "ountry #ile% 3 shop there every $ee( be"ause its the best deal in to$n % So#eti#es 3 buy $holesale !ro# the# and then resell at #y tables% +hese types o! businesses li(e to #ove #er"handise% /ou "an "he"( $ith so#e o! the resour"es 3 #entioned earlier to !ind these produ"ts% =C Cell Phones & A""essories% +his is a huge seller at the !lea #ar(ets% Selling "ell phones and all the a""essories% Covers* "hargers* batteries* et"% /ou "an go ba"( to 3MAS& and the other "o#panies #entioned to !ind a""essories

and re!urbished phones !or #a(ing really good pro!its% <C4ideo 0a#es and Syste#s: 3 have a !riend $ho has a thriving !lea #ar(et business buying and selling video ga#es and syste#s% )e has a young boy $ho "an repair #ost any syste# or ga#e% )e buys on ebay and resells at the #ar(et% )e also lets people trade in their old ga#es and syste#s then "redits the# to pur"hase so#ething !ro#hi# then turns around and resells their syste# and ga#es !or really good pro!its% )e has been doing this !or years% So there you have so#e #ore ideas and $hat I KNOW to be #oney #a(ers as 3 have been an eye $itness to it !or #any* #any years%

Chapter 1F: -!! 7ine & -n 7ine Money Ma(ers +his $ill be a "hapter to guide you to other $ays o! #a(ing #oney both o!! and online% +hese are both #onthly #e#bership sites but be!ore you say :-h 3 don:t need this: "he"( the# out be"ause they are very lo$ "ost and $ill give you a""ess to #ore veri!ied $ays to #a(e #oney online and o!!line than you "an sha(e a sti"( at% +he !irst site is !or #a(ing #oney online%+he se"ond one is !or #a(ing #oney $or(ing $ith bri"( and #ortar stores providing a servi"e they desperately need and are $illing to pay you handso#ely to do !or the#% By the $ay* the !ounder o! these sites is 1i# Co"(ru#% )e is the #ost trusted guy on the internet% +hese aren:t #y $ords but the $ords o! the independent
organization "Internet Marketing Report Card". They currently rank Jim as the top ranked Internet Marketing expert online!

So i! you $ant to #a(e #oney here is your "han"e% 0o "he"( the# out% Site I1 Site I2 Chapter 1H: 7ets Re"ap -(ay* lets no$ re"ap everything $e have tal(ed about% .irst 3 have told you

ho$ you "an "opy $hat 3 have been doing !or over 20 years% 3ts real easy% Coo( the peanuts and sell the#% e8t either print* order or $ith the other #ethods tal(ed about get the "oupons% 0o to the store and buy the produ"ts% +hen go and resell the#% Rinse and repeat% /ou $ill be able to do this in your sleep a!ter a !e$ ti#es% +hese #ethods $ill put "ash in your po"(ets $ee( end and $ee( out and ::not 6ust peanuts either::% Pun 3ntended% e8t 3 tal(ed about other avenues that $ill #a(e you #oney at the !lea #ar(ets in "ase you don:t $ant to do $hat 3 do% 3 have $at"hed these vendors #a(e really good #oney !or years% +hen 3 gave you true $holesale dealers $here you "an !ind al#ost anything you "an thin( o! to sell% +hose 2 dire"tories $ill even help you !ind produ"ts and tea"h you ho$ to i#port produ"ts !ro# around the $orld% /ou should have 2C no proble# !inding things to sell !ro# all that in!or#ation% 3 didn:t stop there% 3 gave you t$o #ore sites that gives you a "han"e to #a(e :6ob ending in"o#e:% /es* those 2 sites "an either signi!i"antly add #ore in"o#e !or you and your !a#ily or Duite possibly get you out o! the rat ra"e% 3 (no$ 3 sure en6oy all the !reedo# that $or(ing !ro# ho#e gives #e% o$* 3 have one #ore goodie !or you% 3ts about selling a "ertain produ"t both on and o!! ebay% 3 learned about it !ro# site I1 that 3 #entioned earlier% 3 $ill dis"uss it in the ne8t "hapter% Chapter 20: +he Blue Widget 3 "all it ::+he Blue Widget:: so those that are #e#bers o! the silent tea# $ill (no$ $hat 3 a# tal(ing about% 3 $on:t give it a$ay here% +his is a produ"t that 3 have a"tually had people give #e !or !ree% +here are #illinons o! these !loating around and un!ortunately a lot o! people thro$ the# a$ay% 3 have been selling these !or #onths no$% 3 #ade over ;<*000%00 last #onth% 3 (no$ others $ho are doing the sa#e% 3n !a"t 3 started a "oa"hing progra# $here 3 $ill tea"h you ho$ to get started doing the sa#e thing% 3 have in"orporated this produ"t into #y !lea #ar(et business and it has

