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Executive MBA
Family business centre

WHY Edhec?

EDHEC Business School stands out for its continuous interaction with the business world,
thanks to the relevance of its academic programmes and research, and their positive impact
on the economy and society as a whole. This belief is embodied in its ‘EDHEC for Business’ strategy.
The EDHEC Family Business Centre employs training methods tailored to the specific needs
of family businesses and leverages a network of five campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore
to assist current and future senior executives in France and abroad.




EDHEC’s close ties to business
translate to relevant education, in
France and abroad. Top executive
partners are involved in the school’s
programmes and research projects to
ensure real-world relevance.

EDHEC’s teaching staff is made up
of leading experts from around the
world and includes some of the brightest
researchers in the fields of finance,
economics, financial analysis and
accounting, and business law. EDHEC
research policy aims at developing quality
academic research useful to businesses.

EDHEC Business School is recognized
as one of the top institutions in
the world for its international
programmes, its partnerships with
leading universities and business
schools, and the prestige of its



French Business school for its Custom
Executive Education programmes
Financial Times, 2014


Research Centres including
internationally prominent
EDHEC-Risk Institute


in Europe

The Economist, 2014

EDHEC holds the “Triple Crown” of international accreditations (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS)
for its outstanding academic programmes, its strong links with the corporate community, its impressive
global reach and its commitment to ongoing quality improvement.

from the Dean

Welcome to the EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA.
It’s new, it’s unique! It’s just how next generation leaders
would have designed it.
Family Values and Global Perspective: Family Business is deeply rooted in our
DNA since EDHEC was founded in 1906 by prominent entrepreneurs from the
North of France. As a European Business School, we also embrace diversity, global
thinking and networking with other families around the world
as sources of inspiration in both personal and business lives.
Managerial Rigour and Relevance: What makes this EDHEC programme so unique?
On top of fundamental business practices, it focuses on issues that are clearly specific to
family firms, be it strategies for family businesses, fiscal and financial engineering,
family firms governance, roles and responsibilities of Board Members,
that no other MBA programme in the world is addressing.
EDHEC's independent and agile spirit is both entrepreneurial
and innovation-based. It reflects our values close to Family Business
and is the source of value creation for the EDHEC Family Business Global
Executive MBA programme.
In Lille, Paris, Nice, London and Singapore, the richness and relevance
of the learning, the exceptional personal development plan and the international
networking opportunities make EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA a
truly outstanding experience.

You have the potential!
Get your MBA
while you work!
Olivier OGER
Dean of EDHEC Business School 

The EDHEC Family Business Centre was created in 2012 with the support of prominent families
and family businesses. Our mission consists in promoting the Family Business model and sustaining
its growth. To succeed in this mission, we develop research which is focused on application
and business relevance, training programmes meant for family business leaders to enhance learning
and to strengthen the commitment of the leaders, as well as dedicated events to favour networking
and the exchange of best practices among family business leaders.

The EDHEC Family Business Centre was founded with the support of the Michelin Family
(through the company Mage-Invest), of the Mulliez Family (through the Association Familiale Mulliez)
and of the following corporations:


Welcome From The Dean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 01

Curriculum At A Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Admission Process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

Are You Ready? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 03

Your Leadership Development . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Edhec  Campuses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25


Innovative Teaching Methods . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Structure Of The Programme . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06

Meet Our Faculty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

2016/2017 Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08

Edhec Alumni Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

A Unique Programme

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Are you ready?

You will soon take charge! Leading a Business Unit, sitting on the Board or both.

You are elated… and you’ve got great ambitions and new ideas for the family business…

And you know that leading the growth and continuity of the family business is one of the most
difficult jobs in the world. When it comes to family businesses, filling the shoes of the all-powerful
leader is also far from easy.
Although you have seen the previous leaders struggle to balance family demands
and business requirements, the retiring generation will often be cherished as close to perfection
and you will always be judged on how you have integrated their vision and charisma,
their entrepreneurship spirit and their business acumen.

