GOP Leadership - Joint Press Conference Handout

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Protectins ourTax ourTaxDollars Dollars o Urge Urgeh h e Governoro issue rompt ncome ncomeax ax efunds. Requireegislativeversight Requireegislative versightor or the spending f federal timulus ollars. Verify hat anyone eceiving nemploynnentenefitss e nefits s not receiving unemployment enefits enefitsrom rom any states. anyother otherstates. Reduceraud Reduce raudand andabuse abuse n h e Medicaid yst em. o

Reviewicense Review icense ffice fficebidding bidding rocesso ensure t is air.

DefendinsMissouriFamilies DefendinsMissouri Families o

Pledgehat herewill Pledgehat here will be absolutely o ax ncreasesn Missourians.


Makecertain hat statutes ertainingo cleanwater Makecertain waterare mplementedo are mplemented o ensure public afety f our citizens.


Require redit reditagencies agencieso withhold eporting egative egativenformation nformationff it iscaused is caused b y dentity heft.

UpholdineMissouriValues V alues o

Ensure reater ransparencyn government.


Strengthen thics nforcement.


Opposing ig igGovernment Government


Opposehe Oppose he federal overnmentakeover f our health are aresystem. system. Callupon Call uponCongress Congresso oppose ap-and-tradeegislation. UrgeCongresso UrgeCongress o t t o pass ard ardcheck check egislation.


Charlie Shields Pro Tem PresidentPro SenatePresident Senate



Ron Richard of the House Speakerof Speaker

J an u a r y 3 , 2 01 0

eadersAnnounceSharedPriorities Houseand House and Senate eadersAnnounce Common-Senseolutionsor Missouri's Future OIkr Common-Senseolutions

future,House Houseand andSenate eaders,oined by Lt. IEFFERSONCITY - With a focus on Missouri's future, IEFFERSONCITY Senateeaders, Kinder,today announcedheir heir shared riorities hey plan to accomplish PeterKinder, todayannounced GovernorPeter Governor accomplish arly n the priorities protectingMissouri ncludeprotectingMissouri axpayers nd amilies, nclude session. hose amilies,ethics legislativesession. legislative ethics nterestof Missourians. urgingCongress o act n the best nterestof reformsand reforms andurging Congresso   In 2010, 2010,we we will movewith movewith great ortitude n facingour state's inancialcrisisheadon, headon, said Kinder. I am encouraged y our legislative eaders nd heir commitment o find common-sense solutions or Missouri families. As politicians n Washington romotemore governmento fix our problems,we coreprinciplesof of life and iberty for all Missouri we will remaincommitted remaincommitted o our coreprinciples families. HouseRon fuchard, R-Joplin,said R-Joplin, said ogether heywill take everystep hey can o keep Speaker f the HouseRon Richardalsoplaced placedan Missourians'pay n their own pockets.Richardalso an emphasis n economic hard-workingMissourians'pay hard-working development nd ob creation n Missouri. we will work to produce producemeaningful  The GeneralAssemblyserves Missouri, andwe meaningful Assemblyserves he peopleof Missouri,and obs, saidRichard. Richard. Creating retaining he legislation hat directly mproves he ives of our citizens, said jobs already n place placeand making Missouri an athactivebusiness athactivebusiness limate s thekey andmaking the key to the success f hasbeen, been,and andwill continue o be a primary stateand and he heartbeat f Missouri citizens this has our state focus. He added hat eaderCharlie CharlieShields,RShields,R- St. Joseph, einforced he call to protect axpayers.He Senate eader ool is an educatedwork force. besteconomicdevelopment economicdevelopmentool Missouri'sbest Missouri's   We must we must continueour commitrnentof makingeducation not raise axesand axesandwe continueour commitrnentof making education ur top budget mustnot priority, Shields said. We are facing an on-goingbudget on-goingbudgetcrisis crisis and o succeed, e must havea havea Shieldssaid. presenta governorwho governor who will do his ob and andpresent a balanced udget hat s not short-sighted. LeaderKevin Engler,R-Farmington, Engler, R-Farmington, nd HouseMajority HouseMajority Floor Leader LeaderSteven Steven SenateMajority Floor LeaderKevin Housewould continue o build a partnership partnershiphat R-Perryville,said said he Senate Senate nd Housewould hat will get Tilly, R-Perryville, done or the peopleof Missouri. thingsdone things added hat the Houseand HouseandSenate Senatewill call on the govemor o issueprompt issueprompt ncome ax refunds. Engleradded Engler an ncome ax refund shouldget hat hatmoney possible, owedan refundshould moneyback   EveryMissourian Every Missourianowed back as soonas soonaspossible, governorholds holdsonto owedrefunds said. When the governor onto rightfully owed refunds ike he did last year,he's Englersaid. Engler aking an nterest-freeoan nterest-freeoan on the backs'of backs'of taxpayerswithout their permission. essentiallyaking essentially -MOREFarrah Fite, Fite, Senate SenateMajority Majority Caucus (573) 751-1562 [email protected] Kristen Blanchard, House Majority Caucus-(573)522-2589 [email protected]


