Fractured World (AW Hack)

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Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


The Cold  War is Ending. Either the world or itself. Nobody can be sure. The urban citizens United States crow restless. Nobody can be trusted as even the government is about to get us. Drug lords run the streets as the cops are  more interested whitening their own nose than getting the charlie out of the streets. And in the corners of your eyes you can see the fabric  of reality unraveling. It is  the end of the 80s or the beginning of the 90s. All around you people are living  the end of days in bright neon lights. But if you look really close you see  it; it; punk punk rocker rockers s feed feedin ing g on the the feel feelin ings gs of thei theirr fans, fans, strang strange e lights on the night sky, new kind of drugs that will open your mind for what  is Beyond this world. You haven’t  met anyone who could tell you what is behind the Veil. Is it  another dimension  like ours? Hell or Purgatory? Something slightly twisted  or constant chaos? But you know that touch who dream of the Beyond will  be changed by it.  And that some s omethin thing g is trying to break on through through to our side... POWERED BY APOCALYPSE WORLD ENGINE Written by: Lauri Maijala Contact:  [email protected] Contact: Home base:  base: Playtesting: Petri Kuha, Mikko Laitinen, Peetu Maijala, Aki Vainio, Sami Villa This hack was made because of:  Apocalypse World, World,  tremulus, tremulus, Eye of Chaos (AWhack), Monster Monster of the Week, Urban Shadows, MonsterHearts, TechNoir  Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.



STATS: The Stats are: ►   Discipline: willpower, mental ►   ►   ►   ►   

strength, grit Presence: influence, charm, looks Violence:   aggr aggressi ession on,,  fight fightin ing, g, shooting Intellect:   knowled knowledge ge,,  ed educa ucation tion,, rational thinking, reason Deep:   weird weird,,  occult, occult, para parano norma rmal, l, strange, fringe

 A word on Deep Most characters  should start with either -1 or  0 Deep.  It represen sents th the e ch cha aracte cterrs familiarity with  the paranormal and unknown. The more  “Deep” the character’s un unde derst rstan andi ding ng on  the we weir irdn dness ess of the world is  the the mo morre li like kely ly he is to kno know something that the mankind was not meant to know. Thus it is more likely that he will fall to the Taint eventually. GLOSSARY: +N ongo ongoing ing::   Add Add N to all rolls fo forr th the e remainder of the scene. +N forward:  forward:  Add N to next roll you make. Beyond:: Things Beyond Things  and beings beings beyon beyond d nor normal mal human knowledge. Clue:  Gain  +1forward when you act upon a Clue given to you by a Move or GM. Harm:   Phys Physiical cal  dama mag ge dealt to th the e character  Taint:   The  na natur tural al and and gene genetic tic asp aspect ect of  humans to turn into monsters. Veil,, Passin Veil Passing g  the the::   Doing Doing somethin something g to gain access to the Beyond.

TRUST: Set Set Trust  to oth the er ch cha aracte cters at th the e beginning of  the game by distributing points eq equa uall to  the nu numb mber er of cha chara racte cters. rs. Tr Trust ust can be set from 0 to 3. When yo When you ur  Tr Tru ust to an ano oth ther er ch cha arac acte ter  r  re reach aches es 4  his/her his/her pla player yer tells you a s ecret ecret about abo ut the  char character. acter. This does not have to mean mea n that that  the char characte acterr tells you this. Set yourr Trust you Trust  to that that cha chara racter cter to 1 and and mark an Experience. Trust in scale -2 No trust or reliance on the character. -1 No  trust trust or re relia liance nce on the characte character. r. Might susp Might suspect ect  hi him m or be pa para rano noid id ab abou outt him. 0 Low level of trust. Can work alongside him but that’s it. +1 Mode Moderrat ate e  le leve vell of trus trust. t. Mi Mig ght sp spen end d some time  together and might rely on him in a tight spot. +2 Strong  trust. Knows that he will have his back when needed. +3 Absol Absolut ute e  trust. trust. Co Coul uld d ta take ke a bu bulle llett for  him. Character death & new characters When Wh eneve everr a  cha chara racter cter dies dies or is oth other erwi wise se re remove moved d fro from m  the pa party rty (per (perman manen ently) tly) all player pla yers s may  re redistr distribu ibute te their their tru trust st to that chara cha racter cter.. It   is recomme recommend nded ed that the new chara cha racter cter will  recei receive ve at le least ast some some of the trust trust so  that that wh when en he is introd introduce uced d he will will be mo morre  like likely ly to be accep ccepte ted d in into to th the e group. Before actually getting into the play the new chara cha racter cter must  be intr introd oduce uced d as a part part of  the grou group. p.  Each player will reveal reveal the trust he has  se sett on the the new ch cha aracter cter and describes how this trust came to be.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.