You may wish you had complemented earlier your on-the-job training with a stronger
academic background. Not only are you required to have a solid understanding of the key
management tools in finance, marketing and operations; you also need to feel comfortable in analyzing
and assessing the situation to develop new strategies and implement change; you need to be
familiar with the roles and responsibilities of Board members; you must understand the impact
of governance on performance.
EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA has especially been designed to help you achieve
these goals and more, with a particular focus on the key requirements of modern family businesses,
among which stand the Competitive Imperative, Leadership Excellence and Efficient Governance.
The programme has been carefully crafted by experienced faculty and Family Business experts to:

• accelerate your learning by exposing you to hundreds of business situations;
• prepare you to immediately put into practice the content of each module;
• help you fill any leadership competency gap you will identify at the beginning of the programme.

Moreover, you will do that with a group of people you can trust: people who have exactly
the same issues, the same objectives, the same needs to develop. You will all share remarkably similar
stories, yet in your own unique family business environment. We bet some of your fellow participants
may well become not only friends but your most trusted advisors through all your life.
EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA is a life-changing journey.
Is it for you? Are you ready? Let’s meet and find out.

Sylvain Daudel
Director of EDHEC Family Business Centre
Programme Director


a unique programme

our participants have a unique profile

Like many MBA participants, they want to enrich
their experience sharing best practices with international peers.
They are result-oriented, with a strong track record as managers.
In addition to analytical skills, they need to strengthen interpersonal skills.

Identi┼┐ied as next leaders
(family members or external to the family)
Recognized achievement and strong potential

Unlike regular MBA students, they have been identified
as the next leaders of a business unit, or invited to sit on the Board.
Participants in GEMBA alternate their intense study periods with
their demanding professional work.

Analytically solid and emotionally mature
Clear motivation and drive

Participants in the programme have had a rich business life
for an average of 10 years, with at least 4 years
of significant managerial responsibilities: they are able to exercise
sound business judgement and to share worthwhile experience.

Rich business experience (10 years, of which 4 with
managerial responsibilities in the Family Firm)
Average age: mid-30s to mid-40s

we offer family business leaders
what no other programme does
• Strategies for family business: balancing theory

and practice with visits to family firms in Asia

A transformational
journey over 15 months and 5 campuses

• Legal and financial engineering for family business
• Corporate financial strategy ‘serious game’
• Family business governance, and the role

and responsibilities of Board Members

• Leadership assessment centre to design

individual development agenda

• On-going dialogue between coaching and mentoring
• Leadership development programme

with a leadership bootcamp in the UK

• Leveraging of EDHEC world-renowned EDHEC-Risk Institute

and EDHEC research on governance
• 5 international campuses


meeting the triple requirement
of modern family businesses!

The ultimate goal for a family firm is to continue being so, i.e. to remain as a company
that successfully transmits itself to the next generation. In a more complex, more global, more competitive
and more uncertain environment, the modern family firm is confronted with a triple requirement:
Competitive Imperative, Leadership Excellence and Efficient Governance.

Family business

in business

Family business




Competitive Imperative

Efficient Governance

Leadership excellence

Being competitive requires analysis
of the environment and anticipation of
changes. It means reinforcing in the production
cycle those critical elements contributing
to create the value that is recognised
by the market. It is the resolve to strengthen
one’s position through innovation. It is the
implementation of the strategy with agility.
Whatever the degree of diversification
or internationalisation they present, Family
Businesses are often deeply rooted in
their original trade and exhibit strong
prudential behaviours. It is then legitimate
to put the issue of openness at the heart
of their strategy. This openness needs to be
evaluated, in terms of products, technology,
territories and competencies.

In Family Businesses, when the Family
and the Business develop, the number
of actors and interests increases; decisions can
no longer be taken in informal gatherings.
We need to create appropriate and efficient
governance to separate and unite at
the same time the voices of shareholders,
family members and managers. Boards need
to be well crafted, roles and responsibilities
of Board Members need to be shared and
understood, including those members
external to the family who can reinforce
the supervising authority’s mission.
We need to look at issues from multiple
perspectives and constantly strengthen
cohesion and commitment from
the family owners.

Leadership excellence is about defining a
common ambition for the business, growing
people and helping them develop.
Complexity enters the picture when we think
about building the family firm’s growth strategy
and in the meantime safeguarding the family’s
cohesion and optimising the ownership
structure to strengthen the continuity options.
As a family business leader, you are responsible
for the values of the company and the impact
of your company on the community at large.
We will help you to develop leadership skills
to define clear goals and boldness,
and to acquire a strong sense of self-confidence.
You will then be able to welcome change,
challenge the existing rules of the game
and encourage new ideas.