SHARED PRIOzuTIES PAGE 2  Unlike Washington D.C., we want to make it very clear n Missouri that we are istening to our WashingtonD.C., senseapproach approach o solving our problems, said committed to taking a common sense citizens and committed government, Tilley. Because believe, despitea despitea tough environment and issueswith issueswith the federal federalgovernment, n Missouri becauseour becauseour state egislaturewill work together or that we are going to be successful successfuln more transparency,o accountability,more our citizens. citizens. Whether it's greateraccountability, orr prudent fiscal spending we will will deliver for Missouri. equiringmore The leaders aid other earlypriorities earlyprioritieswould would include equiring moreoversight federalstimulus oversightof of federal stimulus nto state dollars spent n Missouri, preventingdouble-dipping double-dippingnto stateunemployment unemployment enefits, enefits,and and stopping Medicaid rooks. The SecondRegular RegularSession MissouriGeneral Session f the 95s Missouri GeneralAssemblybegan AssemblybeganJan. 6. The eaders Jan.6. outlined heir shared sharedpriorities one week before he Governor s anticipated anticipatedo o unveil his budget n the Stateof Stateof the State.

Fanah Fite, Senate SenateMajority Majority Caucus (573')751-1562 [email protected] Kristen Blanchard, House Majority Caucus- 573)522-2589 [email protected]


Representativesre ndRepresentatives re Saying WhutSenators nd WhutSenators Done or Missouri Families About GettingThings GettingThingsDone  Missourianscannotafford  Missourianscannot unfundedmandate rescribed n Congress' afford the $250 - $800 million unfundedmandate government-run ealthcare ill. up for Missouriansand Missouriansand n a broader ill. We will stand standup broadersense, ur state's government versteps verstepsts putting it back n its federalgovernment ts bounds rights by examiningwhere examiningwhere he federal boundsand andputting place. Sen. Sen.GaryNodler GaryNodler  Its imperative imperativewe we try not to solveour solveour revenue hortfalls hortfallsby by imposing imposingany anytax tax increases r feeson feeson families. - Sen.Norma Missourifamilies. Missouri Sen.Norma Champion   We will work to stop ederalgovernmentmandatesrom mandatesrom bankrupting bankruptingour our state.Missouri state.Missouri axpayers ederalspending not be left holding the bagfor bag for out-of-control ederal spendingied shouldnot should ied to govemment akeovers f energy esources. Sen. JackGoodman Goodman our healthcare nd energy Sen.Jack  This session he Missouri egislature s continuingour continuingour cornmitment o putting puttingthe sessionhe the nterests f roperaccountability Missouri taxpayersirst throughour throughour efforts o ensure roper accountabilityand oversightover andoversight over he greater requiringgreater ransparencyn our state government. Sen. Scott useof use of stimulus undsand unds andrequiring stategovernment. T. ScottT. Rupp year,budget budget ssueswill continue o be a high priority item, With hard   As we move nto the new year, make sure hat fraud and abuse not only in Medicaid,but across tate earned ax dollars,we dollars,we need o makesure government are ound and hat thetaxpayers' the taxpayers'dollars dollars areput areput to high investmentuses investmentusessuch suchas as Purgason education nd ob opporfunities. Sen.Chuck Sen.ChuckPurgason   We will continueour funding andwith continueour commitment commitment o education oth in fundingand with innovative deas o make learningopportunities asmany students s possible. Sen. David Pearce life-long learning opportunities ffordable o asmany   We must ight back when t comes o our state'ssovereignty. state'ssovereignty.Oneway One way to do that is by shielding federalhealthcare caremandates mandates y protectingour rights rightsto Missourians rom federalhealth to make our own medicaland medicaland insurance hoices. Sen.Jane Sen.JaneCunninsham Cunninsham committed o making uflr*orrri eader n recapturing recious ax dollars hat aredefrauded   'Weare 'Weare committed enactingone one of the toughestMedicaid Medicaid raud aws n the country. -Sen. Eric Schmitt by enacting statedeparfments ccountable, speciallywhen t comes o making sure hat public   We will hold statedeparfments safety nformation s releasedwithout delayconcerning delay concerningMissouri's Missouri'swaters. waters. Sen. Kurt Schaefer   It is imperative hat he Department f Revenuemust returnMissouri return Missouritaxpayers' taxpayers' ncome ax refunds promptly.The promptly. refundsbelong The refunds belong o the taxpayers, taxpayers, ot the state. Rep.Denny Rep.DennyHoskins Hoskins givena   The peopleof peopleof Missouri must be given a reason o trust their elected electedofficials officials and have aith in their ndaccountable meanswe we requirea requirea more open, open, ransparent nd accountable overnment.Oversightof work. This means Oversightof alsoensuring hat hatthe undswould would createust that rvhile alsoensuring the billions of stimulusdollars Missouri stimulus unds stimulusdollarsMissouri Missouriansof this greatstate receivesare receives arenot not subject o waste, raud,or abuse.Missourians statedeserve deserve o less. - Rep.Jason mith   As an electedpublic of the State of Missouri, believe t is important o put the taxpaying electedpublic servant servantof Stateof sendingback Missouri income ax refunds n a citizensof citizens of our state irst. I fully support he deaof sendingback goal.Missouri Missouri families haveeamed his money as a mandate, ot simply a wishful goal. timelymanneras timelymanner and deserveo deserve o have heir money money returnedquickly. returnedquickly. - Rep. Rep.Darrell Darrell Pollock