No-on No-one e can  be trusted. The chara characters cters realize realize tha thatt they are are de dealing aling with conspir conspiracies acies and cults that can reach a global level; everyone can be a spy or an agent of some unkno unknown wn force. force.  Thi This s does does not not mea mean n tha thatt the c hara haracter cters s should should be hostile hostile to each each other. It is their group they know they must trust to survive in a world like this.

The cha chara racter cters s  are are not uniq unique ue.. At lea least st to beg begin in with with.. The There re iis s a vast ocea ocean n of some some kind kin d of  fish they they ar are e an and d it is qu quite ite easy to re repl place ace the them m be befor fore e they they ge gett som some e experience under  their belts. It is the player’s duty to make their character unique and allow him to stand out from the masses.

The cha chara racter cters s  are are goin going g to die die.. Most of the thin things gs the cha chara racter cters s will fa face ce a ho horr rribl ible e and frightening  for a good reason. They can kill a man in a heartbeat. But it is not the GM’s duty  or interest to kill the characters on the spot. This game is about the story of  a few  unlikely unlikely he hero roes es holdi holding ng back the tide of darkn darkness ess and and facing facing their ow own n inne inner  r  demons at  the same time. It is like the Ragnarok of men - they know they are going to die but it does not stop them from fighting.

What Player Characters Can Do in Fractured World ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Investigate parano paranormal, rmal, esoteric esoteric an and d forb forbidde idden n Th Thin ings gs to escala escalate te Become twisted and corrupt corrupt Tra Travel vel between between dimensions dimensions Sn Snea eak k ar arou ound nd Figh Fightt gangba gangbange ngers/monster rs/monsters/demon s/demons/aliens/cultists/peop s/aliens/cultists/people le that that get in th the e wa way y Br Brea eak k into into pl place aces s Inte Interr rrog ogate ate peop people le Use technology technology they d don' on't really really unde understand rstand

● ●

Lots Lots a and nd lots of dr drug ugs s Esoteric rituals rituals and and p para aranor normal mal powers powers

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Moves Basic Moves  As with  Apocalypse World World,, only roll when something could go wrong. And if the outcome is a miss GM may make a hard move unless specified otherwise.  ACT UNDER PRESSURE  P RESSURE  (roll+discipline) When Whe n you   act under pres pressure sure,, push push it, try to kee keep p y ou ourse rself lf tog togeth ether er,, take an action that risks failure or opposition, roll+stat determined by the GM. On a 10+,  You succeed. On succeed. On a 7-9, you 7-9, you freeze up, panic, hesitate, lose control; the GM offers you a worse outcome, hard bargain or a cost. If agreed upon, you succeed.  ASSIST & INTERFERE (Roll (Roll + their trust to you) When you assist you  assist or interfere on someone’s action, action, roll their Trust to you. On a hit they take +1 (Assist) or -2 (Interfere) to their roll. On a 7-9, you are exposed to the outcome of the roll. On a miss, they lose of point of Trust to you and GM may take a hard move.  ASSESS (roll+intellect) When you need you  need to assess the situation or a person, person, rol roll+intelle l+intellect. ct. You direct y our questions questions to the  GM, unless you are targeting another PC. On a hit, you gain a Clue. Character cannot assess more than once per encounter. On a 10+, ask 3, On a 7-9, ask 1 ► how can I get get ou out/in/past? t/in/past? ► what what thre threaten atens s me? me? ► what what o obstacle bstacle I could bea beat? t? ► what what shou should ld I keep an e eye ye out for? for? ► is some someone one lying here? here? ► who’s who’s in contro control? l? ► what what do does es he/she/it he/she/it wa want/inten nt/intend? d? ► what what is e expected xpected from me? FIGHT  (roll+violence) When you attack you attack someone or something , roll+Violence roll+Violence.. On a  10+, 10+, You de deal al Har Harm m as establ establishe ished, d, they give you wh what at you wa want nt or Choose Choose 2, On a 7-9, Choose 1 ► you and your opponen opponentt deal h harm arm as e establis stablished. hed. ► you mana manage ge to create an advantage, take +1forwar +1forward. d. ► you mana manage ge to break away fro from m the a acti ction. on. ► you spo spott a we weakne akness. ss. I nflict +1har +1harm m on with with ne next xt fight . ► suffer h harm arm as estab established lished,, gain +1exp. On a  miss, the opponent deals harm as established, chooses two from the list above or GM makes a hard move. Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


