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Ring, Ring, Who Has My Ring?
Skills: asking questions about people; identifying people by description Group Size: 4 to 24 Prep Time: none Playing Time: 5-15 minutes Interest Level: ages 3 to 12 Ability Level: beginning to lower intermediate Choose a student to begin. This student steps out of the room. Hand a ring to another student. All students in the classroom should see who receives the ring. Call student to return to class. He or she must try to guess who has the ring by asking various classmates ten or fewer yes/no questions. Sample questions include...
    

Sang-chul, does a girl have the ring? Min-soo, is the person who has the ring wearing tennis shoes? Charles, is the person who has the ring older than me? Gyung-hee, is the person who has the ring wearing something blue? Mary, was the person who has the ring late to class?

If the student guesses correctly, he or she gets another turn (limit three). If the student guesses incorrectly, the student who has the ring becomes the next player.

Sentence Scramble
Skills: vocabulary review; sentence structure Group Size: 4 to 24 Prep Time: >5 minutes Playing Time: 5-20 minutes Interest Level: ages 6 to adult Ability Level: upper beginning to intermediate Write a list of five or more vocabulary words. Divide students into teams, and give each team one copy of the list. Teams must work together to create a story using all of the vocabulary words listed. Each student in the group should create at least one sentence containing at least one vocabulary word to ensure that the final product is a group effort and not

just the work of one member. Teams compete in the three following areas: (1) speed, (2) usage, and (3) creativity. The first team to complete a story receives 20 points, the second 15, the third 10, and so on. However, two points are deducted for any vocabulary word used incorrectly. After all stories are complete, each is read to the class. Students vote for each story's level or creativity by holding up one to five fingers. Fingers are counted, and the total divided by the number of students in the class. Points equal to the average number of fingers for a given story are awarded to the authoring team. After all calculations have been made, the team with the most points wins.
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