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August 10 - 23, 2012
Volume IV, Issue 16
Wayside Teatre
Leo Awards
Slice of style
A trip to
the Badlands
Local man invents
the Man-PACK
Te battle begins
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By Jonathan Lucci
Frederick County Report
Summers in a presidential election
year are usually thought of as a quiet
period in between the civil wars of
primaries and the time after Labor
Day when most voters truly focus
in on the choices for the fall. Tis
summer, in our world of 24 hour
news coverage and non-stop poll-
ing, neither Governor Romney nor
President Obama have taken much
of a break. Still, with the partys’
nominating conventions still several
weeks of and with plenty of time to
analyze the inevitable showdown at
the national level, it is a good time to
take a look at the races that will ap-
pear a little farther down the ballot
here in northwestern Virginia.
Te Senate race between former
governor Tim Kaine and former US
senator George Allen continues to be
almost impossible to predict, as the
numbers now look almost identical
to the numbers as they existed six
months ago. A brand new CBS/New
York Times/Quinnipiac survey puts
Democrat Kaine ahead by 2 points
over Allen with a 48 to 46 mar-
gin. Te same poll found President
Obama leading Governor Romney 49
to 45. After barrages by presidential
campaigns, both Senate campaigns,
both national parties and a myriad of
outside groups the race is still dead-
locked. Tis reality, at both the sen-
ate and presidential level seems to
indicate that despite the controversy
over the shocking amount of money
being spent on these elections, the
race remains a toss-up. Wh i l e
neither side is likely to decrease their
spending here in Virginia, it is clear
that money alone is simply not mov-
ing the numbers much at all.
While both campaigns will con-
tinue to target undecided voters with
messaging it seems evident that the
race will be so close on Election Day
that it will be largely a turnout battle
and both senate campaigns have lim-
its to how much they can get away
from the men at the top of the ballot.
With a small sliver of undecided vot-
ers left, it is likely that the unfavor-
able opinion of Governor Romney
being seen among independent vot-
ers in most polls can only hurt Al-
len. In the same way though, Kaine
likely has a certain ceiling keeping
his numbers down because of his ties
to a President seen as weak on the
number one issue facing voters, the
While the senate race is still as dif-
fcult to predict as the presidential
election, the campaign for the 10th
Congressional district will require
a bigger surprise to upend expecta-
tions. While Northern Virginia has
famously become dramatically more
fertile ground for Democrats in re-
cent years (i.e Obama 2008), those
efects are not necessarily enough
to unseat long-time Congressman
Frank Wolf. Democratic candidate
and former federal prosecutor Kris-
tin Cabral does have a formidable re-
sume but lags behind the Congress-
man in fundraising and is facing the
unenviable task of unseating a popu-
lar incumbent. In a political climate
that is toxic for political insiders and
long-time incumbents like Congress-
man Wolf, running for his 17th term,
Cabral does have an opportunity to
paint herself as independent reform-
er. Tat message has been front and
center so far for the challenger. Yet
while the demographics of this region
are certainly undergoing quite a bit of
change—and the Democratic base is
likely to be stoked by the President’s
name at the top of the ballot—it will
take quite a bit to topple Wolf who
has served in congress since 1981.
Both the local senate and con-
gressional campaigns are likely to
heat up even further as the fall ap-
proaches and both will certainly hit
the airwaves and launch turnout op-
erations. Yet none of the races down
the ballot here in northern Virginia
can escape the magnetic pull of the
top of the ballot. For better or worse,
the battle between Governor Rom-
ney and President Obama will have
as much to say about the results of
these other races as the participants
State and local candidates are battling in their own races while dealing with
the unpredictable impact of the presidential campaign. From left are (U.S. Sen-
ate candidates) former Gov. Tim Kaine (D), former Sen. George Allen (R), 10th
District Rep. Frank Wolf (R) and former federal prosecutor Kristin Cabral (candi-
dates for the House.)
Va. senate, house candidates grapple with impact of presidential contest

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Retired Captain of Law Enforcement
28 Years Service VA
(540) 869-8015
5335 Main St. Stephens City
Haircuts $10
Flattops $12 56 years experience licensed in VA, WV, & NC
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Stuart L. Simpson
Stuart Lester Simpson, age 55, of Gore, Virginia, died
Saturday, August 4, 2012, at his home. Memorial
contributions may be made to Blue Ridge Hospice,
333 West Cork St., Suite 405, Winchester, VA 22601
or the Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter,
161 Ft. Collier Road, Winchester, VA 22603.
Anna Marie Haines
Anna Marie Haines, 85, of Winchester, Virginia, died
Wednesday, August 1, 2012, in Winchester Medi-
cal Center. Memorial contributions may be made to
Round Hill United Methodist Church, 2993 North-
western Pike, Winchester, Virginia 22603 or Round
Hill Fire and Rescue Company, 769 Round Hill Road,
Winchester, Virginia 22625.
Peter E. Crosby
Peter Elwood Crosby, 66, of Winchester, Virginia,
died Monday, July 30, 2012, in his home. Memorial
contributions may be made to Melanoma Research
Foundation, P.O. Box 759329, Baltimore, Maryland,
21275-9329 or Blue Ridge Hospice, 333 West Cork
Street, Suite 405, Winchester, Virginia 22601.
Harry S. Fauver, Jr.
Harry Jackson Strite Fauver, Jr, age 73, of Stephen-
son, Virginia, died Monday, July 30, 2012, at his sons
home in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. Contributions in
memory may be made to Hospice of the Panhandle,
122 Waverly Court, Martinsburg, WV 25403.
Dr. George H. Kessler, Jr.
George Herman Kessler, Jr., 77, of Winchester, Vir-
ginia, died Monday, July 30, 2012, in Winchester
Medical Center. In lieu of fowers memorial contri-
butions may be made to C-CAP, P.O. Box 2112, Win-
chester, Virginia, 22604 or Winchester Free Medical
Clinic, 301 North Cameron Street, Suite 100, Win-
chester, Virginia, 22601.
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County Report
County Report
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Frederick Count Crime of the Week - July 30, 2012
This week’s Crime of the Week is a burglary at 1544 Chestnut Grove
Road that occurred between June 20th and 21st, 2012. The victim
reported that he had been out of town and returned to discover that
a door to his residence was open and damaged. Many items in the
residence had been gone through and nothing appeared to be miss-
ing except some miscellaneous jewelry items.
If you have any information regarding a suspect or suspect vehicle
in this incident, please contact the Crime Solvers Hotline at (540) 665
TIPS (8477). Information leading to the arrest of a suspect may result
in a reward of up to $1,000.
Case #12003494 Investigator C. T. Streit
Winchester Crime of the Week - August 6, 2012
Location: Midwesco (416 Battaile Dr)
Date of Crime: July 16-17, 2012
Type of Crime: Larceny
The business reported that 24 copper strike plates (total
$14,000 value) were missing from Midwesco located at 416
Battaile Drive . This occurred sometime overnight from July
16-July 17, 2012.
If you should have any information in reference to this or any
other crimes, please contact the Crime Solvers Hotline at (540)
665 – TIPS. Case # 12030675, Offcer Allday
County Report
County Report
County Report
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County Report
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The Wonderful Store
7841 Main St. Middletown, VA
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Dos Loco Gringo’s
phone number was
incorrectly listed in
the 7/27 issue. The
correct phone number
is 540-398-0322
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By Malcolm Barr Sr.
Frederick County Report
Some folks choose the oddest plac-
es to take a vacation.
Like our neighbors, Carol and
Charlie Goddard of Ashby Sta-
tion Road in Rockland. Tey picked
Deadwood, South Dakota.
“Deadwood!” I exclaimed. “When
you get back, let me know what you
found there and if you enjoyed it.”
Tis week, Carol stopped by and
told me “we had the best darned
vacation we ever had” which isn’t
saying a whole lot when you stop to
think about it because Charlie usu-
ally prefers to stay close to home.
Anyway, joined by Carol’s brother,
Dale Williamson, of they few to
Rapid City, Iowa, rented a car and
drove south to Deadwood where
“Wild Bill” Hickock once ruled the
roost and “Calamity Jane” is buried.
Tis was a town wider open than
Front Royal in its heyday (in the
1800s). In fact, according to Carol,
there’s slot machines and such in al-
most every public place (though with
a population of about 1,000 there
aren’t many public places) and the
brothels disappeared less than 30
years ago.