INFLUENCE (roll+presence) When Whe n you   influence someone by seduction, manipulation or intimidation, intimidation, tell them what you want and roll+presence. On a 10+, they’ll do it.  it.   On a 7-9, they’ll do it but will ask for something in return. For PCs: on 10+, choose both. On a 7-9, choose 1: ● if the d do o it, the they y mark a an n exp experi erience ence and you mark mark +1tru +1trust st to them. ● if they do n not ot do iit, t, it is acting und under er p pressur ressure e an and d you mark mark -1trust -1trust to the them m INVESTIGATE   (roll+intellect) When you are  are  looking for clues in a scene or location, roll+intellect. On a 10+, choose 1: ► you fin find d something something hidd hidden en ► you find something something lost ► you fin find d something something forg forgotten otten ► you find an importa important nt item ((GM’s GM’s choice) ► you find an usable usable item (you (yourr choice) choice) ► you find something relevant relevant (Clue) (Clue) ► pick on one e fr from om the follow following: ing: 7-9, choose 1: ► you find a Minor Minor item (GM’s (GM’s choice) ► you find a Clue Clue ((+1forwar +1forward), d), but but the situation esc escalates alates On a   6 or less, the there re eithe eitherr is nothin nothing g else to be foun found d or the GM may hold 1 har hard d move against you. NETWORK   (roll+deep) When you have time, you may  contact your network for information, information, roll+deep. On a hit GM reveals something new and interesting on the subject. On a 10+, GM gives a relevant and usable detail (Clue). On a 7-9, GM gives you an impression or GM gives you something interesting. SESSION END  At the  end of every session   or wh when eneve everr you ha have ve a sign significa ificant nt amo amoun untt of down downtime time,, incre increase ase you yourr  Tr Trust ust to an anoth other er char charact acter er by on one e an and d cho choose ose 1. You may use 1 exp, to choose an additional option (multiple selections allowed): ► Visi Visitt a hospital: If y ou ha have ve 3 or mo more re harm, harm, heal harm harm to 2. If below 3 heal heal all. ► Bloodletting: If Taint is below 3 heal all. all. (suffer 1harm 1harm and spend 2exp). 2exp). If do down wntime time  is spe spent nt durin during g ga gamin ming g sessio session, n, GM may hold one one for each player player to use as a hard move at any time.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Peripheral Moves  As with Apocalypse World these might or m might ight not be in play. Harm & Healing Moves By default,  all characters have access to Harm & Healing Moves. When suffering more harm in the  same encou encounte nterr is unlike unlikely, ly, you may choo choose se to ignor ignore e these moves moves and and go with the flow of the story. When you are dealt damage,  roll+harm suffered (reduce protection from the harm suffered if  you have any). On a 10+, Choose 1 - you  are taken out of action for any reason suitable to the situation (unconscious, trapped, panicked etc.). Gain 1exp. - suffer 1 additional harm. - become wounded  - GM chooses 2 from below. On a 7-9, Choose 1 - you fall down - lose your hold on something - lose the track of someone or something - miss something important On a miss, GM may choose one from 7-9 by reducing harm by 1. If you  are harmed by another character reduce your trust to them by one (if by accident) or to zero (if harm is done by purpose). When you  are harmed you may try to treat yourself (Harm suffered 1 to 4) or need to rely on others to do it for you. Any character may may try to help with Harm suffered from 1 to 4, but only those  with reasonable access to medical background or training may heal Harm suffered after 4. To treat a character , roll+Harm suffered. On a 10+, Choose 1 - You are taken out of action for any reason suitable to the situation. Gain 1exp. - Suffer 1 additional harm. - GM chooses 2 from below On a 7-9, Choose 1, but GM chooses one - Character is stabilized - Character recovers one level of Harm - Character needs to stay in bed for a week - Character needs monitoring for two days On a miss, Choose 1 - Character is stabilized - Character recovers one level of Harm If you heal another character they increase their trust to you by one (from healing). Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Fighting the Taint Whenever you  commit an inhuman act  (kill someone in cold blood, work magic, eat human flesh, go darkside etc.), roll+deep. On a 10+ your Taint advance a step. Gain +1exp. On a 7-9, You are fighting the Taint. You may choose to advance it. If you do, gain +1exp. On a miss, you remain unaffected by the Taint. Lifting the Veil By default no-one has access to Lifting the Veil move, but some rituals and mind-expanding drugs (like LSD) might give it. When you expand your mind to experience the Beyond, Beyond, roll+deep. On a hit choose 1: - Lift the veil and gaze to the beyond. - See something forgotten. - Reveal an unknown hazard. - Gain a Clue. - See something hidden. - Reach through the beyond to a person or thing connected to it. This lucid hallucination lasts only a fragment of the drug’s actual effective time, lifts the veil only partly and locally, causing minor fragments in the reality. On a 10+, choose 2; on a 7-9, choose 1: - You share your experience with anyone you took the drugs with. - You reach deep to the beyond. - You reach broadly through time through beyond. - The reality does not splinter. On a miss, you suffer 3stress and either GM may hold 1 to use as a hard move and or suffer 1taint.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Ritual Magic Ritual Magic Moves can only be reached via advances.The character must learn the different effects for the ritual ingame. When you perform a lengthy ritual with quite possible expensive ingredients, choose an effect and describe what you are doing and how will you achieve it, it , and roll+Deep. 10+, It works as it was supposed to On a 7-9, It almost works as you intended, choose 1 - The ritual works, but you pass out from strain - The ritual works, but you suffer 1 harm [ignore armor] - The ritual works, but it has a visible and chaotic side-effect - The ritual works, but the situation complicates - The ritual works, but you gain 1taint On a miss, the ritual is not successful and you gain 1taint. Ritual effects - Inflict harm [1 harm, ignore armor] - Enchant weapon. +1 harm, +magic - Summon/banish a monster or entity - Trap/release a monster or entity - Evict monster, curse or entity - Force someone to do something you tell them to do - Do  so some meth thin ing g th tha at is beyo beyond nd huma human n ca capa pabi bili liti ties es bu butt co coul uld d be ac achi hie eve ved d via technology - Observe another place or time - Use a Taint move for one time. Spending Bankrolls By default,  characters are assumed to hustle and con by their daily living. When/if they settle down or when they need to make larger purchases the money rolls come more relevant. If the  target is willing to take a bribe, you may spend 1-bankroll to count as hitting the roll with a 10+. When you go out to buy a certain item that might be problematic to get on a short notice (black market, guns, illegal substances etc.), roll+intellect. On a 10+, you can buy it without a problem (determine how) On 7-9, GM chooses one: - You can get it but it will cost you 1-bankroll extra. - You can get it but you need to make contact with people you really should not. - You can get it but you own the seller a debt. - You cannot get it but you receive information from who to get one. - You cannot get it but you are offered something else instead.    At the  end of the session sess ion you spend 1exp to buy an item without needing needing to take a roll. The bankrolls still need to be spent. Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.



