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System which significant for food safety • Identifies • Evaluates • Control Hazard • Recording • Monitoring

• Which food are produced in large quantities ? • Are food prepared in advance ? How long? • What foods have been associated with out break in the past?

Review menu & recipes


Cross contamination
• Storage of raw foods with ready to eat foods • Employee practices leading to cross contamination • Preparing raw foods at same time and in same work area with cooked foods • Using hands instead of utensils for raw foods that will be further cooked foods • Failure to clean equipments properly • Failure adequately protect food from contamination • Employee working who have flu like symptoms • Improper storage of refuse in food preparation areas


• • • •

Other Hazards

Improper or inadequate cleaning and sanitation practices Inadequate use sanitizers Poor food preparation and handling practices Utensils of food contract surface made from improper or unimproved materials • Inadequate documentation and record keeping • Improper storage of chemicals or personal items


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