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This file it is one creation of mine to realize a folder with few it reimburses and so much fun! (english language)



Folder (Jewel box)

Copyright R 2009 Anna. All rights reserved

Required: cardboards from the middle thickness (also those used in the magazine or boxes of shoes it depends on the content that it has the folder once finished). Cardboard bristol black or other colors. A printed image. Sewing thread. Bostick glue (or other liquid glue that doesn't quickly dry).

To cut out twice from the bristol the following element but in two unique blocks following the measures of height and width what superior will slightly be to cardboards (they will be the two faces of the folder that inside and outside)

23,5 cm

9 cm

23,5 cm

22,5 cm

To cut out from the recycled cardoboard and for only time the following elements the measures of height and width.

22,5 cm

23 cm

8,5 cm

23 cm

22 cm

To smear of glue the whole surface of the first sheet of bristol and to climb on above the cardboard minding to perfectly reenter to the inside, the sides in which the folder will be folded up have to be free.

22 cm
Bristol cardboard
Recycled cardboard

To cover of glue the cardboards and the remaining visible bristol, therefore to abandon the second sheet of bristol and to make to fit it. To leave the briefcase on a plan and to put above of the weights or of the heavy books, therefore to leave it for a night. When it is dried well to fold up the inside sections dressed not again of cardboard recycled for making to take the fold to the folder. To smear of glue the whole first surface from a side and as soon as it is also dry from the other side, this operation it serves for making the resistant folder.

To choose a beautiful image that will have been first stamped and to dress again of glue where he will be applied and to also dress again of glue the whole image.This operation can be also optional, therefore to do it to like.Other optional thing is to sew a hems embroidered around the folder.For the closing to use six pieces of ribbon of satin of 20-25 cm of length and 1 cm of width to sew leaving them the seams in the inside part of the folder. When I have thought next to this folder me served a container where I could put mine bijoux in order not to see scattered them in turn,I wanted to see at the same time them also in order. I leave the model that use for riporre every single one bijoux: To use bristol cardboard (or a resistant other provided that or) of A4 measure and to fold it to half: Example of assembly
To practise some cuts taking the sheet both bottom that above the fold of the sheet

The cut small maids to insert us the earrings

is ar cut ou ser nd ve us s fo the r i nec nser kla tin ce g

To cut an alone part of the sheet leaving the tongue For ring

For bracelet


Scheme of real proportion

In order to avoid to damage the cardboard of support and the bijoux to hold them with of the sckotch of paper. Good job!!

Copyright R 2009 Anna. All rights reserved

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