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Evan Borgman Goals My goals in the field of education are a bit esoteric. I've never been the kind of person to confine myself to just one path of advancement, and so my simple goal of “get a teaching degree” has many different possible paths. I've looked into at least three different paths I can take to get to this end point and am just as invested in all three. I've set up plans to transfer to Michigan State, Northern Michigan and Central Michigan, each with serious intent of follow through. Seeing as the transfer plans for these three universities are very similar there's little modification needed to switch from one to the other. This is a decision to be made at a later point, so I'll set myself up to make that decision. Once I've received a bachelor's degree in education I'll have to find a job. I'd prefer to get a teaching position in Michigan, but I'm willing to move if the opportunity arises. If a job isn't available after graduation I've seriously considered staying at what ever university I choose to finish my masters and then try again to test the market. My only fear about this path would be a lack of practical experience to match my credentials potentially dooming myself once I leave college.

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