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Berikut adalah lap ms en

Here is my report as a restaurant manager at 30hb.june.2010
in the early morning 7:30, I went to a restaurant to play a few songs in Italian mood
for all subordinate staff in my care and making candles oil rose to restaurant and
therapy around. Then I check the attendance to collect all my employees to give a
little briefing about the preparations that need to be made before coming to class
At 7:45 am Miss Maria came and gave a detailed briefing about what we should do
like folding napkins, setting in table, cutlery and platter and manage all work must be
completed before 10:30 am. Which I have to do is divide all the staff to each job in a
restaurant is like a bar, all my staff and my assistant, as well as manager cum
restaurant, Nurul Atiqah Shah Bani also a manager of the day are assigned to handle
the flow of service with the chef on that day
Then, once again, I give talks and distribute to all staff working on the briefing given
lectures earlier this morning. 9.00 am after the briefing, we have worked to do all this
work to completion.
At 10:45 am, I asked a service staff apply all the service and assign Nabil Zulkarnain
who served as steward for sweep floor and other staff to rest and partake of food.

At 11:00 am, I provide information to all staff, that I will do final briefing and
briefing material from the lectures at 11:15 am, the briefing describes the cooperation
of all staff about what to do and solve some of the concerns of each staff to serve as a
guide useful in providing service to the guests on that day.
At 11:55 all my staffs is on standby duties of each position to wait for their part and
start working.
At 12:00 , guests came and we began to work their hospitality to guests last
At 4:00 pm, after completing service in the restaurant, together we do tear down and
clearing service in the kitchen. Among the works is like arranging tables and chairs,
wash items in the kitchen steward, in which the goods will be sent to the kitchen floor,
and some will be saved in this level. In addition, collecting Cloth napkins and table
dirty and delivered to a person who is responsible for washing. Once again, I
instructed staff to remove rubbish and steward to sweep floor.

At 4:30 pm, once again we were all assembled to hear a little talk, and the reactions
that we do to service that day. In this briefing, the lecturer explains the drawbacks and
advantages that can be corrected in future classes. At the same time, we were all given
a voice to comment or say any words that are not satisfied to be discussed for the
benefit of all.
At 5.00pm, finally, notification of the profits earned in the restaurant that day.
Lecturers also identify students who will be next the manager and chef at the next
class, and class dismissed.

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