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Career Goals
As I reflect about my under graduate path, I realized that I learned a lot and the classes I took
helped me grow professionally because I had the opportunity to work with other students in group
projects. I learned how to work as a team member and how to do research on different topics. I was also
exposed to laboratory work and write research projects. I learned to develop a food product, created
various nutrition analysis and Nutrition Care Practice Notes for different levels of diseases. I was also
able to teach various Nutrition topics in the WIC program and St. Vincent of Paul Homeless shelter. I did
a lot of volunteer service and worked with several campus organizations; and the list is endless. All of this
helped me flourish the necessary skills to work within the large nutrition field. However, one of my
weakness today is still the lack of “official” professional experience. Therefore, my resolution as a new
college graduate was to create and follow three new specific goals.
1. Within one year I want to apply to various Registered Dietitian Internships and be accepted by
one. During my application process, I plan to work as a Nutrition Educator and expand my
leadership experience by joining a local committee that focuses on underrepresented communities
as well as the San Diego Dietetic Association.
2. In 5 years, my career goals are to complete my RD internship, become a Registered Dietitian and
obtain my certification as Diabetes Educator and Renal Nutrition (CSR). I would also get a job in
the outpatient nutrition counseling center of a local hospital or community health clinic.
3. In 10 years my career goals are to complete my Masters Degree, obtain a job dealing with Health
promotion and social change. I would also participate with other organizations that support
poorest communities and create a foundation that would specifically help these families with
more resources and services (Social Entrepreneurship field).
Following these steps will help me achieve my ultimate goal of one day work in a meaningful job helping
my family and community and enjoying life to the fullest without forgetting being part of the interesting,
always growing, challenging and adventurous nutrition world!
“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates, father of Medicine.

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