Te Chamber of Commerce (or
somebody) has gussied up the one-
horse, one-street town a bit, and gun
battles are a thing of the past. At this
time of year, temperatures exceed the
100s in Deadwood and thereabouts
but the a/c rental got them around
comfortably, allowing Carol to expe-
rience one of the great sights of her
life. “We were driving around a long
curve in the road when, right before
us was Mt. Rushmore. – My good-
ness, I’d seen pictures of Rushmore
but in reality it really is unbelievable,”
Carol said of the four U.S. presidents’
faces carved into solid rock (we know
you can name them).
On another road trip through
the “Badlands”, the trio saw another
carving in another mountain, an un-
fnished image of legendary Ameri-
can Indian Chief Crazy Horse, which
was begun in 1948 but never fnished
despite eforts of the late sculptor’s
daughter to complete the project de-
cades later.
For Carol and Dale, photographers
both, the wildlife, including bufalo,
prairie dogs, bears, elk, burros and
deer, was a delight.
A constant challenge was eating --
there’s a dearth of restaurants. Also,
Carol advises it’s educational but not
a place you’d want kids tagging along
(nothing much for them to do) but
do take along your national parks
passport that gets you on to Skyline
Drive (or your Golden Age passport
if you’re old enough!). Since most of
this part of our country is national
park, the passports save money, even
on this quite afordable vacation.
“It was a trip we’ll never forget,”
concluded Carol Goddard, adding
(sotto voce): “At least it got Charlie
outta town!).
Responding to our managing ed-
itor’s question, Carol said, “We had
already picked the Mt. Rushmore
area before “Deadwood” (the graphic
wild west TV series) came on. But I
must say it brought more fun to the
trip, trying to picture some of the
facts that the program brought out.
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Unusual vacation destinations – locals visit Deadwood
‘A town more wide open than Front Royal in its heyday’ - & who are those guys?
Oh wait a minute, I know who they are - pop quiz
– from left to right, they are presidents ..
Charlie and Carol Goddard relax on a ‘Beware of
Bears’ bench


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By Jonathan Lucci
Frederick County Report
As the election season rapidly ap-
proaches and the eyes of the nation
fall heavily on our corner of Virginia,
our “swing state” has found itself at
the center of a controversy that is
also swirling in several other battle-
ground states. It is an issue that runs
largely along familiar partisan rifts
and has both sides claiming the mor-
al high ground.
New laws in Virginia and other
states that seek to tamp down on vot-
er fraud by requiring more rigorous
identifcation procedures at the polls
have caused a frestorm among vot-
ing rights advocates. Opponents of
the laws fear that they will turn away
large numbers of voters, with a par-
ticular prejudice against minorities,
lower income voters and the elderly.
Proponents of the stricter require-
ments believe that the laws are nec-
essary to prevent fraud from swaying
elections and preserving the very
right to vote that many opponents
of the laws claim to be defending.
Needless to say, both sides seem con-
vinced that the other is completely
duplicitous and attempting to fx the
Preventing fraud and increasing
eligible voter participation is im-
mensely important in any election,
regardless of how close the margin is
likely to be. However, it is impossible
to pretend that the controversy here
in Virginia does not take on a larger
signifcance because of the very high
likelihood that this state’s electoral
votes will decide the next occupant of
the White House. With the margin
likely to be so small, any large num-
bers of voters turned away will likely
be enough to cause a massive contro-
versy regardless of the outcome.
Te fact that Virginia’s Republican
governor and legislature passed these
laws while other GOP governors
have done similar things in other
battleground states has only ampli-
fed the belief among Democrats that
the GOP is pulling out all the stops
to win in 2012. It does seem unlikely
that there would have been such a
coordinated movement among new
Republican governors in these states
if there weren’t the likelihood that it
would beneft the Republican candi-
dates this fall. Te defenders of these
voter ID laws correctly point out that
there are indeed cases of voter fraud
and it is the duty of state authorities
to prevent it. However, it does take
a particularly naïve view of electoral
politics to think that these laws were
all passed purely out of desire to pro-
tect the voting rights of Americans.
Tis is not meant to put the blame
on Republicans as Republicans. To
the contrary, if the Democrats had
controlled the governor’s mansions
and legislatures of these battle-
ground states it is likely they would
have looked for similar methods to
increase their chances of winning.
Te very fact that the majority party
after a census largely controls the
redistricting of congressional seats
is proof that this kind of political
maneuvering is far from new. Te
Republican Party has used its power
in certain states to put more restric-
tions on voting, something that will
likely beneft them politically. Tis
should not be a major surprise in
today’s political environment.
Te problem is not the Republican
or the Democratic Party in them-
selves. It is in the do-whatever-it-
takes attitude that so casually exists
in both party’s political organiza-
tions. While this problem has cer-
tainly always existed in politics and
is nothing new, it has certainly be-
come amplifed in recent years. Te
controversy over these voter ID laws
says more about the shallowness of
our national political debate than it
does about the purity of either party’s
motivations. Tat very shallowness
may explain the disillusionment that
so many Americans feel with both
choices in this election.
States that require photo ID
States that require photo ID
States that require non-photo ID
States with no voter ID law
Va. Voter ID: intimidation or common sense?
Saturday, September 1
6:00pm - 10:30pm
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accompanied by an adult at all times. No pets allowed. No coolers permitted.
Admission will be $5.00 per person (children under 10 free)
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Stephens City, VA 22655
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Min.: $15.00
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Business Roundup: Good eats, career training and a backpack for the toughest of men
By Carol Ballard
Frederick County Report
While the economic downturn
is alive and well in our area, you
wouldn’t know it by looking at three
local entrepreneurs we met.
In this issue’s business roundup
we visit a new Asian restaurant that
is taking southern Frederick County
by storm, a beauty salon that is look-
ing to train the next generation of
cosmetologists and a Front Royal
man who, after an exhaustive search
for the perfect backpack turned up
dry, decided to invent his own.
China House of Stephens City
Junhua Yang and his family have
brought the good taste of southern
mainland Chinese cuisine to Ste-
phens City with the opening of Chi-
na House.
“I have 25 years’ experience and
can cook a variety of styles, including
Tai, Korean, Japanese, but I special-
ize in Chinese cuisine, specifcally
Cantonese, Szechuan and Hunan,”
said Junhua.
On the day I visited, the family was
welcoming and friendly and willing
to share some of their history in the
clean, inviting restaurant.
“Junhua always had an interest in
cooking, he thought it was fun and
liked to cook in China. He learned
a lot from his mother before gain-
ing his certifcation from a Chefs’
College in China,” said Junhua’s wife
Tey moved here from New York
City seven years ago to Winchester,
and now own fve restaurants in this
area and have seven family members
working in the restaurant, cooking,
serving, cleaning up, making deliv-
eries and taking care of customers.
Tey said that they, as parents, want
to train their children how to serve,
and be a part of the community.
“Tey want to give us some expe-
rience for college, to meet the world,”
added their son. But their 12-year-old
daughter, also named Lilly, said she’s
more interested in music than cook-
ing. She plays the fute and wants to
be a concert performer someday.
Teir customers are happy that the
family has located here and they’ve
received a lot of praise from people
who tell them their food is excellent
and comment on how fresh it is. Lilly
said that one of their women custom-
ers called and told them, “Your food
is the best in the Tri-state area.”
Teir emphasis is on serving the
freshest local ingredients and they
do not use MSG. (Monosodium
glutamate, a common food additive
that can cause headaches and other
Chef Junhua Yang of China House in Stephens City
says he can prepare a variety of Asian cuisines but
specializes in Chinese cuisine, specifcally Canton-
ese, Szechuan and Hunan.
1437 John Marshall Highway
Front Royal, VA
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“Te dishes are simple, fresh and
traditional,” says Junhua.
A note on their menu states in
part that, “We use the fnest qual-
ity chicken, pork, beef, seafood and
fresh vegetables, and all are prepared
in our kitchen. We de-bone and trim
away all visible fats and skin, and
prepare with plenty of fresh vegeta-
bles. All dishes are cooked very low
in vegetable oil and salt, so the re-
sult… high in fber, low in fat and
salt—because we care.”
As a gesture of hospitality, Junhua
ofered to make a generous sample of
the tofu and mixed vegetables with
steamed rice for me. And their loyal
customers were right, the dish was
very fresh and tasty, and the rice had
an exceptional texture.
Te couple says that they do a lot
of deliveries to their loyal clientele,
who keep calling back for more.
“We appreciate this area’s people,
and we like Virginia,” answered Jun-
hua, when asked why they moved
China House is located in Ste-
phens City at 368 Fairfax Pike in the
Food Lion Shopping Center and is
open 7 days a week.