literally e8ploded !or #e% o$ let #e tell you this% /ou do not need to have a !lea #ar(et business to buy and sell this Blue Widget% 3 $as 6ust able to enhan"e #y "han"es o! aDuiring this produ"t by having a !lea #ar(et business but 3 have several avenues !or sour"ing this produ"t% 'ven i! you sell nothing at all at the !lea #ar(et its $orth it to set up and advertise that you buy this Blue Widget% +his produ"t is sold both on and o!! ebay% 3 sell the #a6ority o!! line% 3 have several $holesellers $ho bid !or this produ"t% 3 don:t #ean au"tion style% 3 send out an e#ail and tell the# $hat 3 have and they e#ail #e ba"( and tell #e ho$ #u"h they $ill pay% +hey $ant this produ"t real bad and its very "o#petitive% 3 then send an invoi"e through paypal to the higgest bidder% +hey pay #e i##ediately and 3 #ail it out the ne8t day% &ue to the politi"al "li#ate 3 believe this opportunity $ill only last another = R years% 3 "ould be $rong and it "ould "ontinue inde!initely% 'ven still you have a "han"e to "lean up !or the ne8t <2 #onths and 3 do #ean "lean up% 3 6ust started this "oa"hing progra# and #y !irst student #ade ;1*>00% his !irst 20 days% +hats net not gross% )e is very #eti"ulous $ith (eeping re"ords and he dedu"ted everything he "ould !ro# his gross sales% )e is loving this biE and no$ outsour"es the #a6or part o! it% My "oa"hing is not "heap but 3 $ill personally tea"h you everything you need to (no$ to #a(e #oney $ith this produ"t% 3 $ill be there every step o! the $ay to ans$er all o! your Duestions% /ou $ill have #y personal phone nu#ber and e#ail address and 3 $ill sti"( $ith you until you "an ::!ly it by yoursel!::% 3 "an:t tea"h this progra# to everyone% .or starters you #ust live in the 2S% And you need to live in or "lose to a !airly large "ity other$ise 3 don:t thin( it $ill $or( !or you% % 3 "an better 6udge $hether or not you "an have su""ess a!ter 3 !ind out a !e$ things about you% 3! you thin( this is so#ething that you $ould be interested in e#ail #e at $stanilaQlive%"o# and $e "an tal(%

Well* this brings #e to the end% 3 have done everything 3 (no$ to tea"h you ho$ to be su""ess!ul at the !lea #ar(ets* !inding produ"ts to sell and giving you #any di!!erent $ays to #a(e #oney online and o!!line and i! you $ould li(e one on one "oa"hing 3 a# available !or that also% +o /our Su""ess:

.inal Words: +his eBoo( doesn:t have a lot o! !lu!!% 3 hope you appre"iate that% 3ts the plain truth put to paper% 3! you !ollo$ the plans you "an have a great part ti#e or !ull ti#e in"o#e% /ou "an do one or both o! these plans or any o! the #any other #ethods% 'ven i! you don:t $ant to resell the produ"ts at the !lea #ar(et you "an save your !a#ily thousands o! dollars over the years and in this e"ono#y $ho isn:t trying to save #oney% Be sure to "he"( out http:PP$$$%$aynestanila%"o#% so you "an see the savings re"eipts* read the arti"les and (eep in!or#ed $ith updates% 3 have a ne$ site "o#ing out that is !or entrepreneurs 6ust li(e you% 3ts all about #a(ing #oney !ro# ho#e% %3 also plan to #a(e a video sho$ing ho$ to "oo( the peanuts B this is long overdue C and #y !lea #ar(et set up and #aybe sho$ you ho$ #y $i!e shops !or those great deals% Co#e 6oin us Bsubs"ribeC and i! you have so#ething to share leave

a "o##ent and tell us about it% +)A 9S +- A77

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