Objectives and structure
of the programme

What can participants expect?
What improvement will they gain as leaders?
Business and Managerial Practices Fundamentals
(3 weeks on campus)
Phase 1

EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA will provide you with business fundamentals and
key managerial practices in the following areas: Microeconomics and Operations Management,
Analytical and Managerial Finance, Marketing Management with the world famous ‘Markstrat’
simulation, Corporate Strategy with visits to Family Businesses in Asia.

GROWING the Family Business
(4 weeks on campus)
Phase 2

Phase 3

Attention is given to complex challenges in a turbulent environment: the focus will be
on strategies for family businesses, corporate finance and governance issues.
To understand what efficient governance means, we will delve into
roles and responsibilities of Board Members, how to run a board,
and financial engineering specific to family firms through simulation.
A specific module will deal with wealth management.

Getting Ready for Action,
Creating your own Family Business Agenda
(2 weeks on campus)
With various family firm leaders’ testimonies, you will explore actual business
cases and develop your own agenda, including your vision for the business,
the family and the ownership. This module is meant to guide you through
the personal contribution you intend to articulate within your family business.

Additionally, you will participate in
• Workshops on ‘Communicating to the Press’, ‘Introduction to Wealth Management’.
• Electives such as ‘Value-based Negotiation’ or ‘Leveraging Digital Business’.
• Key Challenges like ‘Perspective and Prospective of Globalisation’.
• ╩╗International Political Analysis’ and ‘Generation Y and the rise of the Millenials╩╝.
• Leadership Bootcamp.


EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA
represents around twelve weeks of intense work.
It constitutes a significant commitment.
Off-campus work + On-going coaching

Kick-off Event
- Leadership
Assessment Centre
MBA Fundamentals 1
(2 weeks in Lille
and Paris)

for Family
(2 weeks
in Singapore)

Fundamentals 2
(1week in Paris)

Legal &
(1 week in Nice)

& Leadership
(1 week in London)

(1 week in Lille)

Key Challenges
& Graduation
(1 week in Paris)

Evolving personal development agenda
Community collaborative platform

february 2016

may 2017


Starting in February 2016 with graduation
in spring 2017. To allow participants to
continue their work, the programme takes
place on a regular basis (every two months
approximately), each period on campus
being at least one week long to optimise travel
time. The first and third period both last
two weeks. There is a total of 9 weeks
on campus.


weeks on campus
To take advantage of the global nature
of the programme, and allow company
visits and international networking, modules
will take place alternately on EDHEC’s five
campuses in Lille, Paris, Nice, London
and Singapore. Readings will be done
in advance.


weeks off campus
In addition to the periods on campus,
there is significant work between sessions.
Some will be done in advance (e.g. virtual
team exercises, and readings), some will involve
applying concepts to your work environment
(implementation reports, personal projects,
and participant’s cases).

Leadership development (see page 14 for details)
• Leadership Development will start with an assessment centre during the first week. Improvement opportunities
will be identified and a personal development agenda drawn up by each participant with the help of a professional coach.
• Coaching and mentoring will continue throughout the programme.





edhec campus



Module 1

February 22nd - March 5th

Module 2

May 23th - May 28th

Module 3

July 25th - August 6th

Module 4

October 24th - October 29th

Module 5

December 12th - December 17th



Module 6

February 20th - February 25th

Module 7

May 22nd - May 26th

(current dates are still subject to change)

The tuition fee for the EDHEC
Family Business Global Executive MBA
is € 60 000 for 2016/2017

Thanks to our Sponsors, Applicants will be able to contest
for one of the Scholarships for the EDHEC Family Business
GEMBA Programme. Recipients will receive €15000 applied
towards the overall tuition fees of the programme. For more
information regarding the Scholarships, please contact our
Admissions Office.

The tuition fee covers teaching fee, all academic material,
and access to the school libraries, EDHEC Alumni
network membership, all computing charges, parking
and lunches. Graduation ceremonies and selected
dinners are also included.
The tuition fee does not include transport,
accommodation and dinners.