Deliveries are free with a mini-
mum order. Ask for special price
Hours are: Mon. - Turs. -- 11 a.m.
- 10 p.m. Fri. - Sat. -- 11 a.m. - 10:30
p.m. Sundays --12:30 p.m. - 9:30
For information, call 540-868-1858
or 540-868-1758
For Mei Beauty Salon and new
beauty school
Toni Fife, owner of For Mei Beau-
ty Salon in Stephens City believes
in bringing out the best feature in
the clients her stylists serve, she is
pleased to announce that after one
year in business she has opened the
Jamison Valerie Salon and Academy
in order to train students to learn ev-
erything about cosmetology, includ-
ing instruction and management.
“My philosophy for the school is
‘Get the edge for a better future’,” she
Toni has been a stylist and a li-
censed cosmetology instructor for
24 years and will pass on her knowl-
edge in the 1,500-hour course which
takes about 10 months.
Toni stresses that they will teach
skills needed for entry level positions
in salons or spas and the broad based
curriculum prepares the fedgling
cosmetologists for the Virginia State
Board examination.
“Passing the state board examina-
tion means stylists can apply for a
licensure which allows them to func-
tion as a professional in the competi-
tive world of beauty and fashion,”
she asserted, adding “I’d like to have
a 100 percent pass rate.”
Te school already has enrolled
three students who are scheduled to
begin classes on August 18.
For Mei Salon and Jamison Valerie Beauty Academy
offer a variety of hair styles.
f800I00â 4 000t00Nâ, 4.ã 08I0, 0tI0k 00N0 WII0 I0·
¶t0000 þ00I 800 J 08t ¶8t8¶0 I0 I00 008tI 0I NI0000âI0t.
M8âI0t 00 I00 N8I0 ß00t 800 8Iâ0 00 I00 0þþ0t I0t0I.
0þþ0t I0t0I N8âI0t 08â 8 âþ80I00â W8Ik I0 0008t 0I0â0I.
600tN0I kII0000 0þ00â I0 I00 ¶0t¶000â I8NII¶ t00N WII0
8 þI0I00t8 0I WI000Wâ. N8Ik 00I 00I0 I00 0tI0k þ8II0 800
00|0¶ ¶00t 080k ¶8t0 08âIâ WII0 I00 I0tIII0¶ I0¶t0000
þ00Il fI0Iâ000 ß00 t00N I0 I0W0t I0t0I.
Search like the Realtors do!
Sheila Pack
540-247-1438 Cell
RE/MAX Team Realty, 440 W. Jubal Early Drive, #200
Winchester, VA 22601 • 540-667-2400 Offce
Each Offce Independently Owned And Operated
Visit us at our new location in Kernstown! 3343 Valley Ave. (Beside the Gas Mart)
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm • Friday 10am-8pm
www. mari ost rai ns. com
The Warren County Fair presents the
Warren County Fairgrounds
Adults - $10.00; Children 7-12 years - $5.00; Under 6 years - Free
For info. call Chris 540-931-4321
or Fair Offce 540-635-5827
Schedule/Dates/Times Subject to Change
[email protected]
Rt 522/Fairground Rd. Front Royal
Friday Aug. 10
Reg. 4pm • Race 6pm
Monster Truck Event
Sat. Aug. 11 • 5pm
Motor Cross Event during intermission
Saturday Aug. 25
Points Race
Reg. 3pm • Race 5pm
it P
Old Grey Mare’s
Acres, LLC
435 Lofton Rd. Raphine, VA
Indoor Arena Available
for Events, Clubs & Fun Shows!
Conviently located off I-81,
Greenville, VA
Just North of Lexington,Va
off I-81
Specializes in
small business.
Reasonable rates.
Call Lisa
(540) 465-8302
HU, A Love Song to God
A free presentation to the community
Singing HU can:
Help you experience divine love
Offer solace during times of grief
Bring peace and calm
Wednesday August 15
Throx Market Stn./Shell, Conference Rm.
1061 Millwood Pike, Winchester, VA
Free CD for those interested
Virginia Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar
On the Road Driving School, LLC
Garland T. Williams, Owner
5336 Water Street, Stephens City, VA 22655
Ph: (540) 869-6105 Cell: (540) 247-3197
Driver Improvement Clinic Driver Education Class
August 1 - 11
8 am - 11:30 am
Classes at 153 Narrow Ln.
Mt. View Christian Academy Stephens City, VA
Classes at Holiday Inn Express
142 Foxridge Ln. Winchester, VA 22601
Sunday, August 12th
8:00 am - 4:45 pm
Page 8 • Frederick County Report • August 10 - 23, 2012 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
To advertise, please contact:
Angie Buterakos: [email protected] or 540-683-9197
Alison Duvall: [email protected] or 540-551-2072
Also their open enrollment policy
means that potential students can
join at any time and be enrolled full-
time or part-time. To be eligible, one
should be at least 16 years old.
“So far we have two recent high
school graduates and a Lord Fairfax
Community College student,” she
And a big bonus for clients is that
they can ask for students to work
on their hair and will get student
rates for cuts and color, which are
far below the usual rates. Also, she
emphasized that a supervisor will be
standing by.
“Just walk into the salon and ask
for student services. We welcome
walk-ins,” Toni said.
Students started practicing on cli-
ents this month, and will go through
three phases, which include: theory
in the classroom; doing shampoos
and graduating to blow-drying,
comb-outs, fat irons, roller sets.
At times they will practice on man-
nequins until clients come along. If
they fnd a willing friend, they may
invite them to practice on
Instructors will be showing stu-
dents how to do manicures, pedi-
cures, hairdressing, make-up,
weaves, extensions, curly hair tech-
niques and management, and how to
style ethnic hair.
“Tey’ll do everything across the
board. My goal is to keep up with
current trends, colors and to teach
hair dressing which suits a person’s
face, taste, and lifestyle. “A person
shouldn’t have to get up in the morn-
ing and face having to do a big hair-
style,” she said.
Toni proudly claims that the new
school’s faculty is professional, and
the facility is well-equipped with the
products and tools needed to pursue
an exciting career in beauty care.
Toni believes that beauty is in ev-
eryone, but not everyone sees it in
themselves, and when people leave
her salon, they feel beautiful. Tis is
what she intends to help her students
bring out in their clients as well.

Jamison Valerie Salon & Beauty
Academy is adjacent to and afliated
with Toni Fife’s For Mei Beauty Sa-
lon at 831 Green Street in Stephens
Hours: Tues. and Fri.--10 a.m.- 7
p.m., Wed. and Turs.--10 a.m.- 4
p.m., Sat.--10 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Private
appointments only on Mondays)
For information, call For Mei Salon
at 540-508-0875, or email [email protected], or email the academy
at [email protected]
Front Royal man invents the
It’s not a purse, it’s not a backpack
and it’s not a “man-purse or murse”.
What is it then? It’s a Man-PACK,
a new, never seen before carry bag
Prosperity employs experts in landscape design.
From a simple garden planting to an elaborate outdoor
living space, let Prosperity share their ideas with you!
P.O. Box 789
Stephens City, VA 22655
Call today! 540-869-2004
No job
too large or
too small!
Pay no dues until
208 Grocery Ave.
(Senseny Road)
3119 Valley Ave.
(Creekside Station)
exp. 8/31/12
Offer good at Winchester locations only. Some restrictions apply. Offer valid for new sign-ups only. 24hr access key required on all memberships.
“Serving The Valley with High-tech
Dentistry and Old-fashioned Service”
33820 Old Valley Pike (Rt. 11) • Strasburg, VA 22657
All Phases of Dentistry Including:
• Cleanings And Exams • Invisalign
• Orthodontics • Extractions
• Partials And Dentures • Implants
Patient Friendly Payment
Plans Available
Thomas Family Dentistry, PC
Dr. Stephen J. Thomas DDS
Dr. Kenneth J. Thomas DDS
Less than 1 mile
from I-81
General Dentistry & Orthodontics
Mon. Wed. Thurs. 7am - 5pm
Tues. 7 - 7 • Fri. 7 - 1
See Our Website for
Monthly Promotions
Necessity is the mother of invention. Aaron Tweedie
of Front Royal said he looked around for the perfect
durable pack and couldn’t fnd one. So he invented
his own.
Street Paving on N. Kent to Begin August 10th
Te City of Winchester will be performing street paving on N. Kent
Street between Baker Street and Beau Street on Friday, August 10 and
Monday, August 13 (weather permitting).
