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Trader and analyst William Delbert (W. D.) Gann maintained a "List of Books for Sale" for students and inquirers. Gann's unorthodox methods of predicting financial markets included astrology and numerology and this list reflects that fact. This is a free ebook in pdf format published by the Gannstudygroup (Gann Study Group).



W. D. Gann's “Recommended Reading List”
William Delbert Gann (1878-1955) successfully predicted and traded stocks and commodities through his thorough mastery of astrology and the science of numbers. Gann left a large collection of writings of his own, including several books and courses on the financial markets. But he also maintained a “List of Books For Sale,” on which the titles below appeared. In cases where the books from the Gann Reading List, as it is sometimes called, are on line and freely available to all, links have been provided. Many of the other books are still being printed by specialty vendors or may be found through second-hand booksellers.

This E-Book is not to be sold.
It is a free educational service in the public interest published by

Gann Study Group

A. E. (Russell, George William) The Candle of Vision Copy 1 Copy 2 Copy 3

Agrippa, Henry Cornelius Philosophy of Natural Magic Copy 1 Copy 2 Copy 3

Ahmad, Sheikh Habeeb Mysteries of Sound and Number Alvidas, et al. (Henry Clay Hodges) Science and Key of Life (in 7 volumes) Copy 1 (Vol. VI only) Anonymous Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses Copy 1 Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow Day of Wisdom According to Number Vibration Number Vibration in Questions and Answers Philosophy of Numbers, Their Tone and Colors Bernart, Leo Ogilvie's Astrological Birthday Book Brandon, Wilfred (Ellis, Edith) Open the Door!

Bullinger, The Rev. E. W. The Witness of the Stars Copy 1 Copy 2 Butler, Hiram E. Solar Biology Copy 1 Copy 2 Cady, Emilie Lessons in Truth Copy 1 Copy 2 Copy 3 Carey, George W. Chemistry and Wonders of the Human Body Copy 1 Copy 2 Copy 3

God-Man: The Word Made Flesh Copy 1 Cheasley, Clifford W. Numerology -- Its Practical Application to Life [similar content is found in What's in Your Name? ]

Choisnard, Paul Proof of Astral Influence on Men Collier, Robert The Secret of the Ages (in 7 volumes) Copy 1 Copy 2 Casper, Henry Pax Tecum, or Peace and Relaxation Through Technique and Truth Councel, Paul Cosmic Causation in Geophysics Your Stars and Destiny De Luce, Robert Horary Astrology Rectification of the Horoscope Ducquan, Essie N. Evolution and Reincarnation Du Vernet, Archbishop Spiritual Radio Flammarion, Camille and Gore Popular Astronomy Copy 1

Copy 2 (en français) Foster, W. T. Sun Spots and Weather

Gregorius The Master Key of Destiny Haddock, Frank Channing Power of Will Copy 1 Copy 2 Copy 3 Copy 4 Hathaway, Fredrick Popular Astrology for Everybody Hudson, Thomas (or Thomson) Jay Law of Psychic Phenomena Numerous copies at and Johndro, L. Edward The Earth in the Heavens: Ruling Degrees and How to Use Them The Stars: How and Where They Influence Kerns, H. J. World Book of the Ages from Adam to the Millennium Larsen, Ludwig B. Key to the Bible and Heaven Leo, Alan (Allen, William Fredrick) Astrology for All Copy 1

Mars: the War Lord

Libra, C. Aq. Astrology, Its Techniques and Ethics Copy 1 Lynch, Richard The Path to Wisdom Mellen, Mark How to Play the Races and Win Montrose Numerology For Everybody Muller, Fannie Zodiac and Bible Newbrough, Dr. John Ballou Oahspe Copy 1 Numero The Power of Numbers Ouspensky, P. D. Tertium Organum Copy 1 Papus (Encausse, Dr. Gerard) The Tarot of the Bohemians Copy 1 Copy 2 Paramananda, Swami Faith as a Constructive Force (en français)

Partridge, A. E. Fortunate Hours Pearce, Alfred John Text-Book of Astrology (5 volumes in one book) Podolsky, Edward M. D. The Doctor Prescribes Colors Rama, Yoga Hari Yoga System of Study (Occult Chemistry) Raphael, A. (Smith, Robert C. ) Book of Dreams Mundane Astrology Pythoness of the East The Royal Book of Fate Redding, William A. Mysteries Unveiled Sepharial (Old, Walter Gorn) Astrological Ready Reckoner and Student's Assistant Astrology: How to Make and Read Your Own Horoscope Astrology Explained Cosmic Symbolism Directional Astrology Eclipses in Theory and Practice Kabala of Numbers (Parts I and II or single-volume edition) Law of Values Manual of Astrology in Four Books Science of Foreknowledge Silver Key, The Shaftesbury, Edmund (Edgerly, Webster) The Goal of Creation Smith, Worth Miracle of the Ages

Stauffer, Mack The World's Greatest Thought Discovery Stout, Wesley W. Secret Taylor, Ariel Yvon Numerology Made Plain Three Initiates The Kybalion Copy 1 Copy 2 Troward, Thomas Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning Copy 1 Copy 2 Walter, William W. The Sickle Ward, Charles A. The Oracles of Nostradamus Copy 1 Copy 2 Copy 3

Wemyss, Maurice (MacNaughton, Duncan) The Wheel of Life (in 5 volumes) White, Fred Guide to Astrology Copy 1 (see PDF under “Additional Info”)

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