Application deadlines
Due to our rolling admissions process, we strongly
recommend candidates to send the completed
to the EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA
Admissions Office, as soon as possible.









at a glance

February 2016

(Business and
Managerial Practices)


• Leadership Assessment Centre
• Financial and Management Accounting


• Operations Management
• Organisational Behaviour
• Microeconomics Essentials


• Marketing Management (MARKSTRAT)


the Family
and Financial
Engineering, Family
Firm Governance)

• Competitive and Corporate Strategy –
Visits to Business Families in Asia


• Media training workshop in Singapore
• Corporate Finance & Family Firm
Financial Engineering
• Introduction to Wealth Management
• Family Firm Governance


• DRIVE – Leadership Bootcamp
in the UK


january 2017

for Action
your own Family
Business Agenda)

• Exploring real Family Business cases – with
the actual players (owners and experts)


• Electives (like Negotiation / Digital Business)
• Key Challenges for tomorrow
• Graduation Ceremony in Paris




Phase 1
Business and Managerial
Practices Fundamentals

Objective: Mastery of Key Management Disciplines

Core courses are offered on campus during the first three weeks;
they are grounded in the key management disciplines
Financial and Management

• The Economics of Competitive Markets

• Anatomy of Financial Statements
Assessing the Financial Health of the Firm
Interpreting Financial Statements

• Market Efficiency and Economic Surplus

• Planning Future Financial Performance
Working Capital Management
The role of Inventory in Measuring Profit

• The Economics of Monopoly
and Entry Barriers

• Cost Information for Decision
Cost Behaviour, Breakeven and
Contribution Analysis, Relevant costs
and Cost Management

Marketing Management
• Understanding Marketing
• Segmentation & Targeting
• Positioning
• Marketing Mix 1
(product & pricing strategies)
• Marketing Mix 2
(communication & distribution strategies)

• Firm Decision-Making in Various
Market Situations


• The Challenge of Price Discrimination

At the end of core courses,
a short examination (1 to 2 hours)
will test the understanding of
the fundamental concepts for problemsolving and decision-making.

Organisational Behaviour

off-campus work

• Leading the Family Business
through People Interpersonal Style,
leadership and Teams

As part of the core courses, participants
will work individually and in groups
between the sessions. Virtual teams
will be expected to analyse cases and
make recommendations. To help participants
apply what they learn, they will work on
implementation reports.

• Oligopolistic Markets and Corporate Rivalry

• Leading the Family Business
through Processes Reward Systems
and Incentives within Family Firms
• Leading the Family Business Change
Organisational design, Power
and Politics in Organisations, Culture

• Strategic Marketing Planning

• Leading the Family Business


Operations Management

Building on the basic foundations of finance,
it focuses on strategic decisions leading
to capital spending. The course emphasizes
valuation as a way to reconcile financing,
cost of capital and operational management.

The course treats operations from a general
manager’s perspective. It examines the basic
principles of managing the production and
distribution of goods and services decisions,
in assessing performance. Topics include
performance measurement issues,
and supply-chain management.


Phase 2
Growing the Family Business

Objective: Meeting the triple requirement of
Competitive Imperative, Efficient Governance
and leadership Excellence




In Singapore, we will approach Family
Business needs through an integrated
methodology of cases and classes.

In Nice, we will explore corporate finance
and the legal and financial engineering
strategies that Family Businesses need
to consider when confronted with major
investment opportunities. To get practical,
we will use Pandora, a proprietary business
game developed by EDHEC and partners.

In London, participants will discuss what
is efficient Family Business governance.
They will explore the roles and responsibilities
of Board Members, and understand
how to run a Board.

Our Corporate Strategy
approach will focus on:
• Innovation
• Diversification
• Internationalisation
• Acquisition
We will also visit relevant Asian
companies or European companies
established in Singapore to confront
theory and practice.

Participants will also be exposed to
an Introduction to Wealth Management:
• Goal-based investing for private investors
• Using risk-management to maximise
the probability to achieve goals.

Participants will be exposed at the end
of the Singapore stay to a full-day
Media training workshop.


Participants will also embark on DRIVE:
a 3-day Leadership Bootcamp
in the UK. DRIVE stands for:
• Development
• Responsibility
• Integrity
• Vision
• Excellence

Phase 3
Ready for action


This last phase is designed to help
participants create their own family
business agenda.