In order to complete the work, trafc will be reduced to one north-
bound lane on Kent Street in this area. Southbound trafc on Kent
Street will be detoured at Beau Street to Smithfeld. Northbound trafc
on Kent Street will not be afected.
Te City apologizes for any inconvenience this work may create and
thanks everyone for their patience and cooperation.
August 10 - 23, 2012 • Frederick County Report • Page 9 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
for men.
And its inventor, Front Royal’s
Aaron Tweedie, who has a degree in
Business Administration and Mar-
keting from Lord Fairfax Commu-
nity College, James Madison Univer-
sity and Old Dominion University,
invented it especially for what he
calls “the woefully unprepared” men
in the world.
“My Mission Statement and goal is
to make men more prepared-like boy
scouts-so they don’t have to depend
on their wives or girlfriends to carry
their stuf. It will become the indus-
try standard for men’s carry bags. It’s
durable, masculine, and utilitarian,”
said 32-year-old Aaron.
He designed it for the ordinary
guy-like mechanics, building con-
tractors, college students, really any-
one who needs to carry things-and
who don’t carry briefcases.
Te bandolier-style strap is easily
detachable with heavy-duty Velcro
and a quick-release clasp. Also, it’s
made of heavy-duty canvas, is wash-
able and rugged.
“Guys are rough on things.” he
And, the exterior-multiple utility
pockets are made to keep things like
wallets, business cards, pens, i-Pods,
Kindles, small PCs, and change close
to the body to keep them safe and
easily accessible. Tere’s a cell phone
pocket on the chest and a unique
drink pocket (patent pending) that
has embedded magnets and zippers
and collapses magically when not in
He said the idea came to him be-
cause as a contractor he had to carry
a lot of stuf, too much to ft into
his pockets and not enough to fll a
“I was sure not going to carry a
purse,” he asserted.
A few years back, someone gave
him a cheap promotional carry bag,
but it kept breaking and he went
through three or four. After looking
around for something more durable,
he realized that there was a niche to
be flled.
“No other product addresses that
need, so I told myself I’d have to de-
sign and make it myself.
So, being the energetic, inventive,
and entrepreneurial person that he
is, after a long and rough road look-
ing for a company to manufacture it
afordably for him and the consumer,
he fnally found the perfect one and
1,500 units will be ready to sell by
mid-August in olive drab, black, and
desert tan. And he already has some
orders from military friends and of-
fcers stationed in Afghanistan.
“It looks military,” he said.
It has a very classy, compact de-
sign and looks like a small backpack.
It’s ergonomically designed and can
be worn in front or back or over the
shoulder to ft the body snugly. Tis
serves to keep stress of the back. Al-
though there are some bags that look
like it, often they’re made of leather
and therefore heavy and much more
At a little less than $50, it is priced
so anyone can aford it.
He is so confdent about his prod-
uct that his only concern right now
is that, “I’ll probably be sold out by
Christmas, but that’s a good worry
to have,” he said.
I’ve always had the mind-set of
Why Not? Can’t tell you the num-
ber of people who said ‘You can’t do
this’,” he said.
Call Aaron Tweedie at Tweedie
Enterprises LLC at 540-622-7702
and view video at www.Man-PACK.
com to order.
To advertise, please contact:
Angie Buterakos: [email protected] or 540-683-9197
Alison Duvall: [email protected] or 540-551-2072
GET THE EDGE you’ve been looking for
START A CAREER in Cosmetology!
Complete your training in as
little as 9 months!
For info about tuition, enrollment,
and program requirements
Call 540-508-0875
No Appointment Needed!
Salon Student Rates Available!
Creative Touch
Paint & Drywall
Free Estimates!
(540) 636-6032
Family Owned
& Operated
Since 1995
“Quality Work,
at a price you
can afford!”
• Custom Colors
• Staining
• Wallpaper
• Drywall
Installation and
• Pressure
Licensed/Insured • References • Interior/Exterior
Commercial • Industrial • Residential
Morning and Evening Classes Near You!
Please watch this ad and website
for registration information
Must be 18 or older to participate
Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education
Celebrating 20
years in business!
Thank you for your continued
patronage with us!
Our gift to you!
$1.00 off
any haircut!
Stephens City Barber Shop Stephens City Barber Shop Stephens City Barber Shop
540-869-4633•Sherando Towne Center
(behind Walgreens)
The military-looking Man-
PACK would not be easily
confused with a Europe-
an style “man purse.”
(540) 636-7369
■ Authorized Service
Center for Howard Miller
& Sligh
■ Licensed and Insured
■ House Calls Available
■ Antique or Modern
■ Serving the valley for
over 36 years
Page 10 • Frederick County Report • August 10 - 23, 2012 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
To advertise, please contact:
Angie Buterakos: [email protected] or 540-683-9197
Alison Duvall: [email protected] or 540-551-2072
Event listing
Friday August 10
1pm to 7pm Tere will be a Red
Cross Blood Drive at Macedonia
United Methodist Church. Tis
blood drive will honor the memory
of Mr. Lane M. Reed, Sr., who donat-
ed 23 gallons of blood during his life-
time. Te church is located at 1941
Macedonia Church Road in Fred-
erick County, just of of Route 522
South, approximately 3 miles north
of Double Tollgate. For additional
information and/or to schedule a do-
nation time, please contact George
Stein at 540-550-3363. Please stop
by and donate. Te Red Cross needs
and appreciates your help!
Teens Opposing Poverty, a nonproft
organization serving the poor of our
area, is hosting “Night in a Box” to
be held on Friday August 10th at Ad-
miral Richard Byrd Middle School in
Winchester. You can spend the night
in a box or just come for evening ac-
tivities that include a street fair with
music, magic and art, a Kid Zone,
small group encounters with former
homeless people, a build-a-box con-
test, and a homeless awareness meal.
Admission is $20 per person, $175
for groups of 10 or more. Children
under 12 are free. For more informa-
tion, call toll free 866-955-6260 or
visit the website at www.Nightina-
Saturday August 11
7:30pm Blow Away Cystic Fi-
brosis with Souled Out band at
Sportsplex,Winchester, VA. Fund-
raiser dance 8pm to 11pm
Tickets $10 each on sale now. Food
and drinks, door prizes. Questions,
please contact Jamison, Sportsplex
Event and Marketing director at 540-
868-2200 or CF Striders for a Cure
Team leader Shairee at 540-545-
2052. No refunds, outside food or
beverages and no smoking.
Come attend our 2nd Annual Car,
Truck and Bike Show, Registration
will be from 9am - 11am and only
$10 per vehicle. Awards will be at
2:30pm and we will be giving Top 20
Awards and Special Awards. Tere
will be Music, Food Available, Door
Prizes, 50/50, Kids Fun Areas and
more. It will be held at Candy Hill
Campground in Winchester VA to
beneft Round Hill Community Fire
and Rescue Company. For more in-
formation call Karl (540) 327-6820
Monday August 13
6pm to 7pm Checking out library
eBooks for your eReader (not includ-
ing the Kindle Fire) Bowman Library
871 Tasker Road, Stephens City. Tis
workshop is for those who have any
e-reader other than the Kindle Fire.
To register, call 540-869-9000 ext.
6:30 to 7:30pm Public input sought
at Skate Pavilion Open Houses.
Te community is invited to attend
one or both of the upcoming open
houses and provide input concern-
ing the potential of a skate pavilion at
Christianson Familyland in Jim Bar-
nett Park. War Memorial Bldg., Jim
Barnett Park, 1001 E. Cork Street.
Discuss the proposal, view the rec-
ommended equipment and share
your ideas and thoughts with other
interested individuals. Visit the skate
pavilion’s web page for more infor-
mation and to review the proposed
plan, including:
- Aerial photo of location
- Dimensions
- Sketches
- Equipment
- Budget
- Rules & Regulations
Tuesday August 14
7:30am Te Rotary Club of Freder-
ick County will at Shenandoah Uni-
versity in the Clement Board Room
- Allen Dining Hall. Club members,
invited guests and visiting Rotarians
are welcome. Dr. Bob Meadows is
the featured speaker for the meeting.
For more information contact Ste-
phen M. Gyurisin at 540-336-7357
or [email protected]
6pm to 7pm Checking out eBooks
for your Kindle Fire Bowman Library
871 Tasker Road, Stephens City. Tis
workshop will only cover use of the
Kindle Fire. To register, call 540-869-
9000 ext. 203.
