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Global Colleg e
Welcome to Global College Malta

Global College Malta (GCM) is the first College in SmartCity Malta. GCM intends to offer Foundation Course in Management with English, BA in Management and MBA course, commencing September 2013. 7 reasons to study at GCM
1. Fees 15% less than in UK 2. Scholarships available for intake in September 2013 3. Unique management courses in beautiful Malta 4. British Education Culture ensured by experienced British teaching staff 5. Inspiring Atmosphere of emerging SmartCity Malta and a brand new college 6. Modern environment created in a newly finished building in SmartCity Malta in accordance with international standards 7. Welcoming people from various cultural backgrounds and all walks of life

GCM is an accredited college by National Commission for Higher Education in Malta. In the future, GCM will work closely with British and other international universities to bring their degrees to Malta. For more information about the courses please contact [email protected].
Global College Malta, SmartCity Malta, SCM01, Ricasoli, Malta tel.: +356 21801252, fax: +356 21803396 [email protected],

Why Malta
Located in the heart of the Mediterranean and known for its stable economy, nice weather, safety and pro-education culture, Malta is the ideal setting for students. Malta’s strategic position, and membership in EU, has made this country an important hub connecting three continents. Malta also benefits from a stable government and an extremely low crime rate in comparison to other European countries. These factors, as well as the high level of literacy in English, have made Malta one of the top destinations for the expatriate population and students of English. In addition, with over 300 days of sun per annum, Malta is considered by International Living’s 2011 Quality of Life Index as the best climate in the world. The cost of living is also very affordable, and rental of accommodation is among the cheapest in Europe. Not surprisingly, this country ranked the 15th best place to live in the whole world (International Living).

9 Reasons to Study in Malta
• • • • • • • • • Over 300 days of sunshine a year English speaking Low cost of living Safe country Member of the EU Friendly inhabitants Beautiful place for leisure Historical treasures everywhere Study visa easier to obtain than for some • other EU countries

Expenditures: Valletta, MT Food Housing Clothes Transportation Personal Care Entertainment Total London, UK + 28% + 96% - 5% + 121% - 15% + 70% more by 73% New York, USA + 28% + 121% - 30% + 37% - 5% + 74% more by 58% Dubai, UAE - 9% + 37% + 4% - 32% - 12% + 48% more by 8%

SmartCity Malta

Encompassing an area of 360,000 m2 along the picturesque coast close to Valletta (Capital City) and Malta International Airport, SmartCity Malta will offer a harmonious blend of office, residential and retail spaces, with one-third of the land set aside as open areas for leisure and relaxation. From the selection of building materials and construction methods, to implementing intelligent systems to conserve power and water, SmartCity is committed to protect the environment and provide its inhabitants with comfortable, productive and healthy spaces.

Foundat ion

Foundation Course in Management with English

Foundation Course in Management with English
The Foundation Course in Management and English is to be introduced by Global College Malta (subject to accreditation by the NCFHE of Malta) as a first course for students who intend to proceed to study for a degree in management and related subjects at British universities or a university with equivalent standards. It is a unique course in that it has three components - Management Studies, English Language Studies, and Management Skills. For students who do not desire to attend a university, the course will act as a valuable stand-alone introduction to management and the English language, thus advancing their skills portfolio. The introduction of management skills will also greatly benefit students in the job market.

The aims of the course:
• transfer basic management skills to the students; • enable students to progress to the first year of an English University course to read for a management degree, or, as intended by Global College Malta, continue their degree studies at Global College Malta commencing Septem ber 2013; • through application of the language, develop a level of fluency in English that will provide students with a sound foundation for job applications and career advancement (e.g. IELTS 6-6.5). The course will contribute significantly to further development of key competences identified by the MQF, i.e Communication in a Foreign Language, Mathematical Competence, Digital Competence, Learning to Learn, Social and Civic Competence, Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship, and Cultural Awareness and Expression.

Entry Requirements: With reference to the English education system, one GCE A level pass at a minimum grade of C and five GCSE exam grades at a minimum level 2, including Maths and English. Or the equivalents of the above from another recognised education system. Or any other award which the selectors deem equivalent. English minimum IELTS 5 or equivalent. (English preparatory course available for those who do not meet this standard). If an applicant does not meet the above requirements, any other relevant qualification(s) and/or evidence of relevant experience will be reviewed by the GCM Admissions Panel to agree their acceptance for entry. Applicants who do not meet the minimum entry requirements in English Language will be offered a 6-week English Preparatory Course prior to the start of the Foundation Course in Management with English. The entrance requirements for the English Preparatory Course are an IELTS score of 4 or equivalent.
Global College Malta, SmartCity Malta, SCM01, Ricasoli, Malta tel.: +356 21801252, [email protected],

• What is management? I. • How do Organisations work? I. • Enterprise I. • Quantitative Methods for Managers I. • English language skills • Skills course in presentation Skills • Effective Communications • Goal Setting • IT Skills • Teamwork • English language skills • What is management? II. • How do Organisations work? II. • Enterprise II. • Quantitative Methods for Managers II. • English language skills

Length: 40 weeks Fees: € 6,000
Subject to accreditation by the NCHE of Malta. For more information about the course please contact

[email protected].