Things worth of 1-bankrolls

Things worth of 3-bankrolls

any one regular pieces of gear or fashion minor bribes, gifts & fees street hookers a stash of drugs for personal use most rudimentary weapons expensive meal

most vehicles on a lease living cozy living the life for a month handguns, smg, rifles & hunting bows hosting a big party fancy jewelry

Things worth of 2-bankrolls mon mo nthly thly liv ivin ing g  if you you don’t have hig igh h expectations vehicle with with [cheap] , or [unreliable]  [unreliable]    tag a stash of drugs to go around big night on the city or a fancy date

Thing worth of 4-bankrolls shotguns, hunting rifles, heavy handguns new set of tailored clothing renting an apartment long-term

bribing a corrupt cop

military state weaponry fast cars & fast women exotic piece of art chartering a plane

Things worth of 5-bankrolls or more

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Rudimentary Weapons

Tag Glossary

Knife  [2 harm]  Knife  Machete [3 harm, messy]  Hunting bow [2 harm, ranged]  Sledgehammer    [2  harm Sledgehammer  harm,, two-h two-hande anded, d, 1 pi piercin ercing, g, clumsy]   Chainsaw   [3  harm harm,, tw twoo-ha hand nded ed,, unre unreli liab ablle, messy]  Molotov Mol otov Cocktail Cocktail   [2 harm harm,, area, igni ignite, te, ignore ignores s armor, unreliable, complex, dangerous]

Tags re Tags repr prese esent nt  the s pe pecial cial qu quali alities ties of an item (if it has any).

Firearms Handgun [2 harm, close, reload, loud]  Heavy handgun [3 harm, close, reload, loud]  Uzi   [ 2  har m, m, c lo los e, e, r e elload, loud, uncommon]  Huntin Hunt ing g rifle rifle    [3 harm harm,, ra rang nged ed,, re relload, oad, two-handed, uncommon]  Sawed-off Shotgu Shotgun n   [3 harm harm,, close, reload, reload, two-handed, messy, uncommon]  Shotgun   [ 3  harm, c lo los e, e, reload,

ar ea ea, lou oud, d, lo loud, ud, loud,

two-handed, messy]   Assault Rifl Rifle e    [4 harm harm,, ra rang nged ed,, reloa reload, d, lou oud, d, two-handed,, area, uncommon]  two-handed Rifle   [2harm, [2harm,  1p 1pie ierci rcing, ng, ran range ged, d, rel reloa oad, d, loud loud,, two-handed, uncommon] 

Other Weapons Dynamite/grenades   [4  harm, rm, area rea, messy ssy,, 1  piercing,, uncommon]   piercing Flamethrower    [4  harm harm,, messy, messy, igni gnite, te, ignor gnores es armor, arm or, clo close, se,  rel reloa oad, d, two-ha two-hande nded, d, unr unrel elia iabl ble, e, complex, dangerous, uncommon] 

Other Trapping First-aid kit (+1 for rolls involving healing) Sedatives   (+1ong (+1ongoi oing ng  for for Act Und Under er Pre Pressure ssure)) [addictive]  Flashlight Walkman   (+1ongo (+1ongoin ing g  to Presen Presence ce whe when n deal dealin ing  g  with young people) Camera Polaroid Camera Bottle of Whiskey Tent Car    (choose Car  (choose  on one: e: [n [new ew & exp expen ensi sive] ve] or [o [olld & unreliable]) Motorcycle   (choose (choose  one one:: [ne [new w & expe expensi nsive] ve] or  [old & unreliable]) Truck   (choose  on one: e: [ne [new w & expensive expensive]] or [old & unreliable])