Tursday August 16
10am to 11:30am Google Docs
FREE seminar Lord Fairfax Com-
munity College Corron Community
Development Center. 173 Skirmisher
Lane Middletown, VA 22645. Room
Friday August 17
7:30pm A beneft concert for
WATTS (Winchester area tempo-
rary thermal shelter) presented by
Jay Smith and Sean Dudley, Edward
Jones at Victory Church, 2780 Mid-
dle Rd Winchester, VA. Doors open
at 6:30pm. Tickets $10. Available
at Bethel Lutheran Church, Destiny
church, First Presbyterian church,
Opequon Presbyterian church, Vic-
tory church, Winchester Angelican
church, Scarpa Alta, Kimberly’s,
Habitat for Humanity restore and
Sweet Frog
Saturday August 18
6pm Middletown Presbyterian
Church, 7960 Senseney Ave, Middle-
town, VA is hosting a GOSPEL MU-
SIC PROGRAM. Te Ambassadors
of Joy from Strasburg United Meth-
odist Church and Te Daughtery
Sisters from Mathias, WV will be
featured. Free will ofering will ben-
eft CCAP and Middletown Church’s
“food bags ofo ve” program.
1pm to 5pm Te 7th Annual Orn-
dorfs Drywall Cruise In will be held
at 5369 Middle Road, Winchester,
VA. Dash plaques given to the frst
100 cars. All vehicles welcome, incl.
trucks, low-riders, imports, race-
cars, motorcycles and more! Food &
drinks available to purchase from Six
Star Catering! Live music starts at 6
pm from Funny Money & Nightrider.
Featuring Steve Whiteman, , Mark
Schenker and Jimmy Chalfant of
KIX. For moreinfo call 540.868.1749
or visit
Tuesday August 21
7:30am Te Rotary Club of Freder-
ick County will meet at Shenandoah
University in the Clement Board
Room - Allen Dining Hall. Te pro-
gram speaker is Joe Schtulman with
United Way. Te Club Public Rela-
tions Committee will meet immedi-
ately following the meeting and pro-
August 10 - 23, 2012 • Frederick County Report • Page 11 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
Event listing
To advertise, please contact:
Angie Buterakos: [email protected] or 540-683-9197
Alison Duvall: [email protected] or 540-551-2072
of Stephens City
(beside Martins)
Stop by for a FREE QUOTE
Be entered to win
“Refections” art
by Lee Teter
Stephens City
Insurance Agency, Corp
5337 Main Street
Stephens City, VA
[email protected]
Immediate SR-22
Auto, Home, Renters, etc
Artistically Framed, LLC
Custom Framing and Art
255 Fairfax Pike, Ste 2
Stephens City, VA
any custom framing
7716 Main St Middletown
at Middletown Courts
Open Tue-Fri
appointments or walk-
ins. Sat, available
by appointments
Call 868-1263
(Ages 6 weeks - 5 years old)
Mon-Fri. 6AM-6:30PM
915 S. Cameron St.
Caring, Compassionate individu-
als needed to assist Seniors in
their homes. We will work with
right applicant to establish a mu-
tually agreeable schedule which
will include every other weekend.
CNA’s encouraged to apply.
540-722-8750 M-F 9AM -5PM
Fall Dance Classes.
Ages 3.5 to adult.
Ballet - Tap - Jazz- Hip Hop
Combination Classes available.
Beginner through Advanced.
Adult Classes:
• Ballroom • Tap
• Dance • Exercise
Kays School of Dance
Local Business Directory
your Business in our local Business Directory
$20 for 4 WEEKS
Call 540-683-9197 or email [email protected]
Affordable Painting
& Home Improvement
Custom Interior / Exterior Painting
& Staining. Remodeling & Reno-
vation. Power Washing
Commercial and Residential
Free Estimates CALL Dave’s offce
at (540) 869-3506
or cell (540) 974-1563
a div of Dave Walker Homes, Inc.
A Place To
Wellspring is a cancer resource and
image recovery center, and also a place
for anyone to fnd hair care services. Our
salon offers a full range of services to
care for and enhance your hair including
cuts, perms, color, highlights, and
waxing. Haircut and styling are included
with all perms, color or highlights.
A service of Winchester Medical Center
525 Amherst 8treet º winchester
Nonda]-Frida], 9 a.m.-5 p.m. º 8aturda], 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Pamper Your Hair
Call today to schedule a salon service. 540-536-4981
gram. Invited guests, club members
and visiting Rotarians are welcome.
For more information about this pro-
gram or the Rotary Club contact Ste-
phen M. Gyurisin at 540-336-7357
or [email protected]
6pm to 7pm Checking out eBooks
for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
Bowman Library 871 Tasker Road,
Stephens City. You can download li-
brary eBooks and audiobooks from
the library directly to your iPhone,
iPad or iPod Touch using the Over-
drive Media Console app. Tis
workshop will only cover use of the
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Each at-
tendee will need a valid Handley Re-
gional Library card and an Apple ID
and Password. To register, call 540-
869-9000 ext. 203.
Tursday August 23
6:30 to 7:30pm Public input sought
at Skate Pavilion Open Houses.
Te community is invited to attend
one or both of the upcoming open
houses and provide input concern-
ing the potential of a skate pavilion at
Christianson Familyland in Jim Bar-
nett Park. War Memorial Bldg., Jim
Barnett Park, 1001 E. Cork Street.
Discuss the proposal, view the rec-
ommended equipment and share
your ideas and thoughts with other
interested individuals. Visit the skate
pavilion’s web page for more infor-
mation and to review the proposed
plan, including:
- Aerial photo of location
- Dimensions
- Sketches
- Equipment
- Budget
- Rules & Regulations
Friday August 24
11:30am Te National Active and
Retired Federal Employees Associa-
tion (NARFE) Winchester Chapter
180 will hold its monthly luncheon
and chapter meeting. Chapter 180
members, federal retirees and cur-
rently employed federal employees
are invited. Tis meeting will include
our Chapter Picnic and Silent Auc-
tion. Lunch begins at 11:30a.m. in
the Lee Jackson banquet room of the
Best Western in Winchester, Va. Te
cost is $11 for members and guests.
For further information and reserva-
tions call Harmon Byrd at 540-877-
1952 by Tuesday August 21, 2012.
Saturday August 25
7pm Tird Annual Murder Mystery
Gala. Heavy hors d’oeuvres, wine,
desserts and a murder mystery fea-
turing local actors and actresses.
Purchase tickets online or reserve
them by calling 540 662-9041, ext.
14. Te performance this year, A
Vote for Murder, was written by Nick
Nerangis who has graciously allowed
us to produce this work at no charge
to the Library. Te general theme of
the mystery is that “Jack” (played by
Winchester City Council member
Les Veach) is an up-and-coming Sen-
ator who is announcing his bid to be-
come President of the United States.
At a fundraising dinner, “Jack” is poi-
soned and collapses. A host of char-
acters with a series of intertwined
romantic relationships tries to fgure
out what has happened. Along with
Les Veach, several local leaders will
also perform in cameo roles includ-
ing Winchester Sherif Lenny Mill-
holland Winchester Commissioner
of the Revenue Ann Burkholder. Lo-
cal theater favorites Steve and Ellen
Nichols return to the Handley stage
for this production. Steve plays a de-
tective `a la Inspector Clouseau and
Ellen is cast as the ex wife. Rachel
Smith brings her unique talents to
the production as the director
Tuesday August 28
7:30am Te Rotary Club of Freder-
ick County will meet for breakfast
and fellowship at Shenandoah Uni-
versity in the Clement Board Room
- Allen Dining Hall. Club members,
invited guests and visiting Rotarians
are welcome. For more information
contact Stephen M. Gyurisin at 540-
336-7357 or [email protected]
Tursday August 30
10am to 11:30am Google Spread-
sheets & Forms FREE seminar Lord
Fairfax Community College
Page 12 • Frederick County Report • August 10 - 23, 2012 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
Corron Community Development
Center 173 Skirmisher Lane Middle-
town, VA 22645 Room 107
Saturday September 8
1pm to 4pm Open House at Tera-
peutic Massage Now Available at
Hands with Heart. Come for an
exciting afternoon of prizes, special
discounts, good food and free chair
massages. Hands with Heart, Becki
Lanham, CMT & Owner 540-539-
7227. Located in historic downtown
Winchester at 133 West Boscawen
Street, Suite 9.
