Glory St. Clair

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Glory St. Clair



Real Vampires Have Curves (Glory St.
Clair #1)
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
3.81 of 5 stars 3.81 · rating details · 4,63 ratings · !65 re"ie#s
What - did you think all vamps were pale, thin and brooding? Don't I wish.
Gloriana $t. %lair is an eternally &full'figured& "a()ire'she *ust ha))ened to be bloating
#hen a se+y $,ots(an san- his teeth into her. $he and said $,ot' Angus .ere(iah
%a()bell ///, a-a .ere(y Blade'ha"e been on and off again for ,enturies, ,urrently off. A
,ou)le hundred years has taught the( ho# to )ress ea,h other0s buttons'in good #ays
and bad.
Glory0s headed for Austin and a ne# business "enture1 2intage 2a()0s 3()oriu(. After
all, she lo"es ,lothes, and she is an anti4ue. 5nly )roble( is, there0s a billionaire te,hno'
frea- "a()ire hunter on the loose. Blade0s in total he' "a()ire (ode, and #ants Glory to
(o"e in #ith hi( so he ,an &)rote,t& her. But it0s ti(e for this "a() to e+)lore her o#n
Real Vampires Live Large (Glory St.
Clair #2)
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.6! of 5 stars 4.6! · rating details · !,7 ratings · 8 re"ie#s
/t0s not easy to -ee) a boyfriend, run a business, and sur"i"e for ,enturies as one of the
i((ortal undead. Glory $t. %lair -no#s'e"er sin,e a se+y $,ottish "a()ire bit her #hile
she #as a tad...bloated. But #hen a frustrated "a()ire hunter firebo(bs her "intage
,lothing bouti4ue, she0s ready to )it,h a fit. 8hen her long'ti(e, )art'ti(e lo"er ta-es off
in a rage to hunt the hunter and )ro"e hi(self #orthy of her. And that0s only the
beginning of her troubles.
8he 3nergy 2a()ires #ant her'and not in a good #ay. 8hey0re )aranor(al drug dealers,
selling thrills to those #ho0"e li"ed for ages, been e"ery#here, and done e"erything...and
they #ant to su,- Glory dry. But it0ll ta-e (ore than a fe# su)er'su,-ers to get the goods
out of her.
Real Vampires Get Lucky (Glory St. Clair
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.1 of 5 stars 4.16 · rating details · !,661 ratings · 7 re"ie#s
9hen a fe(ale loan shar- na(ed :u,-y is atta,-ed and left for dead, "a()ire Glory $t.
%lair turns her into one of the undead to sa"e her;;but eternity #ould ha"e been safer
#ithout her. 2a()s )refer a lo# )rofile, and that0s not :u,-y0s style. $he )refers to flaunt
her se+y ro,-'star e+'boyfriend and great shoes. 8rouble is, her fla(boyant beha"ior is
not only dra#ing e"ery "a()ire hunter #ithin (iles; it0s bringing her #ould'be -iller
out of hiding, too.
Real Vampires o!"t iet (Glory St. Clair
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.1 of 5 stars 4.16 · rating details · 1,683 ratings · 64 re"ie#s
Gloriana $t. %laire',ur"y, stylish, and undead'is s)ending <e# =ear0s 3"e alone. And it0s
all be,ause her boyfriend, .ere(y Blade, is trai)sing off to )arts un-no#n to res,ue his
su))osed daughter fro( the ,lut,hes of &dangerous radi,als.& But *ust as Glory settles in
for the e"ening, a )hone ,all fro( the bodyguard of a drun-, ne#ly'undead ro,- star
,ould end her year on a ,ra>y note.
Real Vampires Hate $%eir $%ig%s (Glory
St. Clair #&)
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.11 of 5 stars 4.11 · rating details · 1,364 ratings · 65 re"ie#s
Glory $t. %lair lo"es soa-ing u) ?olly#ood0s "a()ire nightlife #ith her se+y $,ottish
lo"er, .ere(iah. 3s)e,ially #hen she (eets a "a()[email protected] diet guru #ho )ro(ises to gi"e
her the body she0s #anted for ,enturies. 5ne )roble(1 his ,lan and .ere(iah0s are an,ient
ene(ies. But Glory0s not about to let a stu)id fa(ily feud ,o(e bet#een her and slender
bliss. =et, she ,an0t hel) but #onder...ho# (u,h is she #illing to ris- for her hi)sA And
ho# (u,h (and )re,isely what) is she #illing to loseA
Real Vampires Have 'ore to Love (Glory
St. Clair #()
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.14 of 5 stars 4.14 · rating details · 1,187 ratings · 63 re"ie#s
Glory $t. %lair is a "a()ire #ith (an trouble. Bet#een her on'again, off'again lo"er
.ere(y Blade, s(o-ing hot ro,- star Bay %aine, and for(er bodyguard turned a)art(ent
(ate 2alde>, there0s enough (an',andy around to (a-e e"en a gal #ith a li4uid diet feel
a sugar rush.
Glory0s got no ti(e to en*oy it, though, ,onsidering that she0s in the (iddle of )lanning
her best friend0s #edding. And let0s not forget that there ha))ens to be a hit on her head,
than-s to #hen she too- out a te,hno'frea- billionaire. <o#, bet#een )lanning a
ba,helorette )arty and dodging sta-es, Glory has to de,ide #hi,h (an she really #ants,