N Arm Armor  or     - Prot Protects ects you from harm. When When taking taking dam damage age re redu duce ce  the the Arm rmor or from from to tota tall harm harm suffered. suffere d. Use  the hi high ghest est value value if using using more than one item with N Armor . +Bonus   -  Ad Adds ds an ad advant vantage age to rolls rolls specifi specified ed with with the the  bonu bonus. s. For For exam exampl ple e +1f 1for orwa ward rd to Investigate. N Piercing    - Reduce N from enemy armor. N Uses Uses  - Can only be used for N times.  Addictive  Addi ctive   -   Act Under Under Pressure  Pressure  (Roll+Fit (Roll+Fitness) ness) to resist being addicted.  Ali  Alien en   - Definitely not made by any human culture.  Area   -  Ma May y tar targe gett a gro group up or engag engagem emen entt in the same area. Blast  –   – The attack targets one engagement. Clumsy    -  No Clumsy  Nott re real allly me mean antt to be used the wa way y you are probably using it; thus -1ongoing. Complex   Complex  Complex require time tor  be used used  – and an d are are weapons usua usuallly hard ha rd tomore hand handl le for  fo someone someo ne not  trai trained ned in their their use. This gives the user -1ong -1ongoi oing ng  to al alll attacks rolls rolls if not properly properly trained. Dangerous   -  Mi Migh ghtt cause cause bi big g pro probl blem ems s to you if  not handled properly. Defensive   –  Melee attac ttacks ks targ rge eting the the character suffer -1ongoing. Heavy    -  Weighs Heavy  Weighs a lo lott and most lilikely kely difficul difficultt to wield but causes heavy damage. Ignite –  – May ignite the target.    – Wor orn n ar armo mors rs do not have any Ignores Igno res Armor  Armor   effect. Messy - Tends to cause a big mess when used. Non-Lethal  – Non-Lethal   –  Weapon can only cause Harm with a roll of 12+. Range Ran ged d -    Can Can be used in comba combatt on onlly from from a distance. Two-Handed  –   – Requires two hands to use. Uncommon – Uncommon  – you need to roll to get one. Unreliable   –  If you rol rolll natura naturall 2 whi while le using using the it item em the  gu gun n ja jams/ ms/it item em bre breaks aks an and d cannot cannot be used until it has been maintained. Weird    -  There Weird  There is someth somethin ing g strange strange,, weird weird and wrong in the object. Vicious Vicious  - -1forward for harm move

Bul Bulletproof letproof vests [1-armor] 

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.



1 harm Improvised weapons Trained fist fighters 2 harm Handgu Han dguns, ns, knives,  hun hunting ting bows, bows, uzis (and (and other submachine guns) 3 harm Shotguns, hunting rifles, crossbows Machetes, chainsaws Getting hit by a car  4 harm Minor explo explosions sions  (includes (includes han hand d gre grenad nades es and dynamite) Getting hit by a large vehicle Being the middle of a gun fight 5+ harm Major explosions Getting hit by a train

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


CONDITION Harm 1-3 Bruised   - Cha Character racter that has taken Harm Harm is conside considered red to be bru bruised. ised. He has suffered some blows, cuts and/or shots but is still up and kicking. 4 Injured  Injured   - Character can still try to treat himself. Requires the character to take it easy for a couple of days. 5 Critically  Injured  - Character cannot treat himself. A week of bed-rest is usually enough to get the character back on his feet. 6 Dying Dying   - Ch Char aracte acterr fall falls s uncon unconsciou scious. s. Re Recover covering ing fro from m this con conditi dition on re requ quir ires es always always long-ter long -term m care.  Needs immediate s tabilization. tabilization. At least of month of bedbed-rest rest is necessar necessary y to begin the healing process. The character might even be in coma for this time. Dead   - Out of the game Dead

Sanity 1-3 Disturbed  Disturbed  - Character can still treat himself. 4 Shocked Shocked  - Character can still try to treat himself. Requires the character to take it easy for a couple of days. 5 Traumatized  - Character cannot treat himself. A week of bed-rest is usually enough to get the character back on his feet. 6 At  the brink of mad madne ness ss   - Chara Character cter falls uncon unconscious. scious. Re Recoverin covering g from this condition condition requires always  long-term care. Needs immediate stabilization. At least of month of bed-rest is necessary to begin the healing process. The character might even be in coma for this time. Insane   - Out of the game Insane Debilities & Mental disorders When your  Harm gets bigger than 3 you may choose to mark a debility. If you do you remain at  3 harm but the debility is there to stay. If you receive additional harm after  this you  may mar mark k ne new w de debil bilitie ities s as long as you have one to check. Once they run out you are on your own.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


