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First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2011 http://stores.lulu.com/astrology Copyright © 2011 by Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The names of dedicated publications are normally given in italics.

Goals are assemblage points: worlds intended out of the blue. It is true that everyone lives within one’s own world, but the premise is valid for warriors only. Namely, “the rest” accept global singular default ego for its own faux identity. No one is oneself! No one is oneself at all! One that is oneself is of course (one with the) Tao, but even assigning attributes, verbs and nouns to singular purity may offer an erroneous idea: of course, all noumena may be seen as imperfect. When one “is Tao”, there is nothing to say. Verbalization and definitions cease. Nothing can be formulated. Nothing needs to be formulated. Perhaps there is nothing. Surely there is nothing to formulate at all. When on is not oneself, formulations and definitions abound. The more one is oneself, (however absurd the formulation) formulations like this very one fall off: one has no one to charm, nothing to intervene upon: one has almost “found oneself”. Yet, there was no one to find anything at all, and so on: words create the illusion of definition: even words fall off. The killer does not speak. The jnani has no will to raise an eyebrow. The fight is over: there is nothing to fight for anymore.

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