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Among the varied options available Ior home decor, glass is one oI the most commonly used
materials in our homes. The use oI glass in home decor is regarded as a decorative element as
well utilitarian. The most remarkable Ieature possessed by glass is that it makes the area light,
bright and obscure. Glass is available in a myriad oI Iorms and can be introduced in various
parts oI home.
Here is a list oI tips to use glass to decorate your home
Glass furniture the easiest way to introduce glass in the interiors is through the
introduction oI glass Iurniture. The list oI glass Iurniture that includes chairs, tables, mirror is
simply vast. Table tops oI glass in home oIIices and dining rooms impart an executive and
sophisticated Ieel to the interiors. Alternatively, you may also pair glass with leather, wood or
any other metal and impart an industrial chic Ieel to the room.
Use glass as an exterior material in the earlier days, glass was only used in the walls to
create a small opening in order to allow in light. However, today glass is widely used as an
exterior material in commercial and high rise buildings. For your home, you may use glass
Ior windows, doors and even as an exterior material in some parts. II you wish to retain
privacy then you may use colored glass pieces, or else you may use transparent glass pieces
and let in natural elements.
Glass in the kitchen Modern interior designers have started using glass in unique ways and
one oI the ways is to introduce it in the kitchen area. Modern and sleek details can be added
to the kitchen by getting the counter tops done in glass and installing glass tiles in the
backsplash area. II you have your dining room and kitchen connected then you may divide
both the areas by creating a wall oI glass bricks. II you have a corner oI the kitchen Iree then
you may install hanging glass shelves that can be used Ior storing miscellaneous things.
Un|que app||cat|ons Ŷ Class can be used Lo decoraLe Lhe home Lhrough varlous accenL plecesŦ ?ou
may place a glass phoLo frame on a slde Lable or keep a glass vase wlLh some flowers on Lhe dlnlng
LableŦ AlLernaLlvelyţ you may also hang glass palnLlngs on Lhe wallsŦ

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