GM PREP THE AGENDAS: ● Make the playe players’ rs’ chara characters’ cters’ lilives ves no nott bo borin ring. g. ● ●

Play to find out what what hap happen pens. s. Dr Drive ive the the char characters acters to tu turn rn into monsters monsters

THE PRINCIPLES: ● The de devil vil is in in the detail details. s. ● Introduce a believable world of (supern (supernatural) atural) secrets. ● Give th the ew wor orld ld more more dep depth th throug through h play. play. ● Come Come up with interesting interesting mysteries, no nott inter interesting esting adventure adventures. s. ● Make you yourr move, move, but but misdi misdire rect. ct. ● Make your move, but never speak its na name. me. ● Use NPCs NPCs to introd introduce uce constancy, then then destro destroy y them. ● Name Name ever everyone, yone, make ever everyone yone huma human. n. ● Ask provo provocative cative qu questions estions a and nd build on the a answe nswers. rs. ● ● ● ● ●

Respond with challenging circums circumstances tances a and nd occasional occasi onal rewards. rewards. Be a fan of the player players’ s’ character characters. s. Thi Think nk offscr offscree een, n, too too.. Occasiona Occasionally, lly, let the playe players rs answe answerr the que questions. stions. Whe When n some someone one gives in for th the e Ta Taint, int, tur turn n them them into monster monsters s

  GM MOVES ● Se Sepa para rate te th them em.. ● Ca Captu pture re someon someone. e. ● Put someo someone ne in a high-stakes high-stakes situation situation.. ● Harm Harm someone someone (as (as e establishe stablished). d). ● Tra Trade de harm harm for har harm m ((as as established established). ). ● Anno Announce unce off-scree off-screen n bad badness. ness. ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Anno Announce unce futur future e bad badness. ness. Take away away one one of their Things. Things. Demonstra Demonstrate te o one ne of the their ir Thing Things’ s’ ba bad d sid sides. es. Give them a difficult decision to make. Tell them the possible consequen consequences ces and and ask. Tur Turn n their move back on them. Make a mo move ve from o one ne o off your D Dang angers ers or or Bigg Bigger er Pictur Pictures. es.

When making moves remember: 1. Move flows from fiction. 2. Move gives players something to react to. 3. Move advances the narrative. 4. Ask the players “what do you do?”

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


CREATING FRONTS To create a front, go through the following steps. ● Ch Choo oose se a Th Them eme e ● Cr Crea eate te 3-4 3-4 thr threa eats. ts. ● ● ● ●

Come up with the agend agenda a and dark future. List List the fron front’s t’s cast. cast. Write Write 2 to 4 stakes questio questions ns Come Come up with p prog rogress ress tra trackers ckers and req requir uires es special mo moves. ves.

Themes You do  not need need to star startt wi with th the theme if you have goo good d threa threats ts in your mind. mind. But most likely you will either return to this step or start with it. Choose 1: ● Ascent: a ri rise se to powe power  r  ● Par Paran anoia oia:: tru trust st n noo-on one e ● De Descent: scent: fall fro from m powe powerr ● Debau Debaucher chery: y: twisted perversion perversions s of those those w with ith access to them ● Frin Fringe: ge: pseud pseudoscience, oscience, parano paranorma rmall events events ● ● ● ● ● ●

Corr Corruption: uption: physic physical al or mental corruption, corruption of id ideals eals Desolation Desolation:: seclusion of pe people ople,, land landscape scape o orr events events Secrets: unr unravelin aveling g or pro protecting tecting them Chan Change: ge: someone or something is changing, maturing, or metamorpho metamorphosing sing Pursuit: so someon meone eo orr so somethin mething g slipping slipping out of gr grasp asp Be Beyon yond d Re Real ality: ity:  someo someone ne or somethi something ng thr threa eaten tens s th the e fabri fabric c of re real ality ity an and d the boundaries of common perception.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Threats Sharks Someon Some one e wh who o  contr controls ols other others s to ach achieve ieve his/her goals. The threat includes the mover  and and tho those se  wo workin rking g for the move moverr as sha shark rk ra rare rely ly act  by the themselve mselves s un unless less cor corne nere red. d. The corporate  ex ec ecutive and t he he corporation he  represents, drug lord and his gan gang, cult cult  lea leade derr and and hi his s aco colyt lytes es,, th the e fana fanati tic c narcis arcissis sistt  and and hi his s fa fami mily, ly, ch chur urch ch minister min ister an and d  his flock, punk punk rocker an and d his groupies...