On EDHEC Business School campus in Lille
participants will be exposed to diverse
real family business cases presented
by the actual players. They will have
opportunities to ask all the questions they
want and receive candid answers.

In Paris, we arrive at the final stage of
our journey, and participants will have
the opportunity to present their agenda for
the family, the business and the ownership
to a jury of family firm members
and EDHEC faculty.

As strongly as we believe that solutions
and responses are unique to each
family business, we are also convinced
that the majority of issues are similar
to all family businesses.

Electives will be offered, such as:

This part of the programme will be
a tremendous opportunity for participants
to share their beliefs and doubts,
their ideas and visions, to consolidate
their personal contribution to their
own family business.

• Value-based Negotiation
• Leveraging Digital Business
Three days will also be dedicated
to exploring key challenges like:
• Perspective and prospective on
• International political analysis
• Generation X and the rise of the Millenials


Off-campus, they will be given
a proprietary diagnostic tool
to assess all relevant issues within their
company, analyse strengths
and weaknesses, positive trends
and opportunities for vigilance.
They will be asked to design their
vision for the future.
On-campus, participants will f inalise
the journey, sharing best practices
among themselves and with other
prominent actors in the family
business community.


.A prominent Family Business
speaker will host the Gala Dinner
and give their name to the EDHEC
Family Business Global Executive
MBA class.

Leadership Excellence:
your leadership
development programme

Efficient management is the art of gaining maximum performance with
minimum input. And many a company fails, efficiently, meeting solely
short-term goals.
Leaders recognise the importance of a long-term vision. They boldly welcome
and impulse change to pursue ambitious objectives. With or without charisma,
but with respect and integrity, they personalise their vision and transform groups
of individuals into motivated teams. For their followers, leaders are a source
of inspiration and commitment.
For family businesses,
leadership excellence is linked to the
legitimacy of the leader. As a member
of the family or external to the family,
legitimacy comes from competencies in
terms of managerial practices as well
as the capacity to embody, share and
maintain the long-term values coming
from the family business history.

1. Assessment Centre

3. Coaching Sessions

Coaches will intervene at each stage
of the programme through on-campus
peer-development sessions to help
participants develop and evolve in
their agenda.

4. Dialogue between
Coaching and Mentoring

At the start of the programme, each
participant will benefit from a personal
appraisal through a proprietary assessment
centre developed by EDHEC for family
business leaders.

Participants will be asked to identify
a mentor within the family firm so that
follow-up can be ensured between
coaches on-campus and mentors

2. Individual Development Agenda

5. Peer-Leader Exchange

With the help of coaches, participants
will draw up their individual agenda
for development throughout
the duration of the programme.

A specific shadowing experience will
help participants reflect on their beliefs
and behaviours, and receive feedback
from peers.


Additionally, 2 workshops
will help participants consolidate
assertiveness, independence, self-regard
and self-actualisation.

6. Media Training Workshop
in Singapore
During the two-week module
in Singapore, participants will be exposed
to a full-day media training workshop
to explore posture and ease in front
of journalists.

7. DRIVE: Leadership
Bootcamp in the UK
There are numerous models of Leadership
Training and our way to express our model
is through the simple acronym DRIVE
Development, Responsibility, Integrity,
Vision and Excellence.


teaching methods

The content of the programme is important; so is the learning process!
How you learn is as important as what you learn and we want to make sure that you can
apply immediately your newly acquired knowledge.


You will also learn from the wealth of experience which exists
in the classroom. Faculty will reveal such experience and
encourage exchange of best practices and collective learning.
Yet people may have different viewpoints. Arguing with
others is an essential part of acquiring knowledge. In order
to convince others, you need to better articulate your own
arguments and better understand your own thoughts.

The number of real cases to which you will be exposed
throughout the programme far exceeds the opportunities you may
have in day-to-day life. You will learn from other countries,
from other industries, from situations you may not encounter
in your own environment. Business games such as ‘MARKSTRAT’
and ‘PANDORA’ will also put you in tough decision-making
situations. The richness of the methodology accelerates
your business experience as a leader.