Farrah Fite, Senate SenateMajority Majority Caucus {513) 751-1562 [email protected],mo.s.ov Kristen Blanchard,House Blanchard, House Majority Caucus- 573)522-2589 [email protected]


fully support Missouri.II also alsofully supportefforts   I will not raise axeson citizensof Missouri. effortsby many ofmy axeson the citizensof returned o tthem efundsare arereturned hem n a timely manner. o ensure hat our taxpayer efunds colleagueso colleagues Billy PatWright Pat Wright Rep.Billy - Rep. protectMissourians Missourians rom the excesses f the FederalGovernment Government   Oneof One of our prioritieswill be to protect months.That is why we will be seeking o pass he many of us over the past ew months.That havedisturbed disturbedmany that have asserthe he constitutional ights of the Act and he otherbills otherbills that will firmly assert Health CareFreedom CareFreedomAct opposedo mandates massivelyopposed o the Government akeovers,mandates citizenswho are massively Governmentakeovers, senseMissouri citizenswho commonsense common andexcessiveaxation. excessiveaxation. - Rep. Rep.Timothy Timothy W. Jones protectingour are subject o drug testing, nationare testing,why why shouldn't hosewho hosewho   If the men andwomen our nation and womenprotecting Rep.David David Day taxpayers e? - Rep. assistancerom Missouri taxpayers receivingassistance arereceiving are dollarsused used o subsidize drug use.Also, use.Also, we  Missouriansare not happy o see heir hard earnedax  Missouriansare earned ax dollars subsidizedrug mothersusing crack and meth frequently Babiesborn to mothers usingcrack handleon drug use n Missouri.Babiesborn must get a handleon psychiatricdrugs behavioraldisorders disordershat requirepsychiatric drugs They have major behavioral hat require rreversiblebrain brain damage.They have rreversible the restof rest of their lives. - Rep.Ellen Brandom asclearly clearly standup to him. In this case he national government as  The only way to stop a bully is to standup stopa play dead. We must call their andplay dead.We stepped ver the ine and s presuming he stateswill roll over and want,but theywant, but now it is time for us to teach hema hem a bluff. They can play rock, paper,scissors all they nationalhealthcare healthcare roposal s an offense o the principlesof liberfy. This national lessonon lesson on the constitution.This Ourbloated highest oyalty will always estwith estRep. with protecting protectingour our citizens rom fur&er encroachments encroachmentsy y the gove_rnment. CynthiaDavis big :O: 1 of Missouri. House 1350will will level the Stateof HouseBill Bill 1350   It is well past ime for property ax reform in the State Marilyn Ruestman Rep.Marilyn n property ax. - Rep. ncreasesn spiraling ncreases terrible nitiative for our state. Trade egislationand egislationand think this is a terrible andTrade   I do not support he Cap Capand andbusinesses businessesn a familiesand There s no doubt hat t will drive up the cost of utilities on Missouri families Mike Parson Rep.Mike very short ime span. Rep. axeson hard-working over-taxedat all levels. We cannot aise axeson  The citizens of Missouri are over-taxedat citizensof Dusenberg Rep.Gary GaryDusenberg Missourians. Rep. A long-terrnsolution solutionor responsibility.A or escaperom responsibility. emporary ix, not a long-terrn short-term,emporary  Welfare s a short-term, be no opportunities;therefore therefore he standardshould standardshouldbe employment opportunities; required for most employment clear drug test s requiredfor less or welfare from the Stateof Stateof Missouri. - Rep. Kenny Kenny Jones we will make o stabilizeour stabilizeour environment or job growth s balance he  The most mportant mportantaction actionwe a balance ancea lead,because becauseMissourians now what t means o bal budget. Washington hould ollow our lead, budget. Rep.Eric Burlison ndividualsare when families and ndividuals are struggling o make endsmeet, endsmeet, he   ln these ough economic imes, imes,when needs o tighten ts belt and cut taxes o help Missourians- Rep Will Kraus stateneeds state 444 rn7-rt

Farrah Fite, Senate SenateMajority Majority CaucusCaucus- (573) 751-1562- [email protected] Kristen Blanchard, House Majority Caucus- 573)522:2589 - [email protected]

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