before her lo"e life (eets an early gra"e...
Real Vampires o!"t )ear Si*e Si+
(Glory St. Clair #,)
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.1! of 5 stars 4.1! · rating details · 48 ratings · 66 re"ie#s
After Glory $t. %lair -i,-ed out the de(on that had set u) sho) in her body, she had a
serious fallout #ith longti(e lo"er .ere(y Blade. But before Glory ,an #in hi( ba,-,
she has so(e issues of the hellish "ariety to deal #ith.
9hen :u,ifer hi(self offers Glory the ulti(ate te()tation'#or- for the de"il and he0ll
(a-e her a si>e si+'the ,ur"y "a()ire0s not sure if she ,an resist. But #hat Glory does
-no# is that so(eho#, she0s going to get ba,- the (an she lo"es and sho# e"eryone that
real "a()ires al#ays ha"e (ore to lo"e.
Real Vampires Hate Ski!!y -ea!s (Glory
St. Clair #.)
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.15 of 5 stars 4.15 · rating details · 667 ratings · 76 re"ie#s
Someo!e is eati!g /or t0o...
Cull'figured "a()ire Glory $t. %lair thin-s things are finally going her #ay. $he0s no
longer )ossessed by a de(on, the legions of hell aren0t on her tail, and her lo"e life is
heating u) sin,e she (anaged to re,onne,t #ith her (a-er'and longti(e lo"er'.ere(y
9hen a )regnant de(on sho#s u) on her doorste), Glory -no#s that e"erything is about
to go to hell. Alesa is ,lai(ing that the baby she0s ,arrying is Bafe0s, ,on,ei"ed #hile she
#as inhabiting Glory0s body. A ,le"er tra)A 5r ,ould it be trueA
Booties and bibs are the last thing on Glory0s (ind #hen she dis,o"ers dar- se,rets fro(
her o#n forgotten )ast. 9ho is sheA What is sheA And ho# #ill the (en in her life deal
#ith the fa,t that she (ay be (ore )o#erful than she -ne#A 5ne thing is ,ertain. Glory
has #ay (ore to #orry about than fitting into her fa"orite )air of *eans...
Real Vampires 1!o0 Hips Happe!
(Glory St. Clair #2)
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.66 of 5 stars 4.66 · rating details · 4!1 ratings · 5! re"ie#s
Does )laid (a-e your butt loo- bigA
Glory $t. %lair -no#s that it does. But she0ll e"en thro# on a %a()bell -ilt if it #ill hel)
her #in her hun-y $,ottish lo"er ba,-. $he0s ris-ed e"erything to ,ross the Atlanti, to
,onfront hi( in $,otland. <o# )o#erful for,es are deter(ined to -ee) the( a)art. An
atta,- on .ere(iah %a()bell lea"es hi( #ith a(nesia and he doesn0t re(e(ber her or
their ,enturies together. Glory (ust #in her (an ba,- and )ro"e to her ne(esis that she0s
#here she0s al#ays #anted to be, e"en if it (eans dragging .erry ba,- to 8e+as.
.ere(iah doesn0t re(e(ber the #o(an #ho ,lai(s they0"e been together so long but he0s
(ore than #illing to ta-e #hat she freely offers''her an,ient blood and her "olu)tuous
body. But #hen she tries to get hi( to tra"el to the <e# 9orld in a flying (a,hine and to
#or- #ith his an,ient ene(y, he thin-s she0s ,ra,-ed. /n his (ind, he0s stu,- in 156.
8his (odern #orld is al(ost too (u,h for hi(. But there0s so(ething about this #o(an
#ith the generous ,ur"es... $oon enough he finds hi(self ris-ing death for her (ore than
on,e. 9ho or #hat see(s deter(ined to -ee) the( a)artA 8he an,ient #arrior in hi(
#on0t stand for it. And the fight is on.
Real Vampires 1!o0 Si*e 'atters (Glory
St. Clair #13)
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.14 of 5 stars 4.14 · rating details · !14 ratings · 37 re"ie#s
.ust #hen ,ur"a,eous "a()ire Glory $t. %lair has her life se(i'on tra,-, a #o(an fro(
her longti(e lo"er .ere(iah %a()bell0s )ast stea(rolls into to#n on a (ission to #in
hi( ba,-. <or(ally Glory #ouldn0t feel threatened by a (ortal #ith a(orous intentions,
but .erry0s e+ *ust ha))ens to be a beautiful "oodoo )riestess #ith e"il s)irits at her be,-
and ,all'and a serious la,- of ,ons,ien,e #hen it ,o(es to getting #hat she #ants.
9ith her (other in the )i,ture no#, des)erate to get Glory u) to 5ly()us, Glory has her
hands full. 8his ti(e not e"en her ne# )o#ers (ay be enough to hel) Glory ,oo- u) a
solution that #ill hel) her -ee) the (an she lo"es.
Real Vampires $ake a 4ite 5ut o/
C%ristmas (Glory St. Clair #13.&)
by Gerry Bartlett (Goodreads Author)
4.1 of 5 stars 4.16 · rating details · 56 ratings · re"ie#s
/tEs the holiday season and "a()ire Glory $t. %lair finally sets a #edding date. But #ill a
hit ordered on a dear friend ruin GloryEs ,han,e for an eternity of #edded blissA Cind out
in Beal 2a()ires 8a-e a Bite out of %hrist(as, a no"ella featuring the gang fro( the
best'selling Beal 2a()ires series by Gerry Bartlett.

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