4pm Yard Party- Reliance United
Methodist Church Country Ham or
BB-Q Chicken Dinner.Adults: $10
- Children: (6-12) $5 Homemade
Ice Cream Available Beneft: Church
Bldg Fund Reliance UMC 1571 Reli-
ance Rd, Reliance, VA
Monday October 8
Te Valley Stars 16U Baseball Team
will be having the “Par 3 Challenge”
Golf Tournament on Saturday, Octo-
ber 6th at Appleland Sports Center.
Te format is Best Ball with two play-
ers per team with cost only $50 per
golfer. Entry fee includes golf, range
balls for warm-up, lunch, and bever-
ages. Please view the attachments if
you wish to participate as a player or
if you or your business would like to
be a hole sponsor at the low cost of
only $50. Te Valley Stars 16U Base-
ball Team would like to thank you for
your support.
To advertise, please contact:
Angie Buterakos: [email protected] or 540-683-9197
Alison Duvall: [email protected] or 540-551-2072
Event listing
214 East Jackson Street • Front Royal, VA
Offering: • Student Classroom
• Behind-the-Wheel
• Re-Examinations
Accepting applications for
our Accelerated Classroom
starting August 6!
Expires 8/31/12
$25 OFF
Not valid with any other coupons or offers. Must present coupon at time of purchase.
ryville, VA • Medium •
Baby • Female • House
Jack Russell Terrier: An
adoptable dog in Win-
General & Detail Cleaning
Affordable Pricing
References Available
Free Estimates
Call 540-325-3688
Handyman Service
Call Shawn 540-440-6173
Tree and brush removal •
Plumbing •
Small engine repair •
Lawn service •
Tile work •
Junk removal •
Some car repair •
Painting •
Roof repair •
Fencing and fence repair •
Driveway sealing •
Tin roof sealing •
And painting
Metal fabrication •
Low rates •
Middletown Playground Committee
Volunteer Tammy Mason is looking for any and all help in fundraising
to upgrade the playground in the town park. If you would like to help on
her committee or donate money for the project, please contact Tammy at
Newtown Local Market
Te Newtown local market is up and running again this year. Visit us
at the corner of Fairfax St. and Main St in the Trinity Lutheran church
parking lot every Saturday from 8am until 11am from now until October.
Featured vendors have locally grown product, farm fresh eggs, jams and
jellies, plants, hand crafted items, baked goods and so much more.
Middletown Volunteer Fire Company
Bingo is held every Tuesday at the station. Doors open at 5pm and
bingo begins at 7pm. Proceed beneft the company.
Our next pancake breakfast is Saturday, September 22 and our next
scheduled Blood Drive is September 12.
Spay today
Have a cat or dog that needs spay or neutering? Reduced prices
available through non-proft Spay Today! NEW vets over a WIDE
area! For more vets and MORE info: or 304-728-
August 10 - 23, 2012 • Frederick County Report • Page 13 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
To advertise, please contact:
Angie Buterakos: [email protected] or 540-683-9197
Alison Duvall: [email protected] or 540-551-2072
ARIES (March 21 to April 19) As
eager as you are to take on that new
challenge, it would be best to temper
that spurt of “Ram”-bunctious energy
until you have more facts to back up
your decision to move.
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)
This is a good time for hardworking
Bovines to take a break from their
hectic on-the-job schedules to bask in
the unconditional love and support of
friends and family.
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Pay
attention to what you hear in the work-
place. You could pick up some hints
about possible changes. Meanwhile, a
new infusion of creative energy sets in
by week’s end.
CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Try
to be more flexible in dealing with a
suddenly difficult situation, whether
it’s on the job or in the home. Others
might have some good points to offer.
Listen to them.
LEO (July 23 to August 22) You
might think you’re not getting the
royal treatment you deserve. But be
careful not to become a royal pain by
complaining about it. Be patient and
allow things to work out.
VIRGO (August 23 to September
22) Watch that penchant for being
super-judgmental at work. It might
create a bad impression with someone
whose decisions could determine the
course of your career.
LIBRA (September 23 to October
22) You’ve been your usual busy-bee
self, gathering nectar wherever you
can find it. But now’s a good time to
kick back, relax and just enjoy smell-
ing the roses.
SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem-
ber 21) That pesky personal situation
seems to be improving. But change
comes slowly, so be patient. Expect
someone to bring more positive news
by week’s end.
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to
December 21) Whoa! Ease up on that
hectic pace you’ve been putting your-
self through. Take time to recharge
your energy levels before going full
gallop again.
CAPRICORN (December 22 to
January 19) Try to be intrigued, not
intimidated, by the issues you’re sud-
denly facing, and you’ll be ahead of
the game. Don’t be afraid to demand
answers to your questions.
AQUARIUS (January 20 to Febru-
ary 18) New associates freezing you
out of their inner circle? Never mind.
Put a warm smile on that friendly face
of yours, and you’ll soon thaw them all
down to size.
PISCES (February 19 to March 20)
Your wise guidance helps colleagues
agree to compromise and move for-
ward. Meanwhile, there are still vital
issues you need to deal with in your
personal life.
being free with your emotions, but you
also can exercise disciplined focus.
You would make a fine artist.
© 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.
• On Aug. 24, 79, after centuries of
dormancy, Mount Vesuvius erupts in
southern Italy, burying the Roman cit-
ies of Pompeii and Herculaneum. In
the 18th century, the cities were redis-
covered and excavated, providing an
unprecedented archaeological record
of the everyday life of an ancient civi-
• On Aug. 25, 1835, the first in a
series of six articles announcing the
supposed discovery of life on the
moon appears in the New York Sun
newspaper. The hoax articles offered
vivid description: enormous amethyst
crystals and lush vegetation, as well as
animals such as unicorns, two-legged
beavers and furry, winged humanoids
resembling bats.
• On Aug. 23, 1902, pioneering
cookbook author Fannie Farmer, who
changed the way Americans prepare
food by advocating the use of stan-
dardized measurements in recipes,
opens Miss Farmer’s School of Cook-
ery in Boston.
• On Aug. 20, 1920, the owners of
four Ohio League teams — the Akron
Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland
Indians and Dayton Triangles — meet
to form a new professional football
league. Football star Jim Thorpe was
nominated as president of the new
• On Aug. 21, 1959, President
Dwight Eisenhower signs a proclama-
tion admitting Hawaii into the Union
as the 50th state. The president also
issued an order for an American flag
featuring 50 stars arranged in stag-
gered rows.
• On Aug. 22, 1962, President
Charles De Gaulle of France survives
one of several assassination attempts
against him thanks to the superior han-
dling performance of the presidential
automobile, the Citroen DS 19. Dur-
ing the attack, a hail of 140 bullets
shattered the car’s rear window and
punctured all four of its tires.
• On Aug. 26, 1974, Charles Lind-
bergh, the first man to accomplish a
solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic
Ocean in 1927, dies in Maui, Hawaii, at
the age of 72. To reduce weight on the
plane during his famous flight, every-
thing that was not essential was left out:
radio, gas gauge, night-flying lights,
navigation equipment and parachute.
© 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.





Page 14 • Frederick County Report • August 10 - 23, 2012 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
1992 Chrysler Town & Country minivan,
green with woodgrain trim. 137,000 miles,
automatic, power steering/brakes.
$1, 200 OBO. Cal l 540-533-7216
87’ Dodge Ram, W100, 4x4, Auto, titled,
$2, 500 OBO. Cal l 304-754-9829
Trailer 4-sale, 96’ Great Dane, 53’ drive-
van, Swing doors, road worthy or storage,
cur r ent i nsp. Cal l 540-869-0599

Antique 1922 Ford T Touring. Runs good.
Has good tires, paint and upholstery. Near
Martinsburg, WV. $9500. Call 304-582-
1936 (3/22)
2003 Bounder motor home model 32W, 2
slide-outs, gas, excellent condition, sleeps
6, ducted A/C and heat, convection micro-
wave, 2 fat screen TV’s with DVD, satelite
TV, rear ladder, back-up camera, solar
battery charger, outside shower, automatic
leveling system, generator, 28K miles.
$ 3 7 , 0 0 0 . C a l l 5 4 0 - 5 3 9 - 7 2 0 6
Parts for a 1989 Ford Ranger, bought new,
never used: E-coil $80.00 and Evaporator
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1994 F150 Pickup truck for parts -will sell
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1991 Cadillac Deville light blue.Runs
wellmileage 100,400 $900. 869-3112
55 Ford Fairlane, new inside, new tires. Call
540-839-2827 for price (7/26)
1986 Ford truck with slide on camper, extra
Set wheels, $2900. Call 540-839-2827
1999 Honda Motorcycle, good condition,
low mileage. $1950 Call 540-839-282
88’ VW Vangon parts for sale. Located in
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DIVORCE with or without children $125.
