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Skill-Gap Analysis
Company Analysis
(In the space below, write a brief 250-word analysis of the company with whom you are seeking
employment. State the company name, location, what they specialize in and sell, as well as a
brief history and a discussion of the company’s strengths and/or the challenges it faces.)
GFI Software pioneers powerful, award-winning IT solutions that is easy to use and affordable
for small and medium-sized businesses. They are a dynamic, growing technology company with
offices, customers and partners around the world. The GFI MAX products are aimed at IT
Support companies and Managed Services Providers, providing a toolset to enable them to
deliver a higher quality of service to their clients, efficiently and cost-effectively. GFI is an
international success story. However, remain grounded – in lots of countries. With offices in the
US (North Carolina, California and Florida), UK (London and Dundee), Germany, Austria,
Australia, Malta, Hong Kong, Philippines and Romania. Having partners and customers all over
the world, so we can provide localized customer service, see the big issues, spot emerging
trends and provide business solutions ahead of the market. The company remains committed
their vision, mission and core values. Their achievements are possible because the culture
inspires us to move forward, take calculated risks and correct quickly if we make a mistake.
More significant is what’s driving GFI MAX’s growth: a robust RMM platform bolstered by
complementary tools and services opportunities such as backup, e-mail protection and
archiving, antivirus and endpoint security, and service desk support. This is what makes GFI
MAX’s growth possible “GFI MAX says that over 10,000 managed services providers are now
using GFI MAX RemoteManagement, supporting nearly 660,000 MSP engineer logins every
month and making it the most widely-used Managed Services management platform in use in
the channel.”

Gap Analysis Table (Fill in the chart below)
Job Requirement Skills Interest Background
• Deliver service
and support
to customers
via phone,
email, and/or
Experience with
answering phones,
emails, and customer
networking Marketing experience

• Interact with
customers to
provide and
information in
response to
concerns, and

listening skills

customer service
• Willingness to co-
operate with
others and work
to the greater

teamwork working for the
greater good
• Associate Degree
in IT/Computer
related field, or

school degree SIS degree Bachelors of Arts in
Software Information

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