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ABSTRACT: receiver not receiving signal from the transmitting unit, receiver unit send the signal to the A vehicle tracking system combines the installation microcontroller, from that we can identify the theft. If of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of the vehicle is theft it automatically sends location of vehicles, with purpose-designed computer software to the vehicle to its owner as a SMS through GSM enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's modem. This will be a much simpler and low cost location, collecting data in the process. Modern technique compared to others. If a password like SMS vehicle tracking systems commonly use Global is sent by the owner, it automatically stops the vehicle Positioning System (GPS) technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. In the main they are easy to steal, and the average motorist has very little knowledge of what it is all about. To avoid this kind of steal we are going to implement a system it provides more security to the vehicle. Existing System: In the previous system security lock and alarm is implemented in a car. If a burglar can break open the lock, then it becomes easy for the burglar to steal the car. And in old security system if the car is stolen then it is out of the owner control. User doesn’t have any awareness about the current location of the vehicle. The Proposed System: The RF transmitter is attached with the vehicle which has its own identification. This data will be continuously transmitted to the RF receiver connected to the microcontroller. This GPS will be location the position of vehicle and transmit that data to the microcontroller. Suppose the RF

block Diagram:

Circuit Diagram:

Circuit Operation: The project is vehicle positioning and navigation system we can locate the vehicle around the globe with 8052 micro controller, GPS receiver, GSM modem, MAX 232, EEPROM. Microcontroller used is AT89S52. The code is written in the internal memory of Microcontroller i.e. ROM. With help of instruction set it processes the instructions and it acts as interface between GSM and GPS with help of serial communication of 8052. GPS always transmits the data and GSM transmits and receive the data. GPS pin TX is connected to microcontroller via MAX232. GSM pins TX and RX are connected to microcontroller serial ports. Microcontroller communicates with the help of serial communication. First it takes the data from the GPS receiver and then sends the information to the owner in the form of SMS with help of GSM modem. GPS receiver works on 9600 baud rate is used to receive the data from space Segment (from Satellites), the GPS values of different Satellites are sent to microcontroller AT89S52, where these are processed and forwarded to GSM. At the time of processing GPS receives only $GPRMC values only. From these values microcontroller takes only latitude and longitude values excluding time, altitude, name of the satellite, authentication etc. E.g. LAT: 1728:2470 LOG: 7843.3089 GSM modem with a baud rate 57600.GSM is a Global system for mobile communication in this project it acts as a SMS Receiver and SMS sender. EEPROM is an Electrically Erasable read only memory which stores is used to store the mobile number. The power is supplied to components like GSM, GPS and Micro control circuitry using a 12V/3.2A battery .GSM requires 12v,GPS and microcontroller requires 5v .with the help of regulators we regulate the power between three components. Operating procedure: To store a Number into the kit 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Place a jumper at the pin no 32 “Store Number” as shown in the circuit diagram Switch on the kit Wait until you see “Waiting for Call” on the LCD display Now call from the mobile number from which you need to store the number Wait until you see “Number stored..” on the LCD Now remove the Jumper.

Normal Operation 1. Switch on the kit and wait until you see the Latitude and longitude on the display. 2. Now give a call from any mobile 3. The kit will send the location and UTC time to the number stored in its memory. 4. For emergency the user can press the Button to send the Location to the number stored. 5. For photos of this project check this link

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