The emphasis throughout the programme is on
the Family Firm as a whole, rather than on individual disciplines.
Functional disciplines are covered during the first three
to four weeks, in order to harmonise levels of understanding.
Thereafter the emphasis is on strategic analysis and decision: sharing
a broad view of the business and understanding the interaction
with the overall context; creating value for the firm’s various
constituencies: the customer, the employees,
the family members and the shareholders.

The EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA
is all about bridging the gap between theory and practice. Alternating
between the classroom and your place at work, you will construct
your own bridge through the “implementation reports” and
the projects, where you will apply what you have learnt to
your very own work environment.

We will provide a diversity of methods through lectures,
cases, simulations, coaching and relevant company visits.
We will organise peer-leader exchange, various workshops
and a Leadership Bootcamp. You need to provide
commitment and engagement to make the programme
worthwhile to you and to your fellow participants.
Engagement is also the necessary ingredient to make this
overall experience a lasting reservoir of fun memories.



meet OUR faculty

Faculty members include professors, speakers and family business leaders
from around the world, of whom you will find examples below. They all contribute to this
programme sharing expertise and pushing participants to develop their full potential.

Marie-Cécile Cervellon
PhD McGill University

Geert Demuijnck
POLITICAL Philosophy
and Business Ethics
PhD University of Leuven

Marie-Cécile is a Professor of Marketing
and Consumer Behaviour Sciences. She
holds a Master of Research in Marketing
from the University of Paris Dauphine as
well as a PhD in Management from McGill
University. Before joining EDHEC, she has
taught in renowned universities mainly in
Monaco and at McGill.

Geert is a Professor of Philosophy
and Business Ethics. He holds a PhD in
Philosophy from the University of Leuven.
His courses, research and publications
focus on business ethics, economic ethics
and political philosophy. He also serves as
a consultant for global family businesses
such as Auchan and Orange…

Stéphane Dubreuille
PhD University of Lille 2

Philippe Foulquier
PhD University of Paris 10

Philippe is a Professor of Financial
Stéphane works as a Professor of Finance
Analysis and Accounting. He holds a
for several international business schools
PhD in Economics from the University of
and financial institutions. He had 10 years
Paris 10 and 15 years of experience as a
experience at Paris Stock Exchange
financial analyst and researcher in global
and served as a financial analyst in
businesses (Credit Lyonnais, BNP…). He
the United States, with a special focus
teaches both in academic education and
on transmission. His research and
publications stand as references in the executive programmes at EDHEC, notably
to family business executives.
financial world.


Pierre d’Huy
Pierre is a Professor of Innovation at
EDHEC Business School. He contributes
to academic education programmes and
to executive education via the Advanced
Management Programme in Paris. Pierre
also leads international seminars offered
by EDHEC Executive Education and as
part of the MBA and Executive MBA

Pamela Lirio
PhD McGill University

Florencio Lopez de Silanes
PhD Harvard University

Lionel Martellini
PhD University of California

Pamela has been teaching Management
at EDHEC Business School for several
years. She holds a PhD in Management
from McGill University as well as an
MBA in International Management. Her
teaching interests focus on organizational
behavior, work-life balance, crosscultural management and international
management and qualitative methods.

Florencio Lopez de Silanes is a professor
of Finance and Law at EDHEC Business
School. He holds a PhD in Finance from
Harvard University. His research and
main publications focus on International
Corporate Finance and Financial Markets,
Legal Reform and Privatization. He served
as an advisor on these topics to several
governments, international institutions
and corporations.

Lionel is a Professor of Finance and the
Scientific Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute.
He holds Master’s Degrees in Business
Administration, Economics, Statistics
and Mathematics, as well as a PhD in
Finance from the University of California
at Berkeley. Besides his publications in
leading academic journals, he has served
as a consultant for investors and banks on
risk and asset allocation decisions.

Emmanuel Métais
IAE Aix-en-Provence & ESSEC

Christopher Ragan

Emmanuel is a professor of Strategy.
His main teaching and research interests
revolve around corporate strategy, with
a specific focus on disruptive strategies
and M&A performance.
He has published a book and more
than 30 articles or book chapters
pertaining to these themes in French
and international academic journals.

Christopher has been teaching
Microeconomics at McGill University for more
than 15 years. He is also a research fellow and
was for many years a member of the Institute’s
Monetary Policy Council. Christopher is
the author of Economics, the most widely
used introductory economics textbook
in Canada and of articles in many academic and
policy journals. He holds a PhD in Economics
from the MIT.