●   Sla Slaver ver:: (i (imp mpul ulse: se:  to ow own n an and d sell sell ●

people, literally or non-literally) Prop Prophet het (imp (impulse: ulse: to den denoun ounce ce and overthrow)

●   Collector (impulse: to own) ● ● ● ●

Dictator (imp (impulse: ulse: to contro control) l) Alpha dog (impulse: (impulse: to domin dominate) ate) Prote Protector ctor (imp (impulse: ulse: to maintain maintain the status quo) Gro Grotesque tesque (impu (impulse: lse: to consume and swarm)

Shark moves ● Outflan Outflank k someo someone, ne, corn corner er someo someone, ne, encircle someone ● Attack some someon one e sud sudde denly, nly, dir directly, ectly, and very hard. ● Attack someo someone ne cautiou cautiously, sly, holding holding ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

reserves. Seize someone someone or somethin something, g, for leverage or information. Make a show of for force. ce. Make a show of disciplin discipline. e. Offer to neg negotiate. otiate. Dem Demand and concession or obedience. Cla Claim im terr territory: itory: move into it, blockade blockade it, or assault it. Buy out out some someon one’s e’s all allies. ies. Make a carefu carefull study of someon someone e and attack where they’re weak.

Corrupted  A person  who has lost his touch with hu human manity ity in  some way. It mig might ht mean he he is  just a  corrupt cop or that he is actually corru cor rupte pted d by  the beyon beyond d into a some somethin thing g vile and macabre. ● Can Canniba niball (impulse: (impulse: craves satiety and plenty) ● Ou Outcast tcast (imp (impulse ulse:: crave craves s rrestitu estitution tion,, recompense) ● Pain add addict ict (impul (impulse: se: craves pain, pain, its own or others’) ● Dise Disease ase vector (im (impu pulse: lse: craves craves contact, intimate and/or anonymous) ● Mindfu Mindfucker cker (impulse: (impulse: craves mastery) ● Brea Breaker ker (imp (impulse: ulse: craves overthro overthrow, w, chaos, the ruination of all)

Corrupted moves ● Re Revel vel in cor corru ruptio ption. n. ● Displa Display y the twisted nature nature of the world it inhabits. ● Attack some someone one from beh behind ind or otherwise by stealth. ● Attack some someon one e face-o face-on, n, bu butt without threat or warning. ● Insul Insult, t, a affro ffront, nt, taunt, taunt, offend offend or provoke someone. ●

● ● ● ● ●

Offer somethin something g to someo someone, ne, or do something for someone, with string attached. Put it in someon someone’s e’s path, path, par partt of of someone’s day or life. Thr Threaten eaten someone, someone, directly directly o orr else by implication. Steal somethin something g from someo someone. ne. Seize and and ho hold ld someon someone. e. Rui Ruin n something. something. Befoul, violate, rot, desecrate, corrupt, adulter it.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Landscape Natur Natural al or  con constr struct ucted ed,, fr from om thi this s wo worl rld d or  from Beyond.  It can be of any size (the City itself itse lf sho shoul uld d  be con consid sider ered ed a la land ndscap scape e front) front).. The   Red Red He Heat  at    sauna saunas s owne owned d by br bratva atva,, the  Gh Ghost ost Cree Creek k da damn mn,, the Black Rock Correctional  Facility, the subways, and the ob obscene scene  hid hideo eout ut of a corru corrupte pted d in the sewers. ►   Prison Prison (impu (impulse: lse:  to contain contain,, to deny deny egress) ►   Bre Breed eding ing pit  (im (impu pulse: lse: to ge gene nera rate te badness) ►   Fur Furnace (imp impuls lse e:  to con consume sume things) ►   Mir Mira age (imp impulse lse:  to enti tice ce and betray people) (impulse ulse::  to trap, to fru frustra strate te ►   Maze (imp passage) impulse: to deny access ) ►   Fortress ((impulse: Landscape moves ►   Reveal something to someo someone. ne. ►   Display something for all to see. ►   Hide something. way. ay. ►   Bar the w ►   Open the way. way. another nother way. ►   Provide a ►   Shift, move, rear rearrang range. e. Offer er a guide. ►   Off ►   Present a guardian. ►   Disgorge something. ►   Take someth somethin ing g  aw away: ay: lo lost, st, use used d up, destroyed.