Bachelor of Art s
Bachelor of Arts in Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Management
The Bachelor of Arts in Management is designed to give students a general understanding and aptitude for business and management. It provides a grounding in all the related subjects which contribute to the development of the general manager.

The aims of the course:
The course will provide students with understanding, knowledge and subject skills relating to the principles and practices of modern business management. It will develop subject interests by introducing students to a range of specialist modules as well as give a firm foundation, to the crucial areas of accountancy and finance and economics and their impact on management decisions The course will try to encourage intellectual curiosity which will contribute to the continuing professional development of an effective manager and produce graduates who are capable of operating in a multi-disciplined environment and in a variety of sectors and functions.

The content of the course includes study of the following subjects: In the First Year: Management, Economics, Accountancy and Finance, Quantitative Methods. In the Second Year: Organisational Behaviour, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Enterprise for Managers. In the Third Year: Human Resource Management, Market Research, International Management, Supply Chain Management. Length: 3 years   Fees: € 5,000 (EU) & € 7,000 (non-EU) per academic year Subject to accreditation by the NCHE of Malta. For more information about the course please contact [email protected].

Entry Requirements: Two A levels (no specific requirements) and five GCSE passes (English and Maths) or international equivalent or a pass in GCM’s Foundation Course. English minimum IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.
Global College Malta, SmartCity Malta, SCM01, Ricasoli, Malta tel.: +356 21801252, [email protected],

Mas t er
Master in Business Administration

The Master in Business Administration
Emphasizing the development of practical management skills, this MBA offers you the opportunity to study alongside and share cross-cultural insights with people from other countries. It brings real business relevance to your studies, allowing you to gain the knowledge, skills and competencies to operate and manage effectively in the local and global business environment.

The aims of the course:
Provide an intellectually challenging and vocationally relevant learning experience where participants can develop and demonstrate a critical knowledge and understanding of the theoretical concepts of business and management and their utility in improving business and management practice. Provide participants with knowledge and the development of understanding in the functional areas of management, and their interaction with the contextual forces which impact on organisations. Progress participants’ understanding and development towards a strategic view of management emphasising the complexity and dynamics of business and management. Facilitate the development and demonstration of participants’ intellectual skills of information processing, analysis, synthesis, critical appraisal, creativity and innovation and the ability to manage and make decisions in situations of ambiguity and uncertainty. Deepen understanding and broaden awareness of cultural issues. Produce managers who are able to improve the quality of management decision-making, leadership, and business practice across a range of organisations and in a variety of contexts. Give graduating managers a thorough understanding and appreciation of the importance of ethics and corporate social responsibility in the modern manager.

Entry Requirements:
Prior to entering upon the qualification students should possess: • an honours degree from a recognised University or equivalent institution, or • a graduate level professional qualification in an appropriate field of study from a recognised University or appropriate comparable institution, or • a pre-masters programme approved by GCM, or • any other management qualification or experience the Admissions Committee deem suitable. Prior experience Applicants must also have a minimum of two years’ relevant work experience, although this need not necessarily be continuous, and may have been undertaken on a voluntary or unpaid basis. Applicants should also demonstrate a level of maturity appropriate for the study of business and management at a strategic level. Evidence in support of this may arise from a record of work, from referee’s comments, and/or from an interview. English Language Students must also be able to provide satisfactory evidence of a level of attainment in English Language commensurate with study at Masters level in the College. In most cases, this will be a minimum TOEFL score of 575 or a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 average. A GMAT score of at least 500 is preferable, but is not an admissions requirement. For more information about the course please contact [email protected].

Marketing Economics Accountancy and Finance Quantitative Methods and Research Strategic Management Organisational Behaviour/HRM Leadership E-Business

They will also write a Dissertation on an agreed topic.

Length: 3 semsters Fees: € 8,000 (EU) & € 10,000 (non-EU) per academic year
Subject to accreditation by the NCHE of Malta.

Global College Malta, SmartCity Malta, SCM01, Ricasoli, Malta tel.: +356 21801252, [email protected],

Global Colleg e
Good quality education makes a difference

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