Christophe Roquilly
PhD University of Lille 2

Valérie Petit
PhD CNAM Paris

Christophe is a Professor of law, Director
of LegalEdhec Research Centre, and
one of the Heads of the Faculty. He has
performed different functions at EDHEC.
Author of numerous books and papers
both in academic and professional
journals, his research activities are
dedicated to the relationships between
law and strategy, legal management, legal
risks, compliance and ethics.

Valerie is a Professor of Leadership,
Organisational Leadership, Strategic
Leadership and HR management. She is
a member of the International Leadership
ssociation (ILA), the Society of Business
Ethics (SBE), the Association Française
de Psychologie Positive (AFPP), and the
Academy of Management (AOM). She
holds a PhD in Strategic Management
and lectures and writes on Leadership
and developing creative management
tools for top executives and HR directors.

Monique Valcour
PhD Cornell University

Lorraine Uhlaner
& Family Business
PhD University of Michigan
Lorraine is a Professor of Entrepreneurship,
Strategy, Family business, Corporate governance
and organisation behaviour. Her publications
and current research include the effect of
culture on entrepreneurship behaviour, the
responsibilities of owners in privately-held
firms… She has created a number of programmes
to assist entrepreneurs and family businesses
among the Eastern Michigan University and the
European Family Business Institute in Rotterdam.

Vincent Van Peteghem
PhD Ghent University

Monique teaches Management and more
Vincent teaches Information Systems,
specifically Strategic Human Resource
operations and Quality management.
Management, Organisation Management
He holds a PhD in Applied Economics
and Leadership. She graduated from
from Ghent University on Multi-mode
Harvard University and holds a PhD in
Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling.
Organisational Behaviour from Cornell
His research focuses on operations
University in the USA. She is also very
management issues such as Project
active in research and has been published in Management, Project Scheduling Problems
several top academic reviews.
and Resource Availability Cost Problems.



Alumni will become your most trusted Network of Advisors:
the base of EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA.

Join a community of talent

Participants will learn as much from each other as
from the world-class EDHEC faculty and curricular activities.

The programme allows you to join the EDHEC Alumni
association, which gathers a great diversity of talents
and profiles from different kinds of businesses.
All members share the same vision to develop
a network based on solidarity and conviviality,
contributing to EDHEC Business School’s reputation
at local, regional and international level.

Over the 15-month programme, they will create with their
peers a very strong professional — and often personal —
international network that lasts a lifetime.

About 200 events

38 international clubs

The association organises numerous events every year
all around the world, creating strong ties between
the different generations and extending the reach of
the network to local decision-makers. It also aims
at sustaining and advising each and every alumnus
throughout their career.

Coordinated by Edhec Ambassadors, these clubs
drive local networks through numerous events dealing
with entrepreneurship, marketing, to develop
professional and personal links.







Preliminary review (pre-selection)

To apply to EDHEC Family Business
Global Executive MBA, candidates must provide
the following documents:

Once your application is complete, a pre-selection
is made according to the participant profile criteria.

• Application form: make sure to thoroughly
complete the application form with accurate
and up-to-date information
• Company endorsement: as EDHEC Family Business
Global Executive MBA represents a significant time commitment,
you need to get the formal endorsement of your company


• 2 Essays
• 2 letters of reference from individuals
qualified to comment about your professional
achievements and your career


• Application fee of €200

Pre-selected candidates will be invited for an interview
session to complete the assessment. Interviews will either take
place in your country of residence (or as close as possible)
or be organised via video-conferencing or Skype.

Apply on:

Your application must
be completed and sent to:


EDHEC Family Business
Global Executive MBA
Admissions Office
Romuald Gallet
16-18, rue du Quatre-Septembre
75002 Paris – France

Final review and decision
Once the interview is completed and documented,
the Admissions Committee will take the final decision.
You will be advised of the outcome by email and
a formal letter.

[email protected]









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EDHEC is one of the fifty business schools worldwide to hold
the “Triple Crown” of international accreditations—EQUIS,
AACSB and AMBA—from the three international bodies
that certify the excellence of study programmes, faculty quality,
relations with the business community and commitment to the
local and economic environment.

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Non-binding document

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