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Stephens City Market Place every Saturday
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TV FREE 32 inch Zenith Console - Wood
cabinet - with remote control. Excellent
working condition. Cable ready.Stephens
City, VA all for directions. Home: 540-
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Kiosk for sale. Sink and refrigerator built
in. Best offer. Salon mate nail technician’s
table. Black with marble top, used twice,
$25. Stainless steel 3 shelf rolling cart. Used
in a former Daily grind. Excellent condition.
$200 or best offer.
Call 540-305-9664 (12/27)
2 Refurbished Dell Latitude and Inspiron
Laptops. Windows XP, 512MB. In very good
condition other than some minor scratches
on top cover. $100 and up.
Call 540-514-1412 for details. (10/13)
1998 Cadillac Seville Service Manuals, 3-
volume set, $35. Ford Thunderbird/Cou-
gar Shop Manual, $25. Biscuit Jointer, EC,
complete with instruction manual, $40.
Makita Recipro Saw, EC with blades and
instruction manual, $75. Heavy Duty foor
jack, $125. Craftsman Skillsaw. $20.00.
Call 540-635-6947 (12/6)
Scooter for Sale: Excellent condition, less
than 300 miles. 100 miles/gallon. $800
includes; cover, lock, and helmet. 540-533-
1472. (6/28)
Outer Banks Beach Club - Beach Road. MP 9
Nagshead, NC. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bath (Sleeps 6)
September Week 38 $3,600.
Call 540-667-2031 (11/22)
Roof Slates for Sale - Original antique 1891
slates removed from the Strasburg Museum
building when a new roof was installed. 12 X
6 3/4. Benefts the Strasburg Museum. Call
540-450-6361, 540-465-5570 or 540-465-
3728. Pick them up: $10 each. Mail: $10 plus
shipping and handling. Lots of 100 or more:
$7 each
Used only for browsing --$777.00 Call 540-
545-2052.The iMac “Core i3” 3.06 21.5-Inch
Aluminum (Mid-2010) is powered by a dual
core 3.06 GHz Intel “Core i3” I3-540 (Clark-
dale) processor with a dedicated 256k level
2 cache for each core and a 4 MB shared
level 3 cache. In lieu of a system bus, it has a
“Direct Media Interface” (DMI) that “connects
between the processor and chipset” at 2.5
Bull and commercial heifer sale. Angus
polled herefords, balancers, gelbviehs, black
baldies. Friday, December 2 @ noon. Knoll
Crest Farm. Red House, VA 434-376-3567
Baseball Bats: Little League, aluminum. Have
3 bats. Cushioned grip, some wear but in
good condition. $25 each. Air Hockey Table-
7 foot. Brand New! $150. NY Giants hooded
winter coat. Boy’s size Medium. In very good,
like- new condition $25. Baby/Dog Gate: 3 ft
high metal. Has 4 sections and is adjustable
to over 5 feet wide. Used for a short time—in
good condition. $50.00 frm. Can email pic-
tures. Call 540-723-0285 (6/14)
White Crosley heavy duty washer with 20
lb. capacity. Good Condition. $100. Please
call 540-336-9531 after 6PM. (8/9)
Admiral Heavy Duty Dryer - like new, with 5
cycles and 3 temperature settings. Very nice.
$200.00. Please call 540-336-9531 after
6PM. (8/9)
3 artifcial Christmas Trees - all in excellent
condition, only slightly used.
12’ tall, snow-focked Pine, prelit with clear
lights - $250
9’ tall, Douglas Fir, very full, prelit with clear
lights - $150
7.5’ tall - Slimline Frasier Fir, prelit with clear
lights - $75
Call 540-858-3331 (11/8)
Print: LN, framed and matted, 31 x 42, Vic-
torian Lunch, have original receipt $111. Call
Old 50’s Schwinn Bicycle. Needs work. $75
Old wicker baby stroller $100. Radar Detector
$40. Cookie jars, some old, McCoy and oth-
ers. Call for prices. 100 year old head board,
carved wood top. Call 540-662-9023 (12/28)
Woolrich Hunting Coat and pants. Set size is
44 coat & 36 pants. Very warm $75.00 Good
condition Call 540-665-0463
15 Cubic Foot Upright Freezer. Good Condi-
tion $200.00. 540-869-5073
Chest freezer $50. Cross Junction. Call
703-936-6681 (2/10)
Three dorm refrigerators for sale: three
different sizes, $65-85.
Call 540-869-7977 (12/20)\
Crossbow (Similar to Bowfex) Good Con-
dition. $125 If interested, please call 540-
Whole body vibration exerciser
Brand new in box. $250.00
Call 540-869-3388 6/14)
Treadmill - ProForm $70 Stephens City
423-470-6911 6/14)
For Sale: 1994 F150 regular Pickup Truck,
runs good, current inspection, needs
steering column. $950 or BO. Call after
4:30 pm 540-333-1011 (6/14)
Pipe Rack for full size pickup. $195.00
Call 540-665-0463 (6/28)
High-def projection TV for sale. 50-inch
Toshiba. 5 years old, New lamp, Excellent
condition. $250. Call #540-869-7571.
Love Seat for sale. Floral print cushions
with wicker trim. Good condition. $50.
Call #540-869-7571 (6/28)
White Crosley heavy duty washer with 20
lb. capacity. Good Condition. $100. Please
call 540-336-9531 after 6PM.
30” NATUAL GAS RANGE four years old -
white $125.00 (540) 869-3506 (8/9)

17 cubic foot refrigerator $125.00
Call (540) 869-3506 (8/9)
USED $100.00
Queensize Antique Sledbed frame, $225
obo, leave a message,
540-869-3521 (7/13)
Carmate Trailer, 5x10’ Green Exc. cond.,
toolbox, ramps, sidedoor, tire & tire rack,
can been seen @ 1045 Tasker Rd., 540-
869-6188 (7/13)
Baldwin Piano, cherry fnish with Queen
Anne legs. One owner, purchased in 1991.
Keys in excellent condition/needs tuned.
$1500.00 OBO (7/26)
Commercial Space for Lease. Prime Loca-
tion in Historic Downtown Strasburg. Pre-
Civil War Building with Period Restoration.
Log and Brick with Wide Plank Floors.
New 3 Zone Heat/Air. 4 Exterior Doors.
110 N. Massanutten Street. Monthly Rent
$1,500.Off-street parking available. Call
Wendy Connor (540)975-0390
1,100 sq.ft. offce space for rent in the
Winchester area. Call 540-539-7095
Modern two bedroom single family home/
built 2007. Secluded--- located in center
of 6 acre heavily wooded lot. Close to
James Woods H.S. and Valley Health.
Attached garage - Heat pump /central air
- Corian counter tops - Energy effcient
front load washer and matching dryer -
Kenmore stove/oven - Raised deck in back
- Kenmore side by side refrig w/dispens-
ers - Ceiling fans (3). Last three electric
bills averaged $35. No water or sewage
costs. Internet ready. Available September
or possibly August. Please email --princ-
[email protected] for more information
or call 210 744-1986 (6/28)
Condo in Stephens City. 2 bdrm, 2 bath,
laundry, all appliances, extra storage, bot-
tom level, water & sewer included. $835
per month. Call 540-533-0958
Autumn Glen/Stephens City, VA - Two bed-
room duplex for 55 years/older; double
door garages; 8-ft back yard fence;carpet;
stove/refrigerator/dishwasher included.
Limit 3 people; No pets - $1,300 per
month/$1,400 deposit and credit check.
Call: 540-247-9456 (7/26)
3 bdrm, 1 bath, nice lot, storage building. 229
Shenandoah Ave, Winchester 540-839-2827
1 br corporate rental in Front Royal VA.
Bath, kitchen, large master br. Liv. rm.