Trials Someth Som ethin ing g th that at  threa threaten tens s to ha happ ppen en or  what is  already happening. A virus outbreak because of low security, arrival of the beings from beyond, doomsday cult, planecrashing into an island. Diseas ase e (imp impul ulse se::  to sa satu turrate a ►   Dise population) ition n (imp impuls lse e:  to exp xpo ose ►   Conditio people to danger) Custo stom m (imp (impul ulse: se:  to pr prom omote ote an and d ►   Cu  justif y violence) elus usio ion n (imp impul ulse se::  to do domi min nat ate e ►   Del people’s choices and actions) ►   Doom (impulse: to destroy/dominate) ►   Sacr Sacrifice ifice (impu (impulse: lse:  to lea leave ve people people bereft) Barrrie ierr (imp impuls lse e:  to imp impove verris ish h ►   Ba people) Trial moves neglect s  duties , ►   Someone responsibilities, obligations. rage. ►   Someone flies into a rage. ►   Som Someo eone ne takes takes  selfself-de destr struct uctive ive,, fruitless, or hopeless action. ►   So Some meon one e ap appr proa oach ches es,,  se seek ekin ing g help. ►   So Some meon one e ap appr proa oach ches es,,  se seek ekin ing g comfort. ►   So Some meon one e withd ithdrraw aws s  an and d se seek eks s isolation. ►   Someo Someone ne proclaims proclaims  t he trial trial to a be a just punishment. ►   Someo Someone ne proclaims proclaims  the trial trial to be, in fact, a blessing. ►   Someo Someone ne refuses refuses  or fails to adapt adapt to new circumstances. ►   Someon Someone e br brin ings gs  frie friend nds s or loved loved ones along. ►   Someone dies. “Someone” in  these moves will usually be a person tied  into the thread. Not necessarily, but usually.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Coalition Grou Groups ps of  pe peop ople le wi with th or without without leade leader. r. They are linked t oge ogether ther by a c ommon bon bond d or purpose. Not everyone in the group might even eve n sha share re  the same goa goall bu butt eve eventu ntuall ally y the the peer  pressu ssurre wil illl win in.. Ana Anarch chis istt move mo veme men nts, neoneo-na nazis zis,,  po poli lice ce pa patr trol ols, s, protesters, ● Cult (impuls e:  to vic timize & incorporate people) ● Sy Syb barite ites (imp impulse lse:   to co con nsume sume someone’s resources) ● En Enfo forrcer cers (im imp puls lse e:  to vict victiimi mize ze anyone who stands out) ● Mob Mob (imp mpu ulse: se:  to rio iot, t, burn, kill kill scapegoats) ● Family ily (im imp puls lse e:  to clo close ranks ks,, protect their own) ● Hun untin ting g pack  (impul (impulse: se: to victim victimize ize anyone vulnerable) Coalition moves ● Burs t out  in uncoordinated, undirected violence. ● Ma Make ke a  coor coordi din nat ated ed atta attack ck wit ith h a coherent objective. ● Te Tell ll sto storrie ies s   (t (trruth th,, li lie es, all lleg ego ori ries es,, homilies). ● Demand c ons ideration  or   indulgence. ● Rig Rigidly idly follow or defy authority. authority. ● Clin Cling g to or defy reason. reason. ● Make a show of sol solidar idarity ity or power. power. ● As k for  help or for s o om meone’s participation.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


Agenda and Dark Future  Answer following questions with a sentence or t wo. - What is the ultimate goal of the threat (agenda)? - If nobody stops the thread what will happen (dark future)? List the fronts cast Come up with the NPCs (including monsters) of the front. A list of names is usually enough. Write 2 to 4 stakes questions Write the stakes for front. They should involve the NPC cast and/or the PC directly involved with the threat. Come up with progress trackers and requires special moves. Use progr progress ess  trackers trackers the guid guide e you yourr wa way y thr throu ough gh the thr threa eat. t. Basic “if > the then” n” structure structure is recommended.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.


ADVERSARIES Corrupted The Beyond  bleeding to this reality through the Veil has tainted men for as long they have been around.  They are the monsters lurking in the shadows that our nightmares and folk lore warn us about. They come  from forsaken They forsaken and s hun hunned ned places: f org orgotten otten subwa subway y tunnels, tunnels, old cemeteries, cemeteries, abandoned houses, deep forests, hidden crypts, locked-up lofts. Through some  eldritch rituals it is possible to call them forth, create one, give birth to one, or  even become one. Some cor corru rupte pted d  re retain tain their mostly human human form, some turn into sava savage ge beasts, an and d some even eve n step  thr throu ough gh the Veil and beco become me one with the Beyon Beyond. d. In all cases they they have have an uncontrollable, unnatural hunger. ● This one can feeds feeds on huma human n emotio emotions. ns. ● This one craves for to eat eat h human uman flesh. ● ● ● ●

Thi This s This This This

o one ne fea feasts sts o on n cad cadave avers. rs. one hoard hoards s a arcan rcane e secrets. o one ne must drink drink vast amo amounts unts o off blo blood od each nigh night. t. one lives on new newbor borns. ns.

 All tainted possess unnatur unnatural al powe powers rs and abiliti abilities. es. ● This o one ne haunts haunts the place whe where re it die died. d. ● Thi This s on one e move moves s fast llike ike the wi wind nd.. ● This o one ne can mimic mimic an any y soun sound d it has heard. heard. ● This one can violate othe otherr minds. ● This o one ne can turn turn into a mind shatter shattering ing monstrosity. monstrosity. ● This on one e can bur burrow row into g gro round und to heal heal itself. ● This o one ne can control control fire with a simple simple g gesture esture.. ●

This one can change change its size by w will. ill.

Fractured World by Lauri Maijala is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. License.

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