All furniture provided for you. Plus, cable,
internet, electric, and water. Call 540-
622-6940, 11 - 5pm. No pets or smok-
ing (1/24)
Roommate needed for corporate housing
short term lease only $760.00 includes
rent, utilities, and furniture. Call 540-622-
6940 (1/17)
Outer Banks / Kitty Hawk, N.C. SeaScape
Beach & Golf Villa Resort. www.SeaScape- April Week or October Week 2
Bedrooms, 2 Bath, Sleeps 6. Fully Stocked
Condo. $2,200.00 Call 540-667-2031 for
info (8/9)
Clean Townhouse for rent in Winchester,
VA.3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, kitchen ap-
pliances, gas heat, central air. NO PETS
$770 SECURITY DEPOSIT Call (540) 869-
3506 (8/9)
TOWNHOUSE in Stephens City (The Pines);
excellent location near all grades of
school; shopping and I-81/66. Two Large
Bedrooms; 1-1/2 Bath and All Appliances;
Large Back Yard with Locked Shed and 8-ft
Board Fence. $850.00 per month/$850.00
Deposit and Credit Check - Call: 540-247-
9456. (8/9)
Moving out of state. All household items
for sale. Located in Falling Waters, WV
Call 443-223-3320 (5/26)
Vinyl record album released locally in 1967. Will
pay $200 cash for a copy in good condition.Call
Help Wanted- the Front Royal Diner is NOW
hiring, please call 845-391-4766 for ap-
point. (6/28)
Small scooter & van lift Looking for a
donation. Please call Mary or Willis at
Twin bed. Cherry wood, good condition.
$75. High quality sofa, good shape. $100.
Stephens City area. Call 703-434-1130
Entertainment Center: Light Oak with
glass doors-lots of storage. (64” wide X
58” high X 23” deep) Very good condition.
Can e-mail picture $300.00 Call 540-723-
0285 (3/22)
comes with settee, 4chairs, coffee table,
and end tables. Mohagany dining room
table, two black leather chairs, kitchen
table, 3 printers, print stand, offce desk,
large and small paintings, 2 foor size rugs,
sewing machine. Call 540-686-5769
Black Tappan Electric Stove with 4 burners and
2 shelves in oven. Purchased new and used only
1 year. $150.00 or Best Offer. Please call 540-
336-9531 after 6PM. (8/9)
Black Maytag Side by Side Refridgerator with
freezer on the bottom and an ice maker. Pur-
chased new for $2200.00 and only used for 2
years. Will sell for $800.00. Please call
540-336-9531 after 6PM. (8/9)
August 10 - 23, 2012 • Frederick County Report • Page 15 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
– PHOTOS ONLINE NOW: Antiques, Col-
lectibles, Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Coins,
Tableware, Porcelains, Americana, Toys,
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tain Home w/Guest House & Lake on
212+/-Acres Divided, Independence,
VA. 9/8/12 at 2 p.m. On Site at 1002
Saddle Creek Road, Independence, VA.
Live & Online. Iron Horse Auction Co.
1-800-997-2248. NCAL3936. VAAL580.
ABSOLUTE AUCTION 8/18/12 @ 10:30
a.m. House & Lot, Personal Property
(2002 Subaru Car.) 2220 Elk Creek
Parkway, Independence, VA 24348.
Contact C&F Auction 276-233-3238
or http://www.colonelmitchellfunkauc- (VAAF #280)
grams, Breast Cancer Info www.ubcf.
info FREE Towing, Tax Deductible, Non-
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Medical Billing Trainees Needed! Train
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able. 1-800-646-2374.
the Team at Averitt. Great Hometime
& Benefts. 4 Months T/T Experience
Required – Apply Now! 888-362-8608 Equal Opportunity
Owner Operators. No Touch Freight. All
miles paid same, loaded/empty! Dedi-
cated Runs. Lease Purchase Program
w/Payment Assist. Class-A CDL & 1 yr
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ERS: 6 months OTR experience starts at
32c/mile. Up to $5,000 Sign-on Bonus!
New student pay and lease program!
ED! 50c/mile for Hazmat Teams! Solo
Drivers Also Needed! 1 yr. exp. Req’d.
800-942-2104 Ext. 7308 or 7307 www.
in Virginia Newspapers for one low cost
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Call this paper or Adriane Long at 804-
521-7585 (Virginia Press Services).
bile home. 2 wooded acres in Nelson
County. 10 minutes to James River boat
launch. $35,900. I fnance – nothing
down- 434-444-5088.
11 ACRES in Rockbridge County, beau-
tiful meadow gently sloping to small
stream. Some woods. Nice view. Lots of
wildlife. Covenants! $89,900. Owner-f-
nancing. 540-294-2007.
home in pristine neighborhood. Com-
munity beach, pool. Boat-slip. Nice view
of lake, mountains. $1,895/month or I’ll
fnance. $359,900. 434-444-5088.
MEDICAL CAREERS begin here – Train
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HAPPY JACK® DuraSpot: latest tech-
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DIVORCE with or without children
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House Cleaning
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Call Tracey @
Concert to beneft Cystic Fibrosis
7:30pm Blow Away Cystic Fibrosis with Souled Out band at Sport-
splex, Winchester, VA. Fundraiser dance 8pm to 11pm
Tickets $10 each on sale now. Food and drinks, door prizes. Questions,
please contact Jamison, Sportsplex Event and Marketing director at 540-
868-2200 or CF Striders for a Cure Team leader Shairee at 540-545-2052.
No refunds, outside food or beverages and no smoking.
Each year, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) makes greater strides
toward fnding a cure for the chronic disease that afects over 30,000
children in the United States. In just the last 60 years, the life expec-
tancy of a child born with cystic fbrosis has increased to ages 30- 40 and
beyond. Since its founding in 1955, the CFF has channeled the dedication
and contributions of its supporters toward the advances in research and
medical treatments that have made this possible.
My nephew’s mom tells their story….
My son has Cystic Fibrosis (CF). I’d like to share with you some infor-
mation about him and the disease he deals with every day.
Cystic fbrosis is a genetic disease which afects approximately 30,000
children and adults in the US. A defective gene causes the body to
produce abnormally thick, sticky mucus. Tis abnormal mucus leads to
chronic and life-threatening lung infections and impairs digestion. Te
median age of survival is 38 years – there is no cure.
Statistics tell us that my son’s health will continue to decline. He is
losing about 2% of his lung function each year. His lung function is cur-
rently at about 82%.
To help keep his lungs clear, he must receive at least two 30-minutes
sessions of chest physical therapy a day to loosen the mucus that ac-
cumulates in his lungs. In addition, he does four nebulizer treatments
daily (one [hypertonic saline] to loosen the thick mucus in his lungs; one
[Pulmozyme] to thin the mucus so that he may cough the small particles
out; and inhaled antibiotics [Tobramycin] twice a day to try to keep the
bacteria that lives in his lungs somewhat under control.
Because the thick sticky mucus is throughout his body, it clogs the
pancreas so it does not digest and absorb fat. He takes medicine to help
digest the fat; however, he loses the calorie beneft of much of the food he
eats. Tis undigested food leads to bowel obstructions (Distal Intestinal
Obstructive Syndrome – DIOS) and poor weight gain.
In CF, poor weight gain results in poor lung function.
Te efort to breathe (while resting) for someone with CF causes them
to burn 25% more calories. Tis increases with exercise. Te doctor’s
have compared their efort to breath with closing your mouth and one
nostril; and only breathing through one nostril.
Te sticky mucus blocks the sinus passages and causes nasal polyps.
Te reproductive system is also afected by CF. Sperm is unable to trav-
el through the vas deferens as it is blocked by the sticky mucus. Another
problem associated with cystic fbrosis is CF-related diabetes.
When my son is not sick, he takes approximately 50 pills a day – as well
as several other medicines delivered in other forms.
Did I mention the cost of some of these medicines? Several medicines
are identifed as specialty medicines and others are only available from
certain companies specifed by the drug manufacturer. Te Tobramycin
and the delivery system equipment cost is $2,500 every two months.
My son is seen quarterly at an accredited Cystic Fibrosis Care Center.
More visits are required when he is ill or testing positive for various
bacteria. Te cost for these visits and testing is very high. Do you put a
price on one’s health? Or one’s life?
Page 16 • Frederick County Report • August 10 - 23, 2012 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on
2010 Pontiac Vibe
stk #V12222A $12,861
2008 GMC Canyon
stk #P2120A $12,903
2010 Buick Lucerne
stk #V12220A $22,728
2007 Chevrolet Malibu
stk #V12124M $8,975
2011 Buick Regal
stk #V12195A $22,774
2010 Honda Civic LX
stk #A3350A $14,693
2009 Jeep Wrangler X
stk #P2119 $19,470
2008 Cadillac CTS
stk #P2115 $22,834
2011 Toyota Camry
stk #A3347 $19,990
Prices do NOT include tax, tags, registration, or a $299.50 processing fee. Vehicles subject to prior sale.
Sale ends 8/24/12. See dealer for details.
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